Where I Live My Life

My Office…where I live my life

These pics above were taken before the sun came up good around 6-ish yesterday morning. When the sun comes up there is plenty of light. After the sun goes to the other side of the building, I kinda need a tiny lamp on the other side. But we’ll see. I love the soft lighting. I love it a lot. I have and prefer soft lighting at home instead of overhead light. It’s cozier and homier. And why not – the best part of your day is spent here – especially if you are working 11 to 13 hour days with very little to NO lunch time. Today I will be leaving early at 4 and tomorrow even earlier at 2. Two back to back appointments.

So I have managed to get the payroll done in the Holiday week so I know that can be done. What worked is two things: 1. We had our “Monday” on “Friday” and everyone cooperated which is a beautiful thing. All PTO’s were turned in early and as much of the time edits and checking were done last week and likely over the weekend. 2. We lost our time to be able to check each person’s 300 something people’s time punches so it was left for the supervisors to “make it right” on their first past. I checked to make sure that there were full days and for normalities – no weird looking days and so it went from a thorough view to a quick scan. Wish we could do that every week. 😉 I’d get a day back into my week, but it usually takes a day of my time just to check and correct or have them correct – what others missed. Now I’m looking at Christmas week – how crazy will that be? I have only Monday to get it all done, which really means I’ll be working Sunday before Christmas. And I’ll just take another day off comp time later for my day off. We’ll figure it out. Katy may be in town but I won’t have any choice but to work that Sunday b/c one day is not enough to close payroll and get the manual checks done and the overnights out. Yes I am a planner and worry over these things in advance. It’s the secret to my success – to plan and stew over something.

Bubble Water cold in my office fridge has been giving me some mid day joy while “figuring” things out and getting things done. Very refreshing and the bubble drink with the bubbles screen savor kinda made me chuckle. I chuckle a lot sometimes at the weirdest things. Yesterday I had my headphones on and listened to my ipod while stuffing paychecks for the TN plant. Those are the only checks I stuff besides the office. The other plants do their own. Not sure why this plant doesn’t but it’s kinda fun to stuff checks. I even have developed a fairly quick process for that.

And we have been keeping an eye on the hurricane as it hugs the coast not far from my Aunt and Uncle in Jacksonville. They are brave and stayed home and trusted the weather folk. They have only had some heavy rain and some wind but the eye and heavier winds have been off the coast. They live north of Jacksonville in Yulee and so they are further inland – close to Amelia Island and Fernadina Beach if I’m spelling that correctly. We have been watching TWC – The Weather Channel at night.

And I notice that the time is getting away from me. But I did want to say I’m happy my new brush is in. Small things bring joy.

The left one is trash, the right, thumbs up!

I mean really the one on the left must have been invented as nothing but an annoyance. It grabs your hair then drops it as the heat hits making one’s head look as if some wild animal tried to eat it for breakfast. The one on the right was built for follow thru, and holds the hair as the heat hits it and makes the curl! So if you ever buy a brush – go for thicker bristles. The one on the left has more of a plastic bristle and the one on the right is made out of something that has a little more give to it – I forget what it was called but it’s much better. I’m happy. Although lately I’ve had very little time to style – it’s pretty much slapping on a tiny amount of make up and bolting for the door in an effort to get out before Hermitage people hit the interstate so I can spend that time in my office instead of crawling to work. And at least be productive during that time.

So off this morning to cut checks for all the garnishment agencies, pay taxes, and all that after payroll “jazz”. I hear a new HR Manager is coming. So now the new thing to worry over is how to have time to train. It’ll either have to be after hours or a weekend I think. No time during the week to get any solid time with him. But we’ll do the best we can as I’m ready to hand over everything. I’m not getting time to do all that is coming to me. It sits in the floor in a heap. So the sooner the better.

Ya’ll have a great day. The coffee is good this morning and another cat has shown itself to us. Itty Bitty Kitty has been gone for a couple of weeks now. Sad. But a grey cat is eating our Little Bits food now. Not sure we want that. I don’t mind feeding one that is hungry on occasion or helping a little kitten out. But don’t want to feed the neighborhood cats. Oops I should be on the road now but running late. Oh well.

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  1. I don’t like harsh ceiling light at home either. I pray that you’ll be able to have normal office hours soon.

  2. Your office looks like a calm and relaxing place to work. Yay, I am so glad you finally have a new person for HR..I know you will train her well so she will do a good job. Hope everyone stays safe with all the storms.

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