Charcoal Bags, Cleanse Day and Inactive Statuses

Here’s a quick update. While at Mom’s Fri and Saturday I continued my throat clearing which has become quite the problem. My nose remains partially stuffy and I am always having to clear my throat. I don’t like to take anything as I don’t want to put all those chemicals in my body. So Mom suggested to put charcoal bags around me. She bought them for me. And I laid them around me in the office yesterday. It’s been raining so much it might be the moisture. I did not hardly clear my throat at all yesterday. I can’t imagine them working that fast. They are like little bean bags only they are charcoal bags. So I’ve put them all around. I will put some in my car also. See if you can spot them.

You can see a bit of mold by the window. I also need to buy some Clorox cleanup I guess to spray away that mold. Often this ledge gets wet as it leaks and gets damp under the paint. This will help. I know I’ll end up getting bleach on my clothes. Maybe I can do it on a Friday and wear old jeans and a t-shirt, lol. But I’m glad the cleaning of the throat continually subsided. If this doesn’t work I’ll have to take some meds. It’s not in my head but in the back of my nose and throat. Drives me bananas. I know there have been leaks (now fixed) down at the edge of my office so there could be mold up there. But this charcoal is supposed to help with that. It also clears odors, bacteria, as well as moisture. So the little bags are placed around me.

I did a cleanse day yesterday. I got as far into it as I could, but by 8 p.m. I was needing to eat. I had gone to Hobby Lobby after work and found a few things for the house – and thoroughly loved looking at all the things. They had everything with wall decor half off. And rugs were too. But I also did a lot of running around at home – ironing, putting up the decor I bought, wrapping gifts for this weekend, changing sheets on the bed, getting into my sports bra and out of it (took more energy than running a marathon), and so by the time I sat down I was needing some protein. So I ended up having some peanut butter and crackers. I never beat myself up though. I did great all day long and it felt good (not hunger) with the regimen options available – I even got to have bone broth and dark chocolate infused with green tea. It was awesome. But by day’s end I needed a little something.

You get to have up to 10 points on a cleanse day. I switched off the program at 8 p.m. though with the peanut butter and crackers. lol. I still feel like it did good. The goal is for a lower calorie day and that is what I had.

I got up this morning to upload my maintenance photos with THAT SHAKE/SUPPLEMENT COMPANY THAT I DO for my challenge. And my account said I was inactive b/c I had not bought 100 BV in the last 30 days. I beg to differ! I bought 103 BV b/w Feb 4 and Feb 8. So I will call them today and find out why they are not adding it up right. I specifically go in every weekend and make sure I’m not going inactive so I can get my $200 after my challenge. So I will call them today and find out what is up. I don’t want this to mess me up in getting my free product. I’ve been very careful to make sure I stay with the 100 w/in 30 days. But somehow they are off. I just went back to my order history and can prove it’s been 100. I ordered more today that I was going to order over the weekend. But I have some things running out and hopefully that will kick it back to active.

I did get pretty sleepy after that bone broth yesterday. I was cold most all day too which is typical of cleanse day as your liver is being detoxified. So I put my wool shawl on, had the hot bone broth with collagen and got so warm and comfy that I was about to nod off! lol. So I had to go get coffee from the break room.

Anyway, I was kinda moody last night I guess. George was asking me questions and was wondering if we needed to take two soups to the Irelands Saturday. I made a smirk w/o even thinking about it. I guess I was thinking two soups is not appropriate. As I began to think through it – he cut me off and said “no your face says it all”. I tried to explain but he was done I think, so I said “well you know my feelings better than me anyway, right? (lol) so I don’t need to explain”. He always likes to tell me how I feel, so I figure he must know. So why explain? He also wanted to watch something on TV but wasn’t really committal about what it would be and I wasn’t in the mood to make any decisions. I didn’t want to play a cross off game to decide or take 10 minutes to debate it so I just grabbed the control and began watching shows I wanted to watch. Now that I think through it – maybe it wasn’t me that was in a bad mood. I was just going about my day. And Roger says, I think I’ll just lay here while ya’ll decide to do whatever…..

And I guess I better go so I can knock this payroll out. It’s good to see the sky is lighter outside and good to see that it’s light when I leave work – now if we can just get the sun to shine. It’s mostly cloudy and gray all week – we are lucky to get in a sunny day. I appreciate it so much when we do. Now this summer will be all hot and dry and we’ll be wishing for gray and rain. That is the way it goes. The ebb and flow of life.

So it’s Testy Tuesday but maybe since I had my PB and Crackers last night, I won’t be Testy. I am going to be Testy with THAT SHAKE/SUPPLEMENT COMPANY THAT I DO if they don’t fix my Inactive status and wipe it from the record. We gonna have a talk. Let’s hope it goes well. If not I may not do these challenges anymore and just not worry about what I order when. I am ordering enough that it supports the program. But sometimes it matters as I’m about right at the border of it. So if I order something a week early it might make me get the free products as opposing to waiting til next week. So I always gage it and time it right. So they will need to fix this. It will bother me til it’s fixed. Yeah, I’m testy. Yep!

I’ll be doing a Strawberry shake here in a few. And I’ll have chicken salad for lunch. If I have time to get it made.

Take care!

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  1. love your pup in that picture. i hope you get the Isagenix problem fixed. i know how much you love the program. we’re expecting snow tomorrow and thursday. enjoy your nice days.

  2. Who did the artwork on the styrofoam cup? Cute! Speaking of…Roger is a dollbaby.
    I have to check out the charcoal bags.
    It’s Wednesday already 😋

  3. Well think this is going to come as a surprise I am back..YES. I have at long long last found a way to get directly to your blog without having to type the whole title etc etc..So I hope …if you want me to…..get to making comments etc like we did in the good?? Days. LOL…you’ve no idea how I have missed all the glimpses into your life and how the rest of family are doing…Hope Kate is well and still loving her life down in Texas ….I’ve spent the last hour trying to catch up on what’s been going on I’m back to almost start of February. I see you’ve been quite poorly with The diverticulitis I’m sorry I wasn’t around…anyway night night love. See you soon. Xxx

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