Pains Here, Pains There

Ahhhhh…began having ear pain yesterday off and on. It only hurts really bad when it’s happening. I just wince and it goes away. When I got home I googled how to cure it at home. A bit of olive oil, tea tree oil (yes I know dogs can’t be around it), and ginger oil. I used a bit on a Q tip and did two treatments. It has not hurt since.

Then something made a blister on the roof of my mouth. I hadn’t eaten tomatoes, so I’m not sure what caused it? But we had spaghetti for dinner so that aggravated it. It’s still there this morning and I’m having spaghetti for lunch so – it’ll still be there for the day.

My foot/ankle began hurting in TX. Well, it’s been going on for a while but would come and go, but it’s been a more persistent ache/pain since TX. I’m able to walk ok for the most part – only have a few rough moments with it every now and then. It mostly just aches/hurts. I can’t really tell what the problem is. One moment I think there is a cyst under my ankle but that may be just inflammation, the next moment I think it’s the bones connected to my ankle and extending to the front and side of my foot -which is likely it. Putting pressure on my foot at times, it seems my foot is just going to break. It’s hard to describe. Last night I felt the side of my foot and when I pressed against it it hurt and had ridges or knots in the bone along the side. I’m not going to the doctor as long as I can walk ok. But I know it will be a matter of time before it’ll happen. Something will snap and it’ll be over. I put icy hot on it – the last two nights and that seems to help so I could sleep. I’m not sure what I did to it. Was it the way I sleep crossing my feet and tucking my other foot into the side of it? Is it b/c of the way I sit when I am at the computer with my foot stretched back under me resting behind me on the bar of the chair? Was a fracture that just got bigger, from falling up the stairs when my sandal edge caught the stair a decade ago? Or one of those times my foot fell in the mole hole in the yard several years ago and it’s just now getting worse b/c I’ve put more pressure on it? Who knows? I think that whatever it is- is getting worse as I’ve been on my feet a lot. And that all those things I mentioned (how I sleep, and work) are just noticeable when I do those things b/c it’s hurting. So we’ll see what happens I guess. It gets better in the mornings and as I begin putting stress on it – it hurts again.

Pain in my lower abdomen – so this one started last night and is still persistent this morning. It feels like an ovary thing, but I cannot tell. It feels like a contraction but in a different spot. It is wildly persistent this morning – just a sharp pain that comes and goes but is coming more than going this morning. I’ll likely take tylenol or something for this. I don’t usually take any kind of pain med not even tylenol. But I will have to if this keeps up so I can concentrate on doing the last plant’s payroll this morning.

Speaking of Payroll…My goal was to get all plants closed in one day but one plant had too many issues/errors so that took longer and I was only able to close 3. Each payroll is Pandora’s Box, lol. You never know what you are going to get. I really could have used that extra 1.5 hours this week but whatever. It is what it is – as we all say when you do your best but can’t control all the elements in the puzzle. All you can do is work through it and around it. I didn’t let it get me down. I don’t even get mad anymore. I just let it be what it is. You can only control so much. I am glad that I’ve been able to work a process of getting them all done in a day – when there are no issues. Every little issue causes a delay. And well we all know life itself is full of issues. Most are mistakes where people are just not paying attention and key the wrong date or enter something on the wrong person. We’ve all done it too. (Like that time I entered a 4 instead of a 6). This is where Pandora’s box comes in. You might have a termed person that is getting hours all of a sudden, or someone has a manual punch from ten years ago showing on your payroll report where someone accidentally keyed the wrong date, lol. We just laugh when we see these things and then have to fix it or have the programmer fix. Ahh life. Anyway, moving on. I could list this as another pain – a pain in the boutware. But I won’t, b/c I don’t let it pain me. Since I myself can cause a boatload of issues by hitting the wrong button. It is however extremely amusing to me though.

The last pain is the shoulder and neck pain. It was mainly just a nuisance from the way I slept the night before. Still a little stiff today but was a crick like thing.

And the last ailment is just that I feel really tired today. But…the last week I’ve been off my schedule and routine and haven’t taken my vitamins. I haven’t had the shakes but one day this week, and so I’m trying to start back on the vitamins and shakes b/c they make me feel like I’m 20 to 30 years younger.

Well, we still don’t have the Christmas stuff out. George suggested we work on the tree last night. I told him I wasn’t ready for that yet. I want all the boxes up and I dive into those and decorate the house and then I put up the tree. He said he didn’t want to mess with my order of things. I said, you can go ahead and bring the tree up though, but NO, he was over it at that point. He just said he’d bring it up sometime. Communication. It’s just hard. Even simply, b/w a man and a woman. We just think differently and I’m not sure why we piss men off so much or vice versa. Everyone thinks they know what the other is thinking I guess. And perhaps doesn’t like it if the other is not following your agenda. But it didn’t matter anyway. I had to do laundry and cook dinner last night since it was spaghetti night. And clean up and I put up laundry so there was not any time left to decorate. As I figured, it’s just going to have to happen this weekend. There is just not enough time at night. Ever to get started on such a big project. Plus, by the time I get home, the best part of me is gone. I’m 12 hours away from home to come home and try to put out the CHristmas? Oh heck no. It’s fun to plan and say you are, but that is about the extent of it.

Well, I was going in to work early this morning but I’ve sat here and blogged instead. So be it. Life has to have a bit of balance and work has a tendency to take over. So I guess I will get there about normal time and it’ll just be what it is. Normal and no extra. I don’t really have a lot extra to give to tell you the truth. Much needs to be accomplished here too and I do need some free time in my day or we’ll ALL COMBUST!

Hopefully I’ll feel better soon and won’t be as grumpy but I’m starting to feel grumpy right now. I didn’t even want to get up this morning. George had to wake me up as I was sleeping through alarms.

You having any pain today? Real pains or pains in the boutwire? I’m sorry I’m making up words but better than the real ones, lol.

OH I also need to change my logo back to a non-Thanksgiving one. Maybe I can make a Christmas one this weekend. But for now, since work calls, I will leave the Turkey logo on!

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  1. I hope all your pains go away! My daughter had severe pain in her ear not long ago. It was a very bad ear infection, along with a ruptured ear drum. Her primary care doctor misdiagnosed and it took 3 appointments before she was referred to an ENT doctor. He was upset with the primary care doctor for not sending her to him right away.

  2. i am sorry you are feeling so bad. i hope that your problems soon go away. living in pain is not easy. i know from personal experience. i will say a little prayer for you. please hang in there and if necessary go to a doctor.

  3. I hope you don’t have a hairline fracture. I was just telling husband when you abuse your body when younger you pay for it later. Not eating right, working when sick, stress, lack of sleep. Not exercising, smoking ect… We both have aches and pain.(osteoarthritis) He had knee surgery for a torn meniscus earlier this year. It didn’t help . But I am thankful we are as good of shape as we are. Health is wealth. Staying healthy and alive is a lot of work and gets harder as I get older. I can really tell when I eat clean, I feel better. But it is hard. I hope you feel better.

  4. Many years ago when I was in the hospital, the nurse would come in and uncross my feet as I slept or just laid there. She told me it would cause me problems in the future. Took me a long time to break that habit and still sometimes, I find myself laying there with my feet crossed

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