Getting it Done Step by Step

We are home! We got home Sunday around 4:00 ish and unloaded. I spent the rest of the evening unpacking and doing laundry. George ran to the store for us just to get dog food and a rotisserie chicken for us for dinner. We’ll do a bigger store run later and probably this weekend.

I have a chunk of the laundry done and all unpacked now, but the house in disarray with lots of things sitting about. The suitcases may be unpacked but not everything is “put up”.

I have coached myself that it would be crazy coming back and not to be overwhelmed. So I wasn’t. I just decided to enjoy the process of putting things back in to order. It is a lot, but it’ll happen – in time.

Even while unpacking, I gather up the fall decor as I went through the house. Tonight or tomorrow night we’ll be bringing up the Christmas decor. I’m not sure I’m ready to put it out yet til I get more things put up, and get some things dusted and our regular nic nac put up so we have room for the Christmas. But it will happen and we’ll have some time this weekend. This weekend is critical. There is not much time b/w now and Christmas. But a lot of the shopping is done.

My office has become the stash place for Christmas gifts instead of the closets. It makes it easy but I’m looking forward to the wrapping so my office looks clean again. Anyway one stage at a time. One day at a time. I just keep taking advantage of any moment I can to “do something” towards the house or laundry or something!

That said, I do sit down for about 15 to 20 to play a game on the ipad. It makes me feel like I get a bit of a splurge of time to goof off. Although I do enjoy doing laundry and working on the house too.

At work it is behind too. There again I had coached myself to “let it be” and do what I can. So I’m pleased that I’ve not let myself feel overwhelmed but enjoy the process of “pulling it back together” which is what I do best – organizing things and pulling it all back together, sorting chaos and organizing it. There is no chaos there really though – it’s just that all the extra stuff last week has to be done this week. That would have been the case anyway – even if I’d not been on vacation b/c of the HOLIDAYS Thurs and Friday.

Most of yesterday was spent doing payroll related stuff for the closing I will begin today – in prep for that. I paid our federal taxes as that has a more urgent deadline, but everything else I’ll do in two’s. One for this week and one for last week. Since the payroll must go on, there is no other way to do it. I have to get this payroll done and then can focus on it all the rest of the week and it should be caught up by the time I leave Friday. Then I will be working on the monthly paid taxes as another month end has occurred. Lots of taxes to be paid. I’m trying to leave on time though and work no longer than 10 hour days. Getting there by 7 or 7:30 and leaving by 5 or 5:30 with lunch at desk, so I have time at home to work on things as well.

So its an exciting time. We will have to accomplish much in our evenings.

I’m becoming unhappy with our blue linoleum in the kitchen and the stove and the counters. It’s really hard on the eyes to come home to such a kitchen when you have been in a beautiful kitchen all week (Katy’s is so pretty). I can’t wait until George will agree for an upgrade to ours. It’s a shame as we are in there so much of the time. The flooring needs to change and I’ve been patient. Eleven years patient on the kitchen floor. So hopefully we can do some of these changes over time. I know it’s expensive. For once in my life I’d like to have an upgraded kitchen that I could be proud of instead of embarrassed by. But whatever. I guess I should just be happy with what we have. So to make myself feel better I’ve decided to just band-aid it and redecorate it. Maybe that will help. But there is not much you can do to hide blue linoleum when you don’t want to even have blue in the kitchen. I refuse to embrace the blue any longer. It’s just going to stick out like a sore thumb.

Oh well. I think that is the reason I stay out of the kitchen. I love to cook but just not in that one. I’m kinda done with it. And have been. The new fridge was exciting though. That sparked me for a while. But I think our kitchen is just not as functional as it could be. I think the pub table should go and we should have an island with two stools on one side. And more storage cabinets/counter space against the walls of the kitchen. We could then move the microwave there and lose the microwave cart. I have ideas. We also want a double oven. I wish we could have the gas stove that George has always wanted but the lines have to be completely redone. So that will probably never happen. I suspect we will have to move to get an upgraded kitchen, lol. I just don’t see it happening.

Anyway it’s fun to dream and I like to do that here. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Coming here takes me lots of places. ๐Ÿ˜‰

So I am going for more coffee and will enjoy it’s warmth and finish getting ready and head to work. I think I’ll make up some chicken salad real quick for lunch. Better go! OH so tonight George has to run out for something as he says that is “that time of year” and so I’m making spaghetti when I get home, per his request that I cook tonight while he plays “Santa”. I’m assuming that is for me. But one can never assume so they say. Who knows?

Ya’ll have a lovely day and I will close payroll, and come home and cook and do laundry, and prep the house. Oh and one more thing. We are setting in to the next 2nd set of The British Baking show while we eat. And I’m really having a tough time watching them make cake. I want cake so bad. It’s a good thing none is in the house. lol But it is making me want to bake one despite the blue linoleum. ha.

Have a good day! What in your house do you want to upgrade? I think we all have those wishes as women, when we want our nest to be the best it can be. I’m always in a constant spin of improvement and I don’t think that George likes that about me. I also don’t think that I am unreasonable about my wishes. I also think he is lucky that I do not “put my foot down” like some women. Although when it is time, I know how to do that. ๐Ÿ˜‰ But I try to be patient. I’ve also been patient with a gold toilet bowl in the bathroom. lol Just have to remember “Step by Step: Enjoy the Process” b/c it is NOT happening fast – that is for sure. OK I’m really gone now. Bye! Might be a couple of days before I blog again.

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  1. I’ve done some decorating, but won’t do much more since we’ll be out of state over Christmas. I started doing some painting and that really changes things. I’d like to have a new washer and dryer, and more closet space. Have a good day!

  2. I would like new countertops and backsplash in my kitchen. I can live with the floors. They are a brown color that matches anything. We have a fairly new stove and fridge.

  3. we too had blue linoleum with an ugly pattern when we moved in here over 30 years ago. it was replaced about 15 years ago. i really need a kitchen do over though like you. everything is outdated here. i say hold onto your dreams and maybe, just maybe they’ll come true.

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