Cold Weather, TV Shows, and Upcoming Events

Arriving at the office after a Snow Storm that wasn’t too bad after all

Yours Truly made it in fine to the office yesterday even with the ice patches. It was a COLD arctic air day with the high in upper 20’s and low 30’s and lots of wind. Think wool coats and scarves, and wondering why gloves were not included – but with 65 degrees the day before – one think they can endure w/o gloves. I wore warmth and made it in.

Payroll – all 4 plants – were closed in one day this week. So much more smooth than last. I did have a plant that made changes in the system that impacted Payroll. I am trying my hardest to train people not to be in the system portals on Tuesday and Wednesday morning before I give the all clear. But every week it seems – it happens. Still was able to get all 4 done in a day with minor issue so that is good. Since I’m off Friday that gives me some time to get things done – I hope. I started upgrading the payroll notebook yesterday afternoon. It needs it desperately to be put in order and indexed. It’s the Payroll Book of Knowledge – of how to do it! lol

Fall Tree and a bit of Dusting of Snow

We still had some leaves on the trees yesterday morning at the office but a quick peek out my bedroom window shows empty tree limbs here at my house. I think that much of our fall is over now. Usually around the 1st or 2nd week of November this type of storm system moves through and takes away our “peek season”. It was very windy behind this system.

And, that is about all I know. Not really having a lot of time to work on To Do list. But, I am formulating my plans in my head for Friday’s shopping excursions. I’m excited. I will have my places lined out and will start at the furtherest point and work my way in, I guess. There are two furtherest points of possibility so….I will go one way and work toward the other and THEN work my way back. Endless possibilities really but I do want to make the most of my time. I may not get another free day to go and do some shopping for George. It’s hard to find time and I’m not a very good “after work” shopper b/c after a long day I’m kinda ready to be home and cozy, eat, do a load of laundry, maybe watch a quick 30-45 min show and head to bed. And….soon there will be Christmas to decorate for and gifts to wrap – after work – so…it REALLY needs to be a successful day. I do plan to have a nice lunch somewhere. Not sure what or where yet and probably won’t decide but just go where there is a good place where ever I am when I get hungry.

We did finish the first season of the British Baking Show and the one I thought would win didn’t. We are not going to start the 2nd season until we get back from TX as George said “that way we won’t be hanging…waiting to see who won”. lol So back to Frankie and Grace and this other show “Dead to Me”, which has Christina Applegate in it – until we are back from TX. It’s REALLY good.

Anyway I decided I would take my laptop to TX so I can blog easily and also I can shop more easily. Will be ordering some things most likely while we are there for delivery when we get home.

We are getting our house sitter lined up to watch over things here and also take care of Little Bit. We have our cameras and security system too so that helps us to know things will be fine while we are gone. I can’t believe it is almost time to go. I actually will begin packing this weekend.

Looking forward to Saturday’s Christmas Village shopping extravaganza! We went last year and it was a lot of fun. We knocked out a lot of shopping. I need to remember to take a big bag this year, but I also think that they give some out at the door. Or maybe the sold them for a $1 or $2. Anyway, lots of things to look forward to.

But now I need to get ready for work. It was in the teen’s this morning temperature wise, but it’s getting up into the 40’s today I think. So…that is good. Still have some warm clothes on. And will wear some good socks and boots. 😉

So I love hearing from you guys – it makes my day when I get a tap on my wrist and see that you commented and see what you are up to. So my question for you today is….What shows do you like to watch? Do you eat dinner and watch TV or eat around the table? (We eat and watch, we do our talking when we get home during happy hour and chore hour – lol – and over emails during the day sometimes.)

Have a grand and glorious day. Keep warm!

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  1. I eat dinner and watch tv unless I have company most of the time the tv is my company. It’s still cold here with snow on the ground but it does put one in a Christmas mood for sure I’ve been making my annual Christmas crafts glad you had such a successful day❣️That is very encouraging!

  2. When we have company we eat at our breakfast nook in the kitchen. For big crowds or Holidays, we eat in our formal dining room. Sometimes we eat in living room with tv trays. I like HGTV or talk shows. We have several series we watch and are impatiently waiting for them to start back. Ozark, Jamestown, Outlander my favorite. Now we are watching The man at High Castle. Hubby is really into that one. It is kind of scary. And one that I watch and everyone is talking about is The Handmaiden’s tale. I get upset and say I am not going to watch it anymore, but then always do because I want to see what is going to happen. I think we are going to put our tree up this weekend because Thanksgiving is so late this year.

  3. I’m a bit strange when it comes to tv shows. I have some old reliables that I “watch” over and over – really I listen to them while doing household chores and other things because I have seen them so many times I don’t need to be sitting and watching. At the moment I am a bit stuck on NYPD Blue.. I am in my second rewatch in a row.

    New shows we are watching for the first time together – we watched all six seasons of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD this year and loved it, now we have moved on to Mr Robot the final season. By myself I am watching The Crown and loving that.

    I loved Dead to Me too. 🙂

    Reality wise I LOVE below deck of any format and I also enjoy 90 Day Fiancee but the other half says it rots my brain lol. 😉

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