Thank you Followers, Spare Time, and other Mid Week Updates

Apparently I have 50 followers. The blog is growing these days for some reason. I’m not pushing it or advertising it other than posting on my group page on FB. But I think Word Press may push it some as a recent blog or people see it in the recent blog sections. The new follows come recently after a post. I’m not sure what is happening but I do appreciate it. Also at times I get a lot of traffic from India. Especially on a day if I mention various retail stores or social media sites. Something triggers it. Unless there are just people from India reading and sharing, which I doubt. If you are from India please leave a comment! lol Or some type of intelligence service or group trying to seek information on America – which I doubt but we know is entirely possible.

It feels good to be sitting here with waffle robe on sipping hot coffee. I was really sleeping good when George woke me up. My alarm had gone off and I slapped it off. My finger hit in the middle of “turn off” and “snooze” and I wasn’t sure which one took. However at 4:30 when I slapped it, I could care less. At 5 a.m. I could care less either. I should not be blogging today if I got up that late. But when you are 57, tired, have given 140% toward efforts then you need about 5 to 10% of those efforts back at times. I’m not sure if my body is trying to ward off something, but I feel weak, tired, stuffy, and want to go back to bed. So I’m compromising. I will push forward and go to work, but slowly, and I will blog if I want to -darn it. The world can pause for 30 minutes and wait on me for a change while I sit here and try to feel better. Otherwise, I’d be calling in. I’m struggling here lately trying to get through this winter without being sick. This morning is questionable.

Katy sent a picture of the Texas sunset the other night. Sunsets are beautiful out there in that landscape. She can even view it out the back window from her sun room.

God paints a lovely canvas, just after many days of gloom. I saw a magnificent scene unexpectedly on a web cam last night. It was in the ocean around Japan. It was a “ball of light and rainbow) mixed within a cloud. I think it was probably the sun low in the sky protruding through the clouds/rain mix. It only lasted a few seconds and faded slowly. I love looking at the weather in various landscapes across the globes. It’s one way to relax. Someone asked me how I had time to sit around and look at webcams. I was surprised. No one ever asks anyone how they have time to read or blog or watch TV or sports or shop, lol. I guess because it is something different. We all have 24 hours a day and fill it different ways. I have lots of hobbies and choose for me which one fits the moment. At the end of the day, sometimes my mind is not in the open mood to learn something new from reading, but just needs something mindless. Looking at webcams across the earth, watching travel videos on You Tube, scrolling social media, watching TV – any of that can be mindless activity. Something to relax to. So it intrigued me to be asked that b/c just about every person every day has free time to watch sports, Netflix or scroll social media. So I look at webcams and watch people ski out west, watch people stroll the beach amidst the palms in Hawaii, watch them bottle liquor in Louisiana, fly out the end of the water slide in Spain, watch them do hair in France, watch a family in New Jersey and their 3 dogs as they eat and watch TV and play with the dogs at night, watch a polar bear at the zoo, zoom in to Sydney Harbor and watch the cruise ships come in. And this week I saw what looked to be a homeless guy hang out/sleep/do drugs in a laundry room in France. That was disturbing. Anyway, I love to see these Canadian spots as it seems to always be snowing. There’s pretty shots in CA and also in Exeter across the pond. I can’t visit them all but I have my “likes” saved on there and visit til my heart is content. It’s reality TV in a different form with no sound, lol. Oh and there are airports amid these mountains – I forget where but it’s always beautiful and if you are lucky you will see a plane taking off or landing.

I took my mule mug to work this week. I guess I have a “mug of the week” now. Since we have apparently used too much dollars of office supplies for “no good reason” I’m trying to do my part to save $. (Don’t get me started on office supplies though). 😉 We can control only what we can. The rest is on someone else. Lord help us through the surprises.

I fixed the beefy Mac casserole this week. George had thirds so I take that as a compliment. We had just enough left for a small bowl to take to work. Recipe is a keeper. Next time I’ll add a bit of a sweetener and vinegar to it to add more layers of flavor. We drizzled cherry balsamic vinegar atop it and it really came alive. Sporting the Pioneer woman casserole dish! 😉 Available at your favorite Walmart. Two sizes come together for a pretty low price.

Little Bit in for a nap.

Well, I need to get going. I overslept but wanted to get my mid week post in while trying to feel better with coffee this morning. Going for another cup and have to get ready. George told me that he had a fever over the weekend. I found the thermometer sitting out. He hadn’t told me. Or anyone I guess. He said he was a sinus infection. Now not knowing this I have eaten after him and drank after him and have not kept my distance. So now I’m starting to feel bad. Ugh.

Anyway better than the Japanese virus eh?

And Friday we are going to get the cow and pig in KY and have to hurry back for a Memorial at 1 p.m. for our next door neighbor. I’m not convinced that we can do it. But it will be what it will be.

Anyway hopefully the day will bring more energy. There is a lot to do at work. I needed to have had more of the data to do my reporting on last week but most of it coming in this week when I have payroll. There’s no way to do all the reports in the short amount of time given. I’m making a shot at it. But you can only do so much with the time you have. It’s just a busy time of the year. I hope we make deadlines. The deadline is tomorrow.

Yee ha. Hope I’m not coming down with something being that is the case. Things don’t often work out when you are down to the last minute to do things. I am a planner and prefer not to call it this close. But most of it beyond my control. It too, will be what it will.

I’ll just drink from my mule mug and go on.

9 responses to “Thank you Followers, Spare Time, and other Mid Week Updates”

  1. Funny you should mention it. My blog is also growing inexplicably. I’m not doing anything different than I did five years ago, when it’s purpose was to write more and decompress. I don’t even know how we connected. LOL All of a sudden your blog and several others began to appear on my take. But hey, I’ll take the little niceties. Have a great day!

  2. I hope you feel better. The past couple of days this week It seems like everything hurts. My back, my shoulders, and my knee. Arthritis I guess.
    The webcams sound neat. How do you find them? I would like to put on my puter to look at all the things you describe. That is neat people reading from India. It would be interesting to hear what their day is like. If you don’t feel better go home and go to bed. It sounds like you are getting run down. And you sure don’t want to end up with the flu. I have heard its a bad one this year. I am praying that we don’t get. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Please hand over the recipe for the beefy mac. It looks GOOD!
    Sometimes our bodies tell us to take a time out and chill. I know it’s not always possible but…
    People who wonder how others have time to do what ever, need to get a hobby. Jeez
    Get some rest!

  4. Take care not to get sick. Take your Vitamin D as it will help this time of the year. Add some B12 for energy. It also helps this time of the year. I keep the dissolvable ones in my bag to put under my tongue if I have a mid day slump at work. Have a good day

  5. Hi Sonya! I hope you’re not getting sick. Too bad George didn’t warn you about his illness so you could take precautions. Congrats on the followers! I’m not sure if I’m a follower or not. I don’t know how to follow a blog on here. I just come here periodically and check for new entries.

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