Busy Weekend and Plans Ahead!

Maisy at the vet and Roger in the background

What a busy Saturday we had. It was a fun one but pretty loaded. First of all after George came back from his normal Saturday morning Yard Sale run, he and I took Maisy for her normal shots. I guess it ended up being more of a check up. And a good thing too. She hadn’t felt too good in the last week or so, but was feeling better. Still since we were there, we discussed with them about the cysts and her not feeling good. The cysts were not a major area of concern b/c they moved around and were “soft”. However, she said she has a pretty major heart murmur and said that would be more likely of a cause to give her a couple of bad days – however, it could have been anything. She got her shots and since she was fine we didn’t discuss anything any further. She is not coughing a lot so no need for meds right now. At some point she will go on heart meds like Tugie.

We were at the vet for a very very long time. So many people have to go on Saturday and this is a very good vet with a huge customer base now for this area. There is one that is nearer to us and I keep mentioning to George we should go and try it out. Likely we would have less wait times and it’s 15 minutes closer. I hate to leave them but it’s starting to not work for us very well. So we will see.

One of the funniest things happened at the vet. This cute lady came in. I’m saying that because she was just the cutest thing. She came in with a cat in her hands and I was thinking “she is brave to not have that cat in a carrier”. About that time the cat sprang from her grip and ran thru a door of an exam room (disturbing whatever dog was in there making it bark) and then went back into the vet back area and was running around. I could see through an opening a variety of people surprised and then running back and forth through the vet office trying to catch this cat. It was truly hilarious. I was so entertained. lol The lady sat by me and we talked a bit. They gave her a carrier for the cat while she was there. How funny it was!

Then after the vet, we raced home and George got a shower (I already had mine for the day) and I “attempted” to fix my hair and changed clothes and we headed out for a family baby shower. It’s fun to have it where men can go too. That is happening more often so the Dad gets to enjoy the opening of the gifts for his child. I love that. And the male folk get to enjoy and celebrate too. It’s only fair. Here are some pics of the event. This is friend Richard and Kathy’s son and his wife (their 1st grandchild).

The shower was precious. Cute ideas. Love the writing on the diapers to make for some fun entertainment on those late night diaper changes. Here are some that George and I contributed. One of our favorites was on that said “Oh Sh**!” that someone wrote. Everyone laughed at that one. That would be fun to grab those. The shower invite suggested that if we brought a pack of diapers our name would go in a raffle for a prize. What a great idea. And instead of card to bring a children’s book (about the same price these days). So we signed our names into a cute little book. What a great idea b/c the cards are eventually trash but the book can live on! So we are excited for everyone for “Little Travis”! And excited for Richard and Kathy as they will soon be grandparents and have a lot planned! We will be planning a dinner with them soon also as Richard retires in 33 days! And we are booked the date of his retirement party so we promised a trip out to dinner with just us 4 to celebrate. We’ll have to get that in the books and on the calendar! We are booked up through November I think – actually through mid Dec now I think. Isn’t that crazy?

George and I spent some time today thinking of “how on earth” are we going to get things done, lol. But we will. We always do.

Anyway then after the baby shower we went to a brewery to kill some time before our Crotchety Gourmet dinner. We went to a brewery we had not been to before. A very “hipster” one. This one was very different. Lots of varying tastes that keep growing in several directions. Beer with a lot of citrus or vanilla or just weird off tones I’d not heard of. I stood there like a deer in headlights. We, who do breweries quite often, felt a bit lost. Or at least I did. We struggled a bit to find the one we wanted. George and I picked the same one for me. Sometimes I run my pick by him so I don’t order something I won’t like. He knows my tastes. Mine was a citrusy Pale Ale and was pretty good. So I told him I’d be open to coming back and trying newer things. He was not so open to it. But said “well you know me, I won’t turn down a brewery though”. lol Anyway, we enjoyed it and it was different. We fingered through a “Nashville Scene” – like we used to in the old days before the Internet. Always looking for music scene happening. And rarely going. But it was fun looking. We usually went to the free events we were invited to in those days. It was all we could afford – free tapings at Opryland for TV specials, free company events that Gibson was having or that we were invited to. Anyway nothing interesting to us in the Nashville Scene these days. I think we enjoy making our own fun now.

Then we were on to our dinner….at Coco’s Italian Market, which I believe has been around for a while. Not sure why we have not been there before. It was quite the cute place. And the food was excellent. This is in the “Charlotte- States – Nations” area of Nashville.

So today was a day of rest and work – laundry done, kitchen cleaned, bathrooms cleaned, Isagenix order done, Amazon orders done, and “to do list worked on”.

Mom doesn’t want the Fit Bit as she doesn’t think it will serve her needs. It doesn’t have the heart rate.

George and I worked on the Fall Bucket List and had a wonderful conversation of plans and fun times ahead. This has thrilled my soul and the adventurer side of my spirit. I’m so excited. Here’s what we have planned.

  • We are going to have the Seafood Lobster Fest with Mom
  • We are going to go to the Apple Store soon and pick out my Apple Computer – woot!
  • We talked about our upcoming Spain dinner picking out a soup and salad to “pitch” to our friends Don and Lisa for the special meal we are planning (I love having foodie friends, lol)
  • We did our fall bucket list. Pics to come of that. I’m doing a separate Dec list and a Winter list. Also not doing them poster size anymore but “notebook paper size”. It’s just easier.
  • Also put up a list of Nashville restaurants to try when we are out and about so that we don’t forget about them. We often have opportunities for nights out.
  • We talked about vacation time in 2020! 🙂 Upcoming trips include things like:
    • Amelia Island in the Spring and take Mom and see Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken
    • Next summer or fall long weekend – trip to mountains of east TN, Waynesville and Asheville.
    • And a big trip either summer or winter to the Rockies! He doesn’t care. Someone have to take care of our babies though.

Much done on the “to do list”:

  • Fitbit figured out – a “no” for Mom.
  • Fall Bucket list done
  • Mom’s seafood nite planned
  • Maisy’s rabies shot done
  • Birthday gift cards purchased and cards signed and ready to send.
  • Blog Logo done
  • Ziggy Marley tunes uploaded to Itunes.
  • Notebook ready for writing projects (isn’t it always ready and waiting? lol)

All that is left is making a new list!

We have talked about Christmas and shopping and have had a great relaxing day today. I’m excited that the Cox household is a unit of making plans together again and making life work and I’m looking forward to our trips and our meals and our excursions. And our movies and being with family and all that we have upcoming. And I’m excited about fall as I see some cooler temps coming in the extended outlook!

Saturday Morning w/Coffee

Well, it wasn’t a particularly exciting week. So not really a lot to blog about. So I just played my little Farmville Tropical Island game to wake up with coffee the last two days. The Bob’s Red Mill order came in and now I’ll have oatmeal to go for some time. For some reasons the stores no longer have this and this is a really good oatmeal with no added sugars and flax and chia seeds. I’m not sure why it’s not in the stores and selling. I suppose the demand lies with those with sugar. But America is coming around the curve I suppose. Maybe one day we’ll have some healthy drive-thru’s with gourmet salads that actually taste good.

I didn’t get much accomplished on the list this week, I’m not sure why other than I did work til 6 a couple of days and had errands to run after on two of them – one including the store. So I guess that is why. Then eat/watch show with George and then on to bed.

George and I have been watching Season 3 of the Durrells in Corfu this week. And we watched some of Frankie and Grace on Netflix as well now that we have streaming and can get it. The Durrells came in on DVD. We still do that by mail b/c George has some 300 movies to watch. If you like to watch oldies – they are there. But they don’t have a wide selection of the new stuff that comes out it seems for DVD. When we switched it opened up so much else to watch.

So yeah, not much done on the “to do”, but at least making strides toward things. I did get Mom’s fit bit charged. Now I have to download the app again to be reminded of what this version can/will do to see if it is what she needs or wants. She wants to track heart but I don’t think mine will do that. I could be wrong. I think it just does the steps. I’ll know soon.

George and I cannot really believe that we are booked up for Saturday’s through Oct and November – it’s not like hugely booked all day but there is at least one thing per Saturday going on – either in the morning or evening. And we have our trip of course planned to see Katy and Cody. WE had one day open in October and I had that one day in October reserved to do a seafood fest with Mom and went to talk to George about it and he had tentatively scheduled a golf game with friend Jack and another guy. (????? Of all things. Golf. He doesn’t even play golf.) So I’m not sure what will happen. Will it be us doing a seafood fest for Mom or George playing golf with friends from work? We shall see what he chooses.

We are wondering about having time to shop for Christmas. WE used to plan excursion weekends to go to various places and do big shopping. Not as many to buy for now, some are getting gift cards and it’s just not the big shopping event that it used to be nor big Christmas events that it used to be. We will make it special for those that are still here the best way we can. I used to feel sorry for family’s that didn’t have big Christmases. Now that we are in the part of life where we don’t have the big Christmases, I’ve decided I’m somewhat ok with it. I have my memories. And if family comes we will have as big of a Christmas that we can and will enjoy it. We will make our own the best way we can with family and friends.

Christmases change as one goes through their life – at least mine. We used to have a Christmas at home (and still do) and had one at each parents and then we’d go to each of the grandparents. It was almost too busy then and a whirlwind. Very tiring but very fun. As people pass away and get older that phase changes, as kids get older that phase changes, and then there are the family that is far away – like my Aunt and Uncle and Katy and Cody. We see them when we can. And Mom which is an hour and a half away and it’s just enough that to put a 3 hour round trip drive with dogs in tow and requires planning. And then there is the family that is aloof and not really wanting to participate which automatically by default eliminates the shopping and makes it smaller scale. So all those things combine for a much smaller Christmas and a much smaller shopping excursions. So we will make it special for those still around and wanting to participate. And if no family interested we’ll have our own little Christmas and celebrate with friends in January for our Winter Solstice fun amidst our hibernation period, lol.

I think Katy and Cody will get to come for Christmas. I’m not sure when. I will also have to work some on the weekends (Sunday before Christmas) because it takes 2.5 days to close payroll and we’ll have a Tues and Wed we are off and people are still going to want to get paid. So I’ll have to come in Sunday and Monday before Christmas. And with year end stuff I’ll have very little time to take vacay time during that period. If I had a child at home that would be a big huge problem but I don’t so I think it will work out well. At least I will be free at night so we can do dinner if they (Katy and Cody) come to town.

Just writing about all this makes me anxious. I’m not sure why. I guess it’s the following:

  1. Life is always so busy.
  2. There is never enough time to do all the things you intend and spend time with family you need to.
  3. Mom is getting older and she is far enough away we can’t easily tend to her, let alone find time to just visit for fun
  4. It makes me sad in a way – even though I say I’m ok about smaller scale Christmases and having no vacay days during the holidays. I’m still adjusting. I’d rather take it when having things to do with my time – like a trip. It’s ok it’s just different.
  5. If George goes and plays golf should I plan a shopping excursion or some hiking time with my friends?

I guess just a lot of thoughts going through my head. But God says not to be anxious for anything so I will let it go and Let God and let Him have it like have done so many other times.

I saw this on FB and thought it was funny. Karma does have a way of comin’ ’round. lol

So we are incredibly busy today with going to the vet to get Maisy her shot and then onto a baby shower in Nashville around 1 and then on to dinner tonight with friends with our Crotchety Gourmet group.

I will get to rest tomorrow – well – do household chores, work on the list, do a devo, and all those things. So free time tomorrow but it’s not really free – just get to pick and choose which chores and to do’s to work on, lol.

And I’ll go and leave a private blog entry now. But you all have a great weekend! Oh and Maisy is feeling much better!

Office Fall Decor and Thoughts from the Shower

Here is a flavor of fall from my office.

Sleep was good last night and our evening was nice. George fixed hamburger steaks, fries and toasted onions in the air fryer, and salad and beans. We watched “Below Deck Mediterranean”. It’s the next to the last show. Then in October “Below Deck” will be on. It’s mindless entertainment and fun to watch. I’m glad George enjoys watching it. Or at least endures it.

We are enjoying the Netflix. George realized there was an Ultra HD instead of just HD. It’s more per month (maybe $3 more than what we had). He was like a kid and said “yeah yeah do that”. So we upgraded right from our seats with the clicker, just like that! lol And the difference is really incredible. So George went through and picked movies from the list and added to our “watch list”. Also I went through and picked some out before we switched to Ultra HD and now I need to go back and do it again b/c it opened up more movies for us.

The temps are getting cooler at night but during the day they rise up. I think we are living in a desert right now (I originally typed dessert – which might not be bad to live in – I think I’d choose cheesecake – it’d be soft.) I think we have a batch of really hot weather coming – like upper 90’s the weekend into next week. Normally the first week of October – Oct 5-8 brings a terrible thunder storm which really sets the dynamics to bring cooler temps in and there is still a battle of warm and cold air the rest of the year which each battle bringing cooler temps with it.

We are predicted for hotter than normal temps through the rest of the year with periodic fluctuations of warm and cool – but averages I guess are higher. Yes, I’ve been watching the weather channel a bit more lately. I kinda got away from watching it through the years when they had shows on instead of the actual weather. Lately when I turn it on they are doing the weather – might be b/c of hurricane season. Not sure. But if they are back to the old way of doing it, I’m good with that.

Something I was thinking about in the shower this morning. I have been listening to some podcasts that are spiritual minded. I rather like listening to some of these Self-Help type of things by listening on Audible to books like “Girl Wash Your Face” and “Kind is the New Classy”. It helps provide some surprising understandings about the psychology of why we are the way we are sometimes. I was a bit enlightened by my own “thinking through” of a few things after listening to a pod cast yesterday. On the podcast of “Girl Wash Your Face”, she was talking about the negative things that roll around in our head – like judgement of others and we often don’t even realize what we are thinking. That is so true. We are so used to our own thoughts – they are OUR thoughts and no one else can hear those thoughts unless we mouth out what we are thinking – which a lot of us do sometimes. We chide ourselves for the gossip or the unleashing of our thoughts to others. But do we chide ourselves for the negative thoughts we have of others, or even our own selves? We think about why we are having those thoughts, usually some other form of judgement or division or placement of what is right or wrong in our minds.

Having slept well and then getting up and taking a shower (an excellent place to think) I realized a few things. As a person that grew up in a spiritual family-which I am lucky to have been born into an extended family of Christian faith – but growing up in this world and having been taught black and white rules of Christian faith – it makes for a breeding ground of judgment against others. Think about it. When a person learns “right from wrong” you notice the environment you are in and when others cross the line, your brain makes a notation of it as a deviation from the rule, the norm, the law, the ______(fill in blank). I think that I have been listening and watching of so many through the years of my entire life of others commenting about people who have crossed the line. Their name is mentioned and their “sin” or “wrong doing” or “rule breaking” is then mentioned EVERY time their name is brought up. So, we have most all of us, done this, so there is no pointing of fingers to any one person, I’m not placing judgment here myself but just making observations of why we do what we do as humans.

So having been in that world for so long I think my brain was trained to constantly compare current situations to what is right and just. Which is a good thing, but it makes me define what is not right – ALL the time! Whether it be a person, or a situation. And of course, you know my nature is to make everything right, good, and better. And if I don’t I set to whining about it like no tomorrow – and that might be a Southern Magnolia thing. lol

Anyway, that was today’s revelation. But I have been making more notice of “my thoughts” lately and not just deciding whether to say this or that, but deciding whether I need to even be thinking this or that. It’s easy to say we should filter our thoughts and keep the evil thinking out – no bad thoughts of evil leading to sin, but have we actually thought about the things that we think of about other people when we judge them, why are we judging them? The book I was reading “Girl Wash Your Face” said to think about something good about that person when you have that bad thought. What a great idea.

It’s never been our job to judge others in the first place. A quick read of The Shack, will teach that lesson. And about forgiveness as well. But yet we all do it. And some of us more than others but we all do it. Some may have a problem getting past their judgments of others. It’s as if the person should just be named their “sin” or “rule breaking” and have it as a name tag or a placement on their forehead.

What if people just loved one another instead? What if people looked for the good points? What if people looked into the “why” something might have happened? What if people really need our support and kindness instead of our judgment and cruelty? What if instead of drawing lines, we drew closer? What if we realized drawing a line may not give that other person a chance to improve or be loved? What if it alienates them further?

These are thoughts that roll around my head in the shower, in the car, at blog time, at night before bed, in the morning when I wake. All in an effort to be a better person myself, to be loved myself, to not be judged myself, to do what God would have me do.

And what man would have me do – is to get my derriere to work so I can finish that last payroll closure for the plant that needs to be finished this morning. Hope you all have a superb day!