Homemade Pizza and a Productive Sunday

George fixed pizza for dinner last night with whole wheat rosemary bread. Absolutely loved it. There was a pepperoni one and then also a pineapple pizza.

While Saturday was my relax day, yesterday was very productive. Still had some relaxing moments. Did some laundry as usual, cleaned up on the kitchen and rebooted dishwasher, surface cleaned including handles, door knobs, leashes, light switches and so forth. I cleaned the bathroom, changed out linens and bath mat, emptied trash, and scrubbed the bathroom floor. I vacuumed all over the house except the sunroom – leaving it closed for now due to allergens.

I also gave George a hair cut with the trimmer 1 inch all over. He put a chair out in the back yard and got an extension cord. He made me practice without it running first. He said I did a good job. I was afraid to apply pressure at first though. I was afraid I would hurt him, but then I got the hang of it.

I worshipped yesterday morning with Katy’s church on line. And I blogged a long blog. I also have redone the blog to include a feature picture and changed the style a bit. I’m wondering if you like it? Or if you liked it the old way. It won’t hurt my feelings. I’ve just been needing a different look. I’m not sure it is the look I’m going for. I may go for a different theme completely. But I’m afraid to switch it. As long as I won’t lose any content, I’m not worried about it. But I guess you can lose widgets and have to reset those. I only have one or two. So this is something I may do before long. I really like having some sort of pics on the first page. But it may be a bit too busy right now. I also want to redo the logo – very similar but a bit different. I also want to have a signature for the end of each blog post. I have these added to my to do list.

I also had to pack my work box up yesterday so that I would have everything I needed when I got back to work. I will be going in to work today to do payroll.

I decided to order two washable masks on Etsy yesterday. They were homemade and not the official medical ones. I’m ok with that. At least it is some form of protection. I know they told the public it’s not going to protect them – but masks have protected people for a long time. It may not be perfect – but at least it will be *some* form of barrier for my nose and mouth against any air borne stuff. Maybe it will be enough to protect me, maybe not, but if it gives me peace of mind, it’s already done something special when we need to go in and get groceries. I can wash them. And if I like them, I may make some more at home. I have to take the design I get though. There is no picking. lol. So hopefully I won’t get any with like elephant butts on them. But it’ll be what it will be. Then if these are good ones for me, I’ll have a sample and maybe can make some more. I can wash them and reuse them. Most masks on Amazon won’t even get here until late April, May, and even some in June. For both medical and these little homemade type. As this thing steroids up I’d really like to have something over my mouth and nose. Even if it is just a reminder not to touch my mouth and nose. We are not spring chickens and it’s questionable if we have underlying issues or not. I’m on blood pressure meds and pre-diabetic. George is probably there too but won’t see a doc. And he is 60. So I think masks are a good idea at this point in public. I won’t wear one in the office – well not yet anyway. I’ll have to decide if I will when we all go back.

So another month of social distancing. And Trump said an announcement would be made on Tuesday evening. (??????). Is this a federal mandate? Or by region? Or what? I guess we will have to wait and see.

Anyway I’m off of here to go and try to get payroll done. What I need to do will probably take me two days to do. So I’m thinking to work in the real office today and tomorrow. Then I can try to avoid some of the issues we had last week. You can’t be at home without a printer and tools you need and everyone expect that it’s going to be 100% perfect with pink roses. OH. Do. Not. Get. Me. Started. :-O

Ya’ll have a great day and hope you are coping well. There are many out there who are not. I’ve been maintaining but with an edge. The doggies however, seem to be not bothered and happy to see more of us. Our fur babes. If only people could be as nice to us as our doggies are. A few could certainly take some lessons. lol

Hopping to it. Ya’ll have a great day. And remember we have a God that is in control. We may not like His plan, but it’s all going to work out for those that love Him.

So what special plans do you have today on this Monday?

Faith Over Fear, God’s Wrath, and Little Debbies!

I have really enjoyed having on line access to my daughter’s church. They don’t always do on line service but have been since COVID-19. The message today was really good. “Faith over Fear”. Some take ways from this morning:

  • The enemy wants to make you have fear and break you down so that you lose your faith in God.
  • We are called to conquer fear thru our faith
  • Your faith, or lack thereof, can either move mountains or create them, which is it for you?
  • We can trust our God
  • We made it thru Y2k, stock market crashes, 9-11 and still have our faith, and we can trust God to get us through COVID-19
  • Our God has kept his covenants through the ages – Moses, David, etc.
  • God’s kingdom is EVERLASTING
  • If you are not firm in your faith – you are not firm at all “If you will not believe, you will not be established” Isaiah 7:9
  • We can have CONFIDENCE in Christ
  • Faith is like a muscle and you have to work it.
  • Consider Christ who endured….Heb 12:3
  • Have faith, hope, and love. Love is the greatest of those things.
  • Love more…on family, on neighbors, on coworkers, on our church, on our communities, etc. (On doggies too – that was my input, lol).
  • There is NO Fear in Love
  • Faith doesn’t panic.

So….yesterday I mainly just did what I wanted to do. I needed down time – time to process, time to think, time to just be, time away, time out, just letting time be.

I went for a walk in the neighborhood. It was a warm day – not very pretty as it was cloudy, for much of the day, but it is nice to get in daily walks. Much thinking is done during the daily walks. And planning. Only my plans were mainly what to do today. The dogs greeted me at the end of my walk.

Most of our herbs survived the winter. That was good to notice as spring is sprouting!

We had an excellent dinner. I had found a recipe for pork chops in our cook book. George loves to cook more than I do. It seems lately through all this, he seems to like my direction of what we eat. Whether it’s just to pick the meal and he finds the recipe, or I find a recipe, or make suggestions.

I found a citrus, but simple, pork chop recipe and we had that last night. I had my 2nd chop for breakfast/brunch this morning. And based on our scores for fresh veggies Friday, we had a nice salad. I’ve missed salads. I bought two kits also to take or have for lunches next week.

I also notice today that as I have sent some things up to the Lord to handle – every morning when I wake up, I do a little analysis of the “state of what is going on”. You should notice and take note of what is going on in your brain when you wake up. Is God telling you something? Is your creativeness flowing (or not), what are your thoughts? Maybe God wants us to deal with whatever it is that we are thinking, as our minds renew every morning.

My first thoughts yesterday and today tended to go back to things I gave to God already and it reminded me of several things. Forgiveness is continual. It’s a continual telling to ones self that you handed it over. It’s a continual telling to ones self that you don’t have to worry about it anymore. So I think we have these thoughts and then quickly need to override them with the way it is supposed to be. A perhaps a prayer for the help to be able to do that. I think to renew our thoughts we have to ask God repeatedly to take it.

So I think I have woken up, had certain thoughts, those thoughts make me angry and so mad I can’t see straight (I’ve heard my Momma use that phrase many times). Then I remember ‘oh yeah, God’s got this one’ and it’s very freeing of the mind to not let anger build, and to let it go as if it’s just a bug that you flick off into space. Then you can go on about your day, be productive and not be ridden with negative attributes the enemy would have us be ridden with – such as fear, anxiety, uncertainty. Ridden is just my term, sorry if it doesn’t fit for you linguists out there, lol. And we can replace those thoughts with goodness, purity, love, faith, patience, and all those things.

More than once today, I’ve dealt with anger. Just —let’s call it “the enemy” just trying their best to own your day. As mentioned, I again sent it to God – once last night and again this morning. And just like that, a bug flicked into the space – the problem (the person) – gone. Kinda sad really, but the enemy doesn’t like it when faced with the truth. I’m not always willing to just sit, look pretty (as if that is possible, lol) and keep my mouth shut. When there is a time to speak, I do, and with my whole belief system. I can take things and take things and take things, but in the 14th time when I’m done being quiet, and the words come out and I take up for myself, along with my Spiritual Maker, how often does the enemy run and tuck tail b/w the legs and run away? Nearly every time. lol Oh well and just like that *poof* the enemy flees – gone, hitting the trail, not a word, can’t face truthfulness. Making one think they should have spoken a long time ago. I really think it’s a Godly righteous anger that I’m experiencing now that I think of it. God is angry as He sees some things and I think I’m feeling that from Him in a big way and He is reminding me He is on my side.

We can’t control other people and their actions, but we can draw boundaries as to what we are willing to accept off of a person or situation. We can give God the issue, pray for wisdom and speak when words need to be spoken. I’ve said things in the last couple of days that I didn’t even know where the words were coming from. I think they come from a righteous anger b/c usually when spoken is when I’m chastising a wrong, after I’ve been silent for many times over. But now that I’ve pondered it – I see exactly where it is coming from. I do think the Wrath of God is coming out through me as we enter these “end times”. I think sometimes we think God is just peaceful and loving only, but oh he is an angry God as well. You can certainly see it in scriptures. Anger is not always bad when it is in response to evil doings.

I am not one that likes to argue. I will walk away or shut down – until you make me mad – or I get tired of putting up with it. lol. So I’m dealing with anger these days at some situations until of course I hand it over. It’s truly a battle of faith but I’m ready for the fight with the enemy. I have my Master by my side. He slays even the tallest of Giants for me. And He sees I’ve had enough these days. He’s flicking ’em off one by one out of my path because I’ve asked Him to. And He is giving me the strength to say what needs to be said. I’m not a speaker, I’m not a theologian, I’m not a scientist, I’m not a perfectionist, I’m just me.

“Don’t mess with my God”. He is definitely working through some issues with some folks. He is angry and He is present. He provides peace when it’s time and words to protect when it’s time. I can see Him working. And He is not happy.

I was thinking today that I should develop a model for the perfect prayer – you see this is how my thoughts go – I like being creative and creating routines and such. Immediately the Spirit corrected me and reminded me “excuse me Sonya but this has already been done” – the Lord’s Prayer. Oh geez, How could I have even though about coming up with a model prayer? I guess I’m always thinking I have to recreate the wheel for myself. It’s already been done and there for the taking!

How perfect is the Lord’s Prayer? Praise, protection from enemies, forgiving our enemies, forgiveness of self, prayer for our needs for the day of food, and so forth. There is no prayer any more perfect than the one our Lord provided for us. Read it today and pray it! WE need it. We all need it.

And a funny for ya, as we all need that to. Ain’t all that funny really as George and I been eating our Little Debbie oatmeal cookie after dinner. Or lunch. Or both. :-O

The Prayer

We find ourselves looking for the beauty wherever we can during these COVID days. And we try hard to keep our spirits up and find beauty in the day. We place our trust in God to get all of us through this situation. We love one another through it, we pray for one another and support one another. You begin to have faith in human spirit and love and kindness again. You try hard to keep the normal, to get done what you can despite the circumstances. And the sun finally shines.

And then someone comes along and is rude, hurts your feelings, and embarrasses you in front of others – trying to suck the joy – that you worked so hard to maintain. Emotionally, leaving you on the floor and sucker punched and holding your head asking “what the hell just happened?”.



I got out my Bible and prayed. The more I thought through and the more I read, the more angry I became. God sees. He knows my heart. And now I know that HE is angry too.

George came back and said “how’s your day going?” The tears fell. I told him of the issue and he said not to grant anyone access to ruin my day. He might have used additional descriptive adjectives in place of “anyone” – as he has seen this before.

He then sent me Meme’s during the day to make me laugh. Sometimes you can’t just flip a switch when someone hurts your feelings, makes you angry, doesn’t get you, misunderstands the situation. It gets very complicated in your head. I want to make sure that if someone is upset with me, what was the role I played, what did I do wrong, was there something I could have done different, and why is this person angry with me? Or are they angry at someone else. I go through this because I care. I go through this because I want to fix whatever is wrong. I go through this because I don’t want it to happen again. But most of the time my thinking is in vain, b/c I’m not able to talk it out with the person(s), who is/are wired much differently from me. And most of the time I just end up wasting time figuring it out coming to no conclusion other than avoid the same said scenario by totally avoiding the person(s) completely. I’ve seen this same conclusion in others as well. So knowing this, I very carefully decided to pray “The Prayer”.

While I won’t go into the complete description of The Prayer, as I call it. I will just say that it is a prayer of resolve that I pray and sometimes as a last resort, in which I finally just give the whole thing to God and say “ok your turn, you handle this now, I’m done!” It’s not just any prayer. It is a very serious and fervently prayed prayer which results in God’s teaching of very serious but valuable lessons and it changes lives in big ways. So I don’t take it lightly. It is a permanent transfer of my judgment to God’s judgment and His handling is often much more dynamic than any handling of it that I could ever do. And by the way, I’m not a revengeful person and I don’t wish detriment to anyone- but God says to plant any wrongdoing on Him and let Him take it from there. I’ve found that He does indeed handle it. And that is why I’m very careful when I pray The Prayer. The circumstances can be painful but when it’s through there can be rainbows in the end. It’s almost like praying for patience. Don’t ever pray for patience, lol!

George, lifting the spirits a bit – says “hey why don’t we go to Houston’s at lunch time and see if we can get some fresh veggies and some chicken and see what they have?”

So we ran out to Houston’s and was able to get chicken, their home made biscuits, parmesan cheese, lettuce, and few fresh things like potatoes and onions. I also bought salisbury hamburger helper, lol. We used to eat that a lot. It’s a good comfort dish.

Then George said we should go to Kroger and see if we could get stuff to make homemade pizza.

I was immediately taken in by the $4.99 roses and pretty flowers. I started to grab some, but didn’t. I decided a picture would do. That way I could have them ALL.

I was relieved to see that meat had come back! Yay. Limit 2 per person.

Onions and potatoes were available as was plenty of salad kits and fresh veggies.

The frozen section was pretty much just demolished still.

It was tempting to get a few things as we miss fries and certain frozen things, but…we bought that 1/2 of a cow and a pig, so we can’t really put much more in the freezer. It’s why we couldn’t stock up on sale chicken like we do.

So we came back and had a busy rest of the afternoon. I ended up working a full day yesterday instead of trying to get some of last weekend back. Oh well.

I did stop to do a Bible Study as my heart was still hurting from earlier, making it really hard to concentrate on anything else. It’s true that people have a lot of pressure and anxiety and very little patience, and apparently also very little understanding of what is really taking place. So I’m trying to forgive – although really there is no excuse for anyone to be unkind to another. But there is resolve and maybe even forgiveness, if you can focus on beautiful things and not how bad things are.

There really is beauty and kindness in the world. It’s out there. And as if God knew I needed some, right then and there, a text came thru from my SIL asking how I was. I was fine I told her. I didn’t want to waste her day on my problems (soon to be God’s problem by nightfall). But just the kindness of “I’m checking on you” was all I needed to make my heart smile and have faith in human kind again. Plus George trying to make me laugh. He makes a good “office complex cohort”.

We had kindof an interesting dinner. Lots of carbs. lol Tamales (real ones, not Chef Boy R Dee), Refried Beans, and leftover spaghetti noodle which was turned into a cold noodle with vinaigrette. It may not look good, but it was.

So at bed time. I snuggled with doggies and held Roger by my side and hugged him. And Roger laid his head on my arm. I thanked God for my babies, and for their love, and their loyalty to me. I thanked Him for our blessings, and laid my heart out and prayed The Prayer.

This morning as I awoke, for the first time in many days, I did not think of COVID 19 first. I thought of what happened yesterday. Anger fired through my soul. I remembered then, that I had prayed the prayer and it was mine no more. The negative residue then began lifting and I realized it is just no longer mine to bare. Whatever happens from here is purely and spiritually defined by the hands of God. And we have to be ok with that.

So finally it is Saturday and while there is no where we will be going, I will be doing my normal Saturday stuff. I have no desire really to do much. This whole thing, as mentioned, has a tendency to suck the life out of you. All plans cancelled. Secretly, being an introvert, this is a chance of a lifetime to get to do what I want to do, read, write, do projects, clean, bake, the slate is open.

What are you doing with your Saturday?

Friday’s Thoughts and Predictions

Good morning! Just a quick pop in.

Not really a lot to tell. Day 4 of the Safer at Home went fairly well and was upbeat. Routines are pretty well established. And that is good but it does feel a bit robotic. At least we are separating work from home, for the most part. It is nice to be able to start the laundry, take the dog out during the day, not have to pack lunch, not as far of a walk to the bathroom and break room, and commute time is spent walking. Finally a chance to infuse walking into my schedule.

It’s a little harder from a working standpoint. While I’m making work “work”, it does take longer as I can’t print anything out, can’t scan, etc. And payroll, of course will have to be done at work next week as there are so many things that have to be printed.

So today is Friday. I have worked full days all week and also worked last weekend, so I’m kinda ready for a down day as I have mentioned previously in blog posts this week.

Tomorrow marks my 14th day after being in two major airports. So glad that is almost over. Just need to get through today and tomorrow. Meanwhile cases are beginning to surge in Nashville and even cases starting to grow in surrounding counties, doubling, it seems, every couple of days.

My predictions are that the mayors will shut down various cities, as has the Davidson County/Nashville area. And with the governor now saying he is “open” to a future “stay at home” order, and the pressure he is getting, I feel like will also eventually give an order of the same in Tennessee. Medical professionals, are just pleading for him to make this decision and he hasn’t done this yet but deferring to local government. They feel he is putting money and the economy ahead of lives. It’s a hard place to be. I get it. It’s so hard to see the crumbling of businesses that once thrived. And the increase in layoffs have soared. Some of them from our company too.

So I do feel like at some point the Governor should make that call to save lives, and stop the spread or at least “flatten the curve” across time, but I DO understand it’s all killing our economy. The hospitals are just not able to treat people though when it surges as once – resulting in more deaths. Very difficult. But – my prediction is that the governor will end up having to shut down for additional time – at some point as this thing starts to inflame the health care system. It may take deaths for him to be convinced though, sadly. But as George said, our governor is a Business man – he owns several businesses in Nashville. But I can see that this is coming. I could be wrong. I feel like right now we are set to go back into work after it is all widespread and then more of us will get it. And it’ll be in our facilities and then they will be shut down. So this is NOT over and it’s not going to be for a while. And every plan will change about 3 to 5 times before anything is accomplished.

It’s been interesting to watch decisions across the country being made by businesses, some choosing to ignore their governments guidelines for their areas, some claiming loopholes and deciding for themselves what is essential and not essential, putting people at risk for the virus.

Every day I wake up and it takes about 30 seconds or so to realize “oh yeah we have that COVID-19 thing going on”. And my spirit drops a bit. I know it seems like it will never end. I know it will. But China is still heavily dealing with this and they have been having this issue since January right? So yeah – I think this is going to last well into the summer. And another prediction is that I feel Trump will end up shutting down parts of the regions on a mandatory level. I could be wrong, but I think he is looking at it region by region now with his task force. It’s just all so confusing. But the bottom line is I think we will be back and forth to work. I would hope that we could work from home during most of this voluntarily for most days. What good is it to stay home for two weeks only to go back to work, when it’s going widespread, get exposed, and get the darn thing – then the question is – will you recover or be a dreaded dead statistic. This is nothing to mess with or take chances with. So it’s very concerning.

I think I’m kinda numb. I don’t know what to think. I don’t even know what to say. I don’t think anyone has real answers. But I’ll have to say the only one who does is God. And so we just have to trust in Him and ask Him for guidance. In the meantime we have to try to patient and get through this and spend our time and thoughts on things that matter the most. Be there for each other, and try to be positive and find joy in things like nature, things we like to do at home, and trying to spread joyful thoughts to others. How sweet it will be when we can go out in public again and not have to worry about this dreaded virus. We took all these things for granted.

So the insurance adjuster came by and looked at our roof. Our roof is fine and has about 5 more years in it. It was another problem – where some pipes are- in the roof. They need to be fixed. They have a rubber boot on them that needs replacing. I’m sorry my terminology is not there – I don’t know what they are called. But good news. The adjuster needed to use our restroom as they can’t stop anywhere in Public to use them as everything is pretty much closed. She said it was quite challenging. So of course we let her use our restroom, but one can’t help but cringe. She is in and around so many with all this tornado damage stuff going on. So, I wiped and sprayed everything down.

So because of my need to “plan” I think I just have to minimize my world at bring it back in to the “home” level. That way I feel I have purpose, meaning, and that I can see progress during a day. So I will put cleaning items on the list and fun things, just to give my psyche some focus. I also plan to refocus on Bible study. And perhaps read some more. So I am bringing back the to do list, just rearranging it some. I always delight in my to do’s. I enjoy seeing things progress. I guess it makes you “feel like” you are in charge of SOMETHING in your world. It’s not much though.

I guess our pet trims are cancelled for next Saturday, I’ll have to call and see. And I guess “finding TP” will be on the top of the next to do list as well. I think we could open the sun room up these days but honestly I’m scared to – there are more allergens in there and I don’t want to risk getting a sinus infection and having to worry I’ve got the dreaded virus. So thinking of just keeping that closed off until fall.

I guess I’ll close here, other than to say I’m glad the weekend approached. I already have my full week in since I worked over the last weekend, so I will be working today off and on and available today if needed, and I will be – don’t worry. But it’s time for some down time. So pockets of the day, I will be doing some things I need to do personally. And then come Monday I guess I’ll be going to work to do Payroll in the office or either try to do it at home. I have a bad feeling about trying to do this w/o being at work to do it. It will not go well. And there is a lot of PTO to enter so it’s going to be a very long processing of the payroll. And will likely take two days instead of one. I don’t really mind going into the office if there is not many of us there. I’ll wear gloves or hold a wipe to open the door. But I agree it is more risky to be there as often as we use buttons on copiers and share door handles and knobs and cabinet drawers, etc. But I’m willing to go in a day a week or two if needed to help keep things going.

Anyway time to go do a few things and head into our morning conf call. Ya’ll take care!

Coping with Changes by COVID-19 in our World

Here in middle Tennessee, we finally found the sun after day upon day of gray. Actually weeks of gray! I had to run back in and get my sunglasses as I was blinded. But I’ll take it. It was a mood lifter for sure.

I went for another walk yesterday. It’s nice to ditch the commute and have time to walk around the block – which I did 4 or 5 times. A mile to a mile and a half. I lost count and I wasn’t really trying to reach a goal other than to feed my psyche, get out of the house for a bit, stretch the bod, and enjoy the sounds and sights of nature. It’s amazing but almost the entire neighborhood walks in the afternoons around 3 to 5, during the warmest part of the day. Neighbors are meeting neighbors, at safe distances and where not, all are friendly in greeting.

I can tell my mood is much different from beginning of week to middle of week. I won’t really go into it here, but there are some very definite reasons for it. Part of it is that my psyche needs a plan and it needs to work a plan. It’s hard to work a plan when there is not one, lol. And that is it in a nut shell. It’s just a dynamic world right now. No one can really plan anything because everything is always hinging on something else. And that something else is always hinging upon something else too and it’s just a chain of unknown.

We are all in similar boats. Maybe the boats are different but we all are experiencing change in some way. I’ve blogged a whole entry here and erased half of it. But in doing so at least it’s given me clarity to work through some things. And it’s given me some ideas to get through these uncertain times. And so that has become my “plan”. My psyche has to have a plan or it will go SEEK a plan.

I still hold my ground that God places my feet. And He will continue to do so through this – one path or another. He is allowing this COVID-19 so that we can see our priorities, shake up our world, and through this we will all come out changed and many of us with very changed lives, changed patterns, changed views, and…changed plans. I mean right now, it’s hard to have a plan. But we can PLAN to follow HIM and spend time with HIM. And I think that is really the answer and the whole purpose for why we are going through this. All things work together for those who BELIEVE in HIM.

So we focus on our blessings, what we do have, what we DO KNOW. And we let God set our plans. Because heaven and earth know that none of us can do much planning as it is right now. lol Nothing is really in our control. But if we bathe everything in prayer, it’ll all turn out the way it was supposed to be. Otherwise it is easy to wonder and worry – are we going to lose our jobs, are we going to get this virus, who do we know that we going to lose to this thing? It’s so easy to get caught up with all that and go down that path. But it’s all really out of our control. There is nothing we can do to fix anything. But God says He can and will. So I’m gonna let Him. He can have it. He can have it all.

And so I’ll leave you with a few of these photos that I snapped while we were on vacation last year – back when stores were open and we all were not scared of one another, lol. It’ll hopefully bring some joy, some focus, and some meditation on all things precious and good.

And a funny for ya since we are home a lot!

I know that I still haven’t shared a lot of my vacation pics. It’s just that all this COVID-19 blew up and all that we were dealing with, with all that, and it’s just not been the time. I think I shared most of them though.

Ya’ll take care. Going to get started on work. That is all in HIS hands too.

Needing Some Self Time to Rejuvy

You can probably find these charts on CDC, news websites and other official places, but The Weather Channel also is tracking the numbers on their website for your state. Here is Tennessee. This thing doubles every few days.

I am feeling tired this morning. I had a full 8 hours of sleep. And drinking coffee now. I forgot to take my vitamins yesterday despite the fact they were sitting in front of me. I will need to do that today. And we have had more sugar than we should have had through this. Those darn Little Debbie oatmeal cakes and peanut butter reece cups. My system is saying ‘no no no’ to the sugar. It was really good at the time. But no one wants their hips to bloom outward. So we are gonna have to slow it. And I will have a shake this morning to get back on track. I’ve not cleansed in a while. I am kinda afraid to. I don’t want to be in a weakened state at all with this virus floating around.

George told me that Prince Charles now has COVID-19 – he tested positive. This is crazy. I hope he will be ok. And that spells trouble for his household and the royals? How often have they been together?

My spirits, I’m noticing are a bit low today. For many it is Wednesday but for me it is Thursday as I had to work over the weekend. I’m ready for some chill time. Even though we have been home, I have faithfully been at my desk for the hours I should be and then some (since no commute). But I need some time with God, time to watch my shows, time to rejuvy and get away from this virus thing. I really had planned not to work Friday since I’d have in my time and then some. I guess we will see how Friday is. I’d really like to have it today but there is too much to do. It is month end, and quarter end, so it’s all stacked up. I was able to run most of the reports to PDF. I have mounting emails and lists of things to print when we are back to work so that we have records where they need to be for the tax files and such. I use those records when doing the quarter end filings for each state.

I did get a lot done yesterday in getting the weekly taxes paid such as fed withholding taxes and state withholding taxes that we are set up weekly for. I paid child support on line and all that.

Several other states are shut down for the virus. This impacts two of our plants across the nation. We still have two operating but that could change. We do have a transport company that is essential so that is going. It’s been a little crazy I think everyone scrambling trying to figure this puzzle out to keep the company going in what way it can.

I think we are supposed to see some sun today and I think that is a good thing. I plan on taking some extra D today based on my blah approach to life today.

I certainly need to go back for coffee.

We had a good time talking with our Kate yesterday. I think the plan is to try and come to Texas when the VIRUS crap is over with. She goes back to school in August. July is hard month for me to take a week off, b/c of quarter end, but we could do June or maybe just come down while she is in school, but I don’t know. Thanksgiving is not an option this year. But at this point, I just refuse to put any plans in motion. No plan has any value apparently. Although my dentist did renew my dental cleaning for August. I had changed my plans I think b/c of work – and changed the appointment to April. But I went ahead and told them to book me first available at beg of day on certain days I could do it and it’s August. I am really missing my teeth cleaning and had I known this would have been an issue, I’d have kept the first appointment somehow. I suppose I could go during the middle of the day and just drive back and forth but I always try to get it on one or the other side of the day to conserve gas and be more efficient with time. So August it is. Well, it is scheduled for then. By then we may have another new virus from China, or we’ve all died from chapped butts, b/c no one had Toilet Paper, who knows.

So that said I believe I’ll toddle off and get dressed and get more coffee and start this robotic day into motion. Yes. I’m. Needing. Downtime. I’ve missed 1/2 my weekend last weekend and wasn’t home the weekend before, and it’s just been busy and my mind is needing the time desperately.

Roger says hello. Actually it was “goodnight”. He was ready to sleep. And despite whatever else that may look like in the background – it IS George’s elbow. lol. I had to do a 2nd take myself. lol Have a good day. How are you doing? Is your state hunkered down? How are you coping? Our spirits are fairly good but it’s only really Day 3 of our mandated stay at home order. My downward spirit is mainly just needing downtime to do things for my psyche that make me happy, make me worthy (worship), and just fill the vat of happiness for a few minutes with things that bring joy. I’m tired of the news and I’m tired of scrolling Facebook, and I just need to have some self rejuvy so I can come back strong. Before you judge me, yes, I’m grateful to have a job and be working. But one cannot help how their psyche feels and what their body needs. It’s about taking care of self, renewing one’s mind, so that you CAN adequately function and be there for any role you play. So don’t be thinking I’m ungrateful because I need to be renewed and have some meditative time and down time. TRIBE SPOKE. lol

Ya’ll have a great day!

Our First Day as an Office Complex

Well the Day 1 of working at home, and being quarantined went well. It was a true work day, George and I in our separate office “suites”. I fixed us boiled eggs in the egg steamer for breakfast. Steamed up an extra one to put in the tuna fish in a day or two for lunch. Will have to go slow though having eggs for breakfast as they are hard to find and we want to make bread. He fixed cinnamon toast to use up some old bread, mid morning. We had left over beef stew from the night before, for a mid day meal. And I fixed spaghetti for dinner. We might have had a Little Debbie’s oatmeal cookie for an after dinner delight. We watched Downsized, about becoming little bitty people. It was ok.

So what did we do with our commute time? We walked in the neighborhood at 4:30 when I closed up shop. Almost everyone walked off and on all day yesterday. I could see people walking, keeping their six feet (except for some younger ones that gathered together to talk). We were able to have time to pick up after ourselves. George enjoyed a phone conversation with a friend. I was able to get an extra load of laundry in and of course the dogs are happy as they don’t have to cross their legs with several pee times and got to go “sniff” around the neighborhood. Maisy has been trained to walk and keep up with you. She stays at my heels most of the time. Roger on the other hand has George trained to sniff every mail box. Well, to clear that thought, Roger sniffs, George has to wait til Roger is through. One mail box he sniffed for about 5 minutes. lol. I had to go on. And after Roger and Maisy and George went in the house, I walked around again so I could actually get a pace going. I was worried that Roger and his little legs would not make it around the block, but he did. He was tired out the rest of the evening though. And I bet he’s sore today. And cocktail hour was after our walk and while I cooked dinner – can’t forget that glass of wine as a treat for a first day home. It was a pleasant day but a productive one. We are starting out with 8 a.m. conf calls to work through issues every day and probably so execs can make sure everyone is out of bed and focused. lol.

Even though we are on shut down, sort of, and the mayor says DO NOT go into work if you are in a non-essential business classification as defined by the order, I may still have to go in and do payroll and/or go in and sign checks. I would really like to be truly quarantined for the period of time we are supposed to be, but it doesn’t look like that will happen fully. It is easier to do payroll from the office and would be done in half the time. Technically since I do *some* things for our Transport company during the week, it would not be a lie to say that I could be there for a certain percent of the time. I do their withholding taxes and pull reports from their payroll and do the unemployment taxes. So I could get away with doing payroll there I think. I am happy though to be self isolated as much as possible. I think pretty much all of us though that are salaried will be in and out of the office at times during the week to get critical things taken care of, mainly from financial aspects to keep things rolling from a money flow while we are down. Was kinda surprised but I guess that is the way it will be. While the mayor thinks it is non essential, it is to many. What is essential however, is that none of us get this thing, have complications and die and many of us are either near or over 60 so……… Every time we get out we play roulette. I’m done with the grocery and done with Public places unless we just have an emergency and it’s critical to go. Same way with work – I don’t want to be around anyone unless I just have to.

I didn’t cough as much yesterday and as far as I know did not have any fever. I didn’t take my temp, but I had energy and wasn’t tired. Getting a couple nights of good sleep did wonders for that. Since we have been given the order to stay home, my nerves have calmed and sleep has been tremendous. Although now I’m realizing we may still have to go in some, as mentioned above – it’s still reducing the chances. I just have to remember to sanitize every time I use a surface or hit a button or grab a door handle. I am not willing though to go into UPS or post office or any of those places or even the grocery now where much of the community has been. The risk is getting higher every day. I am now 8 days away from having been in two major airports. Kinda looking forward to next Sunday as that marks day 14. And hopefully that makes my risk factor go down. But we have been to Walmart, Publix, and Aldi in prep for this supposed two week or longer shut in, knowing it was probably coming.

I realize that two weeks is not going to get it. We are not going to be around the curve, so in my “uneducated about viruses” opinion is that this will get better by May as the temps rise, for the Southern states. New York City has 13,000 cases – it’s really going to be bad there as this thing doubles every few days. George says our city is now under a state of emergency which is probably so they can get funding. We have some cases here now. I just feel like we’ll be off longer than 2 weeks, or back and forth to control the curve. I’m fine to keep it flat. Less loss of lives, although business will be hurt. Take your pick.

It made me sad that when George’s friend called, he said after the call, “sorry to interrupt our movie to answer the phone but I felt like I needed to talk to _____ (said friend) because we are all getting older and you never know when it will be the last time you will get to talk to them again, if we die – from this virus – or whatever reason.

It is true. After this is over, sadly, there will be a lot fewer of us, according to the numbers. And when you are in 60 and up it’s not as pleasant of a situation. And I’m only 3 years from that number. And none of us know we are carrying it or not, the virus. I wish more would take it seriously. But I have a feeling in a few weeks, they will. And I really don’t think that 2 weeks shut down is going to be all there will be.

But, anyway, this is all so crazy.

So we are supposed to have some severe storms rolling through today. Two rounds. One comes through this morning and the other in the afternoon. Low possibility of tornadoes but yet it does exist to be a threat. At least we have a basement. And I don’t have to get out today!

Alright, it’s 6:30 and I think I may get a head start on work and then quit earlier in the day. The sun is about to come up! Let’s get this Quarantine Day 2 work party under control. My company payroll mascot says hello. She slept with her head under the bed (tail out) most of the day but toward afternoon she climbed on the bed and watched me and watched the birds and squirrels out the window.

Quarantine Begins: Safer at Home

No sooner than I finished my blog entry yesterday the mayor of Davidson County, Nashville declared that all non essential businesses shut down in an effort to “flatten the curve” and help save lives. This was to begin at midnight. I was shocked as I figured they would give you a day or two notice. I’m glad someone told our bosses last week it was coming so we could have last Friday and the weekend to prepare.

Immediately, knowing I had to do it yesterday, I hopped in the car and went back to work to get my calculator, my tax files (since it’s quarter end, now that I’ve closed payroll for the pay day of 27th), and my payroll manual – as all the quarter end instructions are in there. Whew!

I came home and used one of my file holders for when I did THAT SHAKE/SUPPLEMENT COMPANY THAT I DID and it holds everything I need and I set it up in my “temporary office space”. I also went downstairs and found a dinner tray table that often is good when you need a side table. I cleaned it off and set it up so I’d have some place to put papers. And plugged in my calculator and it sits on the bed – as long as it doesn’t bounce when I use it we’ll be good.

So, yesterday being my first day to be able to do any cleaning and get caught up on laundry and such – I had a really good day and a lot to do. I vacuumed, dusted – anywhere I could find a clear spot TO DUST (George’s piles or my own piles, keeping me from needing to dust much). I surface cleaned some. I stirred the dust. And I began coughing…..a. dry. cough. It was not consistent, but just every now and then. By mid afternoon, not having slept much the night before, I began to feel weary. I knew I was tired and it is allergy season and sometimes I’m mildly impacted by that especially in my nose/ears. George told me to take my temp. I told em, “neh, I’m just tired”. But I took my temp and it was 99.2 in one ear and 99.6 in the other. I told him – “oh no, I have a dry cough and a mild fever”. So I went and rested and George told me not to freak out. lol. I laid down and cat napped but mostly just rested. I took my temp again and it was normal. George says your temperature jumps up and down during the day. I’ve always had a low grade temp when I’m tired. But I figured out that it is an autoimmune thing – that stems from eating too much pasta – enriched flour, too many carbs and sugars, and not enough greens, veggies, and fruit. Coupled with lack of rest, it begins to attack my body. We’ve really increased the number of carbs and sugar lately, and I’ve not been good with that SHAKE/SUPPLEMENT COMPANY THAT I DO’s much to get much protein in since it’s been chilly in the mornings and I like hot breakfasts. So that was a scare yesterday even though that is completely normal for me. I think that every time we cough or our fever hits 99 we are going to think we are all getting it. Katy said “maybe the ‘Rona came and went. lol

And last night I slept 7.5 hours straight through with no wake ups! I feel fabulous and well rested this morning and even happy and less worried about all the mess going on. I really do feel safer being at home, if we haven’t already been exposed – that is the thing. My mind began going at east about this the moment I got home yesterday with my final things. We really are safer at home instead of dragging these germs around.

As I began doing my cleaning at home, passing by my office set up and George’s office set up, I realized that I am the Office Janitor, lol. Our home is now an office complex. We have 4 desk areas with computers set up around the house. Our “personal” work stations and our “work” – work stations. So we have an office complex going and our kitchen is the break room area. I like our office complex. It even has a laundry room and his/her bathrooms and comes complete with his/her pets. 😉

I also did loads and loads of laundry and still actually loaded up with dog blankets to wash. They sleep on them and they sweat – especially Roger – and I just have to wash them every now and then to refresh them. So I will work on laundry some today – before work, during lunch, and fold afterwards. I am pretty disciplined and will get a lot done on the work front.

I am glad not to have the commute, glad not to have to put on makeup, and can wash my hair every other day, and will have time to make my bed, and we won’t have to pack breakfast or lunch. The synergy this provides is amazing. I’m excited about it now that I’m hooked up with a mouse and keyboard and extra monitor. My only issue is that I can’t print but to a PDF. And that will likely be my biggest challenge. But who knows maybe this is what it takes for us to learn how to work without wasting so much paper. It’ll be a test for sure. I still have a legal pad though b/c I will have to have a PTO list for each plant’s payroll folder so nothing gets missed. But that will be on ONE sheet of paper instead of printing out each PTO request. So while this time is not good for the company, there may be some new things to come out of it. I may ask to keep the set up at home in case of snow or other issues (like if I have to take Mom somewhere, I can still get work done at home) so I’m always able to work at home if needed. I think it is a good idea. The laptop itself is too small and cumbersome w/o the larger keyboard and mouse. And I have two screens even though one is so much smaller, but at least I can drag over the file to the big screen of the one I need to read. So maybe they will let me keep this set up at home for as long as I work there in case of this being an issue. We’ll see.

Anyway I am going for another cup of coffee, reboot the laundry, get some boiled eggs started in the cooker as I want boiled eggs for breakfast! And probably an orange. Need to get some fruit in. And I’ll take my vitamins and get my water set for the work day. I am dressed – although in my gym pants and Dallas Cowboys t-shirt, which is one of the best perks at all. Still will not let myself work in PJ’s though. I mean if I felt bad – yes, but I’m showered and dressed. I think that is important for the “energy setting” for the day. For me anyway. Still need to maintain that routine of grooming early and feeling good to start the day.

I posted this on FB yesterday. George found some chicken. lol

We have an 8 a.m. conference call. And I’ll already be working long before then. Early to work, early to get off. lol And Maisy will be by my side. I really do feel more safe and less anxious than any time in the last 3 weeks. So I’m glad we are hunkered down. And I hope that we are not exposed already. But if we are, we are.

What a weird year huh? Had we known what 2020 would bring, we’d have tried to stay in 2019. But I think of our neighbors who have lost their MOM and now having to go through this. And this is just starting, with cases about to blow up everywhere and there will be more deaths, so it’s going to be a hard few weeks for us all. I hope we don’t get it and I hope none of our friends do. I hope we have not hunkered down too late.

Our World is Changing Fast as COVID-19 Spreads

It’s interesting and frightening watching this thing play out day by day. I take a mental note of my feelings as I go through the day and I’m noticing that as we switch off to start working from home, I become less anxious about getting the virus. There is some excitement to being able to work from home – once the switch is flipped. We automatically get 1.5 to 2 hours of commute time each per day back into our lives x 2 people = 3 to 4 hours of household or home time to do things around here. And there will be less prep time for make up/grooming/dressing – yes we’ll get our showers in – but we get to wear pajama wear if we want. Don’t have to pack lunches, stop for gas, etc. So add in another hour a piece there. It’s kind of appealing. So I’ve noticed there is a glimmer of a good side to the virus – is George and I hunkering down together and working from home together and getting to eat lunch together (or at least wave at one another if our work schedules don’t mesh). It’s a new thing for sure.

All that said, this is not a matter in which one can find a permanent delight as our jobs were not technically meant to be done from home, and if business doesn’t bounce back either of us could be facing some uncertainties. So this is no pleasure cruise we are boarding, but it does offer some solace and a unique situation to be home at once, and possibly at times – fun. But the reality is that the longer it all plays out, the increasing likelihood that one or both of us could lose our positions. This fact cannot be overlooked. Am I worried? No, but of course I am concerned and I do care. I have just noted the reality.

From the beginning, knowing this could be bad, I’ve stated that we are smart and talented folk and we’ll figure things out – for us, our family, and friends. We will do what we need to do and when and will figure the how and the where along the way. We will survive – as long as we survive the virus itself. lol. We certainly will be taking losses though like everyone else. But with retirement 5 years away, I think we will certainly rebound by then. One can only hope.

And with all that in mind, and the virus not playing out until probably summer – we cancelled our VRBO rental for Amelia Island in May.

This is bad, but there is the option now of maybe going to Texas this summer and seeing one fine Katebug and a Cody! Their rent is free and we buy dinner! ha. I don’t think my heart can risk booking a trip to the beach during hurricane season. I just know my luck. But as the good Lord has reminded us it’s kindof a vain approach now to be worrying or planning for the future. Today brings it’s own worries and no man knows whether he be a coming or a going. Well ok not exactly a direct Biblical quote but look in Proverbs and I’m sure that planning is a folly, lol. I, for one, have not looked at a to do list since Tulsa’s flight check in’s.

Much of the to do list is just really defunct. Plan fun things to do on vacay – deleted. Plans for a shower held here at the house – deleted – it’ll be virtual. Plan time with Mom in April? Who knows – I don’t want to infect her. New Drivers License update – heck no – I’m not going to go to those nasty places with this virus going on. If they are even open? Research Stevia’s impact on the body? Who cares now, we are in survival mode – I mean George just brought home Little Debbies oatmeal creams! Plan rest of the year’s PTO – well hell no – we’ll be using that during the upcoming weeks – likely. As this thing is not going to be over til we hit 80 degrees +. So life stops for a while outside the house.

I am ready to hunker down b/c as this thing quickly and wildly spreads, our risk of getting this thing increases exponentially. I’m even getting paranoid at work. I myself am not even 14 days away from being in not one but two major airports and 1 smaller one, plus several plane rides across a few hours in which you are closer together much more than a cruise ship. I’m at day 7 now from the final day of our trip. And numerous ones have traveled as well that we are in contact with. Who knows who holds the ticking bomb as it’s hidden.

So I was able to move a desk to the end of the bed in our guest room. Likely no guests during this hunker down period unless we need to go get Mom. She is better off being there alone w/o us coming in every day from the outside infecting her though, but I’ve offered to come get her or help her if at any time she feels she needs us or our help. My sister who lives in same town as my Mom has also offered to step up to help and will drop off supplies or food on the porch. (They don’t confer directly, but that is none of my business. It does make me the middle guy in which I had set boundaries, but during a crisis I will forego the boundary thing to keep people safe and alive, and cannot guarantee that my eyes are not crossing in the process). Hey honesty here. It’s not like everyone else hasn’t been verbal about their feelings.

Since IT could not get the laptop to connect to a wifi, I’m using the ethernet cord. Is it ideal? No – see for yourself. I can see a dog foot pulling the cord out, while jumping off the bed, taking the laptop for a spin. But – it is also what it is. Maybe a longer ethernet cord? Anyway I was pretty happy to discover I could move a desk in there and set up, log in and be ready to go. It’s not a permanent set up but will do for now. So no guests but we’d likely not have them anyway. If so they will become intimate bedmates with an ethernet cord. Maisy on the other hand is happy as everything! Drinks have to be on 2nd shelf as to not spill over in the small space into laptop. I think I will need to find a tray table to extend the desk into a work area. Where my papers gonna go?

Anyway, I’m trying to make the best of all this. I woke up at 3:30 a.m. on my day to sleep in – go figure – trying to figure out how to make my job work from home. It’s not going to be easy b/c we can’t print. I’ve made a list of things I need to print before I leave work Monday to see if it will help me. I mean certain things have to be printed now before the next payroll as it’s quarter end and such. Once payroll runs again it will add another week on it and the numbers will be off. So certain things have to be done Monday! If I get that done I can work on some of my stuff at home. I know they said not to worry about taxes but I really want to try and get as much as I can done so it’s not pandemonium later. Well, it’s already pandemonium so…..but I’m thinking of bringing the 2020 tax files with me in a box so I can work on all the returns and such. So many things going through my head this morning.

Anyway, I’m going to focus on the house today, get our laundry done, bake some bread if I have time, and vacuum, and surface clean and pick up the house some. Much to do. I also may take a day off next week since I worked yesterday. Or instead of working full days, work partial. Haven’t decided yet. I know we have to be there Monday and hope we don’t have to be there beyond that b/c I’m personally ready to hunker down and work from home seeing the numbers get bigger every day. And who knows who already has it? Do I? Someone else? That is the thing. We are all getting increasingly exposed every day. Ugh… that’s why so many scrambling to get groceries. WE are not used to this kind of thing.

So I went in and did payroll yesterday. And my immediate boss also went in for moral support of me. I love her for this. While I would have (and have) done it myself at Christmas time, it was nice having her there and she helped me in the processes of time sheets and piecework review. One person can only do the actually closing but she was there in her office next door and we ordered Cracker Barrel which is delivering through Door Dash (they set it up – not you – you just go on line and order for delivery and they get it to you and send a link so you can see the door dash people coming.) Bless them. WE enjoyed our comfort food from Cracker Barrel. Never mind that cooties and viruses could be on the bag or in our food. One just has to use hand sanitizer and hope for the best?

Then at home, George was in good spirits. He’d found chicken for us and paper towels and potatoes and onions.

Dinner was great. I asked for Asian chicken. He just created a recipe which he’s good at, with whatever sauces, seasonings we had.

We watched The Crown. And I fell asleep during the 2nd one. He wakes me up if I do. So I think I fell asleep twice. But these days have been so long and a bit stress filled with uncertainty.

Well, I want to go watch Katy’s church service. It’s streaming live at 9:00. WE watched it from the airport last week!

I’ll post again tomorrow. It helps me to park my feelings here of course. You can too in your comments. Just always pour out what you need to say. I’m praying for each one of you as you do! Love you all.

Setting up to Work from Home and Laptop Won’t Connect to Wifi

Quick update. We had a meeting yesterday to begin the process of working from home amidst rumors or heads up that there would be mandatory federal shut downs next week (Tues/Wed announcements coming) and rumors that there will be a TN mandatory state shutdown by end of the weekend.

So we began getting my computer ready for payroll at home which is going to be very difficult and burdensome to do but somehow we will figure it out. But my gosh the first problem is that my IT was not able to even get my laptop to accept wi-fi. I may have to reach out to family or someone else for help. I don’t know what to do. They didn’t have much time yesterday but hopefully hooking up w/ethernet I can get them to remotely fix it. I’m counting on them to do this b/c the ethernet is only a temporary fix option for me due to the location of the router.

I am shocked that I have a laptop that cannot accept wifi. It once did. What changed? They couldn’t figure it out and gave me the ethernet cord. An ethernet cord gets me there if plugged into the router but it is not convenient in my house for me space wise to work where the router is – I need to be where I can set it on a desk and use mouse and the bigger screen – or WE WILL NEVER GET PAYROLL DONE! I can only sit on the bed in the guest room in there with an ethernet cord – and you can’t set up mouse and a monitor on top of a bed. lol This is gonna be a mess if they can’t get the computer where it will be hooked up to wifi. I mean who has a computer that won’t hook to wifi?What? Me, of freaking course. Me! Hopefully we can get it fixed. If not we will have some serious issues when I try to do this. I’ve searched on line for an answer to try to fix it myself. But ran into “administrator” issues as it’s not my laptop. I will be sending them the link since they ran out of ideas yesterday. Seems like we had this issue before and they fixed it.

But these days connecting to wifi should be easy.

Anyway, knowing this is a huge snafu I’m going in to close this payroll at least – today so we know we can get this one payroll done. Will be going in to work after I finish this post.

The next one may be done (or not) with me standing upside down crouched in b/w the bed and the router in a 2 X 2 foot space on the floor, if they can’t get this connect to the internet thing handled where I can set up in the dining room and actually have a desk. I really would like to at least be sitting at a table top. Really not much to ask for to be able to connect to the internet and be able to be seated in a chair and use a table versus a 2×2 slot on the floor.

I hate to ask it but would someone pray for my work laptop? lol. I mean really. This is important. About 300 people’s paychecks will thank you for your prayers, George will love not listening to me fuss, and my company will not want to hear me continually asking why I have a laptop that won’t connect to wifi. It is after all, a good question. lol

And I’m going to go on into work now and then I’ll pick a day next week not to work in it’s place since I’m putting in the time today. Because – we are about out of laundry, my house is filthy, and I need to surface clean after George went out to the store and I’ve worked all week. Things are a mess here. And I also need some down time, but I’m sure we have plenty of that coming. Maybe sooner than later if we don’t get this wifi thing figured out b/c I will tell you – I’m not young anymore and not going to be able to sit on the floor for long in a 2×2 area. Not quite sure that I can even fit there and the bed is not comfortable for desk top work with a monitor, lol. It’ll keep falling over won’t it? How the mouse work on the bed? Probably get a book or something?

My morale will be up if my wifi is fixed. If it is not fixed, and you hear screaming just know it’s me from TN! It will not be pleasant for any of us. ::sigh:: But I have confidence that God and my IT department will figure it out so that payroll can go on!

Meanwhile, giving up my weekend for the cause. Update tomorrow!

And our numbers are starting to flare. I hope none of us have it. This is all gonna blow up soon. And as this gets more real with the mandatory shut downs coming – George went and got more dog food, cat food, and some snacks for us, and dishwashing detergent and even MORE WINE! lol