Dinner Adventures: Spain Cuisine

George plays with food!

How could I have possibly left out this pic yesterday of George’s smiley face cracker at Black Abbey?

Torta de Santiago and me, lol

Well, here is the dessert I talked about. George mentioned “this would be good at Christmas” and “can I take the rest of it to work?” So, I take it as a compliment. And the Ireland clan ate and enjoyed it. It’s simple with ingredients. I made it harder than it had to be by blanching the almonds and peeling off the almond skins. Might would try it with just almond flour next time? It’s the zest of the navel orange and the lemon that gave this a unique flavor. If I can find the time to make it for the holidays I will. But no one should hold their breath for it. My schedule usually doesn’t allow for much baking or cooking time anyway – especially these days. And will have to be working on the weekends around the Christmas holidays this year. So we’ll see.

Here are a lot of the dishes we had for our Spain weekend with friends Don and Lisa. We arrived, and had what I call a Spanish Splash – lol – yes I made that up.

“The Spanish Splash” – Brandy, Soda, and Orange Peel

After we settled in and caught up a bit, Lisa and I sprinkled on the confectioner’s sugar for the cake. It said to wait til serving but we were almost there, so we sprinkled it around the cross. Lisa had a nice dish waiting for the cake, knowing it would be transported in tupperware to get across town. The cake and it’s cook were so honored. Also I had a lot of compliments on the pic above with me and the cake – how happy I was. I’ve always had a serious face and composure b/c I’m always “on the agenda” until a few people pull me off of it. A few can. Not many. But I’ve chosen to be myself most of the time and let life be. If I feel like laughing I do, if I don’t- I don’t. But was honored that people liked the pic and the cake! I talked about this weekend so much and making this dessert. lol

We ate salads right away as everyone was hungry, lol. Everyone did a great job on these wonderful dishes. And then we set in to making the Paella as a group effort with Chef Don at the helm. I chopped. (Better Crocker commercial? – “and I heeeeeelllllppped”. We all had a job and brought it together really quick.

George making spinach with pine nuts and Don starting the Paella.
Lisa’s beautiful table setting!
Oh and you can’t forget the Sangria.

WE ALL had a FAB time and enjoyed ourselves and catching up and eating and laughing and watching the Auburn game for those that wanted to. Dogs were also happy to have so much attention and completely at home. And were good (for the most part).

We ate our breakfast by the fire pit as the temps were mild, but a little chill in the air. We also got in the hot tub and then we got dressed and headed out back home. We had about an hour before we had to be back to pick up George’s new car so back to Nashville to trade the van in and get new car.

I think I have the blog up to date for the most part.

Was able to get all four plants payrolls done in one day yesterday and now I’m now I am at the tail end of finishing all the quarterly filings today for the Transport side. Have to go to the store tonight for the fixings of my breakfast casserole so I won’t be able to stay late tonight. So hopefully all will get accomplished today. I think I have tomorrow too but maybe not if something needs to be paid. Sometimes if it is afternoon it goes into the next date. I don’t want any late filing fees. Anyway hopefully I will be able to finish everything on time.

And that said, I need to scoot on in after I get another cup of joe and get the face and hair done.

Ya’ll have a spectacular day. Tomorrow is the current “To Do List” with holiday time for Thanksgiving coming – and our time is going to be crunched a bit. I said yesterday I wasn’t looking forward to the holidays – I didn’t mean it really. I thought about that later and I AM always looking forward to the holiday time with family. I think what I meant was just not looking forward to having to figure out how to decorate and get done the things I really enjoy doing at the holidays. It is also a time where you mourn not getting to see those you miss. So I guess that was running through my mind, but mainly just feeling a little anxiety over knowing how busy our schedule is and when we will get time to get things done when you are at work or gone 24-7. I guess this is the part of the year I always look forward to hibernation in January but who am I kidding? It’s year end, quarter end, and month end, all in a big whammie and my first tripple delight and another learning curve, lol. It’s all good though- at least I can snuggle up and hibernate in my office in warm clothes and camp out and get her done! And by then we will have scheduled our Spring vacay to Amelia Island. So yeah, To Do List coming up tomorrow. This helps me stay focused.

Ya’ll have a splendid day? What you doing this week? Anything special? Special projects? And what do you do for a living? I’d love to hear from you.

George’s New Ride

George’s New Ride, Honda Accord, 2016 model with very few miles on it

Well I guess the big news is that George’s new ride finally made it from the west coast to our Carvana here. He picked it up Sunday. It was a bitter sweet moment. Sad to turn in Granny and Granda’s old van (was ours after they passed) and got a little (very little at this point) trade in on it.

George put the coin in and his Honda Accord, 2016 with very few miles on it, came down the “gum ball machine” or “vending machine” – pick your term – and came to him. It’s a like new car with it’s low miles – I think it was around 15k or maybe even less. My favorite part was the heated leather seats.

I asked him if he was excited going to get it and he said “no, not as much as the other cars in my life”. However, once he got it, he was excited and I emailed him at work asking how his ride in was and he said “it drove like a dream and raved on about it and how much he loves it”. It’s his first car with all the new gadgets – things like GPS and all and the stereo was one of the things he liked about this car. He said he can listen to his ipod as it plugs right in and even has the album cover and song title on the screen. lol I’m excited for him. And glad the excitement finally kicked in. And most of all I’m glad he has a better ride in to work.

We picked it up Sunday and since we were practically next door to Black Abbey, we landed there first. Of course. lol

Forgive my no make up, second day hair – no shower yet! But after picking up his car we stopped at Black Abbey – as it was like a block away!

Then we came home and I dove into laundry and unpacking and doing some things in the house.

If you have noticed I have not blogged about our weekend or my day off. Friday was successful and I got the cake the cake made and Saturday we went had an extraordinary time cooking/eating with our friends. I say it deserves it’s own entry. I took a lot of photos and I will do shorter entries each day to cover our meal and the next day and my updated to do list. I’m trying to get back into a normal daily blog post even if it is a small one. I miss it when I do not. One day turns to two days and it bothers me when I can’t have time to blog as I feel like I’m being infringed upon by other things in life. And nothing needs to mess with my blog time – (tribe has spoken, yada yada).

So tomorrow, Lord willing – I will do my Spain entry.

I have been struggling to find time to do quarter end – as your really can only have time to do quarter end – by coming in early or staying late – or rushing through everything else and denying yourself lunch time. But by doing those things I’m getting through it. I think I’ve finished filing all but the things on the Transport side and that should hopefully be easy. Who knows. But time is about to be up. And then once I finish with that all my Monthly withholding taxes I have to pay by Nov 15th – it’ll be time to do those – again. Of course when payroll closes tomorrow all my weekly ones are due again, so it never ends it seems, but I’m trying to keep up. I forced a vacation day in there b/c I needed it personally. Looks like all vacation days so far have to sortof be forced b/c there is never really time for them and that bothers me more than you know as does the long hours. I keep saying we’ll see. I do think as I learn more it’ll get faster. The weekly stuff did, but the person before me worked 7 to 4 with not much lunch time though but- and I’m not there yet. I don’t mind the 7 to 5 even – 10 hours but 9 hours with no lunch time off on most days is better than 11 -13 hours with no lunch time. lol. Yes, indeed, the situation will need to get better and still hoping it will. We will see. I’m not going in as early today, but I may need to stay late to get some more done on the quarter end. I feel like some days I’m the last person on a whip lash (remember skating and going around the ring and the person on the end get’s whipped around good, lol- that’s what life has been like lately). Work, store, hurry and go do this event or that – oh my gosh you mean it’s time to do this already – well crap, oh ok – here we go. Sleep when you can, eat when you can – at least we do that well.

So yeah more on the Spain and foodie events upcoming in the future blog posts. In the mean time, I’m not unhappy at all. I’m very content. If I didn’t like the new job, I would not be and probably would have left already, but I do like it. We just have to figure out how to juggle it so the hours are not so long. Maybe I’m just slower and careful. That said, still not wanting to work the long hours so we will continue to monitor and work on it and see how the next quarter goes. Some in my family have suggested that I stop working the long hours period – finished or not. But that is not how I roll. Now, in the other job when nothing is EVER done or finished, there was no reason to knock head against a brick wall continually – b/c you can’t finish infinity, lol. But yeah the hours is my only beef with this new job. But I still have hope. And yes, I will continue to be concerned til it gets adjusted right and sorted out b/c I like to leave when everyone else does and I enjoy my home time too and right now it’s backed up.

Why am I always so backed up on the holidays? I’m going to be glad to see my Kate, but honestly I’ll have to break my neck to catch up and then I can’t take much vacation around the holiday’s and even have to work the weekends – hell, someone is even having to work a weekend to cover me while on vacation so honestly I’m not really looking forward to the holidays this year. It’s been different anyway these past few years, and I’m sure I’ll be excited at some points (I get a mac) but right now when I look at what all there is b/w now and the first of the year and how busy even Jan will be – during a time that is supposed to be fun – it’s just harried. Honestly it always has been I guess. However, the hours will have to be adjusted b/c I will have to have my nights to shop if I can’t take much vacay time – what am saying? I WILL take my vacay time somehow. I’m not losing it.

Ok I’m working myself up into a worry wart right now. It’s ok – I do it every year. There is just so much to do but less to do than normal – as we have less to buy for. That is sad really – so many of our family has gone – either deceased or aloof. Yes we have aloofness in our family as many do. I can’t believe it, but we do. So if you are aloof, there is not much celebration with aloofness. It just is what it is. Same concept I guess of “Santa bringing coal or filling your stocking”??? Have you been good this year? lol

Oh me, I can see this is going South so I better get to work so I don’t stay there til midnight. However, truth be known when it’s dark and I’m by myself – I WON’T be working late. So it’ll have to figure itself out I guess in the winter. Sonya will be tearing down the parking lot to get out of there. I’d rather go in early. But it won’t be before six or six thirty. That is my limit. I guess I’ll be setting some limits for sure. As Momma says “gotta put the foot down sometimes”. The good part though is I will get to decide when. And I don’t like leaving things undone.

So off to the races! Ya’ll be good and I’ll do the Spain weekend tomorrow. Lord willing!

Finally a Blog Entry: Hard at Work but Found Play Time

Ahhhhhh finally blog time. I have sat down to blog about 4 times this morning. It went something like this….

…..oh wait, I need coffee (I always either have coffee or wine – or sip something when blogging – it’s like eating and watching TV)

…..oh darn, maybe I should take the dogs out before the rain hits

…..oh let me reboot the washer so that can get going

…..hmmmm, I don’t remember seeing that cross I made for the cake – that is going to bother me – I can’t blog til I know that hasn’t been thrown away.

So here I am, sipping decaf b/c I’ve already had 2 cups of the real stuff. I’m listening to some relaxing piano station that Alexa is playing. It’s nice in here with dogs by my side – well one of them anyway – Roger still thinks I’m going back and forth in the house and soon he’ll settle back here when he realizes I’ll be here a while.

It’s rare to have time to blog these days. I’m kinda shocked I’ve not had blog time to tell you the truth. I really like the new job – matter of fact I love it – but right now it is taking a lot of hours. I’m still coming around the learning curve on some of it, but mainly it seems it takes most of the week to do the payroll job and I have to cram tax time either before work, during lunch or after work – when it comes to quarter end stuff anyway. So it’s taken a month of extra work to get through it and I’m still not through. Several more states to file but should be able to toss that off the plate next week after another set of really long days. I’ve been told it will get easier. I can see that it will to some degree. I have spent most of my time on one state that just has an ugly return and it even has my bosses stumped and has required hours of their time to figure out. So I wasted a lot of time there. But – I was told I was headed in the right direction anyway. Most of the quarterly filings I have figured out on my own. Most states have the witholding tax returns and the unemployment returns so I did the witholding tax returns in all states first and did a reconciliation report and had to learn how to do that. I’m still not 100% sure I understand how ALL the report is put together but I learned what numbers needed to match (reconcile) and where to pull numbers to put into the report. So a huge learning curve this week on top of payroll and the normal tax payments and paying garns and uploading 401k. All done and a vacation day to spare. I worked hard and extra to be able to have 8 hours in a row off, lol. A lot of trouble if you asked most anybody.

Momma keeps saying “Well it doesn’t look like to me, that this job is slowing down any on it’s hours”.

Eerie early morning at the Work Complex.

I keep saying “It’ll get better – I’m just working on xxx, yyy, zzz.” And I know she is thinking that it’s always something. And it has been. I will admit I have had those same thoughts and if my pay goes down and I am working longer hours – will I be ok with that? I guess that remains to be seen. I’ll have to do the math and we’ll see if it gets any better. I think we are ALL STILL WAITING for the hours to work out. I still have faith. But now even another excuse – it’s the holidays so there will be strange hours worked through December just to be able to get in my remaining holiday days and the holiday days fall oddly so that I’ll be working weekends to get it done. But I can’t complain b/c my boss is going to have to work on the weekend to the Thanksgiving payroll done. I feel horrible but very grateful that she is sacrificing so I get to see my daughter at Thanksgiving. That brings tears to my eyes that someone would do that for me w/o complaint. I told her I owed her one big time. She is my hero and not many people would be that giving. So b/c of that I will try my best not to complain about the hours going through the holidays.

And I am grateful every day that I am in a job that has a definite answer. A definite end to the “to do”. A payroll WILL BE closed. A 401k WILL BE uploaded. A reconciliation will have a definite number. A pay check will be created. There are no open ends – well maybe in one state that has crazy laws where no one can find the answers, lol lol lol – but other than that there is a DEFINITE finish line. And I love love love every minute of what I’m doing. Sometimes it’s like working a puzzle doing the filings, finding the numbers. It reminds me of math homework. I loved doing math. I was not a huge math whiz but I always liked it. And made A’s and B’s in it. I was not good at Corporate Finance and the more advanced accounting and financial classes and quantitative methods and statistics. But I rocked the main accounting classes. Anyway I am just grateful to be doing something I love instead of something that totally frustrated me at every turn. No wonder I was mad all the time and negative and in a bad mood – I was just around only negative things happening or messing up my world, or no communication, or no cooperation, or complete opposite things happening from what needed to happen, and the inability to control anything. My persona was not built for that. Sure I learned to be a rock in a mass confused explosion area – lol – but I’m not meant to wear a hard hat and deal with life’s crises every second of the day. Numbers on a page don’t talk back, and don’t say no. I don’t care if the numbers on a page or computer screen ignore me. They are meant to. I am not longer on an island by myself trying to build a raft to sail around on – I’m a part of a team – and a good one. And that makes me happy. So if there are longer hours – it’s THAT that gets me through. I am at least working toward something I can see and hold it my hand that doesn’t fight me while working on it. And my world is a more positive place and I’m liking that I can be me now and not have to try to push positivity all the time to try and be more positive. I became so cynical and was holding in some anger and it feels good to be able to release all that negativity and wave it good bye and now that I have I see what life can be like and I only wish I had done it sooner. I am so resilient apparently that I have become willing to put up with anything. One can never be sure that change would bring delight. And that is what is scary. But after praying and God “leading the path” – I knew it was going to be ok.

Someone told me they were proud of what I have done and that I worked hard and didn’t miss a beat. That made me feel so good. I appreciated that. And I told them – well – it was either sink or swim and “failure” is NOT in my vocab. So I did and am doing what it takes to succeed.

So all that said, here I sit on a vacation day and can blog til my heart is content. However, I do have a few things I want and must accomplish but the main things are making that dessert I’ve talked about for over a month! And getting my nails done. It’s hard to do that after work during the month after quarter end. And I have major laundry to do and house cleaning.

I’ve not worked at all on my “to list” I last posted. Just no time. And I WILL have to begin working less hours though – and somehow will have to get through the Christmas shopping, decor and all that. We are busy on the weekends and I’m busy during the week working so not sure how where the time will come from but God says only focus on today for now and not be anxious for the rest of it as today has it’s own needs. So I’ll take that approach. I try to plan and prepare ahead though. But it’ll get all figured out.

So let’s get on with this blog entry – with some pics from the past week. I talk about working hard, but we did cram some fun in there at times. Wednesday night I did leave work early to have a beer with a coworker and catch up – which meant the world to me to get some time out to talk and catch up and I went from that to our dinner with Steve, a former vendor and friend from George’s former work. We still go out when he comes to town.

Steve and George, from our dinner out at Mori Mori
I loved the Poke Bowl, My first ever!

After we got home, had to change the bed sheets as Roger had thrown up in the bed. It’s not been a good week for Roger. I had gone to the store Tuesday night for yogurt after working a stupid long day but it’s like having a baby – you do what you need to do. So the yogurt helped, but he did have a couple of issues – he’s getting better daily as the big D is going away and getting more normal. So carpets have been cleaned with our machine but we’ll be renting the professional one very soon. And the sheets have been replaced and so that was a late couple of nights and then early morning work days.

Also, I didn’t need to leave the building Thursday but I did go to lunch with some of our crew to Santa Fe, as it was one of our coworker’s last day and so we all went out to share a good bye lunch with her and I ordered a salad to “be good” but look what came out. This big huge salad, lol with a big bowl of dressing. I couldn’t eat it all but I ate the top (not all of the cheese). It was so good.

Cobb Salad at Santa Fe
Calabria Brick Pizza (Tried to get a view with no people)

George and I went to eat pizza last night before our trip to the grocery as he has been wanting to try Calabria since they remodeled and have the 2 brick ovens. No pics of the pizza as we dove into it to fast and devoured it. Yes it is good and their upgrade the restaurant took it from a dark place to a very bright and inviting Italian ambiance. Loved it. Also ordered a wine that was divine. I hate red wine to have a sour taste and so many of the restaurants serve cheap bad reds.

I enjoyed the Grayson Merlot from Napa Valley

So I think I’m going to try to find that one and get a bottle. I also may switch from Pinot Noir as my “go to” red, to Merlot. It was heavenly and I sipped slowly.

So we caught up at dinner a bit on our jobs and headed to the store. And I was worn out when we got back. I put up the groceries while George took the doggies out and my head hit the pillow and once George was finished playing his guitar and turned the lights out, I could sleep. I thanked God for my pets, my house, my life, my family, my new job and friends and it doesn’t get any better – well of course unless you send an RV and let me go adventure – but in your will and your timing. I’m not even sure I made it to Amen, but it was a good prayer and a good sleep.

At 4 a.m. or something around that time, my alarm didn’t go off b/c it wasn’t supposed to. I remembered to turn it off for my vacay day today. However – ummmm, how do you turn your dog’s internal clock off? lol She came over and put her paw on my shoulder and pushed and I didn’t stir and she did it again and I said “not now”. She argued with a bark and then another. I put my pillow over my head. She laid down for a while. But once George was up she began barking loudly and in my ear telling me to get up. So I mean…she has me trained. Who can sleep through that???? so George got out the shower and took them out while I made coffee and started up my Tropical Farmville game to wake up.

The coffee was good and I have laundry going and the dishwasher going. No I’m ready to shower and reboot laundry again and get started on my dessert. I’m then going out for nails to be done. Working in files and pulling out the green bar reports (those old dinosaur reports still exist in our world) – but I broke a nail on them. It was time to get them done anyway. And then I’ll come home and either cook dinner or set something for George to cook – we haven’t decided who or what yet.

I do want to try to get the house spiffy if I can, b/c it needs some TLC. And perhaps work on my “to do list” but as always the day is over planned so I’ll do the most important things first. Tomorrow begins our Spain weekend with Don and Lisa and so I’ll come back Sunday night with lots of pics as we experience food from Spain.

George gets his Honda Accord from Carvana Sunday. So that worked out so I don’t have to leave work early. I want to be there for it. It’s an important event to put the coin in and watch it come down the conveyor. It’s a milestone event in our family being that we retain the cars til they become Flinstone like. lol It’ll be George’s first one with the back up camera and bluetooth – and it has leather seats. 😉 I’m so excited for him. And he’s trading in Granny’s van – not much value left. But today is his last trip to work in IT. Kinda sad. A lot of memories of Granny and Granda with that car. It was a really good vehicle for them. I liked it til it no longer had AC and I couldn’t do that long drive without AC. Anyway, better get going on my day. It’s already 9:18 but I’ve enjoyed the heck out of blogging til my heart’s content. It’s like talking to an old friend. And if old friends are reading and I hope they are -then it really is. lol If you are reading let me know. I love to hear from you. It makes blogging not such a lonely concept. lol

What are you all doing this weekend?

Love this cabin on the lake! Beautiful job by the artist!

Tuesday Morning Update and PTO Humor

What a beautiful colorful pic. Not sure who the artist is but it’s beautiful in it’s colors. This was shared to me through a facebook group I believe.

Anyway I thought I’d hop on and say hello. Looks like George is going to be able to get the car on Friday. I guess they were just busy and didn’t get it confirmed til yesterday.

Roger still has the big D but not as bad. I believe I saw red blood in the stool. But he seems happy as can be and ate this morning almost all the food I fixed for him. He ate Fancy’s food over the weekend which I believe is the culprit. I knew better. It’s my fault. I should have stopped him but I let him have it. I think Fancy was eating his, so we let them switch. I knew better but didn’t want to have to get up to make them switch. Meal time is crazy. So we have dealt with that. The past two nights he has had to go in the middle of the night. George took him at midnight and I took him at 4 ish this morning as I was getting up anyway and he was wanting to go. Hopefully he will be better today. George is giving him cheese! And the carpet cleaner has been out several times. (Rolls eyes and wondering if we will ever be able to redo the floors?)

We received a call from one of George’s vendor friends who is in town and we will be going to dinner with him on Wednesday night. Thursday night is store night for the Spain weekend. And looking forward to vacation day on Friday.

That said I still have a lot of work to do – have to work extra to get the day off. As said yesterday- it’s not really ever PTO time b/c you are having to work those same hours on other days to get everything done on the other days of the week. lol Oh well. I’ve heard many people tell me through the years they just don’t bother to take it all. I never understood that before. But I guess it was too much of an effort and disrupted too much and wasn’t worth it. It is a strain to take it for sure. It has been stressful enough in itself just to figure out when there is a good time to take it. Turns out there is usually not a good time to take it. Most of what I do in a week is extremely time sensitive and being off a day is very noticeable. So I guess you just play pin the PTO form on the calendar and put a blind fold on and just pick a date. lol I’m sorry you have to humorize things sometime. It helps keep a good mood about it. So I’m pinning the PTO form on this Friday. No it’s not a good date, but I’ve delayed PTO numerous times and I’ve got to have it this week or we’ll have combustion. Now that I have figured out that no time is good, then I guess it never really matters – just GO? Although I do try to pick a date that doesn’t make others have to do my job. However, there are times when we will need several days in a row to travel somewhere. And I’m very thankful that we can go to Texas at Thanksgiving. I put my PTO time in for the Friday before Thanksgiving as we’ve booked a room Friday night in Hot Springs. So that gives me 4 days in a row of PTO time against weekend and holiday time. I’m not even sure I’ll get time for Christmas and may even have to work the weekends on top of not getting time off but we’ll see. I am not wanting to lose my time – I know it’s an adjustment. I’ll want to get paid for it if I’m not allowed to take it for sure. At least you could have a nice outfit and call it your PTO outfit. lol lol lol lol Anyway, we work hard all year and we love to be able to enjoy our PTO time. I’m still adjusting to the schedule and trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t and we’ll figure it out as time goes. I love the job though and as long as the hours pans out and averages out better over time, then it’ll work for me! IT IS getting better. But during the times of doing things I’ve not done before – it takes longer. I’ll get into the routine of what to do at quarter end and year end, and then it’ll average out b/c I can have things ready and prepare in advance, and all. It’s all good. Gotta go!

And that is all she wrote for today. Gotta go re-earn my time off. Gotta get it all done. Ya’ll be good. Off to get ready and head in early.

Weekend with Mom, Food Galore, and Updated To Do List

Normally not a “pink” girl but this color is “my pink”.

Friday, I had my mammogram and got that over with for another year. Have you had yours? Mom told me to ask for a “thyroid guard” as she said that there was a report the x-rays have been impacting women’s thyroids. Well, I asked for one and they said sure and slapped a thing (ok they really didn’t slap it, lol) on me that had velcro attachments – around my neck area. So no problem other than she had to work with it some as the strap wanted to hang down and get in her way.

Free socks getting my Mammogram.

And I should be getting a letter soon from my doc regarding my results.

New John Grisham book is out!

Well, I suppose we’ll be having this. We get all of them every year. George said to wait and get it at McKaye’s. I’m behind on the John Grisham’s books. I’ve been reading non-fiction and travel journey type of books mainly. I snapped a pic so I wouldn’t forget. Do you ever do that? I do that more and more. Matter of fact while at Mom’s I went through my phone and wrote down things I’d been wanting to remember – the dates of my maintenance photos for my weight loss challenge, books I want to read, shows I want to watch, information I need to remember and so forth.

So we DID go to Mom’s this weekend. George prepped up the seafood fest. I offered to help but he wanted the kitchen to himself.

George cooking in Mom’s Kitchen
Mom’s Dog “Fancy” chillin’!
Air Fried french fries
Lobster boil with Corn
Surf and Turf Dinner…My Plate

Mom had sausage balls and salsa and chips waiting for us to snack on til dinner. They were so good. I didn’t have much salsa and chips. I had a shake late morning and that was still with me.

We enjoyed our dinner which was early and then we watched Hallmark channel – Mom’s favorite channel, and played games and read on our ipads. I also, as I said, went through and worked on a few things – like making lists from my phone pics of things I wanted to remember. I guess it’s easier to take pics than to write it down in my app. As long as you remember later to go back through your pics.

I also started a new game (I had taken a screen pic of one I saw while scrolling for something else- lol). The game is called “TRAIL”. It was quite entertaining. And before I knew it – it was 11:30. I NEVER stay up that late.

Bed felt good and we all slept good. I used my new iTunes (the monthly paid version) to stream a relaxation sleep album since we didn’t have our sound machine. We slept so good.

Mom fixed a country ham and egg breakfast for us the next morning. I offered to help. I was thinking I had it made b/c no one would let me help – I DID OFFER! But I helped clean up both times. Does that mean people are afraid of my cooking skills? Maybe they should be. lol I am best at salads and soups and pastas and such.

Mom’s Country Ham breakfast

After Breakfast we went over some things that we didn’t want to have to talk about but it was time to talk about. Things we need to know in an emergency. Where things were, passwords, codes, and information. And we talked about some options for her care in the future. Most were general discussions, in a financial sense. And so she has some things to thing about and decide for her protection – some avenues to think on. It was a good discussion. I was glad to have George there b/c he is knowledgeable in those areas having gone through some things with his Mom.

Mom and I went through some of her old papers. George said he could hear us “bonding” back there with discoveries and laughter. lol We did see some very old things. We were looking at Grandaddy’s discharge papers and were hoping to find the name of his ship.

After this we headed back home. George had a stop to make for ingredients for this next foodie weekend – our Spain weekend. No we are not going to Spain but we are coming together for a “meal of the century” with foods from Spain – Paella is the big dish. My contribution is the dessert and I’ve printed the recipe and studied up on some You Tube videos. It seems fairly easy to make. I hope it is good. I have a vacation day on Friday. I wasn’t going to take it but I’m going to have to take it. George gets his car Friday, I need to make this dessert and have some other things I need to do. So I plan to work really stupid long hours this week leading up to it. As I’ve said before – when you take PTO time – you never really get the time off b/c you make up for it before you go and when you get back – coming in early, staying late and foregoing lunches. You don’t REALLY get it. I just have put off and put off many of my vacation days since I moved over and I really need this Friday off so I am keeping it. I am making progress on quarter end. I got as far as I could get on Friday and needed help. I don’t want to spend hours doing something the wrong way.

Maisy snoozes after coming back from Momma’s

Before we went to Mom’s I was able to get my winter clothes tubs up – mainly winter shoes, purses, scarves, PJ’s and such. I don’t have to move the hanging clothes – in this house at least – I had to in the last one. WE have more closet space here and I just move those around. But this week my toes were getting cold so I had to go down and get this started.

So when we got back I finished this up and did several loads of laundry and some ironing for the work week. I cleaned up the kitchen really good, unpacked from Mom’s, and vacuumed the den area. Worked on some carpet spots, and spent time in my office going through things that had piled up. I “remade” my to do list, wrote a check for two magazines for $16.97 Conde Nast Traveler and Bon Appetit. I thought that was cheap so I went for it. Not that I have time. I read a few pages at a time and then fold up the corner of anything interesting and then go through and tear out the pages later and put in piles – recipes to fix, places to consider traveling to and so forth.

The design that goes on top of the Tarte de Santiago Spanish cake dessert.

I sketched out the design that goes on top of the dessert. The dessert is called Tarte de Santiago. It is a religious cake – eaten after making one’s journey of the pilgrimage of St. James. “This simple cake hails from Galicia, specifically the town of Santiago de Compostela, where the pilgrimage of St. James ends. A powdered sugar cross of St. James usually adorns the top of the cake.” As quoted from Spanish Sabores blog and website. The cross of St. James is at the top.

No the cardboard will not be served on the cake, lol. I have to cut the design out, sprinkle confectioner sugar onto the cake and cardboard design and then lift off the cardboard design carefully, leaving the imprint of the cross on the cake.

Organizing trouser socks b/c Blue and Black

I also decided no more frustrations at 5 a.m. in the mornings holding socks up to the light. I wear trouser socks with my pants as they are dressier and lighter than socks with my flats. I’m tired of figuring out which is which. So I’m all organized this year. I had to round up some baskets of the right size.

So my to do list is getting a little better. Here’s what’s on it:

  • I removed ordering online Christmas cards from the list, but will buy them while out. It will be cheaper and less of a hassle and I can write personal messages inside.
  • Financial info. I need to copy some of my credit card information down so I have it if something happens to my purse ever. The girls were talking about this at work one day.
  • Pick out my audible credit (book).
  • Find out where my Thred Up bag is. I have some things piled up to go in it and send in for Conignment.
  • Pick out a Thred Up top with current Thred up credit. You can do this too – the pay out not big but better than nothing. It’s kinda fun. Download the THredUp app.
  • Order brown and tan trouser socks
  • Take hammer and nail to work to hang up a pic
  • Driver’s license update so we can fly
  • Ring cleaned and prongs checked.
  • Make dog trims for February
  • Look up breakfast casserole recipe for Halloween at work
  • Watch the Kate Plus 8 special – I saw something about there being a new one
  • Plan Halloween night – where we are going to Christmas shop and eat dinner
  • Writing projects

Extended to do’s remain about the same

  • Making plans to eat with SIL for her bday celebration
  • Making plans with the Pryor’s to eat out for retirement since we can’t go to Richard’s party but want to share with him to celebrate – and a good excuse to get to go out to eat with them.
  • Looking up Enneagrams b/c it’s supposed to be a Nashville thing?

Last night also – George fixed a Chinese dinner – it was yummy. We ate in the sun room. Eggs rolls were excellent cooked in the air fryer.

We slept so good, but…..Roger has had the big D all day yesterday and up twice in the night….and on the carpet…so up with him twice and cleaning carpets. Mostly George did the carpets. I had to clean the 2nd one – ughhhh. So I overslept this morning and George let me sleep and got his shower in. I was glad for that. I had my shower last night. But I am running behind schedule. I don’t mind that being that I have worked so many hours the end of the summer and will be working many many hours this week.

George seems a little unsure of the Carvana sale is going through for the delivery date part for this Friday and if they will be able to get this car in from California that he has bought. So we’ll see. He said he just hasn’t heard from them. And the sale is still pending for his “delivery schedule”. They have not confirmed it. So we may NOT be getting it Friday. I am worried that the van will hold up for him driving it all week. So please Lord help us get this new car and him in a good vehicle to travel back and forth in.

Ok I gotta go! Running way behind now. But I was determined to get this blog entry done. Work and going in earlier once the work week starts kinda keeps me from blogging. Well, I’ve let it interfere b/c I choose to go in earlier to get things done and then end up staying late too, so I am fine with being late on occassion to claim some of that very important me time – especially since I’ve not had much time off and it looks like I will have to make myself take the vacay days and push myself to take it. Otherwise, it’ll be expected for me just to not take vacay days and that is not acceptable. I don’t want to lose them just because there is too much work to do. The job should allow you to be able to have the time. If not Sonya will not be fit to work with or around. So that is the only downside I think to this job so far. Part of it is I don’t know what I’m doing yet for a lot of this quarter end. So it’s slow and still undone.

Anyway it is what it is. And I’m definitely running late this morning but yet taking the time because I know how busy the week is going to be trying to get through with the quarter end stuff and me learning what I am supposed to do.

Bye for now. More as I have new info and can find the time.

Climbing the Quarter End Everest and a New Car on the Horizon

Pretty Days

We have had cool mornings but pretty days. This was earlier in the week. Not a lot of leaves changing but a few here and there are starting to turn. We’ll see a big difference in the next few days as it was 38 this morning!

I can’t believe I have not been on here in 3 days. I did do a private blog on Wed night. But the mornings have been rushed trying to get out the door to get a head start on traffic and get to work earlier.

Foggy Mornings

The mornings have been foggy. Forgive if I have posted this one. After I sleep, I can’t remember what I posted w/o going back and looking. lol

The traffic has been horrible in the mornings and some in the evenings too. It’s like it doubled the last two weeks. Maybe just a lot of people on fall break and coming thru on the interstate systems? Who knows. I was hoping for lighter traffic during fall break, lol. Oh well. I have been leaving later than normal though on some mornings and that makes a complete difference.

My hours have been a little bit better. Some nights I’ll choose to work til 6 to get some extra things done, but if I feel like leaving at 5 or 5:30 and tired and ready to go home. I just go…and I’m still one of the last to leave. The hours still need to improve a bit. Right now I’m in quarter end and apparently it takes all month. To be honest there just is not many hours left of the payroll week to work on it once you get through with payroll, paying fed and state taxes, uploading 401k, stuffing checks, doing the manual checks, doing the garnishment check runs, ordering and assigning pay cards, and getting ready for the next week. So any quarter end work almost has to be after hours or lunches. I’ve been trying to also take time for lunch more b/c really a job should allow decent hours and lunches so I’m having to force it a bit. Somehow will get through quarter end – all the filings are done across the US but Oregon and it’s the monster and I’m working on the 2nd part of that – there are numerous parts to it. Then I have to do a reconciliation report for all states inter company and then I have to do the unemployment filings which I’ve never done before. I have no clue but will try to figure it out. May need someone to show me the first one which seems fair to ask. So anyway quarter end is this big thing. But still have 1/2 a month left. I think the Oregon filings are going to be the worst part of it. You have to enter each employee one by one. :-O lol Reminder for next quarter: Go to bathroom before beginning project in case it doesn’t SAVE or times you out! I’ve been told that Quarter End and Year End a-meshed is a buggar! Can’t wait for that. lol All that said, while I’m working on these things I’m as happy as a lark. It’s the fear of not knowing what I’m doing that makes it scary to me. And not having done this before and wanting to do a good job at it. My fears are that it is going to take longer keeping me there late past everyone else leaving – esp when it turns dark. And I don’t want that. So fear is a factor right now but I’ll know more in about 2 weeks once it’s finished. And next time will know more of what I’m doing. And it will be less scary to me and less of a Mount Everest. Right now I’m kinda depressed b/c it feels like it’s so slow to climb the mountain. Will I ever get through with Quarter End? lol I have worked so many hours on it already yet there is still this big huge mountain to climb – and in the dark, lol.

So…our big news of the week is that George bought a Honda Accord. It’s a few years older but has very little miles on it. He is getting it through Carvana. He actually did a spreadsheet on the cars he liked and did all kinds of sorts through excel and then narrowed down to five and finally picked it. lol He has never had a car with a back up camera yet and updated widgets and things like blue tooth and modern car connectors for USB and ipods and things. So he is very excited. I think he said this one had leather seats too. He gets to pick it up toward the end of next week. I hope I get to go. It’s a big deal to put the big Carvana Coin in and then watch the car come down the track – the car comes down from the glass bubble like a gum ball and comes down the track toward the bay you are in. Then you go for your test drive. You have already bought the car at that point but you have 7 days to return it and change your mind with no questions asked.

So the funny part is that when he bought this on line – you only have so much time to get this done. Each section has it’s time limits. And when he started I think he had 3 to 5 minutes and then he went to the next section which gave him an hour and something but he thought it was still counting down from the first screen and he was running out of time. So he was having me run downstairs and take pics of odometers and licenses, while he copied and scanned registrations and drivers licenses. We were running across the house from one end to the other and upstairs and downstairs and at one point we even ran into one another, lol only to find out that the screen had changed for that section and we actually had an hour. I was fussing and sqwauking…”they are gonna hear about this – this is ridiculous to have to run around and gather all this stuff in 3 minutes – are they insane?” LOL LOL You know me! So we laughed so hard when we realized we lost all those calories for nothing! I will never forget that the rest of my life. We were like one of those old movies in black and white. Truth be known, we probably needed the exercise and we can say we got in our “cardio” this week!

Today I go in for my Mammogram. I need to be at work on Quarter End but I also needed to have done this in Spring. So I got the earliest appointment I could at 8:20. I have to be there a bit earlier. I’m not sure what I’m doing for breakfast and lunch today. I won’t take a lunch since I’m going to be late. I may allow myself to order Uber Eats today. I also considered going thru Chic Fil A for breakfast. 😉 I love their ice tea also. That will last a while. I go through a spell in the fall and early winter of not wanting the shakes. It’s too cold. But I will get used to it as the house heats up and our temps get more comfortable. I’m also a little tired of the shakes. We need some new flavors. lol

What else is new? Hmmmm….oh yeah, my glasses came in. I love them. The sunglasses have a little bit too much of the bifocals coming up into my line of vision when driving but it’s not too bad. I just adjust my head a bit. I don’t think it’s enough to worry about. My every day glasses are surely different but I am happy with them. It’s a dramatic change from the others but I like the shape. They are “artsy” looking I think. I guess I would classify me as an artsy person if you considered the writing artsy and the love of making graphics and such and photography. I’m more of a nerd than artsy and perhaps these are a bit nerdy too. lol Others will not like them. And I am totally ok with that. Matter of fact I’m prideful of the fact that I am ok with that because it means I’ve gotten past caring what others think. I’m not saying I don’t value others and their opinions as people – but what I’m saying is that their opinions don’t define who I am. I get to do that. 😉

And I need to go hop in the shower and get on with this day. But first – wanted to let you kow we’ll be spending time with Mom doing the seafood fest we are creating, this weekend. And I suppose I’ll blog at some point. Ya’ll be good! What are you doing fun this weekend?

Calendar and Car Dilemmas

Monday went smoothly. I was proud of our plants for adhering and getting most of their PTO’s in on Friday. Still had a few yesterday morning which I’ve ok’d to come in until Noon. I just had to stop all of the last minute sends that come in while I’m trying to close payroll. Anyway, I was able to get thru with time sheets early enough to work on quarterly returns. All the states have been done except for one and it is the bear of them all which requires you to enter all of your employees. And hopefully I will have time to finish it today. I think it’s due today. I may do it this morning before diving in to payroll or stay tonight and do it. Whatever just send me a cot to my office. lol I told Mom, it looked like the month after a quarter end, is not a good month for vacay days lol. After this I have to do a reconciliation of some kind. We started working on it at the beginning of the month and hopefully I can remember how we did it or where it even is on my computer, lol so I can finish it – but one thing at a time. Then I have to work on the unemployment filings. I think that the quarter end never ends, lol.

I am having a dilemma over my calendar. I need a slim one that I can carry easily and have decided to just mesh work with my personal calendar since it all has to mesh anyway. I have always struggled with the calendar thing – paper or phone? The phone takes too long to program in. When someone is giving you dates for things you write it down and then have to plug it in later. It goes on a paper calendar first and then if I have time it goes on my iphone google calendar which I like as it feeds into my Apple Watch screen for upcoming event but I likely will not find the time to program things in on a regular basis. We are just moving moving moving all the time and when I relax I don’t want to be worrying about my schedule, lol. So it never gets done.

So what I was starting to say was that I need to get a new planner as mine has this metal spiral binder thing on it that is oversize and it is hard back instead of flexible. I didn’t realize this when I ordered it. I’ve been trying to make myself finish using this school year calendar as it goes all the way to June 2020. I just started using it this past June. I’ve used the fire out of it, but I’m not happy with it. I just need something that will flex and give a little bit. I’m having trouble stuffing it in my back pack and I need to be able to take it with me b/w home and work in the back pack daily.

The reason I’m going to have to combine the calendars is that there are certain times of the year and certain times of the month that it is not ideal to take vacation and I need to be able to mesh the two to be effective for work and home too so I can be where I need to be when I need to be for both efforts. So instead of forcing myself to use that one, I’m going to allow myself to order one that works for me. It has to have a “to do” section in it and a blank space somewhere that I can write grocery items on it as I think of it. This one has that, but I had no idea it was a huge metal spiral on the side and hardback. It’s perfect for someone is school though b/c it would be durable and hard and able to have books piled on top – but that is NOT me. I’m all schooled out. 12 years + 4 + 3 more + all the law and self teaching I’ve done and seminars and books on tape and train the trainer courses and podcasts and books. lol And for what? Ok I know it put food on the table for a long time being in the prior career but it just seemed like no matter how hard you tried – you just couldn’t please anyone. Everyone always wanted more more more. I burned out trying. So yeah, no more schooling for me. And no more school calendars/planners either. lol Schooled out and burned out and shipped out. Loving the new role. It has a lot of responsibility and it is a bit over packed with the work load but I love just being able to get things done and crossed off the list. A to do list that is the same week after week. Well except for the taxes and quarters and year ends and such. However, one day is still different from the next. And to know what your schedule is and to know without a doubt you will be allowed to work on it – is a good thing. So I just need to get a better calendar that I can use to mesh my world. Two calendars and the iphone is not getting it. I’m all over the place.

I’m also trying to figure out how to get my vacay days scheduled in. Due to the job change the dates chosen are just not going to work I don’t think. But I don’t want to lose them. That is such a no no with me. But the time has come and this week I will need to figure it all out.

So the coffee is good this morning. I’ve been buying Starbucks b/c theirs seem to have the best taste that we enjoy and it’s been reasonable in the stores.

Well, George’s car (my old car) won’t start so he’s had to go to work in “Granny’s van” that we inherited. So he is considering Carvana and a new car. However, as you know George does not want a car payment so he is likely to keep the 275,000 mile Toyota RAV 4 until it is a Flintstone mobile. lol The van is not very dependable either, so we may be looking at renting a car if both end up on the side of the road. He has a very long drive. If it were me I would want something dependable that is not going to give me trouble going down the interstate. That is what I worry about for him. I had to put my foot down myself and get a dependable car – which I was going to do with or without his permission b/c it was time and at the time I was working in a horrid crime laden part of town. I was scared to death of breaking down in that area.

Maisy is telling me we need to go out, so I’ll quit blogging and take her out, get make up on, do hair and get on the road to work. Ya’ll have a splendid day!