End of an Era

Publix now carries Freshpet!

We are so elated that our Publix now has fresh pet. Publix is easy to drop into and out of quickly. Parking is easy, layout is simple, check out is quick, and none other can provide such excellent customer service. But usually what we were needing to rush in and get was Fresh Pet. And they didn’t have it until recently. Yes Publix is high on their prices at times but they do make up for it in their widely popular BOGO specials. We don’t mind paying a little higher for the convenience of the quick stop and go. I might add that they also tend to cater to some higher quality brands and good quality nutritional food choices. So we are so excited that we don’t have to conform our choice of grocery store, to whether or not we need dog food or not. So this was exciting. But not near as exciting as handing over the final responsibilities for the HR role in the past week.

I woke up thinking that I should write a book about my HR Career. Would anyone read a book about “behind the scenes in HR field?” You read about the airline industry, the food industry, but what about what really happens behind the scenes of HR? lol I may have to write that book. I’d have to hire a lawyer first to protect myself from writing about all the things that I have witnessed in my 30 something career in HR. Might even have to hire a body guard, lol.

All that said, I finalized much of my HR career on Wednesday in a meeting as I handed out many of the final and immediate needs that needed to be done (that I could not get to for doing the payroll job) and then again on Friday night I stayed til 7 to close out some final things on benefits and pay an invoice upcoming so the new person wouldn’t be faced with that immediately.

And so Friday was my “transitional” day in my mind – not so much with my current company as just a transitional ending day of my HR career as a whole of 30+ years. It felt like a retirement of sorts, w/o a retirement party or w/o a thank you for your service – b/c I am after all not retiring and I have no idea if anyone is thankful for my service. And it doesn’t matter anyway b/c God and I know my heart and all the details when everyone else does not.

While I have mixed feelings over a few things I don’t really understand, I have no regrets, no anxieties, no fears, no worries, and no mixed feelings whatsoever about my decision to change paths. It feels good to the core to have made this change. It feels good and I’m happy to let go. This is so God led, God defined. And an answer to prayer. I feel I left a what was a very confused situation (for me) for a well defined role and for that I am grateful. No more trying to be everyone’s everything. That always wore me out.

Again it’s the whole shebang of HR that has morphed into more than one person can do – the facets are too large of all the responsibilities with legal, workers comp, benefits, government compliance, DOT regulations, and the country’s hiring situation makes for a rough time in recruiting and filling the job roles and the needs and the time it takes is just more and more all the time. And at 56, I am just so blessed and overjoyed to be able to do something that suits more of my persona and my skills and more importantly, my desires, at this point. I no longer desire to spread myself thin across a lot of hard to change issues. I do enjoy though, being able to see something get accomplished and feel like I’m making a difference. I’ve taken it to the level that I can – let someone else with varying talents take it to another level. It’s a blessing for us all. And I’m elated. So that felt good getting in the car Friday at 7 pm and driving home. A wave of relief, praise to God, and a feeling of celebration and getting on with the weekend.

I told someone at work I feel like I can finally buy a “Life is Good” t-shirt. I think I will start a collection! I did actually enroll in their emails to keep up with the shirts. I think it would be fun to start a collection of Life is Good t shirts, don’t you? A reminder that life can be what you make it. Choose happy. And that I am. Working over here and there for 1 job is one thing, and working over trying to do two jobs or two or three is another thing. I was not a happy camper and life was not good the last few weeks during the transition. It was a physically draining, emotionally draining six weeks. Learning a new job, trying to hang on to the old, finally seeing I couldn’t do both, couldn’t even answer or look at email for days at one point while training and learning payroll. Oh gosh it was something and my former assistant came in so strong and became me and I know she is behind now but she did it. I’m so proud of her and I finally let it go little by little and kept trying and kept trying and getting a few things done and mainly answered questions and coached but then being able to let it go was so freeing.

And now the weekend is here and I’m having a relaxing coffee drinking, game playing, private blogging (yes I finally updated that), public blogging kind of morning. Need to get on with the household chores and to do lists.

But, this is the last time you will speak of me talking of HR. It’s turned off – the button is on “off mode”. It’s no longer my responsibility or worry. I will answer any questions or needs of course that the new regime has and be helpful to answer or show how something is done, but I’m off to the land of payroll and taxes. Excel and the calculator are my new friends. I think I’ll name them. I think I’ll name Excel “Edward” might call him “Eddie for short”, and the calculator we should name him Calvin? Or Carter? I’m up for suggestions? If they are friends they should have names? lol

Due to the transition period I’d not been able to get much done on the to do list. I did do:

  • The sun room
  • Fall decor
  • A lot of Bible study this week, prayer, meditation, podcasts
  • Ordered the Baby shower gifts
  • Big huge grocery run after a late night of work on Tues night
  • And not much else – just working, sleeping, eating, and doing it all again.

So here’s what’s still on my plate and we’ll see what I get accomplished:

  • Check on LTD invoice
  • Check my personal emails
  • Upload the Kenny G CD
  • Pick shows on Netflix for George and I to watch
  • Figure out if Mom would want this old FitBit I have
  • Put the sheets on the bed
  • Finish several loads of laundry
  • The ironing for next week
  • Book the rooms for Hot Springs
  • Eliminate photos from my phone
  • Order LTD order
  • Order Isagenix order
  • finish marking yard sale
  • Spain dessert Recipe
  • Find baking pan needed for recipe
  • Plan my vacation for Friday
  • Magazine Project
  • Clean kitchen
  • Read
  • Redo the blog (wouldn’t you like to see a different theme?)
  • Bucket list for fall
  • Writing Project 1
  • Writing Project 2
  • Writing Project 3
  • Writing Project 4
  • Put my calendar events on my phone
  • Pick out my Mac computer – what are my needs – what are my wants
  • Eye glasses and planning my day on Friday
  • Planning for Christmas shopping
  • Update drivers license so I can fly (update requirements)
  • Vacuum

Lots to do and I won’t get it all done. But next week is a 4 day work week in payroll/accounting so I’ll be working hard and fast to get it all done in 4 days as I have vacation day next Friday. I’ll be so glad as I need to get my glasses so I can see the computer better. Going to get a dedicated pair of computer glasses. And new personal glasses, and then sunglasses too. So a big whammie but encouraged by George to go ahead and get them all done. I love getting new glasses.

Just about every day when I come home, there are deer in the yard. Right at sundown they come out. I was blessed with deer all week. Even at work, when dropping off the over night paks, there were deer 5 feet away and just looked up at me as if old friends. I always tell them they are pretty. They seem to be calm with my “animal voice”.

So off to get things done on the list. Mainly laundry and cleaning at the moment. Hope you all are having a good weekend? What do you have going on? I love to hear from you.

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  1. So glad you are through with trying to do it all. You need the break and it will do you good. Love the deer I keep hoping they will come out of the woods here from time to time. They do come out on the road up to the hhighway.

  2. I know you must feel tons lighter minus the HR job. Relief! I need new glasses too. I usually get rx sunglasses,and 2 pair of regular. I’m going to try a pair of Transitions this time. I get excited too. I wear them 24/7 minus sleeping. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Carter is the name of my skeleton friend 🙂 I have a category on the blog just for him..
    I’m spring cleaning here as we are in the second week of spring. 😉

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