Calendar and Car Dilemmas

Monday went smoothly. I was proud of our plants for adhering and getting most of their PTO’s in on Friday. Still had a few yesterday morning which I’ve ok’d to come in until Noon. I just had to stop all of the last minute sends that come in while I’m trying to close payroll. Anyway, I was able to get thru with time sheets early enough to work on quarterly returns. All the states have been done except for one and it is the bear of them all which requires you to enter all of your employees. And hopefully I will have time to finish it today. I think it’s due today. I may do it this morning before diving in to payroll or stay tonight and do it. Whatever just send me a cot to my office. lol I told Mom, it looked like the month after a quarter end, is not a good month for vacay days lol. After this I have to do a reconciliation of some kind. We started working on it at the beginning of the month and hopefully I can remember how we did it or where it even is on my computer, lol so I can finish it – but one thing at a time. Then I have to work on the unemployment filings. I think that the quarter end never ends, lol.

I am having a dilemma over my calendar. I need a slim one that I can carry easily and have decided to just mesh work with my personal calendar since it all has to mesh anyway. I have always struggled with the calendar thing – paper or phone? The phone takes too long to program in. When someone is giving you dates for things you write it down and then have to plug it in later. It goes on a paper calendar first and then if I have time it goes on my iphone google calendar which I like as it feeds into my Apple Watch screen for upcoming event but I likely will not find the time to program things in on a regular basis. We are just moving moving moving all the time and when I relax I don’t want to be worrying about my schedule, lol. So it never gets done.

So what I was starting to say was that I need to get a new planner as mine has this metal spiral binder thing on it that is oversize and it is hard back instead of flexible. I didn’t realize this when I ordered it. I’ve been trying to make myself finish using this school year calendar as it goes all the way to June 2020. I just started using it this past June. I’ve used the fire out of it, but I’m not happy with it. I just need something that will flex and give a little bit. I’m having trouble stuffing it in my back pack and I need to be able to take it with me b/w home and work in the back pack daily.

The reason I’m going to have to combine the calendars is that there are certain times of the year and certain times of the month that it is not ideal to take vacation and I need to be able to mesh the two to be effective for work and home too so I can be where I need to be when I need to be for both efforts. So instead of forcing myself to use that one, I’m going to allow myself to order one that works for me. It has to have a “to do” section in it and a blank space somewhere that I can write grocery items on it as I think of it. This one has that, but I had no idea it was a huge metal spiral on the side and hardback. It’s perfect for someone is school though b/c it would be durable and hard and able to have books piled on top – but that is NOT me. I’m all schooled out. 12 years + 4 + 3 more + all the law and self teaching I’ve done and seminars and books on tape and train the trainer courses and podcasts and books. lol And for what? Ok I know it put food on the table for a long time being in the prior career but it just seemed like no matter how hard you tried – you just couldn’t please anyone. Everyone always wanted more more more. I burned out trying. So yeah, no more schooling for me. And no more school calendars/planners either. lol Schooled out and burned out and shipped out. Loving the new role. It has a lot of responsibility and it is a bit over packed with the work load but I love just being able to get things done and crossed off the list. A to do list that is the same week after week. Well except for the taxes and quarters and year ends and such. However, one day is still different from the next. And to know what your schedule is and to know without a doubt you will be allowed to work on it – is a good thing. So I just need to get a better calendar that I can use to mesh my world. Two calendars and the iphone is not getting it. I’m all over the place.

I’m also trying to figure out how to get my vacay days scheduled in. Due to the job change the dates chosen are just not going to work I don’t think. But I don’t want to lose them. That is such a no no with me. But the time has come and this week I will need to figure it all out.

So the coffee is good this morning. I’ve been buying Starbucks b/c theirs seem to have the best taste that we enjoy and it’s been reasonable in the stores.

Well, George’s car (my old car) won’t start so he’s had to go to work in “Granny’s van” that we inherited. So he is considering Carvana and a new car. However, as you know George does not want a car payment so he is likely to keep the 275,000 mile Toyota RAV 4 until it is a Flintstone mobile. lol The van is not very dependable either, so we may be looking at renting a car if both end up on the side of the road. He has a very long drive. If it were me I would want something dependable that is not going to give me trouble going down the interstate. That is what I worry about for him. I had to put my foot down myself and get a dependable car – which I was going to do with or without his permission b/c it was time and at the time I was working in a horrid crime laden part of town. I was scared to death of breaking down in that area.

Maisy is telling me we need to go out, so I’ll quit blogging and take her out, get make up on, do hair and get on the road to work. Ya’ll have a splendid day!

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  1. Hope geoge stays safe in that old car and you find your calendar to keep you on track it’s so important with your busy schedule take good care and have a great day

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