Please Forgive My Whiney Post

I’m really struggling mood wise this morning. Yesterday was not a smooth payroll day. Just got a late start from trying to catch up on things behind. Had a lot of new hires last week I had to check. And then we had some temps that their scans keep showing up on my payroll and wouldn’t go away. We had to trick the system to get it to where I could process without errors. Then every time I tried to run a report various people were in the system and had to chase them out. That sends me into an eyeball rolling frenzy when that happens. I think my eyeballs are stuck in back of my head at this point. I must have sighed so many times yesterday that it sounded like the North wind blowing through Norway. Not that I really know what that sounds like, but it sounded good didn’t it? Then on my 4th payroll closing of the day I skipped a step b/c there are three places where you “post” in a payroll and I thought I was on the third one instead of the second one. (I had posted 9 times at that point yesterday and it’s like giving a speech 4 times – you forget what you said to the 4th crew. I went to the instructions in my notes after the wrong post and skipped two steps and quickly realized what I’d done. It ended up being an easy fix but at the time I thought I’d be working all night.

I even prayed yesterday that payroll would go smoothly. I’m wrestling this morning that with such a simple request, but God refused to grant it. Was He just not listening? Did He not care? Why would He not aid/ensure with that? Why was His answer “no”? Did He want me to learn something? Anyway, this made me feel like I’m just a piece of sand on big beach and my little world is unimportant. I believe in God, I just don’t understand where He was yesterday as He felt absent, despite my trying to be close and pray. I guess if we understood God we’d be a God ourselves. So I’m trying to let it go.

I am also in just a trying mood. Most days I have been hopeful, but today I’m just tired I think. Coming back from the trip, days of dealing with this stupid COVID-19 with every day bringing more horrible things happening. You always (well as much as I can without getting fired, divorced, or defriended) get the real me on here. And today I’m just in a low spirited place. Work is behind, home is behind. I’m just needing some down time and some quiet time but that won’t come until Saturday I guess.

Katy is off from school now. They have study plans/packets that will be picked up and dropped off from their school on their porch. This is just weird times. I think they are out for a while. Maybe even the whole school year.

We began discussing the cancellation of our Florida trip in May. We get our money back if we cancel by mid April. No point in going if shops and restaurants are closed and we are all in this mess.

I’m trying and I’ll be ok. I just require a certain amount of down time and a certain amount of positive energy. The constant negativity is always something that gets me down and there is not much news or information that is good right now.

I was encouraged to hear that Terri’s (terrytare reader/commenter/friend) her Walmart had fully restocked and looked normal. That is good.

Well, I need to finish getting ready and get on to work. We have more rain/storms mid morning. Can we ever get any sun?

I gather the right to complain today. Perhaps I’ll be cheerful tomorrow. I will try to keep to myself though beyond this blog, as far as my complaining and low spirits. On goes the smile or at least a half one. And on with life as it is. But I’d rather just go back to bed and pull the covers over my face and get more sleep.

For the first year ever, I didn’t even know it was Saint Patrick’s til the day was almost over. It just has not been the focus and no reason to celebrate right now.

George is meeting the roofer today about the leak in our ceiling. The roof is old and I doubt they will replace the whole thing but we may get something toward it. It needs replacing before long. I’ll know more soon.

Thanks for letting me have a whiney butt post. I feel better getting it out of my system. I’m leaving you with a pic of Snoopy. He was one of my favorite stuffed animals growing up. I think I had about 3 of them. I slept with them at night. I’ve always loved my doggies. 😉 Have a good day and I’ll try to do the same.

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  1. Well, I can feel your frustration. Reality is not pleasant at the moment. It’s somewhat scary and there’s so much unknown. We’re all in this mess together. You’re not alone. I would think God was very busy yesterday and a bit overwhelmed himself. People are scared and people are dying. We need to try and be patient or at least fake it. I hope you have a better day today. At least you have your blog to come & vent. Let it out. It’s OK & we will be OK.
    My NINJA will be here Saturday? That will give something to play with. lol
    Take care, Monica

  2. Everyone is having a touch time keeping their spirits up these days you are not a lone we just have to keep trying to find the bright side

  3. These are dark times we are living in. I have not had a decent night’s sleep since this happened.
    I feel tired and achy. The stress from all of that’s going on is enough to make one sick. A friend who works in a building that has Dr. Offices on one floor said she went to work and there was people in hazmat suits taking people’s temperatures while they were in their cars. We got our first case in our county and several more people are waiting on test results and are under quartine.

  4. Go ahead whine, get it out of your system. All will be well in the end. The media just keep feeding the flames and I think they enjoy it. They are all negative which does not help the situation. Just breath deeply and relax. Hoping we have some better news in the next two weeks and you can still come here. If not, we will still get together is summer

  5. it can be overwhelming listening to all the news, that’s for sure. we have to forge ahead, one day at a time. stores are working round the clock to restock shelves. in the morning things look normal, by the end of day shelves are ravaged. hang in there. we all need a break. it will come sooner or later. our 40th wedding anniversary is coming up and we’re going to have to have a much different celebration than we planned. can’t complain, our daughter sits in colorado, having been exposed, with symptoms, waiting for a test. why can all the well connected and rich folks get them?

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