Black Friday Shopping on our last full day in TX

How quickly our time has come and gone. We have had a great week. We got up yesterday and headed out by 9:45 a.m. for a breakfast burrito and Black Friday at a favorite shop in Breckenridge that has 50 % off for 2 hours only. Oh my I’m sure some kind of fire code broken (lol) as we were packed. I think George May have been the only male in the place. I had to restrain myself because 50% is a lot. We did this last year too. This wa my view in line at the counter.

Another fun shop in Breckenridge

We also went to some other shops in town. And then headed out for Mineral Wells to help Katy find a deal on King Size bed and mattress. Success there! Hunger set in by 2:00 p.m. and we hit a BBQ restaurant that had a variety of other things on the menu, called The Mesquite Pit.

My view at the Mesquite Pit

I tossed all care aside and ordered fried chicken tenders and honey mustard dressing but – I did order the mesquite grilled veggie skewer which was out of this world delicious. And a side salad. It was so good.

I drove back to the ranch. We got here about 4:30 and took care of doggies. We played on iPads while Katy finished decorating and did things in the house. George helped her set up the new TV in their bedroom. Cody was working- and has been all week. He was off most of Thanksgiving Day but had responsibilities that morning. We always get to see him at night.

I washed a load of darks so we’d have clean jeans and I’d have PJs to get through the weekend. We will be leaving this morning to go to Hot Springs, our halfway point and we have a place we will be eating seafood at tonight. Tomorrow we point toward home.

I am looking forward to our king size bed. It’s been hard with two people and two dogs in a regular size bed. The last two mornings I’ve given up sleep and up before 4. Tonight we will also have a King in our hotel. I’m also looking forward to getting our house decorated for Christmas now.

We have good news…Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken are coming up to spend Christmas and bringing Mom. I’m so excited! Katy and Cody will be coming too but will be staying at his parents. George was very excited also. Tears stung my eyes when I told him the news and he said that would make Christmas extra special this year. So we are excited. The only problem is…..if it snows they won’t. So please weatherman no snow. So looking forward to getting ready for them. George and I will be sleeping on the sofas but we are ok with that. We have really comfy sofas and have no problem with that! I had turned one of our two guest bedrooms into an office. So we only have one now but we can do this easily to be able to have them with us.

And that said I’m going to get more coffee, watch the sun come up, shower, and get the suit cases packed. I have my little bag packed for our overnight in Hot Springs. But here are some Christmas decor pics and pics of the doggies. Prayers please for safe travels over the next couple of days.

Curious what you did on Black Friday????


Thanksgiving Day on the Ranch

It was a wonderful day! Was feeling so blessed to be here, knowing next year might be a bit different. I’m lucky to have been able to come out here over Thanksgiving with the new job situation. And grateful for those that had to work harder this week so I could do this. And it was a blissful day. It was rainy/misty outside, which continues this morning as well on our Black Friday, but it is all cozy inside.

Here are shots of Katy’s pretty decor and of the table from yesterday:

We started the cooking about 9 ish and it continued until about 1:00 when we finally sat down to eat. I made my mashed potatoes and gravy and cranberry salad. I had made the fudge pie the day before and Katy had made her Apple Butter Pumpkin Pie and George made the cornbread the day before as well. The turkey Cody brought in, provided by the ranch owners, was tender and moist and one of the best I’ve ever had.

We had turkey, mashed taters w/gravy, stuffing, green bean casserole from scratch, dressed eggs, broccoli salad, cranberry salad, and a pickle tree, and the fudge pie and apple butter pumpkin pie and sister Schubert’s yeast rolls. I think that is it but I could have missed something. It was heavenly.

The dogs cracked me up during the meal. They were sleeping but then when they woke up they saw we were eating and gathered ’round.

Can you spot Findlay?
Maisy, waiting patiently!
Roger, the last to wake up, took a while to register that a meal was happening!
Katy, George, and me in our Thanksgiving aprons. Cody taking pic.

After dinner, the guys went pig hunting. And George got one. I have pics but I won’t show them on here because I know some of you would not like to see it. These are the wild pigs that the ranch guys are required to monitor and get rid of.

I stayed around and did Christmas cards.

Katy pulled up all the fall decor and began Christmas decorating. And the doggies were loving that, giving me some really good photo opportunities.

The guys came back and everyone watched some Food Network Baking Shows. I played games on my ipad til I used up all the energy and then got stuck. Even George could not figure it out. Oh well.

Then I went to bed a little before everyone else and I’m awake this morning before everyone else.

Today is our last full day here. Our agenda today is:

*Order internet items.

*Go Black Friday Shopping in Breckenridge

*Eat leftovers

*Pack for home

*Do a load of darks for jeans and PJ’s.

Hope you all had a big Thanksgiving. What are your Black Friday plans? Do you go out in it? Do you stay at home and order? Or are you done already? Or are you a last minute person. I know some of you craft your gift items each year and that is an awesome thing. Whatever you do I hope you have a good day today. Be safe and enjoy!

Relaxing Day in Breckenridge

Breakfast at Home Yesterday

We stayed at home for the most part yesterday until the middle of the day. It was nice to relax, drink coffee, blog (me), look up some items for Christmas and so forth.

The doggies loved having us stick around for a while, and I do believe they are happy here. They know they are loved and are used to it as it’s their 2nd trip here. They do not like the grass though as it has sandburs in it that gets stuck in their feet. Even in the house they are not protected as we track them in. I try to leave my shoes at the door when possible and switch to house shoes, but still…when you see a dog limping you have to pick them up and pull out the sandbur from their paw. Roger had a deep one the first day and bit Katy when she pulled it out – she says he has a powerful bite even though he has not many teeth. He is not a biter unless he feels he is being hurt. But they love it here I think other than that sand bur. They avoid the grass like it is a hot field of tar. lol So yes they prefer to “go” in the driveway or as near to it as possible. Bless their hearts.

My Granddog, Findlay
Small words, Powerful Message

I tried to take in our being here as much as I could yesterday, just enjoying moments of the day. Being away from work, helps you think a bit as your mind has space to do so.

Around lunch time we headed out to a special place Katy wanted to take us, but it was closed. These are Mom and Pop businesses and so since it was the day before a holiday, many businesses were closed. And many of the restaurants close at 2 and re-open at 5. They truly take the siesta here it seems. It’s a ranch town and I guess everyone is working so they open for lunch, close down, and then open back up for a 5 to 8, 9, or 10 stretch, accordingly. So we didn’t get to eat at that one. No one wanted to decide where to eat next. I knew I was BBQ’d out. I’m not even convinced that we were all that hungry. I threw out “Chicken” and George kept mentioning Hamburger and I said “fine hamburger”. He was driving and didn’t know where to go, but we passed Ken’s Chicken so I figured he must rather want a burger and I could live with that with my love of burger. And this week there has been no cap on calories, not much of a consideration of what to eat healthy – although I have made some good substitutions – so we ate a hamburger and I got fries with it. They were homemade after all. 😉 So…..we got a Buckaroo burger. It is the home of the Buckaroo’s after all.

And it might have been BETTER than IN/OUT Burger. Watch out IN/OUT these Buckaroo Burger folks may give you a run for your money! Maybe they would come into the SouthEast where IN/OUT refuses to cross the Mississippi for some reason!

After our Buckaroo Burger we went to Walmart. I went to the clothing section and found 3 garments for purchase right off. I have been needing some warmer sweaters that were not too HOT to wear. And I think these are good and were very inexpensive and so George has several things to wrap up for me and by Christmas I will have forgotten about them til I open them up.

While there, we decided to go ahead and buy Katy and Cody a TV for their bedroom. The one they have now is no longer showing color. And they needed an upgrade. They are buying themselves a King Size bed and mattress for Christmas and so we needed something for their birthdays coming up. So this is it. And we will just leave it here and they can go ahead and hook it up or put a bow on it for later. She has to get a stand also.

We caught the dogs sleeping in Synchronization, lol. Well it reminded me of Synchronized Swimming and cracked me up. Better than sleeping in a pretzel knot for sure.

After Walmart, we came home and Katy turned on Christmas music. I baked my fudge pie and loved every minute of my “holiday baking time” that I really didn’t think I would get much of this season. Then George made his corn bread. I played games on the iPad which I enjoyed. I captured the peaceful moment as best as I could. I think the picture says it all.

I was glad to not go back out again. Rain had set in while we were at Walmart. A nice gentle and misty rain. We were happy to be cozy and inside. I had read up on my drone. And was hoping to get to fly it yesterday but there was not a good window of time as you cannot fly in wind or rain. I will have to find a place at home, I think to do it unless it clears and I give it a shot tomorrow, our last full day here. How sad is that? Tomorrow is our last full day here! Yesterday it seemed so far away.

Tomorrow we are looking forward to some Black Friday shopping. That is quite different from Black Friday anywhere else as we probably won’t get out until about 9:30 or 10. Well except for Walmart is a normal Black Friday situation but we won’t be going there tomorrow. And Walmart is staged already as they have pallets of shrink wrapped items in the aisles already making it hard to get to whatever you need to get to. I like to never have “mazed” my way to the dressing room yesterday. It was like an indoor corn maze. lol But there are shops we will go to. One is my favorite and it’s a 50% off anything in the store – or at least it was last year. Have been looking forward to that again!

Katy cooked dinner for us last night. Sliders, pasta salad, and regular salad.

We got to see Clint, one of the ranchers here that works with Cody and is a friend of his from TN. It’s always fun talking to him. He has met a girl here in town that is Katy’s pet groomer. They have been dating for a few months. It was amazing going anywhere here with Katy and Shelby as they know everyone. Walmart was a reunion center I think. We got to meet Shelby’s parents as we ran into them and were introduced. They told us we needed to move down here. There is some land for sale! But being able to pull it off would be another thing. I could get used to it here. But I’d have to have a storm cellar, lol. And what we would do for work? We’d have to have our own business I guess. We know how to cook. I could run a gift shop. We could dual it up and put it in the same building. I guess we could do a Nashville Hot Chicken thang! George would love to start up a tap room, I bet. ha.

Anyway, fun to dream. I’m not sure we have that much life left to dive into that kind of entrepreneurial activity at this point in our lives, so close to retirement really- what six years away if I retire early around the time that George does (he is older than me by about 3 years). That is the plan anyway.

My nose is about to run away, if you see it jogging by catch it for me. lol

Happy Thanksgiving to you! From the bottom of my heart I hope you have a wonderful holiday if you are reading from the US. I’m thankful and blessed to get to come to Texas two years in a row. It breaks my heart knowing we can’t be here next year due to my job of all things. But who knows, lots of things could change b/w now and then. But it makes it too hard for those that have to do payroll in a short week.

Anyway, I gotta get going so I can get by creamed potatoes made and my cranberry salad. Time for cup of coffee number 2. I hear that we will eat around Noon although it’s almost 9 now and I doubt everything will be ready by then, lol.

Ya’ll take care! Enjoy your day today.