Heavenly Three Day Weekend

The Makings of Chili Friday night

Well, what a weekend. A relaxing one but made a big dent in the “to do’s” while relaxing. Most weekends we relax too much trying to release from the work week. But I was able to get a lot of the errands done Friday and grocery shopping and house cleaning and even some laundry started so this weekend I’ve been able to do the following:

  • Worked on the Yard Sale, marking more items
  • Ordered a case of Bob’s Red Mill Oatmeal to have for work. Yes I did! Can’t find them anywhere and it was cheaper to order thru Amazon than Mr. Bob himself.
  • Got all the events and tasks/reminders added to my phone so I can answer questions and plan “on the go”. George often asks me something and I say “I don’t know I have to wait til we get home and see the calendar”. My calendar is bulky so I rarely pack the paper one.
  • The shower gifts are wrapped for next weekend and we are ready to go for that.
  • I have marked my Spain Recipe and have that bookmarked in my Google – this is for our Spanish Themed dinner with Don and Lisa. My task is the desert.
  • I have ordered the Springform Baking Pan and matter of fact it comes as a set of three (sizes). I didn’t need three but it was just as cheap and decided perhaps I will make some things with the small one. And maybe even make a cheesecake one day. Or a flourless cake. So why not.
  • And I’ve read – matter of fact I’ve finished a book. Of course it was on RV’ing. About a couple who sold everything and bought an RV. I was glued. And I bought the next book after that. They are actually out there doing it. It’s “We’re the Russos” on YouTube (Joe Russo wrote the book.)
  • I reset a PW after getting a security message from my old email address. It was actually the 2nd message as someone also tried to get into my spiritual blog on there. So I changed the PW now on both.
  • Sheets are on the guest bed now if I hadn’t mentioned that already.
  • I downloaded the new iPhone software
  • I upgraded all my apps
  • I rearranged all my iPad apps so the most used were in the front. This was needing some attention and deleted things not using. I was having to look for things. I guess your needs change periodically and so did my apps. Different from ipad to phone. I use them for different purposes.
  • And I spent some time looking at the next few weeks/months. We really have a lot of our weekends booked up other than Sunday’s through Dec 1. It includes a couple of times with Mom in there as well. I’m thinking our shopping will have to be on the fly but then again we really don’t have many to buy for anymore. But I think we’ll want to get on it. We are booked for Christmas Village so I think we’ll plan to do a lot there. It’s worked out well last year.
  • George has booked our “Steam Cave” visit in Hot Springs and the Hot Springs pool is fine at any time when they are open. (That was on his list, but we spent time talking and being excited about it.)
  • And I have caught up on all my RV’ing and Sailing shows (I hate it when it’s over. lol I live my adventuring through them. It’s like all the books I used to read have come to life before my eyes.)
  • Also signed the docs for our Roth IRA’s.

All that doesn’t sound like much but I’ve done most of the cooking – ok all of the cooking until tonight. I made chili Friday night and I made salad, a pan full of roasted veggies (yum), alongside a cup of leftover chili last night. And laundry and ironing, and taking care of doggies. And doing dishes and being all techy/geeky.

I also spent about an hour being all geeky making my iPhone avatar after the upgrade. How’d I do? I still don’t think the shape of the face is right, but it was hard trying to make it look just like me. The nose options didn’t help – there were only a few choices and none looked like mine. I made it using my new glasses style.

Here’s the dessert I’ll be making for Spain night. Tarta de Santiago

So I will be making this little gem. And will need to make the design. I’ll sketch it out on the back of a card/note pad so it’ll be sturdy. I will also look up the history again on the cake and take notes on that so I can tell everyone at the little Spain dinner we will be having.

Might as well turn the dinner into a learning experience, lol.

So I feel good about the weekend. Monday and Tuesday I will spend my time on Spiritual podcasts for my worship time. If I had another day I’d be doing some writing. It’s just beyond my reach but it’s always out there. I don’t have a fierce desire to write a book – if I did I’d have conquered it by now. The blog solves my desire to write, but feel if writing is my talent that maybe God would prefer I do some writing for Him. So trying to figure out what that would look like. I have been talking about this with a friend/neighbor. She has actually started writing and I feel like I’ve left her hanging. I just have had to deal with all this job change stuff and it’s been almost more than I could handle, trying to learn the new while the old kept pulling at my coat tail like a child hungry for dinner. It’s just been heartbreaking not having time for both and having to “let it go” by default. But all that behind now, new job sortof under control (still a bit to learn on the quarterly and year end duties and unemployment taxes and such, but I’ll get there).

Aside from us having the busiest time of the year coming upon us personally – with shopping and the holidays (much like everyone else in the world), I should have some time to focus my thoughts on this. Maybe I just start typing. Or maybe I form my thoughts and start typing with the onset of my new computer in January during the hibernation months of Jan and Feb.

I definitely know that my focus will be shifting some toward some new things. No longer feeling the need to “grow a business to be able to afford an RV” so I’ll let that dream die for now. I reserve the right to resurrect it at any time. If given an opportunity and George would do it, I would so do it in a heartbeat. Even on the weekends. But it’s not something he wants so I’ll put that aside for now. For now. lol Should we win the lottery – that would be my pick. What we put aside and on hold for our spouses. It’ll be good. He loves to travel so if not by RV we’ll still get to do some of it as we retire if not before.

So I think the genre of the music I’m enjoying is “Alternative”. Of course that spans over so much. It’s almost like it ties folk with a heavy acoustic and clear sound – not pure acoustic but has that sound. It’s nice travel music, lol! 😉 Like the Hollow Coves I mention – in that has the “Woods” song. I told George we could listen to whatever the heck we wanted going on our trip to TX with the new iTunes I downloaded (3 months free then 9.99 per month.)

Well, I guess my blogging is ending up being a lot less these days. I think that the first part of the week I prefer to get to work earlier with the closing of payroll and all. The week is very serious for me on the work front so that all goes well and I meet deadlines. And I want my focus on point as I’m dealing with the paying of taxes and accounts and GL’s and it has to balance just right. I was worried that I might not be enough of a numbers person but there are check points in place. It’s still easy to make an honest mistake, so I check and double check. But I feel that I have found my niche here doing this. There are only a few things that could spoil it for me now and hopefully none will. I’m going to think positively on that note and hope for the best.

So George has asked that I pick out our Netflix pic. Something always pulling at me when I try to blog, lol. It’s either work, George needing me to do something else while I’m at the computer, like print something or sign something or do something. The universe seems to stand in the way of wanting me to blog, but I find a way – just less often than normally.

Lately it’s been about catching up, relaxing, chilling, and redesigning my life as to what it needs to look like at age 56. A calling to do something that has an impact on others, that has a definite “you did this” and not a grey area of not understanding whether your day positively impacts a greater cause or not and not even being in control over my day – just wasn’t working for me. I need to know I’m making an impact. So I will continue my quest for what God wants me to do now and what to do now that the career part is “somewhat” settled – if all goes well! I couldn’t do anything with my life in the other job. I was just not settled there at all. It did NOT suit my persona any more. It’s just not who I am anymore. I don’t work like that.

Maisy has been under the weather. She didn’t eat much yesterday and totally lethargic. But today she is eating. She still has low energy though. But we will see how she is in the upcoming days. I worry she has something wrong.

The photos just stole my heart. Roger leaning his head on Maisy as if to say “I love you and hope you feel better, Maisy”. They are so sweet.

So I’m off now to go pick a streaming Netflix movie for dinner!

See ya in a couple of days. I guess I’ll have a new revised “to do” list by then. lol

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  1. Oh so much better for you with the job settled. Life is good! Hot weekend here for us not like fall at all hope your Monday is a good one

  2. Glad you had a good weekend. Sorry to hear Maisy is not feeling well. Just give her a hug for us. she is such a darling. Enjoy your new job, enjoy the time it will allow you. Leave a little time n your schedule for life to just happen

  3. Spanish night sounds fun. Let me know how your dessert turns out. I hope you little Maisy feels better. I can tell from the picture she is feeling bad. Yhat Roger has the sweetest face and sounds like he is a good little friend to Maisy. I like having two dogs together like that. They play and eat and sleep together and keep each other company. Have a good week.

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