Waffle Robe and Update

I figured I should pop in and say hello. It’s hard to work the time in during the week as I try to be at work earlier rather than later, but here I am. I am sipping some really good coffee wrapped in my new waffle robe. I wanted to try it now. Normally I make myself go ahead and get dressed once out of the shower. I will say it’s mighty comfy. It is the type they have for you at spas. And for $29.99 and a comfy 60/40 cotton/poly blend – can be put in the washer with no fear. I tried to save a picture off of Amazon to put on here, but….hopefully you can view this link. WAFFLE ROBE. Hopefully it is taking you to it instead of trying to go through my sign on in which it would just leave you with the main amazon web page. Sorry no time for taking photos this morning. I love it though. I had a big furry robe and finally had to let it go b/c it was too hot and too bulky and wouldn’t stay closed. I found a similar one on line:

Mine is beige though and no blue lines but very similar to this. I love the feel of it and the simplicity and the lack of bulkiness. I should have had one of these a LONG time ago. I discovered them when we went to the Hot Springs in Arkansas. I loved the robes and honestly didn’t want to take it off, lol. We looked for one in the gift shop and they didn’t have them. I figured they would be $60 or so. I didn’t want to pay that much but we probably would have bought it as a souvenir/Christmas gift had we found one. I made a mental note to see if I could find one after Christmas so I’d have a robe on the weekends to run around in. There have been several Saturdays where I showered but didn’t want to put on my “out to eat” clothes yet as I was cleaning house and didn’t want to put on comfy clothes just for a couple of hours. A robe would have been perfect for that transition time. And now I have it.

My “Cactus Ware” (decor) for the kitchen came in – all but the curtains and the big black board for menu planning. They will be a while as I figure they are coming over on a slow boat from China. lol. Last night I began “gathering” a lot of my Christmas decor with breakables on the dining room table and the non breakables on the living area sofa and end tables. So this weekend all I need to do is box it up and wrap up the breakables and disassemble the tree and dust and then put the normal decor out.

It is supposed to rain something horrible this weekend. I just went to check the weather app I downloaded and perhaps I never downloaded it. It’s not there. I guess I never decided which one to use. The one I have on my phone is not available on the Mac. So I can’t be having THAT – no weather program – lol. And I did a search for “best weather app on iMac” and the Weather Dock was one. Carrot Weather is a funny one for 14.99 but I wasn’t sure I’d be up for that. I just dowloaded the Free Weather Dock and shows the temp and conditions at the bottom. It’s simple but I don’t see the radar. I guess I have to find another app for that. Oh well. Not today. I could have sworn I downloaded a weather app a week ago. It’s no big deal I can just pin the weather channel site to my favorites I guess.

This week has been busy at night. It’s always busy at work. But at night I’ve had places to go and things to try and get done. I went to the store Monday night. And knocked a few things off my list. Tuesday night I went to see Little Women with Christy, my neighbor, and it was good. Last night was laundry nite – folding, rebooting, ironing, and putting everything up and washing George’s shirts for the next two days for work. And as I said, I picked up most of the Christmas decor and plunked it down in the front living/dinging area. I love doing that each year. And I always miss something. It’s like hunting Easter eggs or Finding Waldo, or playing a hidden item game. Where is all the Christmas decor? Go find it! lol. I’ve been itching to do that since the day after Christmas. Not all done yet but much of it. At 9:30 p.m. I had to quit and go to bed.

So, it’s been very sad this week. My next door neighbor – younger than me – lost consciousness during her sleep after her husband noticed after snoring, she quit breathing. He gave her CPR and called 911. She is alive, however, I’m not sure how awake she is or how her brain has survived the lack of oxygen. We know very little. I saw it on Facebook. George saw the son walking the dog the other day and learned a bit, but didn’t press for complete details of course – as being the son, this is most definitely very upsetting. I don’t really know what to do at this point. She is in ICU downtown Nashville somewhere (not even sure which hospital). The family is gone all the time of course – no doubt downtown. At some point maybe we will take food, when we know it’s a good time to do so. This happened last weekend I think – on Saturday. Found out Sunday night seeing a FB post. I’m friends with her on FB but not anyone else in the family so only see details if someone posts on her wall or tags her in a post. I need to go look today and see if any updates. She has been on my mind all week.

Also that means there are 3 people that I know of since the holidays that have almost died or did die, when going to sleep. It makes you think differently when lay down to close your eyes. While perhaps a more peaceful way to go, it has just been a very sad “too close to home” kinda thing. And a girl at work lost her 9 year old niece as well after having a fall and then going to sleep. It’s just all very disturbing and I feel for all those dealing with these things right now in their families. So please pray for these three families.

And here I sit talking about how I like my waffle robe. I do. I mean regardless of the blog material today, I do still like it, lol.

Anyway, I need to go and get dressed, get make up on and get to work. A lot to do as always. I’ve done the weekly taxes for the week, the monthly by the 15th for Dec that was due. Now I have to do the quarterly w/holdings that I pay only quarterly. Then I will be looking up info needed to do a reconciliation report. And can begin my “filing” of each state. Most states have some extra Year End report you have to do as well. I have a list of those. Then I have to do the unemployment filing. So no shortage of work.

Also Katy and I have been talking about our next excursion for mother daughter trip. I think we’ll be going to Tulsa and then going to the town where the Pioneer Woman’s shop is. Not sure what all there is to do in and around Tulsa, but I guess we will find out. I think we have picked the date as well, so I’ll be putting in PTO time for that and booking a flight soon. It’s not a month where I’m dealing with quarter end and I’ll also be only taking a Thurs/Friday off.

We also have our date selected with Don and Lisa for February for a French themed dinner. So we are researching foods for that. Several things pending with other friends. I have rebooked my dental cleaning for like July – if you miss it you are waiting months for it but I didn’t want to go in the middle of the day. lol. Work was too busy on Jan 2nd for me to have a dental appointment and be late and then have a hair appt and leave early. Somehow I’d not realized this was all scheduled on the 2nd of Jan until a couple of weeks before the holiday. So I had to cancel the dental one and finally rebooked. I wasn’t going to cancel the hair one. I probably should have cancelled the hair one, lol.

Anyway, also have scheduled my doc appt for the BP med refills. That is next week. But must be done so I can get the refills. And I’m waiting on the vet on the April dog trims. You have to book a long time in advance and she didn’t respond yet. It said it was delivered. I texted. If no response by Monday, I’ll call. I thought maybe she would be good with texting but maybe not. My previous one did.

So looking forward to Saturday and it seems like it should be here by now. Hope I’m not late today but I have dog duty, still have to get dressed and make up and hair done. But I’ve been to work early every day this week and stayed late a couple of days so if I’m running behind one day it should be no big deal.

Anyway ya’ll have a good day and I will, Lord willing, be back on the weekend for an update. I’m soooooooo looking forward to being at home all weekend with this several inches of rain we have coming in.

Birthday Weekend & Joy in the Kitchen

First of all let me just say that this weekend was glorious. Getting to catch up on sleep did my soul and spirit wonders. I had to make myself stay in bed though at 3 or 4 a.m. for another round. And while I missed “to do” time at home, I made up for it by having double energy and a good attitude. 😉

The early parts of Saturday and Sunday were spent sipping coffee, doing laundry, spiffying up the place a bit, and for me, writing and doing things on the Mac.

And somewhere along the way, while putting up a southwestern towel with cacti on it, another with turquoise and orange and yellow (southwest colors), it occurred to me how well these colors would go with the kitchen. I’d been trying to think what would make me happier with the kitchen since the stove is old and the linoleum is “forever blue” — named forever as I’ll probably never see another color in this house. Maybe one day. I’m trying to be patient but I do realize that it was one of the first things I wanted to change and we have been here 12 years. The counter tops are ugly and old as well. Before I die, I’d like to have an updated kitchen. By the time that happens I’ll be too old to do anything in it. lol. George doesn’t like to replace anything that still works. I’m lucky we got the fridge. So I’m trying to be patient. And decided I’d give the kitchen a facelift. Only in the curtains, decor, and a bigger chalk board for menu planning. I told George about this and was met with a blank face and no return comment, which anyone can give their best interpretation. However, it was my Christmas and Birthday money to spend. ;-). Also I’ve been dumping my Isagenix earnings into our account to help pay for Christmas. And I also quit getting my hair colored saving us about $60 or $70 the other day. ;-). We did Christmas up right. Holidaying and vacays are over.

And now it’s time to save. (It’s really time to start planning the next vacation but that has been halted for now as George says he is unsure about what will be going on with work. This work thing getting in the way of vacations sucks. I think we have to wait til Feb to plan this one as he will have a better idea of what week will work and what is going on – recently taken over by another company.). However, I guess Katy and I can get our time on the books and get the date on the calendar. Then we can pick the place for sure and get that booked later. Getting it on the calendar is the hard part. But it is time to save some. We have been spending like there is no tomorrow. And well, you never know.

We do have a lot of things to do at home and I enjoy being at home so much. We also have our friends who love foodie excursions – either out or on the Homefront. And here’s me wanting to lose more weight, but love my Nashville cuisine and friend time.

We did it up right this weekend too. We went to Mexican Friday after work, already mentioned and then Saturday we headed out at 3 p.m. to go by Farmer’s Market and also the TN State Museum. George wanted a pewter TN license plate holder for his car for Christmas. You couldn’t get them on line but he had seen them there. But They didn’t have them.

Nashville’s Farmer’s Market and Capital in the background.
Inside the Food Court and Shopping section of Nashville’s Farmer’s Market

We got a beer at the Picnic Tap room there. As we were leaving a gentlemen stepped forward and asked if I remembered him. It was my friend Mac from Cain-Sloan and Dillard’s. I am not sure he worked long at Green Hills but we had hung out some during that time after Cain Sloan closed. My memory fails but I believe he worked in security. We had lunch some. I was really close to his Mom when I went to the Dillard’s Green Hills location as she worked there in Customer Service and Gift Wrapping. (Dillard’s bought Cain Sloan and that was their introduction to Nashville many years ago – an Arkansas based extended family business at least at that time. I’ve seen Mr. Dillard in person! Although he is probably not around now.). So it was fun running into him and he and George talked about the Gibson and guitars and such.

Then we headed to dinner but we were early so we stopped at Union Common and got a cocktail to pass the time. We had been there on a “foodie tour” once and had always said we’d like to go back. No one is ever there, but as George said “we are early as the crowds eat late these days”. It’s turning into New York lol. Places have to stay open later and later for dinner service I guess as people just can’t get there by dinner time. And to think I grew up when 4:30 to 5:30 was dinner hour – it was ready at some point during that time frame. Then when I moved to Nashville it became 6. George always ate around 8 or 8:30 so we had extreme adjustments on when to eat. I will never get used to 8 or 8:30 as a meal time. And George will try to have it ready by 7:30 or 8. He usually cooks. When I cook, I have to clean and have the kitchen perfect and do the laundry reboot first, so mine is often late too. But there was hardly anyone in Union Common and hardly anyone in Giovani’s.

Giovani’s Nashville, and George on the front steps.
A “lighted” wine list

When you open the wine menu it lit up. How cool is that? There were also some $2500 bottles of wine on there. No Thank you.

Barbera D’Asti, Michele CHiarlo 2016 – an Italian Wine, and a very good one.

We picked one and it was so good. I got gluten free spaghetti. It just seemed better for you since it was available. And there was an awkward moment when the waiter said “ok I will remove the crouton’s then from your salad” and I said “oh please don’t I want the croutons”. (lol). He said “but if you have gluten allergies?”. I said “I don’t have gluten allergies, just cutting back on…” and he looked away and finished taking George’s order. I wasn’t sure if I was cutting back on calories or what I was cutting back on – “bad stuff” I guess. That is it. Cutting back on the bad stuff.

Anyway, we had a wonderful dinner. The food was good. I had a Caesar salad. I wish the lettuce had been broken up a bit and easier to eat without having to cut the romaine, but it was good and served with a crispy piece of bacon. I have had better Caesar salads, but it was still good. No picture of my spaghetti bolognese which was really ziti I think as that was what was gluten free. You just don’t feel as bloated when you eat the gluten free, but often it is not as good. This however, if it was truly gluten free, was good. The sauce was excellent. The bread was good. It was a pretty place. A fine dining experience.

And then Sunday afternoon at 3 my SIL and BIL came over to swap Christmas and also we headed out to do my Birthday celebration.

Susan and Kevin

This is George’s sister and her husband. We had a fun Christmas swap and then went to Bar Taco where I had picked for my birthday.

Bar Taco, 12th South, Nashville, TN
Bar Taco, Nashville, TN

Some may have wanted to go out to another place and I was game if they wanted to, but they let me decide and I chose home. The 4 a.m. hour comes way too early.

I finished shopping on line as I had not gotten to finish earlier and then I realized – yikes it’s 10 p.m.!

Anyway it was a splendid weekend and now that the birthdaying is over, and Christmas events are over, I can go ahead and begin gathering up the Christmas stuff, and look forward to doing the kitchen decor redo. I’ve taken the before pics already. You won’t be able to see much difference I’m sure as it’s only a few small changes. And mostly have to be upclose. So I probably need to take some more unclose photos for my before shots.

Very few “to do’s” scheduled for this week. A birthday gift to send out, and schedule doc and dentist and dog appointments, and see when friends want to set dates for various things. There are about three friend dates hanging out there and I’m afraid they are all going to come about at once. Also friend Christy wants to go see Little Women.

Anyway, I better go get ready for work. I really need to be leaving about now. Probably won’t blog for another couple of days or toward the end of week. It seems to be working well to do it this way. I also have more material to cover, lol. If I blog every day I end up getting too deep and personal and this way I keep it on the surface. For the most part. I still usually thrown in if something is heavy on my mind though.

Hope you all have a great week. I’m about to dive into mine.

Haircut Woes and Birthday Joys

Hey there! I realized since I did my Year in Review post, I had not posted about our dinner at Aunt Gwen’s who we lovingly call “OAG”, for Old Aunt Gwen, when George taught Katy to call her that for fun when she was tiny. It stuck. We had a nice time at Gwen’s. Her house beautifully decorated, conversation always fun, and her lasagna makes me long for the recipe. We did this on the 30th of Dec.

Our November and December has been such a whirl that I don’t know which way is up. It’s been fun, exciting, but I’m worn out. My next goal in life is to get caught up on sleep and rid myself of the dark circles and puffiness under my eyes where I’ve had so much on every to do list that it has hampered my ability to sleep. I think the brain has to have “think time”. And when you don’t get it – you wake in the night doing it. In the couple of days I’ve tried to use my drive time as think time so that my mind can just ramble through what it needs to. I’ve also ignored my to do list since the 1st b/c every moment has had something planned this week so no free time to try and knock anything out.

Why is time always a problem and why do we always try to fill our time up? Are we afraid we are going to be bored?

Mom and Dad

Mom posted a pic this week on Facebook of her and Dad back about when they were first married. I didn’t have that pic. I do now! 😉

George’s ham pot pie

I don’t think I have posted this here. Forgive me if I have. I think I only posted to Facebook but George made this with the leftover ham. It was really good.

Roger and Little Bit’s “Stare Down”

Roger and Little Bit had a “Stare Down” this week. Roger won. The stare down lasted for two or three minutes it seemed. Maybe it was just one or two but it seemed forever. George kept telling Roger to stop it but he can’t hear. I really didn’t think it was a big deal, but I guess George knew what was going to happen. One of them finally moved and the cat ran out and Roger chased him – both going at lightning speed. It was pretty funny. Especially since Roger is so timid and laid back and friendly and often scared of Little Bit in Little Bit’s turf (outside on the porch). Inside, Roger had the lead and confidence and ran him out of the room.

New Year’s Day was nice. It was just a total forget the world, forget the to do list, forget everything day. I did what I wanted – didn’t even do laundry and usually I want to do that. I played on the new iMac – still kinda setting up some things and figuring it out. I will be for a while. I also watched some YouTube shows on the iMac, having brought a comfy chair in and setting up a make shift foot stool. George laughed. I think he was laughing as I was using it as a TV. I mostly think he’s happy I’m enjoying my gift. I also took a nap and then it was dinner time. And I believe we watched Below Deck. On New Year’s Eve we watched a Julia Roberts movie (directed by Tom Hanks and also he was one of the main characters.) I’d never heard of “Larry Crowne”, which I enjoyed even though the ratings reportedly were not as good as hoped.

On the 2nd, it was hair cut day. If this were a conversation I’d say “don’t get me started”. I’ve grown my hair out for many months now to get out of the “feathered” stage and have long layers, so that I could get a different type of cut than what I usually get.

Me, on Ugly Sweater Day at Christmas time.

So I have increasingly had a problem styling the back as it grew, but I liked it long on the top. So I picked out these hair styles below to give to my hair stylist as an example, of keeping it long on the top and short in the back.

Me, after Hair Cut
Ya’ll don’t get a big pic of this – I look horrible in this pic!

However, I ended up with a feathered hair cut again like always. I was so upset. I cried when I got home. It took so long to grow the top out of the feathers I had before. I guess I will google what makes your hair grow (in foods) and eat that for two months. lol I would never want to hurt her feelings but I think the stylist knew I wasn’t happy. She left it long in front of my ears like a bob at first but since the top was so short I didn’t like that and had to get her to cut that off. I cut more of it off when I got home. And I’ve never been one that liked the style of longer hairs in the front hanging down like fangs or wings. The long part was supposed to be on top. Anyway, you can’t glue on cut hair so it is what it is.

I wasn’t sure how it was going to look but I did not like the style, so I came home and stuck my head under the bathroom faucet and poured water on it and restyled it. It looked better styled with a round brush to give it body and make it look longer. But it was ruined already. The tears just poured. I think I look horrible with the cut. It makes my nose and cheeks look big. The longer layers distract from that. I had wanted to keep it longer on top like the pictures showed and just have the back shorter at the nape of my neck. I had been so excited for weeks about this cut.

George, knowing he had a crises on his hands the day before my birthday, tried to cheer me up by giving me a birthday card to open that had come in the mail that day. The timing was impeccable.

I don’t “still got it” but at least the message made me laugh. And with descriptives using my middle initials. How sweet. I DO wish I could have that dogs head of hair and start over.

Anyway I look like an old woman that I am I guess – birthday at 57 and short butchy hair cut feathered all over. I’ve a good mind to go ask Rod Stuart how to just spike it up all over and do that til it grows out. I’m at such a loss. But, I’ve got to do something different. But what? Nothing? I guess it just has to grow and I’ll just have to get over it. I have some research to do I guess to try and find someone that thinks they can do this cut. I really didn’t think it was that difficult of a cut. I just don’t want heavily feathered hair like a bird. I want long soft layers.

OK anyway, it is what it is and it will grown and I will get over it, but I cannot control my feelings and I’m very disappointed. I think it’ll take about six months to get the layers on top back down to a reasonable size. I will probably like the cut better in a couple of weeks. Right now it is just so tight against my head that it’s hard to even get any body in it. So looking on the bright side: Getting ready in the mornings sure will be quick. lol And I don’t want to hurt the stylist’s feelings. She is a good person and I can’t account for what went wrong. I just can only account for my disappointment. It was evident by my reaction. I also have decided not to color it again due to where I had that surgery. So I’m afraid it might be seeping in. It seeps in the pores anyway and I just don’t want the chemicals in my body anymore. So I will begin to look old soon. If not already by this cut. I must go back on the shakes in a serious way to get rid of those fat cheeks!

Deer in the back yard upon arrival home

Yesterday – my Birthday was fun. The first thing I thought of when I was drinking coffee is that I would order myself some Cracker Barrel on line and pick it up 45 minutes later on the way to work. Cracker Barrel is 2 min away from my office. I got there in record time but had to wait like 30 minutes. I would have had time to get seated and eat almost. I did have some time to shop and bought a plant. They had some great deals and I needed to get out of there before I bought lots of clothes.

I did buy the plant. Of course it wasn’t on sale. But it was my birthday and I had blow money left. lol

It meant so much to me that Lauren brought over a little gift. Also had conversations with friends Tracy and Mia and others who went out of their way to say Happy Birthday. Of course there were lots of messages from family, nice little messages and texts from church buddies. We have not been in a while since I usually just worship on the go – in the car or office as church takes a 1/2 of a day, and with my psyche, I just need down time. But nice to hear from them. I really didn’t think they had missed us. lol Anyway Facebook was fun. That Story thing was new where people add a birthday message to your story. That was nice. I liked that.

After work I got my nails done and they needed it desperately. They tried to charge me too much though but it was a misunderstanding they said. No problem I let them know it was wrong, lol.

Then we went out to eat Mexican last night at Margarita House. What a crowd. It was good though. Once inside someone dropped a big huge trey of dishes in the hallway. Scared all of us to death as it was really loud. I guess everyone was turning to look at my hair cut and they had a mishap. lol. JK

Anyway, we came home and I watched some of my shows on the big TV. I just needed to zone out for a bit. Had been a long hectic day of looking up over a 100 people’s PTO’s – coding them and having to figure their PTO’s using last week’s report and subtracting out this week’s report which had the last week’s PTO used on it – so I didn’t allow PTO to go through that wasn’t used while our PTO system is “under construction” for the adjustments that take place end of year. Thank goodness next week it should be back to normal. If not I’ll be looking at three reports to get totals, lol. Also keeping a tracking list of the hundred folks that took PTO on the 30th or 31st or both so those can be tracked out of their 2020 totals. So a time consuming day and the more forms I did the more forms that were sent. I thought I’d never get through. Biggest PTO week ever since I’ve been in PR. Didn’t have time to work on tax stuff for monthly, quarterly, or year end stuff. The next few weeks I will have to come in early, stay as late as I feel comfortable doing without people being there. And probably will not have much lunch time just to get through. It will be a busy month work wise. The busiest ever I think. The last two weeks were holiday weeks and they were pretty nutty.

So here we are to the current day of Jan 4th. George and I are going to do some birthdaying at some point and I’ll let you know how that goes. We also do Christmas and birthdaying with my SIL and BIL tomorrow. So much fun ahead. But today I need to go so I can get laundry done and work on the house some. I’ve not had time to do laundry all week – well I could have done it on New Year’s Day but didn’t.

Oh, George gave me $85 in credits for Amazon to order what I wanted. And that along with the $50 Mom gave me, I have ordered some new tennis shoes (two pair), some lipstick (2 colors), and some body wash lotion for winter, and also some cute kitchen dish rags. George took the other $85 for him on Amazon. We split our money back from ordering things on Amazon. I think that is so cool. I bet Target and Walmart wished they had been more successful with their online shopping. I just got tired of them not having what I wanted and they changed to that Shipt program where you have to pay the service. So it began to not be worth it to me anymore. I just buy at the grocery now since I go to buy fresh foods anyway and pet food. I know that Amazon has their own Prime Pantry or whatever, but I’ve still been able to find what I need through Amazon almost perfectly even food at times. I’m not paying for additional services through shopping unless it’s a major thing for me. Amazon is enough. The rest I’ll just go buy in person.

Maisy girl Ready to go to Bed!

She was waiting for me to go to bed last night. And for her “meat treat” from George. She knows the routine. I get up, grab my phone, get water for bedside table, and take her out and they get a meat treat while I brush teeth and wash my face, and then she comes to the bedroom about the time I get in the bed so she can join me. We talk and play a bit and I rub her tummy and she licks my hand for more. Finally when I say “let’s go seepy” She will move over onto George’s side and we snooze.

Snoozin’ was good last night but I did have weird dreams when sleeping in this morning. Anyway better go get that laundry started. Hope I don’t get this long hair caught in anything! LOL

Happy New Year and Last Year in Review

Before I get started on my annual “Year in Review” post I just wanted to say “Happy New Year” to you all. A year comes and goes so fast now. And somehow we manage to pack ours full.

In the mid 50’s – closing in on those latter 50’s coming along – you realize just how fleeting life is and come to assess and address a number of thoughts, questions, and situations. I believe I could see a bit of that going on in my 2019. As I looked at my life across the year, I seemed to be doing JUST THAT – looking at my life.

It’s most interesting to look back and see the themes. And I’ll save that for the end.

A Tour of 2019

  • Went to Phoenix as a part of the Isagenix group, to continue to build my business and move forward to my own health goals, helping others, and eventually reaching my dreams of buying an RV and setting off into the sunrise for travel, adventure, nature, good cuisine, interesting people, and interesting places for an extended period of time.
  • Our company purchased another plant, in Oregon. Both exciting and scary. But sent my HR job responsibilities over the top by having not 3 but 4 plants, transport, a corporate office and the sales field on top of what was already overly busy.
  • Got the flu at a restaurant in Phoenix with the rest of our crew. Made it home and worked a bit before the virus kicked in. It then became obvious how we got sick. As the crew at that restaurant all became ill.
  • George took me to the RV show knowing that it made me happy to view my dreams.
  • Changed the back bedroom to an office early in the year in support of my “dreams”. I needed a bigger private space to work to expand my thoughts and work base as well.
  • I made a few strides in the Isagenix business, setting up systems, setting up my schedule, creating processes, learning scripts, learning the products, enrolling some people under me, and making $ which I still do to this day somehow! lol
  • I forced myself to try and be a better person and to be more present and be more verbal with others and more communicative in an effort to meet more of my goals and come out of a shell so I could be successful at talking with people and presenting and persuading.
  • At some point my dreams of RV’ing became too much and George told me he did not share my vision of RVing for an extended period of time. For a while I held on to the fact that I could go alone if I had to for six months or so, but he said if I did I’d be leaving him. So I had some decisions to make across the board. For months I was a bit tormented as this was something I wanted so badly to begin reaching for and planning for.
  • This led to a month or two of trying to find and install “Joy” in my life, to fill a void b/w work being so damned impossible and my dreams sort of starting to fade, and my reasons for trying to be a success in this side hustle fading along with my vision. I even created a “joy meter” to be able to tell where I was in being joyous. So I could measure whether it was working or not.
  • We went out with friends and ate at a truly over the top steak house, Bourbon Steak, enjoying watching a storm roll in and out as we ate at the top of the Marriott. Loved it.
  • Watched all the seasons of Nurse Jackie which provided George and I hours of entertainment.
  • Had two huge cysts removed from my noggin’ and what was to be a quick office removal ended up being a complete surgical experience, with tremendous pain on the day of the procedure and a couple of days to recoup. I have two huge craters in my head and one I’m a little concerned about – wondering if my brain is protected because there is no bone left there covering that spot. No wonder the doctor kept asking “are you sure you are not having any problems”?
  • We had our Nest Camera system installed and that has been fun.
  • We spent a lot of time with Don and Lisa last year – on excursions out to play or in the realm of cuisine – having themed dinners such as a German Evening, an Italian Evening, and a Day in Spain. We also went to a Nuit Belge cuisine event in Nashville together.
  • George who had lost his job the year before was able to get on Full time in purchasing at the mine, much to our relief.
  • We lost our Tugie the Toy P, who had been with us for 17 years. Heartbroken but realized the time had come when she couldn’t sleep through the nights anymore, and neither could we.
  • Isagenix came out with new shakes such as the Birthday Shake and came back with Cookies and Cream which I tried for the first time, rocking my world!
  • Some extended family issues came to a head. I got to practice what I had learned from “setting boundaries” from my Joy Junkie podcasts. Not that I wanted to. Has been a strange year for all that. But I’ve not let that taint me as a person, as I’m able to rise above it and see it for what it is and that it is “not my problem”. And I try my best to stay the hell away from it all. Life is too short to be ugly to people, to take sides, or to create drama. It’s why I have become the way I am – too much drama everywhere and I avoid it like the plague -so much so I don’t even want to talk at times. I’d rather blog away and remain miles away from it all!
  • I became increasingly unhappy at work. The new plant, the pressures to hire, the pressure to do more and more, the insane amount of questions, the lack of time to address any of it, just trying to be glue to keep it all together – doing benefits for everyone, legal compliance, worker’s comp, OSHA logs, DOT stuff, and only two of us trying to administratively keep it all together, keeping the deductions up to date, reconciling the insurance, and FMLA admin and all that was going on with keeping everyone happy and meeting everyone’s needs – it was just too much for me. I’m a detailed person and trying to be so detailed across so many facets was just mind boggling. I realized I was not going to be able to please everyone, and began feeling like I was beating my head against the wall as we would try to hire and I was having to spend time at that while ignoring other duties and things were going to unravel quickly. My blood pressure began to climb again and the doc had to put me on new meds. I was sad to realize that NO amount of nutrition can combat the stress you are up against in your life.
  • I began to look for ways to be happy to help the “joy meter” – reading things about being happy, doing “finding joy” studies on You Version, and reading books on how to “unhook” from parts of your life. I prayed for happiness, and found consolation from my father, although deceased, by finding his recipe for happiness in His Bible, after getting a message from God to spend time with him and to open up my Dad’s bible. There sat a long list of his advice. Advice from my father – proving love crosses over death and God finds a way for communication to happen when you need it the most.
  • When the Payroll person gave notice, God nudged me to pounce on it. I had been praying for change. I didn’t want to quit our company. I wasn’t given any help after asking for it, and I felt that this was God’s way of showing me another path. So I changed jobs. It only really hit me about a month into it that I had given up my HR career that I’d worked so hard at – even getting a Master’s degree for it. But I didn’t care at that point and as of today, you would have to march me in at gunpoint to apply for an HR role again. At least that is how I feel now. This is a year in review, not a lifetime in review. But I’m relieved at this change and I love my job now. The hours can be long and different at times as I had to work a lot during the holidays. That was hard, but I still would not go back or change a thing. I love having a more routine life and the to do list is pretty much contained. There is not room for much else as the days are full and the interruptions and diversions are few on most days. It was an excellent move for me, a much quieter role, and I love every piece of what I’m doing and enjoy my day. Unless of course there are mistakes by myself or others and you are eaten alive on pay day. There is no manhole and cover for which to escape. lol. There is an exact way of doing things, a science to it. Not an array or a selection of possibilities in which one picks one and fails to please certain groups. It just IS what it is and you do it the same way every week.
  • I made the decision after changing roles, not to continue pushing forward in the Isagenix business. With my reasons for doing the business part – vanishing – and my focus on doing payroll and learning a new career in accounting (I pay employment taxes and such), I decided it was too much. I needed to play on my time off, organize my world again, and enjoy what free time we had, just being home and being myself or out with friends.
  • Katy got to come home a few times during the year and that was always a highlight. She brought her friend Shelby too and we hung with her and made a new friend, and later got to see her again in Texas and meet her family.
  • I got to meet my thrill of travel – Phoenix as mentioned, Phoenix again during the benefits enrollment season, Oklahoma City, and Portland. Got to experience a short trip in Portland Oregon for the first time. Disappointed it was not more exciting as I didn’t have much time or any time really to see much of anything. But the first part of the year the travel kept me going!
  • Ordered Alaskan seafood pals several times over the year and enjoyed our 1/4 of a cow and a pig we purchased. That was fun.
  • Attended the Crisis Pregnancy Center fundraiser – in support of our friends Curt and Lisa that we used to go to church with years ago. We supported their ministries in Scotland years ago and then when they came home, we began supporting Lisa in this ministry. We have remained through the years.
  • Increasingly began to enjoy the YouTube adventurers RVing and Sailing across the world. I’ve decided I’m sort ok just watching. But given a Plan B ever in life I’m liable to just take off RVing on a whim. Just don’t take away my shows, as I can live my dreams through them. I don’t ever think I’d be sailor though but I love the water and love watching. I’d go sailing if it presented, but probably wouldn’t be able to do much other than cook. I’m not strong enough to sail at this point. We are not maintenance people. Having a yacht would be ok if you could hire a maintenance and deck crew, lol. That’ll never happen but we watch Below Deck so it kinda does. lol
  • We hung out with our friends Paul and Judy and Cheryl and Joe and Kayla and Jerel- – either eating out or at their houses – all our friends have pools! ;-). Including Don and Lisa so that is always fun. I like sitting by the water sometimes more than getting in it, but we did a few times and always enjoyed our friends and our fun times and catching up. It’s about our time to everyone over here! We all love to eat and have our Crouchety Gourmet Group in which we alternate taking turns to pick restaurants to go out to eat.
  • Went to our neighbor’s grad party next door.
  • Spent some time with Mom across the year – we enjoyed Mother’s Day excursions in down town Columbia and had her here at our house some including a full on Thanksgiving before we left to see Katy and Cody. We also had a lobster fest with her and all the fixings at her house. Also got to see her along with my Aunt and Uncle a few times! Christmas was heavenly having everyone here at our house. A dream of mine for a long time.
  • Tried Tai Chi for the first time. I liked it but not sure it’s totally for me. I kinda like doing my own little routine of exercises, they are similar but not as graceful. I do like the graceful part but graceful – I need lessens on that in itself. lol
  • George and I watched “Spain on the Road again” with Gwyneth Paltrow and Mario Batali. We kinda got addicted to watching them eat, thus it emerged for us to do a Spain weekend of our own with the Irelands. Some of the best food I’ve eaten. I want a repeat! lol
  • Went to San Antonio and created Memories with Katy. Had a great time. Got to see Fredericksberg TX and Luchenbach TX.
  • I began listening to You Tube Jazz channels while house cleaning.
  • A kitten showed up during my joy and happiness crises. And left right after I got the payroll job. It was as if God sent it only to be a distraction – and to feed it – until it went to it’s next family (or played it’s part in the food chain, but I prefer the prior option).
  • There was a 4th of July parade, right in our neighborhood. Very cute.
  • Went to George’s work’s company picnic.
  • I started this new blog, having become unhappy with the old one and feeling another need for change. That is the adventure spirit animal coming out in me. lol.
  • We celebrated George’s birthday over several weekends. And my waistline began expanding again. I think this was up and down though Christmas. I am sure I’m over and not under but have been able to maintain the smaller sizes. And now it’s January. It’s hard being a foodie and trying to lose weight.
  • We bought an air fryer which has changed the way we eat dinner. WE love it and I rearranged my whole kitchen because of it.
  • We spent time with Kevin and Susan, my SIL and BIL, as we celebrated each of our birthdays out at a restaurant in lieu of gifts. And we went to the TN Museum as well. We also spent “just because we want to see you and catch up” moments at nearby breweries.
  • Had an amazing Anniversary Dinner at Oak Steakhouse. We even went to a brewery and played the game to decide where to go as we sat and did research and crossed off restaurants til we had our pick. We loved it and had rooftop bar drinks beforehand at nearby rooftops.
  • UB40 Concert. I was not in the mood to go but went and enjoyed it so much.
  • Got new glasses.
  • Tried going blonde, but went back to brown! I decided blondes didn’t really have more fun, lol.
  • George got a new car. If you know him, that is definitely a milestone moment. I love the heated seats and that he is not driving a dirt bag, aka flinstone car to work.
  • WE hung out Hot Springs for a couple of weekends on each side of our Texas week, including getting to do the Hot Springs baths. Yes got to go to Texas for the 2nd time of the year for me, and go to Abilene for the first time and do shopping in Graham and also my Sam Moon in Dallas.
  • Got to eat at In/Out Burger – which I love so much it’s getting it’s own bullet point.
  • Began watching the British Baking show.
  • Went to Christmas Village – our 2nd annual and we love it! Knocked out a lot of gifts that way. Things you don’t see anywhere else.
  • George’s Uncle Robert passed away unexpectedly right before Christmas shocking us all.

I may have missed some important things but I’ve tried to go back and look through blogs to catch it all. If I missed something important with someone I’m sorry. The memory never was good, so it sure isn’t now. lol

Books read in 2019 *

*Books may also be audio books

  • Kevin Gise, “RV Living Full Time: Beginner’s Guide”
  • Greg McKeown, “Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less”
  • Rachel Hollis, “Girl Wash Your Face”
  • Daniel Hays, “On Whale Island”
  • Susan Sly, “MLM Woman”
  • Randy Frage, “Believe”
  • Tom Schuiter, “How to get Instant Trust and Belief, Influence, and Rapport”
  • Katherine Crowley, “Working for You Isn’t Working for Me”
  • Annette Jackson, “My Life in the Maine Woods”
  • Joe Russo, “Take Risks: One couple’s Journey to Quit Jobs and Hit the Open Road”.
  • Peta Kelly, “Earth is Hiring
  • Joyce Meyer, “Worry Free Living”
  • Seven at Sea, “Erik Orten”
  • Demi Moore, “Inside Out”.

So I guess what is next for the blog is to talk about goals of 2020. I think I’ve kinda been of the mindset not to have too many and just let life emerge. I do however, have some trips I want to plan which keep me grounded, ironically. And I do have my “To Do” list which keeps me focused on things I have a mindset to do, or need to do, or have goals for either for responsibility sake, pleasure sake, or accomplishment sake.

As far as improvement sake, it’s the house I’d like to improve on – kitchen especially and flooring. But those are things I cannot really control and probably not influence. But maybe down the road.

I do want to read, experience life through travel or books, or shows. I enjoy planning and doing and seeing. So more of that. My focus will be attentive to what Mom needs this year and at some point will need to be closer to us in one capacity or another so we can best take care of her as it’s impossible to do that when she is increasingly further away every day – as her location doesn’t change but the traffic does getting there. And our work schedules don’t really allow for a lot of flex time to have large amounts of time off to get there and back. Luckily Mom has some friends that are able to still drive and get her to her eye appointments. I can also do it if I have advance notice and it’s not on a payroll processing day. I could take a vacation day. But for any wide spread care we’ll have to have her here. Increasingly she will need us more to go get groceries, shuttle her about and it would really be nice to be able to spend more quality time together, cook for her and so forth. So we’ll see what the year brings and what she is willing to do. I’m not sure really where to start as she doesn’t want to rent, and it’s too early she says, for assisted living, and so what is left is to buy something with no stairs that is nearby? I’m not sure what the answer is but we’ll go with her leading for now as to what she wants to do.

Anyway, those are my thoughts for the day and my year in review. And thoughts on goals for the year. I’m not ready to take on anything ambitious for sure – so the lack of major goal planning. I do think I’ve learned in my own life and also in reading and watching others: LIFE EMERGES. Yes our goals and are plans can get us started, but life really has a way of just emerging entangled with our own energies and magnetisms, and intertwined with our thoughts, and desires, and things we really want to do, or that God wants us to do. God is right. Today has enough of its own worries and who should plan for the morrow? I still will of course as we all do – but yes, life just emerges and we tap into the universes energy, God’s plan, and our own forward moments – making whatever happens, happen. You can plan to do whatever you want to do but other energies, life itself, God, or others will thwart it or thrust it forward. So it really doesn’t matter – in my circumstance anyway. My paths are pretty much set for me it seems, if I am a responsible person. Not really a lot of goals to push or accomplish anymore. So I will eat, watch, read, work, sleep, and plan what travel excursions I can. The things I truly would like are all out of reach for me so I’m just learning to be happy with what I have. If it’s meant to be it will emerge and time will tell. The job emerged right? If I could get out of that impossible situation, there is always hope for the rest – unspoken or not. So I will just enjoy life, ride the waves, and be a feather in the wind for a while amongst a sea of to do’s, and shows that make me happy, and family and friends that we enjoy seeing.

Today I was going to begin putting up the Christmas decor but we have one more Christmas swap at our house on Sunday afternoon, so I will leave it up. I’m a little happy about that and a little dismayed. I was looking forward to putting it up but it was my decision and George’s encouragement that keeps me leaving it down til the next weekend. So that means on Saturday, Jan 11th I will remove it. Seems appropriate. It gives me a break today and gives me a two day approach at getting it back up that following weekend. This weekend is my birthday weekend too. And even though I kinda get sick of the Christmas stuff pretty quick we didn’t get a lot of time with the decor this year since our trip and getting it out late and being gone a lot. So another week of Christmas decor it is. Bitter sweet.

Well, I”m off of here as this exercise has taken me hours since I had to to scour over two different blogs to see this last year as well as GoodReads and Audible to see where I was on the reading list.

Ya’ll take care. Sorry not a lot of photos. If you made it to the end you have to let me know. Also do you have any goals or to do’s going into 2020? And most of all Happy New Year to you all!

Prayer for “Snoskred” who is a blogger bud in Australia and around all the fires and living in fear. Her blog is at this website: http://www.snoskred.org. I don’t know how to insert a link on here yet. So you may have to copy or paste. Oh I just found it and I tried to convert it to a link there. Hope it works. Ok I’m off to do something else! Ya’ll take care.


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