Corona Panic – Stop it Already!

Not a lot going on here, but yet there is….

Mom slightly cut her finger which turned into a big deal when she couldn’t get the bleeding to stop. She drove herself to a clinic and they had a problem getting it to stop. They did say it was a small cut. But the bandage they put on eventually held. I talked to her yesterday morning and it held all night and she had to go back to them again yesterday. She was concerned being in there with lots of flu cases – but the clinic told her they were not seeing a lot of flu cases this year.

Every day the Corona Virus thing just keeps blowing up. Everyone is panicked. Just when you have your resolve going about the whole thing – some new thing happens – like they are closing down the world or something (almost) which makes you think there is more to it than what you thought yesterday and you rethink the whole process of “Am I doing the right things” and for me “Am I doing the right thing by going on this trip”. The fear of the unknown is really trying to grip me, a person who is prone to fear anyway, having been the nature of my mother and my grandmother. Every time someone sneezes or coughs everyone holds up a cross (not really) like the devil has possessed them.

And what is supposed to be a trip to look forward to has become a dreadful fear of adventuring into the unknown zone. Will we end up quarantined in Tulsa? Who will do payroll? What do I need to take? Will the hotel not let us stay if they here we are from Nashville? And so forth. Since things get more critical every day in the news, at least.

Stocks crashing, sporting events not allowing public access, even politics somewhat being put on hold (Thank God), lol!

It was my intent to be strong through this, be an encourager, but I think I am needing the encouragement, lol lol lol. I’m a wimp. It’s totally this trip. If I weren’t going I’d feel a bit more safe. But we have decided to go and I know that once I get to Dallas and see my girl and we get on the plane to Tulsa – I’ll be ok because I will be with her and whatever happens we’ll experience it together – and hopefully it will be a wonderful trip!

I’m letting all the hype get to me despite my trying not to. I trust in the Lord – no problem there. But because I have my OWN will which is strong, I like things to be my way and that is when the worry comes in. God might say it’s time to come home – I want to live to see my grandkids and travel. Not that heaven wouldn’t be perfect but I’m not through yet! But yes I’m healthy for the most part and should survive the virus, but why aren’t they doing the same things to protect from the flu? I’m so confused by this whole thing. It’s like we are living out that movie. Or perhaps too many people saw that movie. What was it called? Where the new virus caused world wide pandemonium? We’re there.

With the tornado, this virus, Mom’s situation, and everything else – I just felt like crying. I still do. I think I just need a big bear hug and some positive energy. There’s been two days in the last two weeks where I just needed to release all of this negative energy. And here I was going to be everyone’s encourager! HA! (Big Alf laugh).

So tonight is packing night. I think we are ordering pizza. I don’t need all the bread but I love me some pizza!

And I will try to keep up a blog if we have time on the trip. I’ll have phone and iPad. I will keep you posted. I also plan to do some Stories on Instagram. I will try to fix it where it goes to FB too. I enjoy doing Instagram when I have time or have anything interesting going on. Mostly I don’t. lol. I should be doing some comedy on there related to this virus thing – like how happy I was to discover I could get gloves in the cleaning area and they said “cleaning gloves” on them but no one had bought them b/c they were looking in the health section. So there were some still there. I am wearing gloves once I get past security and wash my hands. I think you might not be able to wear them through security. Plus someone said don’t use hand sanitizer before going through security as it can make your hands go off. lol. I’d never heard that but I’ll take their advice. So I’ll be wearing the gloves and then tossing them after we get our luggage in Tulsa. The purpose is mainly for me to remember not to touch my face. We are taking Clorox wipes as well to wipe down the tray table. And I’m considering not even getting drink service. Another opportunity to pass germs onto my glass and into my mouth? I’ll be taking my usual water and I think it’s a fairly short flight anyway.

Those are my feelings. Yes I’m kinda freaking out b/c all of our “authorities” are giving the air that there is stuff to be freaked out about. Usually “authorities” calm your fears.

I also didn’t sleep last night much. I kept waking up. I finally prayed to God to help me go to sleep and let me “Rest in Him”. He gave me that and allowed me to dream about RV’s. It was kindof a funny dream. George had bought me an RV and it was a really old one. It was a like box truck on the inside – huge – too huge. It also had no furniture, not kitchen, no bed and had a lot of Good Will things on it. I think he may have bought a Good Will storage truck. Friends were trying to help me get it painted and people were everywhere going through the Good Will stuff. Wasn’t what I expected in a RV. We were supposed to go that afternoon on the first adventure traveling out and I was going to go to Walmart to get stuff to pack into the RV for the trip and was realizing – we can’t go yet it’s not ready! lol. One day! I also remember in my dreams thinking “yay, I can buy dishes for my RV”. Sometimes I think I want an RV just to have another place to decorate! lol It won’t hold much though but I like a challenge. I’ve had many of them for sure already with interesting spaces.

Well, I’m getting off of here and getting on with my busy day today. I need to accomplish a lot at work since I’m not there the next two days. What doesn’t get done will have to be done next week.

I will be ok – I just get weirded out sometimes! I keep hearing that the virus is nothing and that more die from the flu but my head is confused that if that is the case why is everyone going crazy lopsided. I guess b/c there is no vaccine? But still even though there is a vaccine we still get the flu. When I take the vaccine, I get it. When I don’t I don’t. Fluke maybe – but I only have my own stats on how it’s happened for me. I had side effects for months over the last flu shot I had. My body tried to reject it. Call me what you will – I’m not an “anti vaccine” person. But…I know what my body knows and I have to use judgment for myself.

So anyway, ya’ll take care. I’ll hopefully be back to blog again in the next day or two. Maisy is my comic relief! I’m going to miss her over the next few days and no doubt she will miss me. She followed me around for 3 days over my long weekend last weekend so much so it made me feel guilty as she couldn’t sleep for making sure she followed me around. Even if I do laundry she will come in and check on me. (It’s a smaller room and she doesn’t usually like to lay on the linoleum and not much room for her to be in there.)

I did buy a little treat for our hotel room. While I can’t take a 14 day supply in case of being quarantined, we at least have a couple of days, lol. They are not glass but we can take this in the suitcase if it’s checked. Goldfish will be my snack in my purse also for the plane as I am not sure if I’ll get lunch. But really hate to be eating on the plane. We’ll see.

Ok I have to rush to get ready to go to work. I was sleeping good and my alarm didn’t go off as it was on silent mode. So George’s went off and I overslept so I was going to get up at 4 so I could blog. I didn’t – got up late but since my will is strong and I like to do what I want to do, I still blogged. So I will hurry to make up the time. Should be ok.

I still want to hear MORE from those that have had the virus and what it is like and I want the media to share that! I want the panic to STOP!

Ya’ll take care!

8 responses to “Corona Panic – Stop it Already!”

  1. Just wish I could give you a huge big hug to put my carefree attitude into you. I know it’s hard for you not to see the bright side but honestly Sonya I don’t think we have anything to fear we area fairly fit and it seems only to affect few when you consider how many many millions of people live in the world…and I don’t expect to make the headlines. I have just come back from taking my old neighbor shopping. I didn’t see any panic buying thank goodness, yes it was busy but not so that I couldn’t park….I just know that you and Kate will have a fabulous few days. Looking forward to reading all about it…just take care…especially crossing roads ! Much more dangerous than the virus LOL.

  2. Is your mom on a blood thinner? That could cause the excessive bleeding.
    The Corona virus has a higher percentage rate of death compared to the flu. They both can be fatal. We are just seeing the beginning of the virus in the U.S. I wouldn’t panic but just be aware. Maybe watch one of the evening news shows. We usually watch ABC with David Muir. Lots of info. You can always set your DVR or watch on Demand.
    Please don’t panic. That just makes everything worse.

  3. Go enjoy yourself with your Daughter. Wear a mask on the plane if you can find one.
    I feel the same way you do about what’s on the news about the virus. It is surreal. I feel like I am in a twilight zone. I am going to spend the weekend with my daughter. My Grandson has a soccer game. I have to do something other than sit and worry. I plan on wearing gloves when pumping gas and staying out of crowded places. I am concerned about my sil and grandson they both come in contact with a lot of people. My daughter has asthma and if she gets sick it goes straight to her lungs. That worries me.
    But I am going to keep on living best as I know-how. My Mom always had a thing about germs and cleaning. Always telling me not to this or that or I would get sick. So I still hear her voice in my head the things she would say. So this a good time to clean all I can here at home.
    It is a beautiful day. I enjoyed waking up seeing the sun shining. The sun always puts me in a good mood. Have a wonderful time with your daughter. I can’t wait to hear about your adventures.
    I love Pioneer woman. I have tried many of her recipes and just bought a new tea pitcher from her line. Her mdse is so bright and cheerful. The quality seems good too.
    Have a safe trip and enjoy…Take care.

  4. sending you hugs. take a deep breath and try to relax. the virus is serious and it’s more dangerous than flu to people with compromised immune systems, diabetes, copd, high blood pressure. you and katy are under 60 and in good health so you shouldn’t panic. go see the pioneer woman’s mercantile and try to enjoy yourself. que sera sera. saying prayers for you as you embark on this adventure.

  5. You can’t stop the worry, so don’t worry about that. Some people only know how to function out of worry. It’s their M.O. Perhaps, they learned it from their parents, perhaps while growing up, perhaps through traumas. Who knows. It’s one thing to obtain facts where facts can be obtained, but another to worry and OCD the whole thing. Like I told a friend, to live longer in your careers (including the more stressful ones), stay away from the pyschic vampires.

  6. Dr Oz had the Dr, from the admstration on this morning. He discussed the virus very openly. He stated that there is no true count on this. So many have had it and are well and never knew that from a bad cold. He said we would see more before it goes away, but that is due to so many more being tested. He stated that it was actually mile for healthy people. He discussed the fact that his wife has just gone through cancer treatments and she is one of the at risk if she contacts it. The at risk are the people who have underlying health problems. He did a very open interview with Dr. Oz and it was reassuring. I have no fear of this. Ken had a full blown case of the flu two weeks ago and out for a week. He was much sicker than this virus is on a healthy person. Relax enjoy your trip and do not fret. All the hype in the media is working to keep the public in a panic mode. Tale your vities with you, the D, C and B12 to keep your energy up.

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