Greyness, Winter Wardrobe, Orzo, and What to Eat!

Good morning! A mid week entry here. It amazes me how the weeks go by so fast, especially with my payroll job. I blink and the day is over. And having less frustrations and surprises in my day suits my soul. Dealing with numbers is black and white. There is a right answer. No more trying to make white or black out of grey matter.

The only grey right now is this weather. It has been the chilliest winter and the greyest one it seems. I notice that my wardrobe does not have many warm things in it. I think my office is a bit colder than the other one. Not by much but a little. I almost bought a little heater for my office, but…the lamps in there warm it up just enough I think. So I put off buying one. I know they prefer us not to have them, but some do because you have to keep warm. But next year I need to work on my winter wardrobe. I need some long sleeve shirts and something that is not just black or grey, but things with color. I bought some sweaters in Breckenridge, TX while we were there and thank goodness I did because they have been critical. I don’t wear a lot of sweaters as I get hot in them, but these are breathable ones and not quite as hot. I’ve needed them on the cold days. In 2018 – 2 years ago from yesterday we had a record high of 76 or so. I think that is what I heard the weather radio say – here in the Nashville area. Wow. Anyway, I’m struggling with my winter wardrobe. I’m not happy when I get dressed and think ughhhh I don’t want to wear that. I usually enjoy my wardrobe and getting dressed. I also am downgrading my clothes a bit. Not being in HR and now in the corner office where it’s quiet and no one sees me – I’m happy with non dressier clothes. I’ve actually sent to Thred Up some of my dressier pieces. I’m saving some for dressier occasions but really just don’t have the need to dress up anymore. My shoes have all been changed to comfortable solid tennis shoe like shoes – all black and all white for more comfort and that helps with the stand up desk when I stand. I just don’t ever go shop much unless we are on vacation or Christmas shopping. But I might sneak out for a shopping run at some point and see what is on sale.

I fixed a couple of boiled eggs for breakfast yesterday. The little egg steamer travels. It’s auto shut off safety feature is nice also. But I don’t leave it there. I brought it back home. There are some days when you want a hot breakfast of sorts and just don’t have time. So I grabbed the box and took it to work yesterday and it cooked up in just a few minutes while I worked on payroll. lol

I’ve had “fix Orzo” on the list for a while. You know I love my pasta and Orzo is just tiny pasta. But if you are going to eat pasta, it’s good to have some healthy stuff in there. It has cucumber and garbanzo beans, feta cheese, and instead of tomato – I put a red bell pepper which added wonderful flavor. It has scallions. It has garlic and oregano and salt and pepper. And for the dressing it is olive oil, red wine vinegar and dijon mustard. I didn’t add a layer of sweet, but just followed the recipe. The seasonings went into the dressings by the way and then you poured over and tossed it. I really like using dijon mustard in a dressing for my salads. I think this is my go to now, but I usually add honey to it and also add onion powder. I thought this turned out great. We ate a lot of it. There’s a little bowl left. lol

I am going to keep up with my recipes. I enjoy cooking some. I just let George know the weekend before so he doesn’t get his plans all in the works with meat thawing and such. I am also doing a spaghetti night this week. I am also looking at recipe books for trying some more upcoming things. I had lasagna on the list but took it off for now. I just don’t need to be eating big huge slabs of pasta layers. lol. But I tell ya, I’m about in the mood for tacos. lol

Red pepper is the new tomato for me. No seeds in the part you eat. I can totally see enjoying red pepper in a taco instead of tomato. Wish I had thought of it before. It certainly has more taste than the store bought tomatoes.

The pic above is blurry but I wanted you to see how Maisy had made herself a bed. She had her eyes buried in the covers a bit earlier. Roger probably taught her to do this. He fixes a bed where he can “turn the lights out” by sticking his eyeballs under the covers. She looked so cute in her little homemade bed she made for herself.

Those ears. lol. She is such a sweety.

Oh, I said something on a post that Beth Moore posted about her book. She had talked about an emotional chapter. It’s the one I’m on right now. I said so and she “liked it”. It thrilled me to death. Beth Moore has been the most influential in my Bible studies.

Like my lock screen pic? It was taken at Katy’s around Thanksgiving. I needed something with more color besides a snow pic. lol. We have snow in our forecast but probably going to be south and east of us. We are all so ready for Spring.

Well, I better get ready and find something I’m in the mood to wear and get on into work. I have been sipping coffee and sitting in my waffle robe. That is the best part of the morning for me….robe, coffee, and blog (if I get to).

Oh, one other thought. I have noticed that I started to become weary worrying about what I can eat, what I should eat, what I shouldn’t eat and so forth. I had to give up some of my THAT SHAKE/SUPPLEMENT COMPANY I DO’s bars to a coworker yesterday b/c they have nuts in them. I’m pretty much not going to get to do many “trail bar” types of things. I can’t do shakes every day either. I just can’t do cold shakes on cold mornings much. I can do oatmeal but…I’m needing protein. I used to eat nuts afterward or throw nuts in them. So I can’t have nuts now and that really hampers the protein thing in the mornings. I need some ideas.

I’m also going to do some research on Stevia. THAT SHAKE/SUPPLEMENT COMPANY I DO uses a lot of it. It’s supposedly safe and natural, but does it allow nutrients to absorb and metabolize properly as it relates to proper digestion and not causing sugar/diabetes issues. The other sugar substitutes tricks the body and causes problems b/c it thinks it’s getting sugar. I have like two cases of BEA in my storage room. I love the stuff but am slowing down drinking it b/c I have a feeling it not doing me any good. It’s filled with nutrition and vitamins though. If it’s getting absorbed. I guess I can eat a spoonful of peanut butter with the oatmeal. I can still have peanut butter. I have been eating hummus. And for my crunch needs I’ve used the whole grain gold fish – as a snack. I also have my THAT SHAKE/SUPPLEMENT COMPANY I DO’s chip like snacks. I had one of those the day I came down with the diverticulitis – although I’m sure it’s not the cause – it had probably started happening days before – but these have very unique tastes anyway and are very heavy. They have a lot of protein but I don’t want these every day either. So I feel like a kid but I’m munching on gold fish some during the day. Or crackers and hummus. I’ll figure it out.

I always blog too long. Gotta hurry now but getting more coffee! Ahhh I just hate to slip out of the warm comfy robe. Can’t I just wear my waffle robe to work? lol

5 responses to “Greyness, Winter Wardrobe, Orzo, and What to Eat!”

  1. Maisy, Maisy, MAISY! I want a Maisy!! She is adorable.
    I’m completely ready for Spring. We’ve not had much of a winter. Global warming?
    You can maybe catch some good sales on sweaters etc. now for next year. Have a nice day!

  2. I found some cute sweaters on sale at JJill and a couple of pairs of nice pants. Old Navy and American Eagle have good sales on now too. I got a cute coat on sale for $30.00 at Old Navy.. It is really warm and a pretty camel color. The daughter bought one too. Now is the time to buy winter things for next winter. I love to shop. Miss Maisy is cute and bright-eyed. She lucked up the day you got her. I can see both your dogs are well-loved.

  3. Stevia is a safe alternative to sugar as long as it has not been processed with lots of other products. You can add protean to your oatmeal by adding some proteins powder, eggs, Greek yogurt, nut butter. .Just some suggestions. Eating clean real food does make you feel better.

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