Taking a Little Goof Off Break

MMMMM, that coffee is good this morning! I could have slept and slept. I was awake between 12:30 and 1:30 and had to pray and take deep breaths and a few squirts of the Isagenix Sleep Spray that has melatonin in it to get back to sleep. When the alarm went off I did not want to get up. I could do a nose dive on the lap top right now.

Cleanse day went well Monday. I was able to get through it. We finished our wrapping Monday night – other than the two gifts coming in and gift cards. Also spent some time Monday thinking about food and the timing of when to have what. Not everything complete there but working on some ideas – like what to have when Katy arrives for Cocktail Hour and then what to have for Christmas dessert and what dessert to have for the Birthday couple. Main meals already planned out, but getting the grocery list up.

Yesterday I was able to get all 4 payrolls closed in record time. This is because everyone sent PTO’s on time and everyone checked and fixed time entries and piece work issues and all was smooth. Only had one issue to fix where a plant had entered an October date that was showing on the payroll but they responded with a quick fix and I was back in business. This will hopefully give me time, which I’ve not had, to try and file a couple of updated unemployment tax returns for the difficult “tax” state of Oregon where there are multiple taxes – a city tax, trimet tax, and so on. I will get as far as I can – and will have to ask for help for the rest. By Friday I hope to have time to work on it since I’ve finished the payroll early by a couple of hours.

Last night after work I went to the grocery store for a quick run, mainly because we needed Fresh Pet and Buddigs (sandwich meat). The dogs will eat us alive if we don’t have those things available. They also have Buddigs twice a day for a “meat treat” delight – which started mainly to wrap up heart meds for Tugie but all got their own bite too. Now Tugie is gone but the doggies look at us like “where is my meat treat?” so “meat treat” time continues. They still eat Science Diet in the mornings, sprinkled with Fresh Pet bites. And Roger has to have a bite of Buddig on his Fresh Pet too or he won’t begin eating. He will look at you and wag his tail and plead with his eyes, till you have built his dish completely. They have trained us well.

When I got back from the store, even though I mainly needed pet food – I came back with a couple of work lunches, bread, sandwich meat (for us, lol), and black bean hummus, and – yeah I was hungry. Also needed a few things low on like mustard, laundry detergent, and a few other supplies. I carried all I could and had George go down and get the three bags that was left. And this was sparing -as most of the list will wait til Saturday to do. I enjoy going to the store and taking a little tour through.

Anyway – once home last night I was zonked. We have been going non stop. And with things coming together – and after we finished one of our little Christmas projects – I sat in the recliner, grabbed my iPad and played games til dinner was ready. I had hit a wall. Then we watched Below Deck and I played Blockaduko until my battery ran down in the iPad. Finally (and probably later than normal) we took dogs out and I went to bed.

And I’m sipping coffee this morning. I told George I’d really like to go out to eat tonight and take a break. He needs to go get something for work so we are going to use one of our gift cards I got so far and go out to eat on it. I just need a night off and a night out. Then we can get back to cleaning and final touches and the final schedule of what time to cook what.

I’m taking my vitamins now and drank my “Isagenix Fruits” yesterday. I am taking a salad for lunch today (a kit I bought). But my energy is waning a bit by days end. Or perhaps it’s just that my “will” is waning. I get about 3 miles of walking in a day (just going about the house or intervals of moving about at work b/w restroom, breakroom, taking things to HR, or filing things, etc.). So it’s a fairly active day I guess. I don’t know how other people compare. I’m always on my feet at home but take breaks mid day on Saturday for an hour or so and then again at end of day – I like some recliner time watching a show or playing a game for a few minutes. Always up though and moving about – doing laundry or something.

Anyway, that is about all I know. I’m going to go get more coffee, get the makeup on, the hair done and scoot out for the day. I am doing the “after payroll” stuff today which is: Letting the plants know how the schedule will work with the payroll closing for this current week we are in and what to expect on the timing of things. I will stuff Nashville’s checks. Not sure why I do it and not the plant when the other plants stuff theirs, but it is something I actually enjoy doing after heavily concentrating on payroll – it’s fun to do something completely mindless when it’s over. I’ll pay the federal 941 taxes, and all the state withholding taxes that are due on a weekly basis, and upload 401k and also will prep (reconcile) for the Thursday check run where I pay the garnishment agencies for all the garns, wage assignments, and credit union too for what came out of payroll. I think this will take most of the day. Tomorrow and Friday I’ll do my check run and will fill payroll requests as needed, and begin working on the next payroll and catching up on those returns and coding PTO’s and prepping for 2020. We have our Employee Christmas Meal tomorrow and it’s pasta! ๐Ÿ˜‰

OK off to the coffee! And would like to ask Travel Prayers and Blessings for those traveling this weekend: Katy and Cody traveling and also my Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken. And we will get to see them soon. But I worry about them being on the roads. My Aunt Martha comments on the blog under the name of CocosMom.

Your Christmas coming together???? Do you ever stop to goof off in the midst? lol

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  1. Will pray for those traveling and glad your payroll went so smoothly that makes it sound like you are really in the swing of things now enjoy you evening out

  2. So funny how the doggies look forward to their treats. I tend to goof off when tired or stressed. I think everyone does. This time of year is so busy. I have family coming for Christmas. So I am dusting and making house shine. It will be nice to have everyone for Christmas dinner.

  3. your dogs act just like our kitties do. the routine continues day afte day. sometimes we like to change things up… but they aren’t having it. just like your pups. haha. sounds like you’ve got everything under control at the office. and getting out for dinner will be a nice reward for all you’ve gotten done on the home front too. enjoy. i’ll be sending prayers for safe travels for your family. take care.

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