George’s New Ride

George’s New Ride, Honda Accord, 2016 model with very few miles on it

Well I guess the big news is that George’s new ride finally made it from the west coast to our Carvana here. He picked it up Sunday. It was a bitter sweet moment. Sad to turn in Granny and Granda’s old van (was ours after they passed) and got a little (very little at this point) trade in on it.

George put the coin in and his Honda Accord, 2016 with very few miles on it, came down the “gum ball machine” or “vending machine” – pick your term – and came to him. It’s a like new car with it’s low miles – I think it was around 15k or maybe even less. My favorite part was the heated leather seats.

I asked him if he was excited going to get it and he said “no, not as much as the other cars in my life”. However, once he got it, he was excited and I emailed him at work asking how his ride in was and he said “it drove like a dream and raved on about it and how much he loves it”. It’s his first car with all the new gadgets – things like GPS and all and the stereo was one of the things he liked about this car. He said he can listen to his ipod as it plugs right in and even has the album cover and song title on the screen. lol I’m excited for him. And glad the excitement finally kicked in. And most of all I’m glad he has a better ride in to work.

We picked it up Sunday and since we were practically next door to Black Abbey, we landed there first. Of course. lol

Forgive my no make up, second day hair – no shower yet! But after picking up his car we stopped at Black Abbey – as it was like a block away!

Then we came home and I dove into laundry and unpacking and doing some things in the house.

If you have noticed I have not blogged about our weekend or my day off. Friday was successful and I got the cake the cake made and Saturday we went had an extraordinary time cooking/eating with our friends. I say it deserves it’s own entry. I took a lot of photos and I will do shorter entries each day to cover our meal and the next day and my updated to do list. I’m trying to get back into a normal daily blog post even if it is a small one. I miss it when I do not. One day turns to two days and it bothers me when I can’t have time to blog as I feel like I’m being infringed upon by other things in life. And nothing needs to mess with my blog time – (tribe has spoken, yada yada).

So tomorrow, Lord willing – I will do my Spain entry.

I have been struggling to find time to do quarter end – as your really can only have time to do quarter end – by coming in early or staying late – or rushing through everything else and denying yourself lunch time. But by doing those things I’m getting through it. I think I’ve finished filing all but the things on the Transport side and that should hopefully be easy. Who knows. But time is about to be up. And then once I finish with that all my Monthly withholding taxes I have to pay by Nov 15th – it’ll be time to do those – again. Of course when payroll closes tomorrow all my weekly ones are due again, so it never ends it seems, but I’m trying to keep up. I forced a vacation day in there b/c I needed it personally. Looks like all vacation days so far have to sortof be forced b/c there is never really time for them and that bothers me more than you know as does the long hours. I keep saying we’ll see. I do think as I learn more it’ll get faster. The weekly stuff did, but the person before me worked 7 to 4 with not much lunch time though but- and I’m not there yet. I don’t mind the 7 to 5 even – 10 hours but 9 hours with no lunch time off on most days is better than 11 -13 hours with no lunch time. lol. Yes, indeed, the situation will need to get better and still hoping it will. We will see. I’m not going in as early today, but I may need to stay late to get some more done on the quarter end. I feel like some days I’m the last person on a whip lash (remember skating and going around the ring and the person on the end get’s whipped around good, lol- that’s what life has been like lately). Work, store, hurry and go do this event or that – oh my gosh you mean it’s time to do this already – well crap, oh ok – here we go. Sleep when you can, eat when you can – at least we do that well.

So yeah more on the Spain and foodie events upcoming in the future blog posts. In the mean time, I’m not unhappy at all. I’m very content. If I didn’t like the new job, I would not be and probably would have left already, but I do like it. We just have to figure out how to juggle it so the hours are not so long. Maybe I’m just slower and careful. That said, still not wanting to work the long hours so we will continue to monitor and work on it and see how the next quarter goes. Some in my family have suggested that I stop working the long hours period – finished or not. But that is not how I roll. Now, in the other job when nothing is EVER done or finished, there was no reason to knock head against a brick wall continually – b/c you can’t finish infinity, lol. But yeah the hours is my only beef with this new job. But I still have hope. And yes, I will continue to be concerned til it gets adjusted right and sorted out b/c I like to leave when everyone else does and I enjoy my home time too and right now it’s backed up.

Why am I always so backed up on the holidays? I’m going to be glad to see my Kate, but honestly I’ll have to break my neck to catch up and then I can’t take much vacation around the holiday’s and even have to work the weekends – hell, someone is even having to work a weekend to cover me while on vacation so honestly I’m not really looking forward to the holidays this year. It’s been different anyway these past few years, and I’m sure I’ll be excited at some points (I get a mac) but right now when I look at what all there is b/w now and the first of the year and how busy even Jan will be – during a time that is supposed to be fun – it’s just harried. Honestly it always has been I guess. However, the hours will have to be adjusted b/c I will have to have my nights to shop if I can’t take much vacay time – what am saying? I WILL take my vacay time somehow. I’m not losing it.

Ok I’m working myself up into a worry wart right now. It’s ok – I do it every year. There is just so much to do but less to do than normal – as we have less to buy for. That is sad really – so many of our family has gone – either deceased or aloof. Yes we have aloofness in our family as many do. I can’t believe it, but we do. So if you are aloof, there is not much celebration with aloofness. It just is what it is. Same concept I guess of “Santa bringing coal or filling your stocking”??? Have you been good this year? lol

Oh me, I can see this is going South so I better get to work so I don’t stay there til midnight. However, truth be known when it’s dark and I’m by myself – I WON’T be working late. So it’ll have to figure itself out I guess in the winter. Sonya will be tearing down the parking lot to get out of there. I’d rather go in early. But it won’t be before six or six thirty. That is my limit. I guess I’ll be setting some limits for sure. As Momma says “gotta put the foot down sometimes”. The good part though is I will get to decide when. And I don’t like leaving things undone.

So off to the races! Ya’ll be good and I’ll do the Spain weekend tomorrow. Lord willing!

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  1. It will get easier with time just hang in there and have a terrific Tuesday if anyone can do it it is you as your very good at sorting out the priorities!

  2. It will get easier with time just hang in there and have a terrific Tuesday if anyone can do it it is you as your very good at sorting out the priorities! Don’t stay after dark alone be safe

  3. Congrats on the Honda. Nice looking car. I think your husband will enjoy it for years to come.I don’t blame you for wanting to leave work before dark and everyone else leaves. It is a scary world we live in. Stay safe and take your vacation days. You have earned them.

  4. I like George’s car. He will enjoy it. Good driving, dependable, great sound. It will hold up for a long time. I am sure the longer you do payroll, you will work out the shortcuts and the way to get it done faster.

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