Travel Home and Shopping in Dallas

We got up had our coffee, showers and packed, said our goodbyes and headed East, starting to work our way home. As we took stuff to the car, Katy pointed out there was a scorpion on the porch.

The dogs took to their dog beds.

They did pretty good. Roger got a bit curious about the bag that had treats in it and started to dig down into a hole to get to it. lol

We stopped in Irving TX somewhere around Dallas/Ft Worth area to let me shop Sam Moon. Bought some scarves, jewelry, a coat, and a bag for $80! I was happy!

George wanted to go to Total Wines and so while one of shopped the other stayed with dogs. Then we went to In/Out Burger (mmmm burgah). And to Shell to get gas. Then on to Hot Springs.

This was the longest part of our trip. I thought we would never get there.

We laughed how iTunes would play the most appropriate thing at the most appropriate time. We hit heavy traffic for a bit when this song came on. (See next two photos).

We finally began nearing the lake close to our destination around sunset.

We checked in, fed the dogs, got them comfy, and headed out for our favorite Brewery and then onto Fisherman’s Wharf for a seafood dinner. We got an upgrade on the room with a jetted tub (didn’t use) but the first room they put us in was unclean as it hadn’t been turned over yet. They apologized.

I was so glad the storms were way ahead of us. We were always on the backside of it.

Christmas display in Hot Springs AR
Superior Bath Brewery

We hit a special shop nearby for a Christmas gift as well. We hurried as the seafood place closed at 8:45.

It was dark and I didn’t get pics of the restaurant and also a big crowd. We didn’t have to wait but I hate to take pics of people as it seems kinda invasive. It was good but I was trying to be good and got grilled fish. Many places can’t cook grilled fish to taste good.

Well we are on the road now. Somewhere in Arkansas outside of Memphis. My turn to drive will come soon. The traffic not as bad right now but I’m expecting it will pick up as we get to Memphis and people start getting up and out on the roads.

Lots of unpacking to do, putting up fall stuff, laundry and maybe grocery but that’s probably over planning lol.

Looking forward to getting home and off the roads. Only 4 hours left lol!

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  1. What soft comfy beds for the doggies. They look very content in them. Looks like you guys have had a good trip. I know you will be glad to be home in your own bed soon.

  2. It’s so nice that you missed the storm. I hope you made it the rest of the way safely. What a fun sounding trip, and I’ve loved your pictures.

  3. good to be on the road home. though i know you’d like to visit with katy indefinitely. sounds like you got some nice bargains. the dogs looked all comfy cozy in their beds and at the hotel. my cats don’t travel well. i hope you get home at a reasonable hour so you can rest up before heading back to work. hope your week isn’t too hectic. take care.

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