Snow Storm and Cleanse Day

Cleanse day…

After all the eating we did, I really wanted a lower calorie day and well it’s just easier to declare a “cleanse day” – no it’s NOT a poopie cleanse as everyone seems to get scared of the word. I think they call it cleanse b/c of all the water and liquids you drink, plus it deep cleans at the cellular level – and liver and such and pulls out visceral fat from organs. I always end up having something though by 7 p.m. but I have tried to limit it to a small bowl of peanuts in the shell. It’s a real food that gives me protein and gives me what I need. Yes it does pretty much stop the fasting at that point, but it was enough of a lower calorie day to help me maintain weight, maybe lose a little, and certainly not gain. To add to the temptations we watched another round of the British Baking Show and that nearly sent me for an Isagenix chocolate dipped in peanut butter but I refrained. Those things they are baking on that show are just incredible. The Baklava is what got my mouth watering. I am amazed that these folks are so good at working with the dough. There was a 17 year old named Martha on there and I’ve been most impressed with her maturity and skill. If you have not watched this show which streams on Netflix, you should. It’s very entertaining.

“Snow Storm” rolling into Nashville

Was very happy that the “Snow Storm” did not come until last night. We have snow on the ground. The roads LOOK clear but I’m sure there are patches of dry ice. I’ve not watched TV yet. I’ve just already decided I will leave with the 7:00 a.m. late traffic and that way any ice will have been beaten down by those going in earlier. The system has moved out so nothing is coming down now. I think the temps might continue to dip for a while. I tried not to be anxious but it did run through my mind “what if we get a good one and I can’t get there for payroll”. I do not drive in the snow and ice and do not intend to. So I’m not sure what will happen. I try not to think about it. It’s possible that George would NOT go all the way to Gordonsville and perhaps could take me in. But if it is an icy snowy situation we will probably not even attempt getting out if it is day 1 and the roads are all in bad shape. I guess it is what it is. But I’m thankful that I didn’t have to worry about that today. It should be fine. I hope. At least it’ll be a slow go if I leave around 7 and after the sun comes up. It’s always slow with the 7:00 rush hour so if it is still a bit icy no one is going fast – that is for sure. A slow sliding around is better than a fast one, lol. But hopefully it’ll be good by the time I leave.

Little Bit joins the pack making it a Trio of Fur Babes on the sofa

With lows going in the twenties, Little Bit got to come in and hang with us for a while. He will sleep in the basement where we have a cat stand and a litter box and food and water for him. We have a box outside also for the days where it is above 25 and above and he sleeps in that normally in the winter. It’s a cardboard box and a Styrofoam box (Omaha Steak box) with a hole cut in it for him to enter and it has a warm blanket inside and, as a true redneck would do – we have it on our front porch and so he gets heat off of the house and has a roof over him. But last night was just too cold so he came in and joined us. I was pleased that all fur babes would hang on the sofa together. Maisy did not want to at first. She sat with me a while but she loves that spot and after watching Little Bit behave, she decided to go claim her spot. I was hoping she would be a lap dog like Tugie, but she likes to have her own spot. You can barely see Roger in the pic above. He’s all curled up next to his Daddy. It was a cozy night. I was under a blanket. I had Starbuck’s decaf coffee but when going to bed I was wide eyed and I wondered just how much decaf it really was. So I won’t have that one any more at night. I think they might have the label wrong.

Anyway it’s payroll closing day today. Since I didn’t have taxes (quarterly or monthly) I was able to work on getting the PTO’s filed alphabetically by plant. I think next year I want to file by Emp #. Some of the names are hard to read and some have two last names and I bet you anything some are misfiled. Honestly – you rarely ever have to go back and view PTO’s but if someone balks at their PTO balance it’s the way to prove that a form was turned in and taken, along with the Check Register report. So I’m tempted to just not put them in order. And you know what, I don’t see what it needs to be in order now that I think about it. I should just file it by week. The check register will show what week it was taken, but I guess if you had it filed by person you just pull all those sheets at once. I’ve been in there since August and have pulled sheets twice. I think it might be a waste of time to do this. The register shows it was taken and if you keep it by week you just pull that week’s file. Sounds like a 2020 plan. Not worth the filing effort in my opinion. Now if you have to go back and look someone up more than 2 years ago though you’d have to go through all of them. Even in that case, there’s not that many sheets so it wouldn’t be a nightmare. So in this case blogging has helped me sort through a work problem, lol.

I guess that is about all I know for now. Oh – I’m on vacay myself this Friday. I am formulating my shopping plans. My mission is to have some time to get George’s Christmas. I have some ideas, but anything ordered will now have to be ordered after we get back from TX. And hopefully will arrive in time. But I need to go out and see what I can find. He’s hard to shop for. I have a few ideas. Mostly just need to have success on my mission out. Otherwise, we are usually together when we shop. He finds things and tells me to wrap up as I do for him, but…I like to have a few surprises.

Well, I’m going to go get a coffee refill, get make up on, and hair done, and pack a lunch, and fix a shake and get on the road. I guess I should take a blanket in there and water in case something happens and I get stuck on the interstate. But I think it’ll be ok.

More than anything it’s payroll closing day and I’m a little anxious as to what Pandora’s Box awaits today. It IS like a Pandora’s Box sometimes. I’d been told that it was. I am afraid to touch it. lol But like getting back on the horse after being thrown, I will hesitantly crawl back on. God whispers “You got this, you are trained for this, and you can push through this”. So many successful ones – and hopefully not every week will be so nightmarish. I love what I do, but man, it IS like climbing Everest to push to the Summit sometimes.

Anyway ya’ll have a fabulous day. What is the Weather like where you are?

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  1. It’s 20 degrees and 2 inches of snow on the ground. My grandson has a 2hour delay for kindergarten today. I drive him every day. Too early for such cold and snow in Ohio!

    Be safe today as you go to work. I find that the idiots drive too fast during the first snows of the season.

  2. It is 39 degrees and raining. It is going to get down to 21 degrees tonight. I bought a new comforter for just this very reason. It is so warm and comfy. Glad you let your kitty come in out of the cold. She looks very content laying with the dogs. Aren’t dogs funny they like their own spot on the couch too.

  3. After getting caught in a freeze years ago coming home from Georgia, we always carry things in the car. We have two very large, thick towels in each vehicle. We use them more for rain here, but with our rainstorms, you need to dry off and it is always cold when this happens, I dry off and throw the heave towel over me to get warm. We also carry a heavy doggie blanket that we can use in an emergency. It is kept under the small doggie pad we keep in the seat behind the driver where Miss Coco loves to ride. If we have to use them much, we take them out and wash, dry and put back immediately. Even in the summer rainstorms it is cold when you get wet and back in the car.

  4. it is going down to 9 degrees here tonight. we got five inches of snow. i hate driving in it too. so i understand how you feel about it. hopefully it will not snow again until winter. i’m already in a christmas mode. autumn is long gone. you be safe.

  5. We were 34° this morning here in Florida. But I like it. Ha. Need to get a haircut today.
    Take care, Sheila

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