Thank you Followers, Spare Time, and other Mid Week Updates

Apparently I have 50 followers. The blog is growing these days for some reason. I’m not pushing it or advertising it other than posting on my group page on FB. But I think Word Press may push it some as a recent blog or people see it in the recent blog sections. The new follows come recently after a post. I’m not sure what is happening but I do appreciate it. Also at times I get a lot of traffic from India. Especially on a day if I mention various retail stores or social media sites. Something triggers it. Unless there are just people from India reading and sharing, which I doubt. If you are from India please leave a comment! lol Or some type of intelligence service or group trying to seek information on America – which I doubt but we know is entirely possible.

It feels good to be sitting here with waffle robe on sipping hot coffee. I was really sleeping good when George woke me up. My alarm had gone off and I slapped it off. My finger hit in the middle of “turn off” and “snooze” and I wasn’t sure which one took. However at 4:30 when I slapped it, I could care less. At 5 a.m. I could care less either. I should not be blogging today if I got up that late. But when you are 57, tired, have given 140% toward efforts then you need about 5 to 10% of those efforts back at times. I’m not sure if my body is trying to ward off something, but I feel weak, tired, stuffy, and want to go back to bed. So I’m compromising. I will push forward and go to work, but slowly, and I will blog if I want to -darn it. The world can pause for 30 minutes and wait on me for a change while I sit here and try to feel better. Otherwise, I’d be calling in. I’m struggling here lately trying to get through this winter without being sick. This morning is questionable.

Katy sent a picture of the Texas sunset the other night. Sunsets are beautiful out there in that landscape. She can even view it out the back window from her sun room.

God paints a lovely canvas, just after many days of gloom. I saw a magnificent scene unexpectedly on a web cam last night. It was in the ocean around Japan. It was a “ball of light and rainbow) mixed within a cloud. I think it was probably the sun low in the sky protruding through the clouds/rain mix. It only lasted a few seconds and faded slowly. I love looking at the weather in various landscapes across the globes. It’s one way to relax. Someone asked me how I had time to sit around and look at webcams. I was surprised. No one ever asks anyone how they have time to read or blog or watch TV or sports or shop, lol. I guess because it is something different. We all have 24 hours a day and fill it different ways. I have lots of hobbies and choose for me which one fits the moment. At the end of the day, sometimes my mind is not in the open mood to learn something new from reading, but just needs something mindless. Looking at webcams across the earth, watching travel videos on You Tube, scrolling social media, watching TV – any of that can be mindless activity. Something to relax to. So it intrigued me to be asked that b/c just about every person every day has free time to watch sports, Netflix or scroll social media. So I look at webcams and watch people ski out west, watch people stroll the beach amidst the palms in Hawaii, watch them bottle liquor in Louisiana, fly out the end of the water slide in Spain, watch them do hair in France, watch a family in New Jersey and their 3 dogs as they eat and watch TV and play with the dogs at night, watch a polar bear at the zoo, zoom in to Sydney Harbor and watch the cruise ships come in. And this week I saw what looked to be a homeless guy hang out/sleep/do drugs in a laundry room in France. That was disturbing. Anyway, I love to see these Canadian spots as it seems to always be snowing. There’s pretty shots in CA and also in Exeter across the pond. I can’t visit them all but I have my “likes” saved on there and visit til my heart is content. It’s reality TV in a different form with no sound, lol. Oh and there are airports amid these mountains – I forget where but it’s always beautiful and if you are lucky you will see a plane taking off or landing.

I took my mule mug to work this week. I guess I have a “mug of the week” now. Since we have apparently used too much dollars of office supplies for “no good reason” I’m trying to do my part to save $. (Don’t get me started on office supplies though). 😉 We can control only what we can. The rest is on someone else. Lord help us through the surprises.

I fixed the beefy Mac casserole this week. George had thirds so I take that as a compliment. We had just enough left for a small bowl to take to work. Recipe is a keeper. Next time I’ll add a bit of a sweetener and vinegar to it to add more layers of flavor. We drizzled cherry balsamic vinegar atop it and it really came alive. Sporting the Pioneer woman casserole dish! 😉 Available at your favorite Walmart. Two sizes come together for a pretty low price.

Little Bit in for a nap.

Well, I need to get going. I overslept but wanted to get my mid week post in while trying to feel better with coffee this morning. Going for another cup and have to get ready. George told me that he had a fever over the weekend. I found the thermometer sitting out. He hadn’t told me. Or anyone I guess. He said he was a sinus infection. Now not knowing this I have eaten after him and drank after him and have not kept my distance. So now I’m starting to feel bad. Ugh.

Anyway better than the Japanese virus eh?

And Friday we are going to get the cow and pig in KY and have to hurry back for a Memorial at 1 p.m. for our next door neighbor. I’m not convinced that we can do it. But it will be what it will be.

Anyway hopefully the day will bring more energy. There is a lot to do at work. I needed to have had more of the data to do my reporting on last week but most of it coming in this week when I have payroll. There’s no way to do all the reports in the short amount of time given. I’m making a shot at it. But you can only do so much with the time you have. It’s just a busy time of the year. I hope we make deadlines. The deadline is tomorrow.

Yee ha. Hope I’m not coming down with something being that is the case. Things don’t often work out when you are down to the last minute to do things. I am a planner and prefer not to call it this close. But most of it beyond my control. It too, will be what it will.

I’ll just drink from my mule mug and go on.

Weekends go by too Fast for us Geeky Introverts

We had a wonderful game night with friends at Paul and Judy’s Saturday evening. I’m trying to enjoy it, our time with this group because Paul and Judy could be moving soon as they are already working on the progress of this process. It makes me sad for us but happy for them.

Judy made the most wonderful lasagna. One has to has to have seconds!

So good extra was made so Paul could have it while Judy goes out of town this week.

I made the Italian salad, which was quite simple but had a great taste, I thought.

I used the big shaved parmesan and it had pepperoni (chopped) in there. The dressing was a dijon vinaigrette that you pour over right before eating and then add the croutons.

And the bread was awesome. YUM!

And Mr. Albert is always awesome, the sweet baby! He’s getting older, but he’s a cutie. And the turtle caramel cream pie was divine after a couple of rounds of LCR.

No big gambling games here. We use quarters. I think we’ve all been passing around the same few quarters for about two years now. lol. Usually Joe and Cheryl end up with most of our quarters. They had to get bigger jars this year and they may have to go bigger next time, lol. You can play with pennies or even buttons if you choose, lol. The concept is fun. A true game of chance.

Came home, slept so good. And then could not believe that the dogs let us sleep until 7:30. I had to make sure they were alive. Had coffee, and a relaxing morning that flew faster than a Porche on an open road in California.

Before I knew it, it was past time for me to go and get my toes and nails done if I wanted to beat the crowds. Actually most of the crowds ended up getting there as they opened and then it all slowed down. There are some new places in town near by – plus it was a cold dreary day. So either no one was out or they are losing some business or both. I may try the new place myself sometime just to see what it’s like.

Kinda fun wearing flip flops when it’s in the 40’s outside, lol. I’m sure people at Subway and in the parking lot thought I was an idiot. But when you get your toes done, you have to wear them or they’ll smudge.

I did the dip with my nails. I decided to do something different. I like the way they feel better than the solar version. The dip is more expensive. So I may not do this always. But I can get more choices of colors. I took a pic and sent to George and let him know I was at Subway and then headed to the Home store b/c when you do both nails and toes you are in there forever. I like to get my toes done separate so I can sit there and be on my phone and do email and catch up on social media. But they put my nails in aluminum foil to soak to loosen the previous polish so I couldn’t move my hands. lol Oh well.

The wrap at Subway was really good and I’ll get that instead of the bread again. But I was really disappointed they did not have ice tea made. They were cleaning it and letting it soak. It was the only reason I got the combo and then all they had were drinks with either sugar or fake sugar. I got the Vitamin Water as it was the least sweet. I could be wrong there, but I made the best decision I could. I DID let the guy know I wouldn’t have gotten the combo if I had known they didn’t have ice tea. They need to do their cleaning/soaking after hours and not on customer time. This was the Mount Juliet location at Walmart if any Subway bots are reading, lol.

I went to the home store looking for something to put in the kitchen on the wall where there is a blank spot next to the new bulletin board. Nothing I was enthralled with so I didn’t settle. But I did come home with this plant for my office. I wasn’t sure where it would go at the time but this is where it landed.

Notice picture of Mom beside it.

When I got home George had made three meat pies for our Sun night dinner- well, They were made with mixture of deer meat, pork, and beef. Very good. We recently had meat pies that were bought from somewhere from a fundraiser and we really enjoyed them. Just plain meat pies. You can add veggies along side to go with. Makes a really good meal. Yes, we have leftovers.

I spent the afternoon in my office working on organizing my life. I spent more time organizing it than doing it. lol. Because I’m geeky like that. No really, I do think I get a lot done. If I didn’t do this on the weekends though I’d be in such a tailspin.

I finished our Winter Bucketlist finally now that one of the three months are gone. Oh well. The aftermath of the holidays and the business of the last quarter, took all month to recover.

Here was the fall Bucketlist for starters to revisit. We did pretty good.

There are more things that are sure than death and taxes. Apparently I keep eating good food and don’t meet my weight loss goals. lol. But I’ll keep tweaking at that. At least I am not gaining the 5 lbs every year like I was after the holidays. Amazingly I only gained 1 lb through the holidays but I had gained about 5-7 before the holidays began beginning in August when we celebrated George’s birthday and began a big long stretch of eating bad (good) things. But I keep this on the list and I will keep trying to tweak and get better. My system helps!

And here’s the Winter Bucket List. George threw a lot of restaurants on there. I think we won’t go to all the Asian restaurants but I think we will be going out on Friday nights a lot as we will hit several of them. Usually they are pretty reasonable at the Asian restaurants. I should throw Mexican on there but didn’t. I’ll put it on the summer list, I guess. I really love my Mexican meals – I can get fajitas and it won’t be too bad.

I like doing this b/c it keeps us focused when we “do” our weekends.

So I have really been having to do and redo my long list every weekend, refusing to put it in excel (I don’t have excel anyway on the iMac) but I found an app that does a listing system exactly the way I do it. And I paid for the option to have it on my iMac and my phone – crazy but you had to pay for EACH app to sync to the cloud version. And that was worth it to me. Also it downloads to PDF and I can print. I’m in heaven! Now I don’t have to do all that writing by hand on the weekends and can have a paper copy to mark off and add to and then on the weekends I just add it to the iMac and reshuffle some. But it even has a due date and reminder feature (and notes) so it’ll actually move itself into the urgent column as the timing nears. I LOVE THIS! WHERE HAS IT BEEN ALL MY LIFE? It’s called the Focus Matrix app.

Ha! You can see the beginning of my Isagenix Essay as my Evernote app is open in the background. lol I gained 1 lb from the beginning of my Isabody Challenge (enter pics, weight, essay and get $200 in free product). But I don’t do the Isagenix as I should – otherwise I’d be continuing to lose. It’s the struggle b/w being an ALL OUT FOODIE and married to one, and having my cake (literally) and eating it too. Somehow though doing really well at maintaining considering all we eat so there’s that. Also have to work at getting exercise in on the schedule.

One thing I love about the Mac is having the ability to multitask and having a lot of things open at once. Had never really thought about that when we got it but it’s very helpful.

I put an orange sticky over the camera b/c I came in one day to see the FaceTime app up and viewing myself on it. Weird. So now if it was really somewhere there, they only see orange. lol I did stick my tongue out at them. But I think it was just a glitch. But certainly weird as I’d not had that app open. They didn’t see much during that time if it was someone as I wasn’t in here.

Well, I better go. I don’t have a lot of time before I have to leave. It will be a busy week this week. I have payroll of course and then was finally given Friday the things I needed to do the unemployment filings all due by the 31st. Of course I have to stop and do payroll so…it didn’t really give me a chance to get much of these done so we’ll be riding the line. Then I have all those year end reports to do. It’ll be a miracle if in on time. I will do my best, but really wasn’t given much of an opportunity to work on them. I needed to have been working on them all last week too but didn’t have the data. OH well. It will be what it will be. I will get done what I can with the time I have and that is all one can do.

Ya’ll have a great week. I will try to pop in about mid week. I think we will be going to get the cow this weekend in KY and we have our neighbor’s memorial at 1:00. I really do not see how we will have time to do both. The cow and pig is slaughtered and being smoked so we will have to go pick it up I think. But it’s a round trip of 5 hours. He said we’d have to get up early Saturday morning. Oh dear.

Ya’ll have a good one! What you up to this week? Anything on your to do list? I just wish I had another day. I have more I wanted to do this weekend.

Blogging my Saturday Away!

It’s here! Wonderful Saturday. One of two days of getting to do one’s own agenda. At least I love what I do on the other days now. But there is nothing like doing what you want!

The past couple of weeks I have not felt good at times. I think mostly it is not getting enough sleep and rest, and not getting the right nutrition. The days have been gloomy in January for the most part and no doubt my B’s and D’s are down as well. In January I’ve been poor at getting the vitamins in, too cold to drink shakes – but I did better this week and started to improve some. On the flip side, I ate a half pint of Jeni’s Savanah Butternut ice cream Thursday night and had lots of breads and pastas this week. On Friday I could hardly move. I had random pains throughout the day. It started with my right ankle. I limped into work – took vitamins, drank shake, and the hurt went away. But moved into my arm and into my wrist. Geez. I wanted to take something but didn’t. I wanted to sleep but couldn’t.

So I decided to go eat lunch. I was waiting on someone else to be able to do my part of the filings for the month (Kinda nervous about the timing as I don’t have much time to do it in now). So since nothing was ready I decided it was another good day to go out for lunch. They are so few and far between and this was two days in a row! I feel like a normal person now, lol.

I love to get away when I can and have a meal at Logan’s. Even if I am by myself. I get to sit and think and just take a few minutes. It’s a lot like meditation only you get to eat while you do it – MY KIND of MEDITATION! lol

Let me tell you, this MEDITATION of salmon was as good as it looks. That was only half of it. I was going to half it (and did) to save half for later. But I devoured the entire thing as if I’d not eaten in 3 weeks. And rightly so. When you look at the nutrition in your frozen lunches or canned soups, what all do you see? Yeah that is right. Not much in there. I can’t do shakes for lunch. But may have to go back to doing tuna or something just to get something good in me at lunch. I loved my salmon, broccoli and since I’d not felt good I really really wanted a baked potato with just butter. And yes I scooped all that big chunk of butter out as it was too much. But I enjoyed this little treat out yesterday and when I got back the information I’d been waiting on was there, as was a huge stack of checks to sign. I immediately began to feel better but it took about an hour or so for the arm and wrist to quit hurting. I also added our BEA energy drink with it’s naturalness and tons of vitamins and nutrition – and then despite all the writing and computer work – the aches and pains were gone. I don’t know what I’d do without my nutrition system. It comes to the rescue every time. That and helping me find my way to healthier food options for the knife and fork meals.

Speaking of…we have some new products out that are available today and I will be placing my order! 😉

There is a new BEA drink, more harvest thins which I hear taste like croutons, and those peanut butter bites – oh heavens yes! And a new chocolate. And somehow when I placed an order last week, I got free chocolates. I think it was a mistake, but I’ll keep it! 😉

So yeah, last week was hard on the health front – a few aches and pains reminding me that when I eat bad I pay for it. And I’ve allowed sugar to enter my world also and I can get away with a little but I’ve had way too much sugar, bread, enriched flour – and that is not good for my body. It did my Dad the same way. He realized he had to eat healthier too. At least I had my nutrition. I bet my Dad would have loved my nutrition program. He was pretty good at enjoying network marketing too. We could have teamed up. But anyway, this is now and he’s not here anymore. I have to resist wanting to share and sell it again b/c it’s just wonderful stuff. But people think it’s a gimmick and it is expensive but it’s my meds and it’s hard to get good nutritionally packed food when you are on the go so much. When I eat that I spend less at the store. lol So it evens out. Except that George and I eat very well at home so we end up spending $ on good meals in the evening. (Cow, pig, seafood, chicken, turkey etc. with all the sides).

Despite not being on my best game this week, with side tracks from my nutrition and the subsequent pain from it, I have marked a few things off my to do list. And I’ve added quite a few more on it.

The jewelry was polished with the silver polish which has to be done every couple of years or so. I love sterling jewelry and some is better than others. But my favorites are nice and shiny now. I also looked up a few recipes to try for the upcoming weeks, and got a few plans made with dates on the calendar with friends.

I really like my to do lists now made with a cross. So that I put in the first column the immediate to do lists and the rest of the three sections go out in time. It keeps things on the horizon so I don’t forget but doesn’t crowd out the first section. So yeah about once a week I redo the to do list and reprioritize and add and take away. I probably should have it on excel so I don’t have to write so much, and could just move it over, but I really kind of like the handwritten approach.

And my to do list today is quite busy. So much so that I should not be sitting here at this almost 10 a.m. hour. But as always I have to have my blog time and I’ve spent about three hours blogging now b/w this blog and my private one. Sometimes I have to purge but since folks can’t handle truth in black and white very well, I have to use the private one. Things people say every day to one another can’t be used in writing b/c it makes you suddenly evil if you do. The truth has to be hidden so no one else sees it, lol. (Rolling eyes here so big they almost got stuck.) The to do lists are becoming a little more fun and less harried/hurried. I like that.

Today or this weekend?

  • Make an Italian salad for tonight’s dinner with friends
  • Post my “Book Challenge” on FB (Books that impacted me)
  • Write out the Winter Bucketlist
  • Take photos for the Isabody Challenge so I can get my $200 free product and tee shirt
  • Write the little mini essay that goes with it.
  • Do my Isagenix order
  • Look up that Orzo Recipe
  • Print out the Lasagna recipe I found
  • Order Reverse Osmosis Water for my eye glasses
  • Buy rest of Christmas gifts for our friend time in Feb
  • Still need to get George to go with me to neighbors to schedule time to take them to dinner or take their dinner to them one night. We have failed at this effort.
  • Get my nails/toes done at the salon tomorrow.
  • Clean house
  • Do laundry
  • Wrap a baby gift as the shower is next week

Stuff that is still on the list for some other rainy day:

  • Order kitchen wall decor for my empty spot or use the pic frame I have with Texas pics in them (I think I will go with this).
  • Fix the office decor at home (bulletin board in the wrong spot) – and I’ll have a blank wall to fill.
  • Plan Amelia Island trip
  • Update Netflix list
  • Drivers Lic update
  • Plan dinner with Richard and Kathy
  • Fill my calendar with 2020 birthday reminders (a month ahead)
  • Plan date to start back to church now that holidays are over, job has been learned, and hibernation month is over.
  • Add ELO to my iPod/Play on iTunes for fun
  • Get my car’s dent fixed
  • Go to the Home Store and shop for decor for the house (looking for good deals)
  • Magazine project
  • Have neighbors over (all of them for a meal sometime)
  • Do a Bible Study
  • Figure out how to save files/photos on my iMac w/o it being in the cloud.
  • Figure out how to make graphics or if I’ll use Parallel. Prob gonna use parallel.
  • Get some time with Mom in on the calendar for Feb, March, and also in April.
  • Let everyone know the dates in May for the trip – got busy and hadn’t done that yet.
  • Check out a book someone recommended
  • Check into a fall trip – cabin in the mountains getaway near Asheville NC
  • Find the AT trail journals to read that a friend recommended.

Much of that is stuff you have seen but I do that for me as much as anything! I like it when less critical things are showing up. Life is hard enough as it is w/o having too much to do in spare time.

I do want to focus on what I need to be focusing on – following God’s will too and still being able to enjoy some down time.

And I’m going to get started on this late day already by diving in.

What all is on your to do list?

Perceptions and Opinions

Poppin’ in to say Hello and to give big exciting shouts of joy that it is Friday. So tomorrow I have a chance of sleep and a chance to do something I want to do for longer than an hour’s stretch. I really could use a vacay day and don’t feel that great today. I considered doing a last minute vacay but I won’t. I will just try to deal with the day.

I am sitting here in the waffle robe, drinking coffee in my Chip and Jo Jo Magnolia cup and blogging, so life is wonderful for a few minutes, until I get lost in my writing, look up at the computer’s clock and realize “holy batman, I gotta hurry”. Then I remember how many hours I’ve put in over the course of the last six months and that I’m over 55 and then I don’t (hurry, that is). It’s not that I’m ever late – it’s rare when I’m late – but just that I don’t get there early.

Along that train of thought, I also realized I’d been around someone that was talking about “leaving early” and we should be dedicated not to do so. It made me think of all the times that I say on this blog that I am leaving early or left early to do ___________. I thought, you know, if that person reads my blog they are probably getting an inaccurate perception and it’s my fault by my own choice of words. I probably won’t use that phrase any more. I often say “I left early today to go get nails done” etc. But that can be fixed. Real quick going forward. So let’s just get this straight right now! When I say I am leaving early. It really means “I’m not staying late today”. My hours are in – far far in. lol. It simply means I’m not giving up my total day up today like I did yesterday and all those other days. Some days you have to do what you have to do. Some days you have to go to the grocery after work, and mostly for me – I decided (to not to go get a life – whatever that is) but to just to go groom myself, which does require time to do and is very difficult for women to do on Saturday as it take two or three times longer when we are to be cleaning house, doing laundry and getting ready for the next work week.).

You know what…. Why do I worry about other’s perceptions when I’ve spent about 10 years or so trying not to? Sometimes I dive back in to worrying about what others think. It’s really a waste of time. And unproductive. It’s also unproductive on others parts when they have false perceived themselves, lol. I’m not really too worried about it. It was just a thought I had and then wondered if they were talking about me. We all do that. I think it’s more of a caring about what people think but when I blog about it – it seems more like a worry. But, at the end of the day, you really can’t live your life or measure your life against someone’s opinion of your life. That’s all hog wash for sure. It’s your life, if they get it wrong – then they simply do. If you get a fallout from that or a backwash from that – then you do, you tattle to God and let Him know and then He will just go fix it, and make it better. There is really not much we can do about what others think or the ideas that one develops.

But all that said, I will still write this…..I decided “not to work late today” instead of I left early – b/c to me since I normally am one of the last 3 or 4 in the building get used to being there as a norm – and if I leave at an earlier time than normal, it’s easy to say “I left early” – but I guess it gives the wrong impression for those that don’t know better or have a clue what I do. So…. I guess those are the better words. WE all know, once someone gets something in their head, it seems to get stuck there. So one thing I have learned over the years is that people are going to think what they want to and develop their own opinions. I do as well. I often have to be convinced as well too otherwise once I’ve made up my mind so I get it. Facts. People often don’t get them before they develop or state their opinions. Me included. But I do at least base my opinions of others on the way I’m treated. Those are concrete facts.

Opinions….hmmmm…I think we develop most of our opinions from how we are treated. And God commands us to turn the other cheek, love people anyway, and to be nice in return so that God’s love and his glory can be seen and shared. Lord this is so hard sometimes when people are so ugly, rude, selfish, overbearing, ignoring you, not trusting you, accusing you….it’s even wrong of me, says the Lord, for me to sit and count the ways as I often do in my head. And for the love of Pete, it is very difficult not only to not think it, but to not share what you think when people mistreat you. Some days you really have to bite your lips. As for me, I will go and go and go and keep it all in until one day it combusts and it just all comes out.

It is true that others have to OWN their actions or lack thereof. I can only control myself and hope that others develop an accurate opinion of me. I can only take that action or comments that people make to me as a good thing or a bad thing which helps me develop my own opinion of another. And this leads to why do we even place judgment on others? I guess that is a whole other blog post? (Protect ones self, decide who you want to be around and who you don’t, lol).

When you have, over time, received a lot of bad receptors – well the others that gave it – just have to own it. I can only process what is on the receiving end. If you are a sour puss and have treated me badly over and over again, I’m probably not going to have grand thoughts of love for you going on in my head. lol. If you have ignored me, I’m probably not going to be too fond of you either. If you have been nice to me I’m probably going to think you are a pretty good person. And this is the kind of stuff you write about on a gloomy winter day when there is nothing going on and you just start writing and thinking of things to say.

The girls, heaven forbid us do this, lol, as it’s been said it’s “frowned upon” but we actually went to lunch…to celebrate one of our coworker’s birthday. We went to Mission BBQ.

It was a great lunch of brisket, Mac and cheese, slaw and a corn muffin, and ice tea.

Sorry, don’t like taking pics of the people, but I wanted a pic of the inside of the restaurant and I pointed it as upwards as I could without just getting the ceiling. lol

And that is all she wrote for today.

You Still Awake?

Ahhh, well the big deal this week – again- is sleep. Roger has itched, scratched, and dug, and has not been able to sleep. It’s been like having a newborn. A few things have changed in the last month or so. He wants to go to bed with me but yet wants to stay up with George and so he’s been up and down and up and down – waking me each time as our bed is tall and he is a short fellow. So to get where he wants he has to be taken. However, if determined, he WILL jump off the bed and then he’ll be limping for days b/c he just can’t handle the jump. I’m afraid he’ll try and hurt himself so when he gets near the edge of the bed I can’t sleep then either.

He’s been given the Benadryl (thought about taking it myself but I hate to take anything beyond vitamins and my BP pill and I would really like to get off that). The Benadryl helped him sleep some over the weekend but didn’t phase him on the main night he was having issues night before last. George says he will get off early and take him to the vet to be checked on. It’s probably allergies. The bath over the weekend seemed to really fire him up and bother him instead of soothe him. He’s been itching in high gear since then. But he will get up wag his tail and be happy. He will moan and groan when it keeps bothering him. I’m thinking it’s just b/c like a human, he gets tired of itching and scratching.

Anyway, ya’ll have ideas for allergies in dogs? I hate to just change his diet b/c that leads to other issues. We finally found something they love too in the Fresh Pet and so I really hate to take that away. We also feed them Science Diet too.

Night before last Roger did his up and down thing during my 9:30 to midnight “best sleep” time. George came to bed probably sometime b/w 10:30 and 11:00 and I was still awake from Roger being up and down and scratching and digging. When George got in bed he began snoring and it was like sleeping in bed with a chainsaw. He always feels so bad that his snoring keeps me awake. But if I get to sleep in my 9:30 to 1:00 deep sleep, I don’t even notice him getting in bed and I don’t hear him start to snore, and if I wake up I’m usually groggy enough to go back. But if he beats me to sleep – I can’t do it.

I got up the night before last to find my earpbuds that go in my phone and was missing the little doey that connects it to the iPhone as a few years ago Apple changed the shape from a hole to a slit and now you can’t use the regular cord unless you have the little connector piece. Darn them. That was in my desk at work. So I couldn’t drown out the noise. So I really was concerned about having to do payroll on no sleep and decided to save what night was left and move to the sofa. The extra bed in the bedroom had stuff on top and I didn’t want to mess the sheets up in there. The sofa is comfy and so I slept in the living room until 3:30 where Roger had woken George up and George had to take him out. I got up, moved to the bedroom and slept like a baby until the rude alarm went off. I wanted and needed to keep sleeping but payroll called. So I think I had gotten to sleep sometime after midnight and so I got about 3 hours and then a few catnaps.

I was pretty awake though but really began feeling it after lunch. I semi hurried through payrolls so I could get them done before I ended up being thick headed with the need for sleep. My saving grace was that it was an easy week this week with not as much to enter except a few vacations.

I had to laugh when George sent me this email:

So what followed was him offering to move to the guest room if I couldn’t sleep from his snoring. And that we could swap rooms from time to time as we both like our King bed. I told him the only thing that really changed was Roger. If I get to sleep early and stay asleep we are good. I also can’t drink my (natural and vitamin packed) energy drinks with Isagenix after 4. I will drink hot sleepy time tea around 8 before bed. I will take Maisy to bed, shut the door. George will keep Roger with him until he goes to bed. Roger doesn’t get an option any more to sleep with me before George comes to bed. Roger stays with George til he comes to bed. Then I am asleep and can get my sleep.

So this worked last night and made it a normal night. He did go to the edge of the bed which I didn’t notice until I got up this morning so he got up with me instead of staying in bed with George. This adds about 8 to 10 minutes to my morning routine as he is slower, wants more time outside, has to have his buddig sandwich meat on his before he’ll eat his breakfast, and then I have to stand there and make sure Maisy doesn’t eat his after she eats hers. So then George gets up and has to wait for me to get out of the shower as it makes me move into his shower time, but he makes it up b/c he doesn’t have to do all the above with Roger as I’ve done it.

Sooo last night’s sleep was awesome. And the coffee is good. I DID fall asleep during the last bit of Below Deck. George usually wakes me up but I think he didn’t dare do it last night. The Sleepy Time tea kicked in as well as I was really already sleepy and we’d just had a wonderful meal (ham, potato cakes, and asparagus).

We have our Valentine’s set for Valentine’s Day. We are going to do one of the Asian/Pho places around and then on Saturday after Valentine’s we are set for reservations to go out and eat pizza at a place that gets great reviews with Kevin and Susan. I told George on Valentine’s Day I didn’t want to go to Nashville but just hang close in and so we’ve been wanting to go to some of the newer places. WE have not made reservations and actually may not. I don’t expect big crowds at these places and if one is crowded we’ll go on to the next. But at least we have a plan. I DO have reservations for the pizza place though.

Our cow and pig will be ready soon. We may have to go get it Saturday. Not sure if I am going or not. I will not go if threatening snow or if I feel I need to get things done here. We are going to meet up with our Crotchety Gourempt group (yes it’s spelled that way). Don’t know if it’s on purpose or a mistake but that is what we call ourselves. We are getting together Saturday and I’m making the salad. So I have to have time to make that and get laundry done. So we’ll see.

And I guess that is about all that is going on. Despite being tired and sleepy I worked on my to do list some. I have picked my dish for our French meal. It’s a potato au gratin dish made with guereyre (don’t make me look up the spelling, I’m running out of time) cheese. It looks so good. It will be rich but good. You make a cream sauce using some herbs -one is with fresh thyme. I found a good recipe for it and a funny little partner duo that cook, blog, and have their on YouTube show – called “Feeding the Loon” or something like that.

And I have my beefy Mac casserole that I’m making next week for us. The ingredients are on Alexa’s grocery list (she keeps my grocery list). And George and I worked on our bucket list for winter that will take us into spring. I was amazed as George listed off lots of things to do and I was a blank slate. Part of it was I was too sleepy and tired to think. But even as I tried to think of fun things to do and places to go – all I could think of was “I want to stay home and read and watch my shows” or “go visit things out west” (like that is going to happen on a Saturday afternoon, lol). I just enjoy my home time if I’m not traveling. Our excursions are fun but we’ve “excursioned” so much around here that it is not as exciting anymore. So as I filled the list with George’s things to do, I simply thought that…well we will do what George wants to do…and then scribbled in “Read 3 books” for me. It’s just ideas but I didn’t have any. :-(. I also added some time in to spend with Mom. This is a draft copy so no pics yet, but I’ll work on the final this weekend.

Oh, I finished Sally Field’s book and now reading (audiobook) on Captain Lee (the Below Deck captain). It’s pretty interesting. And I better get ready and get myself to work.

Ya’ll have a good rest of the week.

Nashville, Fat Bottom Brewery, and Weekend Tales

This has been a superb and restful weekend, although still beset with errands and chores. The laundry is done, ironing done, vacuuming done and cleaning in this week’s “zones” are done (I’m not home enough to do the whole house at once). Yesterday, we did a Walmart run, something we hardly ever do since we mainly use Kroger, Publix, and Amazon now for our needs. But I had a Walmart gift card to use. And with Walmart, you go in thinking you will run in for a few and a huge buggy and $233 later – you come out on the other end – money and time gone – and you wonder what the hell happened. lol

Arriving home and putting up our purchases, we had just enough time to have some home popped pop corn and watch a show and then we set out for our evening on the town to meet Kevin and Susan, BIL and SIL, in celebration of Kevin’s birthday! I snapped a few pics of our night out. Several of you commented that you really enjoyed seeing pics of Nashville. Most of these taken from the car to the Fat Bottom Brewery where we had both “cheer” and dinner.

I took this one below mainly because the clouds were so pretty.

This woman below must think I’m trying to take a pic of her. I really wanted her out of the way of my pic. lol lol lol Or perhaps she is just admiring the sunset. lol.

The clouds seemed to be on fire as we entered the neighborhood of the brewery.

Fat Bottom Brewery with a noticeably unlit “B”.
Fat Bottom Brewery on a Cold Evening – normally a packed courtyard in summer.
A flight includes 4 small glasses, about the same as a one regular size beer but I like the tastings.
Fat Bottom Brewery

We had a lot of appetizers we split and a couple of main dishes. We waddled out and made another stop on the way home at the Cork Dorks – George’s favorite beer, wine, liquor store. He wanted to show Kevin and Susan the place. I picked a couple of red wines that were suggested for me. George picked a Scotch he’d been wanting.

So then the ride back home. Was hard to get any good shots as I was on the wrong side of the car for that!

Did not sleep too well last night. Roger itched and scratched and did not sleep and kept me awake for a couple of hours. Finally when I was sleeping good, he got up and went to the end of the bed with a moan and it woke me up. So I had to take him out and also Maisy. Then fixed their breakfast and so I was up since 5.

I was able to go back and get a nap – thank goodness – as I just didn’t want to do anything. I also know that we’ve had lack of sun for a chunk of the last couple of weeks and I’ve been spotty about taking vitamins and drinking shakes. So I know my D and B vitamins are down and I can feel it in my spirit and persona.

I’ve pushed myself to finish the housework I wanted to do but feel better after the nap. I will concentrate on getting the nutrients in this week as best as I can. I decided not to cleanse tomorrow. We are trying to eat up contents of the freezer and George has some really good meals planned. Plus last week when I cleansed, I was so hungry for two days after that, I ate just about anything in sight and was pretty “testy on Tuesday”. With a combination of lower vitamin D’s and B’s, on top of a testy Tuesday could spell out a really not so fun payroll day, especially on top of some other zesty things going on. So I think I’ll pass this week on the cleanse.

I had a scare about the freezer in our new fridge this morning. It made some really strange noises this morning – kind of like those hissing ice maker kind of noises. And then it stopped suddenly. I opened the freezer to check on it a few minutes later. The light was out on the freezer and it seemed wet on all the packages instead of frozen. I began wondering if it was thawing. That was about the time George got up. Of course I hit him with it as he was getting up and hadn’t even had time to open his eyes hardly. He acted like I had 3 heads and seemed to think it was fine. He fiddled with it and made it colder and it seemed to be working at that point. The light was on and began making the normal freezer sounds instead of just quietness when you opened it. So whatever happened is fixed. There is ice on everything now and no water droplets. He said maybe it was because he had it open for a while yesterday rearranging. I don’t know. I just don’t know what happened. But as long as it works – we are good. I know it was NOT my imagination as I know the difference b/w frozen food and melting food. I wondered if God (or the devil) was trying to tell us something.

Yesterday we wrote down all the things we currently have in the freezer (or ideas to make from what we have). This is BEFORE we get the pig and the 1/2 of a cow. But George made more room and we think we won’t have to buy an extra freezer now. All this has made me wonder why we are getting the pig and cow, as our freezers are still pretty full – but while we do have a few beef things left – we really don’t have a LOT of beef or pork in our freezer, so this will last for another year I suppose when the cow and pig come in. We will only need the sides and fresh ingredients for the most part. And it’s the good stuff.

So here is the chalkboard I bought and our list of things we already have. That way for a long while we will know what all is in our freezer. We forget and end up eating off the top of the freezer and forget to dig all the way down. The last time we did that we bent the ironing board as we put the meat on it as we dug down. The ironing board buckled and I had to buy another. lol So we did NOT use the ironing board this time. (The freezer is in the laundry room.)

So today George gave Roger a bath – it was really a shower. He can easily take him in the shower in his bathroom – it’s sort of a walk-in shower with a lot of room – nothing modern by any means before you get any visions, lol. WE thought this was soothe him. But quite the opposite. He was very upset and although waggin’ tail and excited, as pets often do after a bath, he was most agitated and uncomfortable. He began moaning and groaning and itching and scratching and the wetness and the shampoo which was some kind of natural shampoo George had, shouldn’t have irritated him, but he was miserable. So we gave him part of a Benadryl and blow dried his hair and George took him out for a romp outside. Then he had a long sleep and has been settled. Bless his heart. But the vet said they couldn’t find anything wrong when he did this before. Maybe the Benadryl will help him for a while. The vet had given us antibiotics and also pain meds when we took him before just as a precautionary deal – in case it was a tooth. I don’t think it’s a tooth as he was so clearly more agitated after the shower.

I’m so happy to have had such a good weekend. And to have time to rest and relax even though it seems we have been busy for a lot of it. I’m going to go on and continue to enjoy what is left of my Sunday. I will do my devo, which I’ve not done yet. And I will look some things up on the internet regarding my recipes, and watch some shows, and do some things on my to do list – won’t get all of that done but will do what I want, I suppose. George is fixing pork chops for dinner from a big pork roast. Giving us quite a bit of freezer space from that one thing. lol.

Oh and I’ve had way too much bread lately as he fixed sausage and biscuits this morning (also from the freezer). Bread is a huge weakness for me now that I know I shouldn’t have it. It seems I’m always saying “well ok during the holidays” or it’s ok to eat one if we go out, or “well it’s a corn muffin it’s got corn in it”. lol Cutting back is so hard. Now I need to exercise but I’m not in the mood b/c I want to do other stuff.

So I will.

Also there is someone sending ugly texts/links to me by creating an email address and sending to my phone number along with 20 other people. Each time I block the email address but they just create another one that is not locked. I deleted it and also have reported them as well. I never click on the link and it’s always easy (and kinda fun) to block them. It’s more amusing to me than it is annoying. It’s just a text. But I’m not sure what kick it brings to the person doing it. It’s a lot of work for them to have to do this and they get nothing for it. lol So I guess it’s better to keep that person entertained with doing that kind of thing so they don’t go off and do worse things? What a sad life though. I don’t have my number out there except I do have anyone as a close friend on FB can see it. It’s also on our phone list and distribution list at work and of course someone could have just randomly picked my number. It’s mainly sent to area codes in Indianapolis, Bowling Green, and Houston. Or someone could just think they are wanting to irritate me but I doubt that. If so it’s not working. It’s just amusing that someone would go to so much trouble. I mean maybe it’s a website that sells sex stuff or something so maybe it’s marketing for that and they make money off of it. I’m not going to find out as I don’t want to visit the link, or to give them the benefit of it. It could also be some kind of hack. But I probably will go in on FB and change who is considered a close friend. Nothing I can do about work. It’s just going to be out there for the masses in our internal system and then it is on my email signature at work. I’ve been lucky til now as people always talk about getting calls and stuff and junk messages a lot. I rarely get them. I think you can also set your phone to where you only allow your contacts to message you. I may do that if I have time. It doesn’t bother me but I’d rather not get them if I had an option not to. If not it only takes a second a hit delete and well – at least someone cared enough to text you. – lol. Bless their hearts.

Anyway, I guess I’ll go do something else on my list now that the blogging is done. The Titans are playing and since I am not a sports fan I’m not watching, but George seems to be happy they have scored some points. He keeps coming to tell me even though he knows I’m not a fan. I hate that I am not a companion in that way, as a spouse that loves sports too, but then again we each have our issues, lol. He is not a companion to me in other ways so….I won’t feel the slightest of guilt about that! At least he cooks for me and I do his laundry and we keep each other entertained and amused. ;-). “Amused” must be the word of the week. I’ve used it several times lately.

An old pic a few years ago. Trying on gardening hats!

Have a good week ahead!

Weekend Time, Cow Update, Insurance Scare, Vacations, and To Do Lists

Saturday is here. Ahhhhh. Free time! When you work FT + commute for 5 days straight, you ARE READY for two days of free time. We all know it is not all really free as there are errands and chores but at least it can be done in whatever order you please! And you have some what of a chance at getting something done on your list.

George had emailed that our cow and pig might be ready today as they called and asked questions about how we wanted it portioned. I had planned on enjoying home time – it’s January hibernation month! So I was not very happy to be giving up a Saturday being that I had looked forward to having a day off and a day in which I could get things done that I wanted to do. George said I didn’t have to go with him to pick it up – but then it’s not ready anyway! So yay! Our freezer is not ready either. Matter of fact, we may have to go buy another freezer just to do this. Which kinda seems selfish to have a full freezer and still be collecting food. However, we have been trying to make room – we have been knocking away at the big items in the freezer such as turkey, ham, big things of chicken, anything in boxes.

So the cow has to “age” and we pick it up. It’ll be half a cow, and a whole pig. We have a freezer in the laundry room, and two fridge freezers. So we have to make room for this. (We are splitting the cow with my BIL and SIL.) We have always enjoyed our freezer and the ability to buy sale meats and store it for later. Fun to go shopping in the freezer for your upcoming meals. But right now sale buying is on hold. And we’ve not done that for a while.

Cody and Katy brought us deer meat from TX when they came home and we are blessed with food. So we have a lot of good meals to look forward to. But this cow and pig are “somewhere in KY” and you can’t plan it – they call and tell you it’s ready and if you have plans you are screwed. lol. I’m a planner and don’t like surprises, but apparently it is ok with everyone else. At least we’ll see when the surprise day comes! As I remember last time – it was not convenient at ALL and was during the holidays and we all had plans and George went by himself. It was a long full day for him. But he got it done. I told him I would go this time – maybe. But I’m a planner and want to know when so I can wrap my head around the fact that I won’t get much time that weekend to recharge, regroup, and get things done at home.

I’ve always been a stickler with my ‘time’. I’ve learned that if you do not guard it with all your might, someone will fill that darn schedule of yours to the brim. Even George, when he discovers I have a day off will often say “why don’t you go do this or that” since you are off. And well if it is necessary or make sense, I will do it as I am a partner in a marriage, however, I cringe – when a coveted planned day off begins to fill.

A lot of people may not understand this, but then again they have not lived in my shoes. I value time like it is gold.

There is also something about my psyche, being more of an introvert that requires down time as I need to recharge. As I understand this need more – I used to think it was about solitude and rest and maybe that is part of it, but I see it as my time to have my own thoughts, make my own plans, my own goals, do things I want to do in my own time, learn new things, do new things – reading, looking up recipes, getting to be me.

We spend much of our time listening to others talk, doing their agendas, and when you are an introvert – you end up doing the extraverts ideas or plans- or your partner’s plans and if you work you are doing someone else’s agenda all week. Only when you have your own time do you start to understand that you matter. You have thoughts and plans of your own, you learn who you are, and what you desire, and what you don’t. You get to be creative and get a say in what recipes get cooked or watch a show you choose to watch. I could go on and on.

Yes all this thought simply because we thought the cow would be ready today. lol That’s how I roll.

The weather outside is truly frightful. It’s 18 MPH sustained winds right now but gusts are up to 30-ish. The wind is whipping against the windows making loud and angry sounds. Supposed to be getting really cold this week. The high tomorrow is 35 and the low 18. The cat, Little Bit, will get to stay in!

HOLD ON here – I gotta go get more coffee!

Ok I’m back. lol

So let’s see – it’s been a work week so not much to tell. Well I could, but I won’t. lol

We had an insurance scare, personally. I got a text my Rx was ready (BP meds) and it was like $147 instead of $5. So I figured I needed to get new insurance info over to Publix and it would be ok. George gave me the new card and I called it in to Publix and the Pharmacist said that was medical insurance but didn’t include prescription insurance. Upon approaching George he said – “oh I hope I enrolled in the right thing – I will check on it tomorrow at work.” Next day comes and I ask about it over email. He hadn’t checked yet and said we could just pay the full price and hopefully he had not filled out his enrollment wrong. I began to get concerned as his answers were not filling me with confidence that we were covered. I called Blue Cross Blue Shield myself to see if they could tell me if there was another company that was a Ryder on to the insurance. They told me it was Express Scripts. Normally your main card has the Rx info on it too for convenience but it was scaring me b/c it did not. Express Scripts said we were canceled as of 12/31/19. George was saying “ahhhh it’s ok if we have too we can pay the full price all year and I’ll select Rx coverage next year”. Ennhhhhhnnnnnhhh – wrong answer! I explained that it’s not about just an Rx but what if one of us has an issue come up and are in the hospital or have to have more meds – nope- no Rx coverage is not going to happen. I could not do anything until I knew we had coverage so as I was trying to find info out on my own since he was not worried about it – and was getting more anxious (and frustrated) by the minute. I didn’t have anyone to call and was going to have to figure out on my own, I figured, at his company to get answers. And finally he sent over something from his packet that told me we had a separate Rx card and so I was able to go on line with this new Rx company and get a temporary card. That night George looked in his packet and said “oh look, here it is, our new Rx cards”.

Needless efforts and anxieties – but when one thinks they are not covered on insurance properly – one must take action. No information = wasted time. That was probably my biggest “grrrrrr” moment of the week.

I guess there were other grrr moments the last couple of days, but mostly the week was good and any other grrrr factors of the week were just amusing. The kind where you go “hmmmm, that’s interesting” and develop your own opinions and keep them to yourself.

I had a doc appointment as well. My BP was incredibly down – matter fact it was a little low. The change in job is doing me well! There have been moments this week where I said “Thanks be to God for giving me this other path to go down”. No longer do certain situations “get to me”, or make me mad, anxious, or are allowed to “play on me” like it did before. I can flick it off like a crawling tick as it makes its way across my life. And that feels so good. The stress factor is down and that is good to see it show in my numbers. I have to wait for my numbers for the sugar and and the cholesterol and all that. I am not expecting for them to magically improve given that we just came off the holidays, and I’m a few pounds over instead of under, which he so stated by announcing I must have enjoyed the holidays. I retorted back that he had to take off 2 lbs per shoe as my shoes and socks were heavy and last time I had weighed barefoot by taking my sandals off. lol

I have almost completed my thoughts on the 7 books challenge. My SIL tagged me on FB before the holidays. I knew this was something I wanted to do b/c I was interested in seeing what 7 books I would come up with as something that was profound or really made an impact on me. WE are not allowed to give a review of the book, but I will probably give how I think it impacted me being that it’s not worth doing if you can’t share that. But it’s the 7th one. I cannot think of the 7th book that has made an impact on me. I will kick myself later – however, one can argue if you can’t think of it – perhaps it didn’t really make that big of an impact. lol. Anyway, I will begin doing this on Facebook and once finished I will come here and list the 7. Many of you are also following me on FB and so I don’t want to give the suspense away as I post each day – if you even see my post.

Speaking of Facebook – it used to be such a valuable piece of my day. I started the day with it, ended the day with it and had various interactions at times. It’s still important as it provides a connectivity to the largest number of folks in a quick manner. But I’m finding that my interest in getting on there is just minimal now. I mean I may have like 87 alerts or something when I get on. lol So many I probably miss them all. I’ve had to set up comments to my posts as a banner alert so I won’t miss it – hopefully – as sometimes it’s hard to go back and see all the alerts. I am also terrible about birthdays now too. I miss them on there a lot.

We are having a baby shower on the 31st at work for one of my coworkers (my former assistant) and I am making the hot ham rolls for the event. I think I have to do it in the crock pot though so I can keep them warm. I’ve only made these once I think. But they were heated in the oven. So I guess I’ll look up recipe for crock pot version. Otherwise, they won’t be hot as our shower is in the p.m. at the end of a work day. And microwave bread doesn’t cut it. lol. I’m kinda scared to be given this assignment so I may have to test it at home first. lol I don’t want a soggy embarrassing mess. I was thinking of something simple like chips and salsa – but I will try to do what is asked of me. It may or may not go well. Just have to figure out how to make them hot but not soggy. lol. I have already ordered the baby gift from Amazon.

So George surprised me this week with “I’m ready to pick out our vacation week”. So we did. Both of us have it verbally approved for a week in mid May. We wanted to go before the summer rates hit and before hurricane season starts. It’s still spring rates I think before Memorial Day. May is a beautiful time to go. So we will be planning to go around the area where my Aunt and Uncle live and take Mom. She can see her sister if it is a convenient time for them. And we all can! We have offered to let her stay with us if not a good week. I’ve not discussed with anyone yet in the family the exact dates. But had to pick a week that was not quarter end, that worked with my boss to do payroll that week. NO week is good for me to be out, but it has to be dealt with b/c no one is in my department of payroll but me – but I do need to be able to use my benefits. Most of the time it’ll be Thurs and Friday’s. However, as Mom needs more and more care – I can see that this may be a problem. When emergencies happen or urgent doc appointments arise you can’t always pick your days. They have us so slim in the office that when one person is out it really places havoc on the rest of the crew. Mom is having more and more of an issue trying to get people to take her to doc appointments for her eyes where she gets shots in the eyes. I have offered but need to know in advance. We have family members there in town that have excused themselves from taking any responsibility. I have always offered to help do these but of course not everyone realizes that so I’ve become the bad guy to some. Anyway, I know that with aging parents and aging selves – it’s going to be bad some day when it all hits and once. But it will be what it will be. If one is not prepared or set up for emergencies then one is just not. :-O Not to mention ice and snow. Both of which I do not drive in. So I hope to hell we don’t have a snow storm on Mon or Tues. And no emergencies on Mon and Tues. It’s hard enough to have planned vacay on them. lol. Picking a good time to go is hard.

So – what is on the To Do list?

It’s much simpler and more fun these days with not so much critical stuff hanging over time wise, now that the holidays are over. Too much happening at once make it much less fun I tell you. Even my doctor said how stressful the holidays were for him. I think it is for everyone to tell you the truth. So there is the list:

  • Look up a Chili Mac recipe for casserole version.
  • Look up hot ham rolls in the crockpot
  • Look up some French recipe ideas for our get together with Don and Lisa in Feb.
  • Fix Orzo salad.
  • Polish my silver earrings so I can wear them.
  • Do our winter bucket list. I’m lagging behind.
  • Use Walmart Card
  • Order gifts on line for something coming up
  • Use my $25 Walmart card
  • Upload my Audible credits
  • Upload my iTune credits
  • See if Kathy and Richard want to do dinner to celebrate their retirements. This has been on our list forever (holidays and birthdaying and hibernate mode)
  • Set my 2020 calendar up with birthdays for this year so nothing forgotten as my memory gets smaller and smaller.
  • Pick our Valentine’s locale and make reservations
  • Put some ELO on my iPod if not already there. George listened to them recently and they are really better than I remember.
  • Look up a recipe for lasagna – as I have never made it and want to.
  • Get my car fixed with that big dent on the side.
  • Plan the Amelia Island area trip
  • And I am hoping to do a mountain trip this fall as well for just a long weekend (Thurs/FRi/Sat/Sun) with a cabin rental getaway. I hope we can. But with the other two trips planned – George may not want to.). I want to do a cruise next Jan or Feb. :-O. These are just mainly on the lists as possibilities.
  • I need to catch up on reading, writing projects, Bible studies, and shows.
  • Oh and the upgrade to my drivers license which I figure I’ll focus on in Feb. but we have til October.
  • Passport – I really want to get one – you never know when it might be needed as global as our world has become.

And that is probably enough fun stuff for a while.

We had birthday celebrations for us January gals at the office.

The webcam in Frankfort LA of the bottling company is pretty fun to watch:

And this boat in Boston is nice. I never see anyone on it. But a great shot! lol

These are coming from The Web Camera app I’ve been talking about.

And I’m leaving you with Maisy and Roger down below. Roger has been a little unsettled this week due to something itching him or bothering him. We are getting Benadryl today. Going to the grocery later. That wind is something else right now. I thought it was going to bust through the window and come get me.

Well, going to go and enjoy the day here at home. We do have to go to the store and do some birthday’ing today with BIL and SIL later on. It’s my BIL birthday!

What all you have planned for the weekend?