At Least it’s Not Monday

Well, it’s not Monday. I have been dreading this day for several weeks just because I have to do two days in one. Must like a “show must go on”, so does “payroll”. It’s no secret that most of us that work, may get a holiday off, but we don’t really. We just have to work extra hard either before or after or both and if you are salary you can pretty much say that is expected. But in spinning things on a positive note, the Labor day was excellent and concentrated on getting a few things done while relaxing. Sleep was good. And now that the big bad day is here, I will work hard. I’ll go to work while sun still down and come home after it has set. There is some relief to the end of the week as I have a 5 p.m. appointment on Thursday in MJ and a 3 pm in Hendersonville on Friday. So will have to be leaving at 4 one day and 2 the next. It’s ok, I’ve well earned my time off deserve to leave early with the time I’ve worked. So work hard the next two days and then the last two will be easier – well shorter anyway.

So yesterday I managed to do something on the list I’d not expected to do yet – mark for the yard sale. But after we washed the cars and vacuumed them out, I worked a bit in the basement to clean it some and also began to mark the yard sale stuff. I got a lot done too. So we are pretty much set to go except I need to go through the house and basement and put a few more things in. The yard sale is not until the 2nd week of October, but as busy as it gets, it creeps up on us.

I’m sorry for not having more pics on a daily basis. I will try to work on that some. I think the job change has just sucked the life out of me in so many ways, just the “learning process”. As I told someone it has been “sink or swim” and as determined as I am, you know that sinking is not my game IF IT IS SOMETHING that I WANT TO DO! And I will enjoy my job once the HR is shed. It’s pretty much shed now by default – like I said I’m only glue to the pot but can no longer keep the pot from breaking. There’s not enough of me to do both jobs completely and I can tell you right now that Payroll and people’s checks are NOT going to suffer. (Tribe has spoken – I love saying that – it gives more power to your words thinking that you have an imaginary tribe behind you saying “and that’s right” – lol – yes Sonya has a tribe – “me, myself, and I” and of course God but I do pretty good on my own having an opinion – ha).

I’m going to love driving to work with a clean car and clean mats and all vacuumed out and it has some smell good spray in there that George put in it. I decided to do a cleanse day today. To try it anyway. I plan though to eat tuna a crackers by day’s end. During the last phase of my day – I’ll be at the critical stages of payroll and I will be hangry. So I figure to plan either having a shake or eating something at that point but don’t mind doing a cleanse for a few hours to make it a low cal day. Having a busy day and being hangry is not good for me or anyone.

I’m also set to go with my music to play relaxing songs and have the lamp in my car to set up for softer lighting. I’m looking for ways to make the long day not so long and stressful. I’m stopping at Walmart this morning to get light bulbs for the lamp. I’m glad George reminded me. I could take some from lamps at home until I could get to the store but I need to give the plants “some” time to work on time entries this morning even though I told them to do it Friday. They will have to adjust the weekend.

So tonight I’m going to need to iron at least one pair of pants, lol so I have something for tomorrow. I didn’t get that done yesterday. I have plans this week to finish laundry, wash the doggie blankets, put out the fall decor, do some writing and Bible study, turn in my vacay days at work, work on the sun room so we can open it for fall, dust and pick out Netflix, make our reservations in Hot Springs, clean out emails and photos on my phone and plan my day for getting my upgrade to my prescription glasses, getting computer glasses, and my sunglasses upgraded. I think that sounds like enough right? Probably won’t get much done tonight though as it’ll be a long day. But the ironing must happen unless I wear jeans or something off season for tomorrow, lol. I talked to an accounting person this past week that said their office changed their dress code to “dress for your day” instead of “dress for the day”. In other words if you don’t have clients it’s ok to wear jeans. I’m sure they have limitations – like no tee shirts and things like that but that sounded nice. I’d love to wear jeans every day. I’d probably still wear the same kinds of tops though. My Lula Roe kind of tops are comfy.

Well I better go and get my make up on and hair done, take dogs out, go to Walmart and get to work for this really long long day. And I was thinking this week was bad. There is a week at Christmas when I have only Monday to get the payroll done. All of it – as payroll has to be finished by Wednesday. I figure I may have to come in on Sunday that week. Then I may take an extra day off “after” the holiday. It’s weird but I understand I have to be flexible.

God has given me some ideas for the book that my neighbor and I put together. I feel like I have let her down. It was my idea to do it. She followed through and I’m over here like “help my life, I’m drowning in work” – which is true, but it’s time to shed some hours off my work week, take care of my household and begin doing things God would have me do – like go to church, write this book with Christie and spend time in His word. I’ve had to ask Him to plant this desire in my heart. It’s been strange having the changes of heart like I’ve had in the past few months. Letting go of so much that I was excited for – going through periods of “is this what I want to do?” and being back and forth and then having this job come open and hopping into that – was truly a God thing. I had been praying for things to change. And I think He is making things change and I’ve asked him to change the desires of my heart. I think the job change once all is said and done and HR off my back, I will be able to continue down the path of doing what God would have me do.

And that said, I do need to get to work and get this long day started or it’s going to be a really really short one, lol. And it occurred to me that it was a 4 day week and I am happy about that. We have no real big plans for the weekend so my “to do list” can continue! And I’ve already began writing some notes and ideas down that God gave me this morning for the book idea. It may never see the light of day what we are doing but we’ll see – at least it will be a long intensive study – perhaps.

Have a great week! I may not see you on here again until Thursday or Friday. Who knows?

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