Perceptions and Opinions

Poppin’ in to say Hello and to give big exciting shouts of joy that it is Friday. So tomorrow I have a chance of sleep and a chance to do something I want to do for longer than an hour’s stretch. I really could use a vacay day and don’t feel that great today. I considered doing a last minute vacay but I won’t. I will just try to deal with the day.

I am sitting here in the waffle robe, drinking coffee in my Chip and Jo Jo Magnolia cup and blogging, so life is wonderful for a few minutes, until I get lost in my writing, look up at the computer’s clock and realize “holy batman, I gotta hurry”. Then I remember how many hours I’ve put in over the course of the last six months and that I’m over 55 and then I don’t (hurry, that is). It’s not that I’m ever late – it’s rare when I’m late – but just that I don’t get there early.

Along that train of thought, I also realized I’d been around someone that was talking about “leaving early” and we should be dedicated not to do so. It made me think of all the times that I say on this blog that I am leaving early or left early to do ___________. I thought, you know, if that person reads my blog they are probably getting an inaccurate perception and it’s my fault by my own choice of words. I probably won’t use that phrase any more. I often say “I left early today to go get nails done” etc. But that can be fixed. Real quick going forward. So let’s just get this straight right now! When I say I am leaving early. It really means “I’m not staying late today”. My hours are in – far far in. lol. It simply means I’m not giving up my total day up today like I did yesterday and all those other days. Some days you have to do what you have to do. Some days you have to go to the grocery after work, and mostly for me – I decided (to not to go get a life – whatever that is) but to just to go groom myself, which does require time to do and is very difficult for women to do on Saturday as it take two or three times longer when we are to be cleaning house, doing laundry and getting ready for the next work week.).

You know what…. Why do I worry about other’s perceptions when I’ve spent about 10 years or so trying not to? Sometimes I dive back in to worrying about what others think. It’s really a waste of time. And unproductive. It’s also unproductive on others parts when they have false perceived themselves, lol. I’m not really too worried about it. It was just a thought I had and then wondered if they were talking about me. We all do that. I think it’s more of a caring about what people think but when I blog about it – it seems more like a worry. But, at the end of the day, you really can’t live your life or measure your life against someone’s opinion of your life. That’s all hog wash for sure. It’s your life, if they get it wrong – then they simply do. If you get a fallout from that or a backwash from that – then you do, you tattle to God and let Him know and then He will just go fix it, and make it better. There is really not much we can do about what others think or the ideas that one develops.

But all that said, I will still write this…..I decided “not to work late today” instead of I left early – b/c to me since I normally am one of the last 3 or 4 in the building get used to being there as a norm – and if I leave at an earlier time than normal, it’s easy to say “I left early” – but I guess it gives the wrong impression for those that don’t know better or have a clue what I do. So…. I guess those are the better words. WE all know, once someone gets something in their head, it seems to get stuck there. So one thing I have learned over the years is that people are going to think what they want to and develop their own opinions. I do as well. I often have to be convinced as well too otherwise once I’ve made up my mind so I get it. Facts. People often don’t get them before they develop or state their opinions. Me included. But I do at least base my opinions of others on the way I’m treated. Those are concrete facts.

Opinions….hmmmm…I think we develop most of our opinions from how we are treated. And God commands us to turn the other cheek, love people anyway, and to be nice in return so that God’s love and his glory can be seen and shared. Lord this is so hard sometimes when people are so ugly, rude, selfish, overbearing, ignoring you, not trusting you, accusing you….it’s even wrong of me, says the Lord, for me to sit and count the ways as I often do in my head. And for the love of Pete, it is very difficult not only to not think it, but to not share what you think when people mistreat you. Some days you really have to bite your lips. As for me, I will go and go and go and keep it all in until one day it combusts and it just all comes out.

It is true that others have to OWN their actions or lack thereof. I can only control myself and hope that others develop an accurate opinion of me. I can only take that action or comments that people make to me as a good thing or a bad thing which helps me develop my own opinion of another. And this leads to why do we even place judgment on others? I guess that is a whole other blog post? (Protect ones self, decide who you want to be around and who you don’t, lol).

When you have, over time, received a lot of bad receptors – well the others that gave it – just have to own it. I can only process what is on the receiving end. If you are a sour puss and have treated me badly over and over again, I’m probably not going to have grand thoughts of love for you going on in my head. lol. If you have ignored me, I’m probably not going to be too fond of you either. If you have been nice to me I’m probably going to think you are a pretty good person. And this is the kind of stuff you write about on a gloomy winter day when there is nothing going on and you just start writing and thinking of things to say.

The girls, heaven forbid us do this, lol, as it’s been said it’s “frowned upon” but we actually went to lunch…to celebrate one of our coworker’s birthday. We went to Mission BBQ.

It was a great lunch of brisket, Mac and cheese, slaw and a corn muffin, and ice tea.

Sorry, don’t like taking pics of the people, but I wanted a pic of the inside of the restaurant and I pointed it as upwards as I could without just getting the ceiling. lol

And that is all she wrote for today.

You Still Awake?

Ahhh, well the big deal this week – again- is sleep. Roger has itched, scratched, and dug, and has not been able to sleep. It’s been like having a newborn. A few things have changed in the last month or so. He wants to go to bed with me but yet wants to stay up with George and so he’s been up and down and up and down – waking me each time as our bed is tall and he is a short fellow. So to get where he wants he has to be taken. However, if determined, he WILL jump off the bed and then he’ll be limping for days b/c he just can’t handle the jump. I’m afraid he’ll try and hurt himself so when he gets near the edge of the bed I can’t sleep then either.

He’s been given the Benadryl (thought about taking it myself but I hate to take anything beyond vitamins and my BP pill and I would really like to get off that). The Benadryl helped him sleep some over the weekend but didn’t phase him on the main night he was having issues night before last. George says he will get off early and take him to the vet to be checked on. It’s probably allergies. The bath over the weekend seemed to really fire him up and bother him instead of soothe him. He’s been itching in high gear since then. But he will get up wag his tail and be happy. He will moan and groan when it keeps bothering him. I’m thinking it’s just b/c like a human, he gets tired of itching and scratching.

Anyway, ya’ll have ideas for allergies in dogs? I hate to just change his diet b/c that leads to other issues. We finally found something they love too in the Fresh Pet and so I really hate to take that away. We also feed them Science Diet too.

Night before last Roger did his up and down thing during my 9:30 to midnight “best sleep” time. George came to bed probably sometime b/w 10:30 and 11:00 and I was still awake from Roger being up and down and scratching and digging. When George got in bed he began snoring and it was like sleeping in bed with a chainsaw. He always feels so bad that his snoring keeps me awake. But if I get to sleep in my 9:30 to 1:00 deep sleep, I don’t even notice him getting in bed and I don’t hear him start to snore, and if I wake up I’m usually groggy enough to go back. But if he beats me to sleep – I can’t do it.

I got up the night before last to find my earpbuds that go in my phone and was missing the little doey that connects it to the iPhone as a few years ago Apple changed the shape from a hole to a slit and now you can’t use the regular cord unless you have the little connector piece. Darn them. That was in my desk at work. So I couldn’t drown out the noise. So I really was concerned about having to do payroll on no sleep and decided to save what night was left and move to the sofa. The extra bed in the bedroom had stuff on top and I didn’t want to mess the sheets up in there. The sofa is comfy and so I slept in the living room until 3:30 where Roger had woken George up and George had to take him out. I got up, moved to the bedroom and slept like a baby until the rude alarm went off. I wanted and needed to keep sleeping but payroll called. So I think I had gotten to sleep sometime after midnight and so I got about 3 hours and then a few catnaps.

I was pretty awake though but really began feeling it after lunch. I semi hurried through payrolls so I could get them done before I ended up being thick headed with the need for sleep. My saving grace was that it was an easy week this week with not as much to enter except a few vacations.

I had to laugh when George sent me this email:

So what followed was him offering to move to the guest room if I couldn’t sleep from his snoring. And that we could swap rooms from time to time as we both like our King bed. I told him the only thing that really changed was Roger. If I get to sleep early and stay asleep we are good. I also can’t drink my (natural and vitamin packed) energy drinks with Isagenix after 4. I will drink hot sleepy time tea around 8 before bed. I will take Maisy to bed, shut the door. George will keep Roger with him until he goes to bed. Roger doesn’t get an option any more to sleep with me before George comes to bed. Roger stays with George til he comes to bed. Then I am asleep and can get my sleep.

So this worked last night and made it a normal night. He did go to the edge of the bed which I didn’t notice until I got up this morning so he got up with me instead of staying in bed with George. This adds about 8 to 10 minutes to my morning routine as he is slower, wants more time outside, has to have his buddig sandwich meat on his before he’ll eat his breakfast, and then I have to stand there and make sure Maisy doesn’t eat his after she eats hers. So then George gets up and has to wait for me to get out of the shower as it makes me move into his shower time, but he makes it up b/c he doesn’t have to do all the above with Roger as I’ve done it.

Sooo last night’s sleep was awesome. And the coffee is good. I DID fall asleep during the last bit of Below Deck. George usually wakes me up but I think he didn’t dare do it last night. The Sleepy Time tea kicked in as well as I was really already sleepy and we’d just had a wonderful meal (ham, potato cakes, and asparagus).

We have our Valentine’s set for Valentine’s Day. We are going to do one of the Asian/Pho places around and then on Saturday after Valentine’s we are set for reservations to go out and eat pizza at a place that gets great reviews with Kevin and Susan. I told George on Valentine’s Day I didn’t want to go to Nashville but just hang close in and so we’ve been wanting to go to some of the newer places. WE have not made reservations and actually may not. I don’t expect big crowds at these places and if one is crowded we’ll go on to the next. But at least we have a plan. I DO have reservations for the pizza place though.

Our cow and pig will be ready soon. We may have to go get it Saturday. Not sure if I am going or not. I will not go if threatening snow or if I feel I need to get things done here. We are going to meet up with our Crotchety Gourempt group (yes it’s spelled that way). Don’t know if it’s on purpose or a mistake but that is what we call ourselves. We are getting together Saturday and I’m making the salad. So I have to have time to make that and get laundry done. So we’ll see.

And I guess that is about all that is going on. Despite being tired and sleepy I worked on my to do list some. I have picked my dish for our French meal. It’s a potato au gratin dish made with guereyre (don’t make me look up the spelling, I’m running out of time) cheese. It looks so good. It will be rich but good. You make a cream sauce using some herbs -one is with fresh thyme. I found a good recipe for it and a funny little partner duo that cook, blog, and have their on YouTube show – called “Feeding the Loon” or something like that.

And I have my beefy Mac casserole that I’m making next week for us. The ingredients are on Alexa’s grocery list (she keeps my grocery list). And George and I worked on our bucket list for winter that will take us into spring. I was amazed as George listed off lots of things to do and I was a blank slate. Part of it was I was too sleepy and tired to think. But even as I tried to think of fun things to do and places to go – all I could think of was “I want to stay home and read and watch my shows” or “go visit things out west” (like that is going to happen on a Saturday afternoon, lol). I just enjoy my home time if I’m not traveling. Our excursions are fun but we’ve “excursioned” so much around here that it is not as exciting anymore. So as I filled the list with George’s things to do, I simply thought that…well we will do what George wants to do…and then scribbled in “Read 3 books” for me. It’s just ideas but I didn’t have any. :-(. I also added some time in to spend with Mom. This is a draft copy so no pics yet, but I’ll work on the final this weekend.

Oh, I finished Sally Field’s book and now reading (audiobook) on Captain Lee (the Below Deck captain). It’s pretty interesting. And I better get ready and get myself to work.

Ya’ll have a good rest of the week.

Nashville, Fat Bottom Brewery, and Weekend Tales

This has been a superb and restful weekend, although still beset with errands and chores. The laundry is done, ironing done, vacuuming done and cleaning in this week’s “zones” are done (I’m not home enough to do the whole house at once). Yesterday, we did a Walmart run, something we hardly ever do since we mainly use Kroger, Publix, and Amazon now for our needs. But I had a Walmart gift card to use. And with Walmart, you go in thinking you will run in for a few and a huge buggy and $233 later – you come out on the other end – money and time gone – and you wonder what the hell happened. lol

Arriving home and putting up our purchases, we had just enough time to have some home popped pop corn and watch a show and then we set out for our evening on the town to meet Kevin and Susan, BIL and SIL, in celebration of Kevin’s birthday! I snapped a few pics of our night out. Several of you commented that you really enjoyed seeing pics of Nashville. Most of these taken from the car to the Fat Bottom Brewery where we had both “cheer” and dinner.

I took this one below mainly because the clouds were so pretty.

This woman below must think I’m trying to take a pic of her. I really wanted her out of the way of my pic. lol lol lol Or perhaps she is just admiring the sunset. lol.

The clouds seemed to be on fire as we entered the neighborhood of the brewery.

Fat Bottom Brewery with a noticeably unlit “B”.
Fat Bottom Brewery on a Cold Evening – normally a packed courtyard in summer.
A flight includes 4 small glasses, about the same as a one regular size beer but I like the tastings.
Fat Bottom Brewery

We had a lot of appetizers we split and a couple of main dishes. We waddled out and made another stop on the way home at the Cork Dorks – George’s favorite beer, wine, liquor store. He wanted to show Kevin and Susan the place. I picked a couple of red wines that were suggested for me. George picked a Scotch he’d been wanting.

So then the ride back home. Was hard to get any good shots as I was on the wrong side of the car for that!

Did not sleep too well last night. Roger itched and scratched and did not sleep and kept me awake for a couple of hours. Finally when I was sleeping good, he got up and went to the end of the bed with a moan and it woke me up. So I had to take him out and also Maisy. Then fixed their breakfast and so I was up since 5.

I was able to go back and get a nap – thank goodness – as I just didn’t want to do anything. I also know that we’ve had lack of sun for a chunk of the last couple of weeks and I’ve been spotty about taking vitamins and drinking shakes. So I know my D and B vitamins are down and I can feel it in my spirit and persona.

I’ve pushed myself to finish the housework I wanted to do but feel better after the nap. I will concentrate on getting the nutrients in this week as best as I can. I decided not to cleanse tomorrow. We are trying to eat up contents of the freezer and George has some really good meals planned. Plus last week when I cleansed, I was so hungry for two days after that, I ate just about anything in sight and was pretty “testy on Tuesday”. With a combination of lower vitamin D’s and B’s, on top of a testy Tuesday could spell out a really not so fun payroll day, especially on top of some other zesty things going on. So I think I’ll pass this week on the cleanse.

I had a scare about the freezer in our new fridge this morning. It made some really strange noises this morning – kind of like those hissing ice maker kind of noises. And then it stopped suddenly. I opened the freezer to check on it a few minutes later. The light was out on the freezer and it seemed wet on all the packages instead of frozen. I began wondering if it was thawing. That was about the time George got up. Of course I hit him with it as he was getting up and hadn’t even had time to open his eyes hardly. He acted like I had 3 heads and seemed to think it was fine. He fiddled with it and made it colder and it seemed to be working at that point. The light was on and began making the normal freezer sounds instead of just quietness when you opened it. So whatever happened is fixed. There is ice on everything now and no water droplets. He said maybe it was because he had it open for a while yesterday rearranging. I don’t know. I just don’t know what happened. But as long as it works – we are good. I know it was NOT my imagination as I know the difference b/w frozen food and melting food. I wondered if God (or the devil) was trying to tell us something.

Yesterday we wrote down all the things we currently have in the freezer (or ideas to make from what we have). This is BEFORE we get the pig and the 1/2 of a cow. But George made more room and we think we won’t have to buy an extra freezer now. All this has made me wonder why we are getting the pig and cow, as our freezers are still pretty full – but while we do have a few beef things left – we really don’t have a LOT of beef or pork in our freezer, so this will last for another year I suppose when the cow and pig come in. We will only need the sides and fresh ingredients for the most part. And it’s the good stuff.

So here is the chalkboard I bought and our list of things we already have. That way for a long while we will know what all is in our freezer. We forget and end up eating off the top of the freezer and forget to dig all the way down. The last time we did that we bent the ironing board as we put the meat on it as we dug down. The ironing board buckled and I had to buy another. lol So we did NOT use the ironing board this time. (The freezer is in the laundry room.)

So today George gave Roger a bath – it was really a shower. He can easily take him in the shower in his bathroom – it’s sort of a walk-in shower with a lot of room – nothing modern by any means before you get any visions, lol. WE thought this was soothe him. But quite the opposite. He was very upset and although waggin’ tail and excited, as pets often do after a bath, he was most agitated and uncomfortable. He began moaning and groaning and itching and scratching and the wetness and the shampoo which was some kind of natural shampoo George had, shouldn’t have irritated him, but he was miserable. So we gave him part of a Benadryl and blow dried his hair and George took him out for a romp outside. Then he had a long sleep and has been settled. Bless his heart. But the vet said they couldn’t find anything wrong when he did this before. Maybe the Benadryl will help him for a while. The vet had given us antibiotics and also pain meds when we took him before just as a precautionary deal – in case it was a tooth. I don’t think it’s a tooth as he was so clearly more agitated after the shower.

I’m so happy to have had such a good weekend. And to have time to rest and relax even though it seems we have been busy for a lot of it. I’m going to go on and continue to enjoy what is left of my Sunday. I will do my devo, which I’ve not done yet. And I will look some things up on the internet regarding my recipes, and watch some shows, and do some things on my to do list – won’t get all of that done but will do what I want, I suppose. George is fixing pork chops for dinner from a big pork roast. Giving us quite a bit of freezer space from that one thing. lol.

Oh and I’ve had way too much bread lately as he fixed sausage and biscuits this morning (also from the freezer). Bread is a huge weakness for me now that I know I shouldn’t have it. It seems I’m always saying “well ok during the holidays” or it’s ok to eat one if we go out, or “well it’s a corn muffin it’s got corn in it”. lol Cutting back is so hard. Now I need to exercise but I’m not in the mood b/c I want to do other stuff.

So I will.

Also there is someone sending ugly texts/links to me by creating an email address and sending to my phone number along with 20 other people. Each time I block the email address but they just create another one that is not locked. I deleted it and also have reported them as well. I never click on the link and it’s always easy (and kinda fun) to block them. It’s more amusing to me than it is annoying. It’s just a text. But I’m not sure what kick it brings to the person doing it. It’s a lot of work for them to have to do this and they get nothing for it. lol So I guess it’s better to keep that person entertained with doing that kind of thing so they don’t go off and do worse things? What a sad life though. I don’t have my number out there except I do have anyone as a close friend on FB can see it. It’s also on our phone list and distribution list at work and of course someone could have just randomly picked my number. It’s mainly sent to area codes in Indianapolis, Bowling Green, and Houston. Or someone could just think they are wanting to irritate me but I doubt that. If so it’s not working. It’s just amusing that someone would go to so much trouble. I mean maybe it’s a website that sells sex stuff or something so maybe it’s marketing for that and they make money off of it. I’m not going to find out as I don’t want to visit the link, or to give them the benefit of it. It could also be some kind of hack. But I probably will go in on FB and change who is considered a close friend. Nothing I can do about work. It’s just going to be out there for the masses in our internal system and then it is on my email signature at work. I’ve been lucky til now as people always talk about getting calls and stuff and junk messages a lot. I rarely get them. I think you can also set your phone to where you only allow your contacts to message you. I may do that if I have time. It doesn’t bother me but I’d rather not get them if I had an option not to. If not it only takes a second a hit delete and well – at least someone cared enough to text you. – lol. Bless their hearts.

Anyway, I guess I’ll go do something else on my list now that the blogging is done. The Titans are playing and since I am not a sports fan I’m not watching, but George seems to be happy they have scored some points. He keeps coming to tell me even though he knows I’m not a fan. I hate that I am not a companion in that way, as a spouse that loves sports too, but then again we each have our issues, lol. He is not a companion to me in other ways so….I won’t feel the slightest of guilt about that! At least he cooks for me and I do his laundry and we keep each other entertained and amused. ;-). “Amused” must be the word of the week. I’ve used it several times lately.

An old pic a few years ago. Trying on gardening hats!

Have a good week ahead!