Christmas Decor, White Chili, and BlockaDoku

I just had to pop in this morning and say “hello”. I finally did the blog logo for Christmas. Now to get the house decorated. lol. Since I’m behind, I’m really enjoying everyone else’s. Here is the tree at work.

I had to go get my permanent crown in yesterday afternoon and there is my dentist office’s tree, along with Kramer of course.

Not a lot to tell this week but….after the dentist I went to the store and did a huge store run. Some of it was we were out of stuff for being gone for over a week and then we have Secret Santa at work and then I bought stuff for white chili. I still need to go to Kroger for some more Secret Santa stuff and maybe another place or two. I also want to make cookies for the cookie swap next week. I know I really don’t have time but I want to make chocolate oatmeal. It’s easy and no bake and they are so good. We don’t need the sweets though. But I may donate mine. Oh, I also bought some Crescent dough and I’m inspired to roll up my own cinnamon rolls. I have been craving them. And inspired by the British Baking Show (although no comparison), I’ll be making those this weekend. I also bought stuff at the store to make a salad with blue cheese, grilled chicken, and honey roasted almonds. I’ll make a vinaigrette over it. Also wanted to make a black bean, mexicorn salad (cold salad) and you put grilled chicken on it and a vinaigrette with cilantro. So these things have been rolling around in my head for a while to fix.

I made white chili last night enough for two nights. A pretty quick fix since most of it was canned and also the chicken was a rotisserie chicken and I chopped it up. It was good. Salty though b/c of so much being canned. I need to remember to try and get a less salty version. But it was great.

White Chili

Now that we have our dinner for tonight also (it made enough for us to have 2nd’s and for two nights). I put mozzarella cheese on top and blue tortilla’s. So tonight we will be bringing all the Christmas stuff up. I like for it all to be up and then I put Christmas music on, light a good smelling winter candle, and start diving in. We won’t have to cook tonight so maybe I can get a head start.

We have dog trims tomorrow morning. And will run a few errands no doubt and then back to decorating. George is already talking about wrapping but I don’t/can’t wrap until the tree is up. I’m excited!

How ’bout this little snuggle button? My cute little Roger. Since he rested from our trip and back home, he has been so happy and has been playing and running – he got some youth back all of a sudden. I think he is happy to be home and also the cold seems to rejuvenate him a bit. Maisy has been kinda quiet. When we first got home she followed me around everywhere, but now that she sees our suitcases put up she knows we are back to the routine. Sometimes I think she doesn’t feel good – the old age creeping in. But she sure does perk up at dinner time and treat time! I think she is still catching up on her rest.

Blockudoku is a game I’ve been playing – found it while we were on vacation. It’s kinda like Tetris except the pieces don’t fall and you have time to move it where you want but once the piece is placed, you can’t move it. You try to make a block and the block dissapears giving you more space on the board again. Each time a block disapears it gives you points and you try to beat your previous scores. It’s really good while waiting or just trying to relax. I found it worked well when George was driving and traffic was bad and I was a little nervous – I kept focusing on this game instead. I sent the pic to Mom b/c I thought she would like this. So I thought I’d share with you too.

Well I was going to go in early today. I did yesterday. But I wanted to blog today. I’m so glad it’s Friday. I will be working on taxes. I’m pretty much caught up from being gone. I just did everything twice. But I need to do the monthly taxes today as well and 401k uploads and then prep for next week’s payroll. I have some things that are difficult (never done before) that I have to figure out how to do before the end of the month. Also hoping to do some prep for 2020 but that may have to wait til next week.

Anyway, I better get more coffee and head out. How are YOU coming along with your decor? Any plans for the weekend? I love hearing what you all are doing. It makes my day!

6 responses to “Christmas Decor, White Chili, and BlockaDoku”

  1. Finally decorated the tree. Hope to finish decorating today. No wrapping yet.
    Roger is a little lover for sure. I need to write some cards too!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. I made chili yesterday too and have enough left for lunch. I usually make it in the crockpot. I like your new blog logo! I’m almost done shopping and have got everything wrapped so far. I got a new snowblower and need to put the handle on so I’ll be ready for snow. It’s fun to see all the decorated trees. Have a good day!

  3. the kramer tree looks good. and so does that chili. it’ll be fun decorating for christmas. seeing the familar things put in place. only have one package left to mail. will do my christmas cards this weekend. have a nice weekend. enjoy.

  4. We have our tree up. Now time for presents to arrive. That Roger is cute as can be. I bet he was happy to be home. Dogs are creatures of habit. Have a great weekend,

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