Cleaning with Dawn and Weekly Update

Well, I learned this week how well Dawn will clean things overnight. A lady at the optical center told me I could leave my glasses in a bowl of Dawn overnight and it would draw out the make up and dirt from the crevices as it was gentle and that was the best way to clean them. I’ve not tried that yet, but this week I realized I needed to clean my eye make up brushes. I was very surprised at how like new they came out. On the last pic on the right – the upper end had not been done yet, but the bottom end had. You can see the original color of the brushes. Impressive. I will also be washing out my little eye glasses cleaning cloths in Dawn. So I am keeping that little bowl and the Dawn in my bathroom under the sink so I can do that while I’m in there getting ready as I think of it. Nice little trick. I would need a bigger bowl for glasses though. lol I’ve not tried that yet.

I think my tooth/gum situation is a little bit better. It seems to be healing. My putting the store bought meds on it and using peroxide on it seemed to be irritating it. I decided that I was simply worrying it to death. lol So I have just used clove essential oil mixed with olive oil on it which has been both a disinfectant and pain reliever. It is also very comforting for bed time having that flavor in your mouth. I wondered if it was a sleep aid also. No I DO NOT swallow. It’s only a dab of oil used with a Q tip, but one or two little drops is powerful. It’s just pleasant taste and aroma to the senses and I’m getting used to that as I go to bed. My tooth/gum hardly hurt at all yesterday and seemed less sore. So I’ve decided not to go to the dentist and to pretty much ignore it except for the clove oil at night.

So we are ready for Mom and I’ll leave early Friday to go and get her and bring her here. Tonight we are going out with my SIL and BIL for my SIL’s birthday.

I’m leaving you with the before glow of the sunrise yesterday coming out of my neighborhood. I thanked God for the blessings of such this week. I better finish getting ready and get on the road! There is no time to blog ever these days but I have to force it and steal the time away.

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  1. I’m glad everything has fallen into place with the payroll. It’s nice you get to see the sunrise in the mornings. I love that time of day. I’ll have to try Dawn for my makeup brushes. I use it for other cleaning.

  2. I am glad you take the time t blog so we can keep in touch we have known each other a lot of years so you’ve become important to me hope there are no mistakes today!

  3. I am glad you take the time t blog so we can keep in touch we have known each other a lot of years so you’ve become important to me hope there are no mistakes today!have a happy Thursday

  4. I sure need to clean my makeup brushes. And I will try it tonight on eyeglasses. I have dawn in my kitchen too. I usually buy the wipes at Walmart to clean, Pretty picture. Hang in there it’s almost the weekend,

  5. sounds like the makeup brushes came out fine. looks like a beautiful sunrise. it’ll be nice spending time with your mother. i’m still having trouble walking, sitting and climbing stairs so i haven’t been commenting as much. but i do enjoy your blog. have a nice weekend.

  6. I try to clean my brushes about every month. I use a little dawn worked into them with a couple of drops of water and let them set for a little while. Scrub them good and rinse well and wet aside to drive.

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