Climbing the Quarter End Everest and a New Car on the Horizon

Pretty Days

We have had cool mornings but pretty days. This was earlier in the week. Not a lot of leaves changing but a few here and there are starting to turn. We’ll see a big difference in the next few days as it was 38 this morning!

I can’t believe I have not been on here in 3 days. I did do a private blog on Wed night. But the mornings have been rushed trying to get out the door to get a head start on traffic and get to work earlier.

Foggy Mornings

The mornings have been foggy. Forgive if I have posted this one. After I sleep, I can’t remember what I posted w/o going back and looking. lol

The traffic has been horrible in the mornings and some in the evenings too. It’s like it doubled the last two weeks. Maybe just a lot of people on fall break and coming thru on the interstate systems? Who knows. I was hoping for lighter traffic during fall break, lol. Oh well. I have been leaving later than normal though on some mornings and that makes a complete difference.

My hours have been a little bit better. Some nights I’ll choose to work til 6 to get some extra things done, but if I feel like leaving at 5 or 5:30 and tired and ready to go home. I just go…and I’m still one of the last to leave. The hours still need to improve a bit. Right now I’m in quarter end and apparently it takes all month. To be honest there just is not many hours left of the payroll week to work on it once you get through with payroll, paying fed and state taxes, uploading 401k, stuffing checks, doing the manual checks, doing the garnishment check runs, ordering and assigning pay cards, and getting ready for the next week. So any quarter end work almost has to be after hours or lunches. I’ve been trying to also take time for lunch more b/c really a job should allow decent hours and lunches so I’m having to force it a bit. Somehow will get through quarter end – all the filings are done across the US but Oregon and it’s the monster and I’m working on the 2nd part of that – there are numerous parts to it. Then I have to do a reconciliation report for all states inter company and then I have to do the unemployment filings which I’ve never done before. I have no clue but will try to figure it out. May need someone to show me the first one which seems fair to ask. So anyway quarter end is this big thing. But still have 1/2 a month left. I think the Oregon filings are going to be the worst part of it. You have to enter each employee one by one. :-O lol Reminder for next quarter: Go to bathroom before beginning project in case it doesn’t SAVE or times you out! I’ve been told that Quarter End and Year End a-meshed is a buggar! Can’t wait for that. lol All that said, while I’m working on these things I’m as happy as a lark. It’s the fear of not knowing what I’m doing that makes it scary to me. And not having done this before and wanting to do a good job at it. My fears are that it is going to take longer keeping me there late past everyone else leaving – esp when it turns dark. And I don’t want that. So fear is a factor right now but I’ll know more in about 2 weeks once it’s finished. And next time will know more of what I’m doing. And it will be less scary to me and less of a Mount Everest. Right now I’m kinda depressed b/c it feels like it’s so slow to climb the mountain. Will I ever get through with Quarter End? lol I have worked so many hours on it already yet there is still this big huge mountain to climb – and in the dark, lol.

So…our big news of the week is that George bought a Honda Accord. It’s a few years older but has very little miles on it. He is getting it through Carvana. He actually did a spreadsheet on the cars he liked and did all kinds of sorts through excel and then narrowed down to five and finally picked it. lol He has never had a car with a back up camera yet and updated widgets and things like blue tooth and modern car connectors for USB and ipods and things. So he is very excited. I think he said this one had leather seats too. He gets to pick it up toward the end of next week. I hope I get to go. It’s a big deal to put the big Carvana Coin in and then watch the car come down the track – the car comes down from the glass bubble like a gum ball and comes down the track toward the bay you are in. Then you go for your test drive. You have already bought the car at that point but you have 7 days to return it and change your mind with no questions asked.

So the funny part is that when he bought this on line – you only have so much time to get this done. Each section has it’s time limits. And when he started I think he had 3 to 5 minutes and then he went to the next section which gave him an hour and something but he thought it was still counting down from the first screen and he was running out of time. So he was having me run downstairs and take pics of odometers and licenses, while he copied and scanned registrations and drivers licenses. We were running across the house from one end to the other and upstairs and downstairs and at one point we even ran into one another, lol only to find out that the screen had changed for that section and we actually had an hour. I was fussing and sqwauking…”they are gonna hear about this – this is ridiculous to have to run around and gather all this stuff in 3 minutes – are they insane?” LOL LOL You know me! So we laughed so hard when we realized we lost all those calories for nothing! I will never forget that the rest of my life. We were like one of those old movies in black and white. Truth be known, we probably needed the exercise and we can say we got in our “cardio” this week!

Today I go in for my Mammogram. I need to be at work on Quarter End but I also needed to have done this in Spring. So I got the earliest appointment I could at 8:20. I have to be there a bit earlier. I’m not sure what I’m doing for breakfast and lunch today. I won’t take a lunch since I’m going to be late. I may allow myself to order Uber Eats today. I also considered going thru Chic Fil A for breakfast. 😉 I love their ice tea also. That will last a while. I go through a spell in the fall and early winter of not wanting the shakes. It’s too cold. But I will get used to it as the house heats up and our temps get more comfortable. I’m also a little tired of the shakes. We need some new flavors. lol

What else is new? Hmmmm….oh yeah, my glasses came in. I love them. The sunglasses have a little bit too much of the bifocals coming up into my line of vision when driving but it’s not too bad. I just adjust my head a bit. I don’t think it’s enough to worry about. My every day glasses are surely different but I am happy with them. It’s a dramatic change from the others but I like the shape. They are “artsy” looking I think. I guess I would classify me as an artsy person if you considered the writing artsy and the love of making graphics and such and photography. I’m more of a nerd than artsy and perhaps these are a bit nerdy too. lol Others will not like them. And I am totally ok with that. Matter of fact I’m prideful of the fact that I am ok with that because it means I’ve gotten past caring what others think. I’m not saying I don’t value others and their opinions as people – but what I’m saying is that their opinions don’t define who I am. I get to do that. 😉

And I need to go hop in the shower and get on with this day. But first – wanted to let you kow we’ll be spending time with Mom doing the seafood fest we are creating, this weekend. And I suppose I’ll blog at some point. Ya’ll be good! What are you doing fun this weekend?

6 responses to “Climbing the Quarter End Everest and a New Car on the Horizon”

  1. Congrats on the new car! Glad George found one he liked now he will be traveling safer. Any new job takes time to learn be patient with yourself and you’ll get there hope you have a wonderful day and get a lot done!

  2. Congrats on the new car! Glad George found one he liked now he will be traveling safer. Any new job takes time to learn be patient with yourself and you’ll get there hope you have a wonderful day and get a lot done!take good care in that traffic

  3. That car sounds nice, and it would be an easier way to car shop. I haven’t heard of anyone around here buying a car that way. I like your cloud pictures. I hope your day goes smoothly and that you can leave early.

  4. the new car sounds nice. enjoy. hope you find some balance at work. you have quite a bit to accomplish. it’s been nice and cool here too. autumn is here for sure.

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