Calendar and Car Dilemmas

Monday went smoothly. I was proud of our plants for adhering and getting most of their PTO’s in on Friday. Still had a few yesterday morning which I’ve ok’d to come in until Noon. I just had to stop all of the last minute sends that come in while I’m trying to close payroll. Anyway, I was able to get thru with time sheets early enough to work on quarterly returns. All the states have been done except for one and it is the bear of them all which requires you to enter all of your employees. And hopefully I will have time to finish it today. I think it’s due today. I may do it this morning before diving in to payroll or stay tonight and do it. Whatever just send me a cot to my office. lol I told Mom, it looked like the month after a quarter end, is not a good month for vacay days lol. After this I have to do a reconciliation of some kind. We started working on it at the beginning of the month and hopefully I can remember how we did it or where it even is on my computer, lol so I can finish it – but one thing at a time. Then I have to work on the unemployment filings. I think that the quarter end never ends, lol.

I am having a dilemma over my calendar. I need a slim one that I can carry easily and have decided to just mesh work with my personal calendar since it all has to mesh anyway. I have always struggled with the calendar thing – paper or phone? The phone takes too long to program in. When someone is giving you dates for things you write it down and then have to plug it in later. It goes on a paper calendar first and then if I have time it goes on my iphone google calendar which I like as it feeds into my Apple Watch screen for upcoming event but I likely will not find the time to program things in on a regular basis. We are just moving moving moving all the time and when I relax I don’t want to be worrying about my schedule, lol. So it never gets done.

So what I was starting to say was that I need to get a new planner as mine has this metal spiral binder thing on it that is oversize and it is hard back instead of flexible. I didn’t realize this when I ordered it. I’ve been trying to make myself finish using this school year calendar as it goes all the way to June 2020. I just started using it this past June. I’ve used the fire out of it, but I’m not happy with it. I just need something that will flex and give a little bit. I’m having trouble stuffing it in my back pack and I need to be able to take it with me b/w home and work in the back pack daily.

The reason I’m going to have to combine the calendars is that there are certain times of the year and certain times of the month that it is not ideal to take vacation and I need to be able to mesh the two to be effective for work and home too so I can be where I need to be when I need to be for both efforts. So instead of forcing myself to use that one, I’m going to allow myself to order one that works for me. It has to have a “to do” section in it and a blank space somewhere that I can write grocery items on it as I think of it. This one has that, but I had no idea it was a huge metal spiral on the side and hardback. It’s perfect for someone is school though b/c it would be durable and hard and able to have books piled on top – but that is NOT me. I’m all schooled out. 12 years + 4 + 3 more + all the law and self teaching I’ve done and seminars and books on tape and train the trainer courses and podcasts and books. lol And for what? Ok I know it put food on the table for a long time being in the prior career but it just seemed like no matter how hard you tried – you just couldn’t please anyone. Everyone always wanted more more more. I burned out trying. So yeah, no more schooling for me. And no more school calendars/planners either. lol Schooled out and burned out and shipped out. Loving the new role. It has a lot of responsibility and it is a bit over packed with the work load but I love just being able to get things done and crossed off the list. A to do list that is the same week after week. Well except for the taxes and quarters and year ends and such. However, one day is still different from the next. And to know what your schedule is and to know without a doubt you will be allowed to work on it – is a good thing. So I just need to get a better calendar that I can use to mesh my world. Two calendars and the iphone is not getting it. I’m all over the place.

I’m also trying to figure out how to get my vacay days scheduled in. Due to the job change the dates chosen are just not going to work I don’t think. But I don’t want to lose them. That is such a no no with me. But the time has come and this week I will need to figure it all out.

So the coffee is good this morning. I’ve been buying Starbucks b/c theirs seem to have the best taste that we enjoy and it’s been reasonable in the stores.

Well, George’s car (my old car) won’t start so he’s had to go to work in “Granny’s van” that we inherited. So he is considering Carvana and a new car. However, as you know George does not want a car payment so he is likely to keep the 275,000 mile Toyota RAV 4 until it is a Flintstone mobile. lol The van is not very dependable either, so we may be looking at renting a car if both end up on the side of the road. He has a very long drive. If it were me I would want something dependable that is not going to give me trouble going down the interstate. That is what I worry about for him. I had to put my foot down myself and get a dependable car – which I was going to do with or without his permission b/c it was time and at the time I was working in a horrid crime laden part of town. I was scared to death of breaking down in that area.

Maisy is telling me we need to go out, so I’ll quit blogging and take her out, get make up on, do hair and get on the road to work. Ya’ll have a splendid day!

Yard Sale, Week End Fun, and Revised To Do List

Interesting Skies on Friday

Ok so I like the camera app of Dream Camera Lite but I don’t care to have their image all over my photos and I’m not paying for the upgrade so I plan to delete it. Maybe one day I’ll have a good modern camera to do nice videos on – but probably best to get that whenever we travel more. As I won’t be doing a whole lot videos any time soon. I can use the iphone til then.

Friday we had overcast skies much of the day and then the cold air pushed through with rain and a front and then we had cold temps Saturday morning. But we were happy that the rain was gone for our yard sale. It started a bit nippy but finished with a strong sun and we even got a little sunburned.

After the yard sale, we had put all the clothes and sheets that didn’t sell in the car and hauled them to Good Will. We shoved everything back into George’s side of the garage – an NO Nanny’s bed was not in the garage sail – that is just where it has been in the garage, against the wall. lol But WHERE is WALDO? Can you spot George’s head in the midst of this mess?

After a Good Will drop off we decided to go for a beer at The Goat. A nice little sunny Restaurant and Bar in Mount Juliet – one of our favorites. Usually a crowd but I think people are busy with fall break, sports, and all sorts of other things. So we enjoyed a less crowded situation as we shook off the Yard Sale moments and thought about our next adventures to come.

We then went to dinner at a place called Bonfire Grill. We did the Hibachi style this time and enjoyed a several course dinner with salad, soup, and surf and turf (steak and scallops for me), with veggies and rice. We shared the table with a couple and three boys about age 12 to 13 and it was one of their birthdays. There was an older gentleman with them and he didn’t feel well and had to go sit in the car (or they took him home – not sure). They were going to do Top Golf afterwards. We enjoyed sharing the table with them. It was fun to see the 12 and 13 year olds giggling at things but yet they were grown up and sounded like adults when you talked to them. It was fun being around someone that age again.

We came home and even though it was 7 ish it felt like it was 10 p.m. We watched and Grace and Frankie show and then I played the Tropical Farmville game and then I snoozed until finally just went to bed around 8:15 ish. Maisy followed. And then this morning we slept until about 6:15 ish. So a 10 hour overnight snooze that was! Wow! I guess I was tired. I thought we did good getting thru the yard sale though. And we made a decent amount for it being mainly 25 to 50 cent items and the random few things that we had for more than that.

I kinda don’t think I want to do yard sales anymore. I won’t ever say “never” but there were a few times when I just didn’t feel safe. A guy with a hoodie on tight to his face. I guess he was cold but geez it gave me the heebie jeebies. And some lady came and told us about some groups that go around to Mount Juliet yard sales and try to distract and take the money and go inside your house while asking to go to the bathroom and stuff. I was already aware of that as we went to a yard sale where that happened. But these days it’s nothing for someone to pull a gun on you. George kept taking the bigger bills and hiding them elsewhere from our “cigar box”. And it was a rule that we didn’t leave the cigar box and we had two of us there. I think there is safety in numbers so I’d like to see more of a two or three family sale from now on. Although it gets a bit hairy to keep it all separate, but we should at least invite friends over or something to sit with us if we ever do this again. It’s just not the same world as it used to be. I want to trust people but I just don’t. It’s just all a mess everywhere around us now.

We had a nice morning just catching up, doing laundry, getting my cleanse day prepped up, and my Isagenix nutrition set for the work week. My “care kit” has my vitamins, a snack, my Ionix stress formula, and a drink mix (either fruits, greens, or one of the three hydrate flavors) and an e-shot for late afternoon. Since I cleanse 1 day of the work week, I only need to make up 4 days worth of “care kit baggies”. That is my term not theirs. I have been experiencing a lull in the desire for shakes and snacks lately though – but I took a week or so off last week of some of it. But now I’m back. I like the way the shakes make me feel, help my digestion, keep my energy up. You don’t have to eat their snacks, but I do but get tired of them from time to time. I still eat a lot of nuts, and really need to eat more carrots and celery and stuff. But I get tired of those too. The little bags of carrots just don’t taste good to me and I get tired of chopping things. No time for that really. But I do the best I can.

I also vacuumed most of the house today. And cleaned the kitchen, ironed, cleaned my bathroom, emptied all the little trash cans across the house, and watched Sailing Uma as they sail across the Pacific and also watched Sam Holmes Sailing all on YouTube – he is in Hawaii doing videos.

And about mid-day we went for a 2nd load to Good Will. We were able to give a sofa away that didn’t sell to our neighbors for use in youth room area. And then we did a trip to Sam’s which is close to the Nashville airport. We bought the things we needed for our upcoming Seafood Fest with Mom. We are looking forward to spending time with her next weekend. We will be having a huge seafood feast! We live no where near the ocean of course so we have to buy frozen. But we’ll have it and know what the sides are and are looking forward to cooking a big dinner for Mom and spending time with her. We also bought a lot of good things and stocked up on them.

We also ran some errands for our “Spain Night” with our friends Don and Lisa. Sometimes you just decide to make your own festivals. When you are foodies like we are!

Once back from Sam’s and dropped off the frozen goods, we headed out to the store at Publix for a few remaining items. And so we are set for a while! I still have things to do and it is 6:30 at night.

Maisy, camping out on the sofa pillow.
Roger camped out in his comfy bed and tongue hanging out as usual.

So my To Do list includes the following, many still on it from my last listing:

  • Order Christmas cards
  • Order “It’s a 10 Miracle Leave in Product” (Darn it! I ordered the regular Condition instead – but I kept it even though it’s expensive b/c it came with Shampoo. But I really really need the leave in conditioner and everyone says that is the best. It’s lasted me like a year or longer! But I need more.
  • Order some more undies, lol – so I have enough for the week we go to TX and have to pack early and then not do laundry for a while after we get back – need a few more. lol
  • Order the new Isagenix drink and check my 100 BV requirement for the month so I can get the deepest discount.
  • Write down the dessert ingredients for my Spanish dessert for Spain night. I ix-nayed doing the dessert trial run. It was George that really wanted me to do it I thought. But we will wing it. If it is no good – then it’s no good. I think it got excellent ratings though. But I need to make that “design” thingie that goes on the top and write down the history of the cake.
  • Look up what is required for the Drivers License changes in order to be able to take a flight.
  • Update my vacation days. I have screwed up my vacay days – taking Friday’s that are not going to work – not realizing how close they were to my week long vacay – I’m so silly. So I need to figure all that out VERY soon b/c this gal does not want to lose her vacay. I think it’s a common thing to hear that people don’t take all their vacay b/c they are worried about their jobs and that is just a no no and concerns me very much. It’s our vacations that revive us and help us to be the better employees that we can be. It’s dangerous on burn out for you not to take it. Not healthy at all for either party really. So I need to figure mine out so I don’t lose it. But I do need to make sure they are good days to take.
  • Have my ring cleaned and prongs checked. It’s been a while.
  • Make dog trims for February (yes she books up that fast)
  • Christmas shopping and website orders
  • Writing projects
  • Birthday dinner with SIL
  • Retirement dinner plans with friend that is retiring
  • Write down on the calendar my challenge end dates and the maintenance photo dates.
  • Work on some financial info that I’m working on for security purposes.
  • Hammer and nail taken to work to hang a little picture.
  • Get the winter item tubs up from the basement.
  • Decide plans for Halloween night and where to shop.

And that is about it for now. I decided not to plant pansies in the front bed planters. So I crossed that off the list. I really need to focus on Christmas b/c we are just not going to have a lot of time to do so after Texas. All the parties and seasonal things start happening. I’m not even sure when I can decorate for Christmas.

However, we’ll just do what we can and enjoy the journey. And pray. God will see that we do and find all the things we want to. We also have to figure out Christmas plans before too long. Dates that Katy and Cody will be here and how we will do Christmas with Mom as this year’s holiday is just weird and I also have payroll responsibilities and will likely have to work some weekend time – but we can get through Thanksgiving first. And figure it out from there. It’s all good.

I did get my Mammogram appointment set. They had an opening for this coming Friday morning at first appointment so I took the appointment and will just have to be late for work. But with all the hours put in, I still have numerous overworked hours in the bank. lol Not that I’m trying to take it all. I just don’t want anyone saying I’m missing work. Oh I will remind them quickly of time worked over. I don’t know why I worry about what people think. I guess I’ve just been shocked by the uninformed opinions of those in the past and so I look out for that kind of thing. It won’t take a very long reminder to let anyone know what they need to know though, lol. The Tribe knows how to speak.

Anyway I just try to be fair. And Maisy needs to go out so she says, so I better take her. Ya’ll have a good week ahead. I have still a lot of quarter end things to do at work. Kinda making me nervous and in some cases I have no idea what I’m supposed to do but I guess I will figure it out, lol. I do love the job though. More Later.

New Camera App, Bucket List for Fall, and Findlay, the GrandDog

Good morning! Popping in again before heading out. I had a good sleep last night and feel pretty good and ready to tackle the world. Have tried to work fast this week to get ahead. I did a lot of my Friday stuff yesterday so I could work on filings today. Still have to do a few things this morning. I worked til 6 doing the Friday things that were kind of mindless, like ordering pay cards and looking up PTO averages. After 5 my brain is shot from the day and to try to figure out to do a tax filing which is a little different in every state is just not in the cards. This takes a fresh mind. I really don’t want to give up my Sunday. I need that day to get my to do list done which is monstrous, and to clean and to grocery shop and to do my devo, and have some alone time and if I don’t get that I will be very bear like next week and impossible to be around. Everyone needs their balance and their weekend.

We have a yard sale tomorrow, so no working over today. I’ll try to go in early but it’ll have to wait til I get this blog entry done and drink my coffee X 2 cups.

The sunrise has been pretty. Took that above. I installed a new camera app, Dream Camera Lite, which is a “professional camera” app. I don’t really know how to use it. But I saw it in an article about Apps you need to have. I really liked the clarity of the videos. And I liked the way the photos took but it does put their icon on it. I think you have to pay or buy the premium version to get that off of there. I thought I’d try it for a while and see. I’m not sure how to use all the bells and whistles but it worked great and was able to make some of my dark photos I took look much better. I like the widephoto it will let you take and of course you can still use your regular iphone camera if you want.

It’s a goal of mine in the next year, to learn how to take good video footage and to learn how to make a video movie with good sceneries to make it appealing to watch. Preferably nature, landscape, towns, markets, shops, restaurants, dogs but not necessarily people – but not opposed to it.

Grand dog Findlay

Here is my Grand Dog, Findlay. Katy sent us the pic yesterday. Is she not a cutie pie?

This one didn’t turn out to good as far as the camera and lighting. Oh well. It’s very grainy.

I kept forgetting my lunch this week and one day I had Cracker Barrel. I love their grilled chicken. It’s so flavorful. Their iced tea is so good. It hit the spot. I keep forgetting to take a frozen meal in with me. Yesterday I had tuna and bone broth. Not very exciting but it got me through without spending money.

Bucket List: A small version

Ahhh, I was not wanting to fool with poster size Bucket Lists although it does look better and make you see it as you come and go and make plans, but sometimes life is too full to do a life size Tyvek list lol so notebook paper it is. Plus since I took a pic, it’s on my phone now. Is there a Bucket List app? lol Probably.

Anyway, let’s see – what is going on with me? Let me get more coffee and I’ll be right back.

Well I am happy and content. I am loving going to work to do my job. I love almost every minute of my job. Every day being different and the challenge is getting it all done and timely and accurate, but my teachers have shown me how to check for accuracy – still there is a LOT of room for error so carefulness, mindfulness, alertness – and being “on your game” as they say is key. You can’t let your guard down. A lot of people count on you. You have to also watch out for other’s errors that could keep someone from being paid correctly. So I try to get a good night’s sleep – which has been a challenge a few times lately. I try to eat right and keep sharp. I’m still goofy though and there is nothing we can do about that, but push through it, lol lol lol lol.

Ummmm we are starting to get into the busy season of our year (it’s all busy but the holidays put on some extra pressure, but extra fun. I guess it is that way for many. But to go into fall with the realization that every Saturday is booked, was quite shocking. We are having to turn down events that we would normally go to. But our life is full and happy and we will enjoy it. I do kinda get a bit of anxiety at our schedule filling up. It’s exciting but I do have anxiety that goes with it in the way of getting things done that need to get done – like laundry, grocery, gift shopping, wrapping and such. Sometimes we don’t have time for that left and that wigs me out. I also have to have my quiet time for a few hours to recharge my batteries and reboot, or I am not worth being around. So this makes me a bit nervous, but I’m trying to stay ahead of things. Which is impossible. lol I have a mounting to do list. But leaving the house at 6 ish and getting home at 6:30 to 7 – I’m finding I’m spent and want to do nothing but crawl in recliner with ipad and play my game or watch TV. I took the energy e-shot (natural ingredients plus caffiene and adaptogens one night at 5:30 I could be alert and keep going- not an energy drink compared to other energy drinks on the market. This is Isagenix and a natural one that is good for you) but it kept me awake until 10:30 p.m. I have to take it by 3:30 or 4:00 and no later. It peps me up to get things done after I get home.

More on the To Do List this weekend. But – we have a Yard Sale Saturday. I’ve still got some marking to do but not much. Tonight we will be setting up tables and that will make it easier for me to mark and have somewhere to put it. We are having pizza or something easy tonight so we can work on all this. In the morning all we’ll have to do is open the garage doors and take the tables out. If it’s raining we will have to have it in the garage, which I don’t want to do b/c I don’t want people grabbing things that are not for sale, lol lol.

Anyway, better go finish getting ready and get out the door! I am going to try to knock out many of these filings today if life will allow. I did notice that the company piled as much as they could into this position, lol. There is hardly any time to even eat lunch. But I usually do if I wanat it. It just means you have to stay later if you do. Anyway, I see why the previous person never took one.

Before I go, I do want to ask that you pray for George’s work. A new company took over and people in his department have been laid off. They have shut down this mine before and so we hope that doesn’t happen again. Right now George still has work. But as with most companies, there is a business cycle and eventually a company usually ends unless it is able to compete and surpass others. So we are all susceptible to this. It’s a way of life now. Companies are bought out, start up, end, whatever. But it is something that needs to be prayed over. So please keep us in your prayers. It could happen to any of us really at any time.

Well better get on the move. More later after we get through this yard sale. It has big things and we don’t want to have to haul it off. Otherwise we’d probably just donate. A no, I know my family is wondering if we are selling Nanny’s furniture. No we are not. Even though we will probably not use it ever again b/c it is regular size, it’s still gonna be sitting in the basement. I feel bad b/c I feel like someone could be using it that needed it, but we will hoard it b/c it’s sentimental because that is what the family would want us to do. I like it – I just like my office better, 😉 b/c that is what I really need and want now that it is just the two of us, we only need one guest bedroom. We hardly even have one guest. lol But at some point we probably will need to sell it b/c even Katy and Cody are wanting a larger size bed for their set up. So……and no one else in the family wants it so eventually we will have to part with it but even I am not comfortable with that yet.

Ok gone for real….have a good one!