Air Fryer Rocks

George’s Air Fryer

She’s a beauty. I wanted it to be easy to use, easy to clean. And this one is. George fixed fried okra last night in it. Tasted so good without all the oil. It was very crispy. It was recommended to take it out and toss it in just a bit of melted coconut oil mid way through and put it back in. It took just a few minutes and was so good. Tasted like the real thing without all the grease. We’ll be trying chicken soon. And I want to make some air fried chic peas and crunch those up. I think we like it enough to keep it on the counter. There’s room and it looks pretty hot just sitting there next to the coffee pot. lol

We had a fabulous dinner last night of veggies from the farmer’s market. The squash was really good too. It’s covered up with the air fried okra.

Now today is cleanse day. I think I’m finally able to do a cleanse day. I can really tell a difference as my belly comes back when I don’t do a cleanse day. It resets your body somehow to have this down day. And it releases deep fat (that builds around the organs) and toxins. So I’ve missed them and feel like Monday’s is probably the best now. I love this program and I’m so glad I have it.

I overslept this morning. I slept a full 8 hours and 15 minutes. Wow! George had to wake me up. My alarm did not go off. Maybe that is a God thing. I had strange dreams about work but after thinking it through – it’s actually pretty normal. lol I feel a lot of relief going into the payroll function and will be glad to just have to focus on a few things – even if it takes a lot to get those few things done. Payroll and taxes.

I went in and worked yesterday. I just needed to get a start on the 30 something people that I have to enroll for September. Our biggest month would have to be this one when I don’t have time to do this. I was able to get all of their deduction forms completed for payroll and get them all looked up with their rate of pay and information and got them in my benefit spreadsheet. But even after working on it, I still have to go in and add them to each of the benefit programs on line (3 websites). So I will try to work on a few each day. I can tell you right now, I don’t want to be working weekends, so they better find someone soon. I’m not going to be working these hours for much longer. I’m going to start going in later and getting off earlier. And will be looking to plan some vacay time. And we’ll put a tribe has spoken sign after this one. I really need my down time. And it WILL happen, come hell, high water. Some things may just have to be left undone. Sonya is reaching her limit now. It’s already been reached actually. I told you I would be in a bad mood having to go in on Monday if I’ve had to work the weekend. It’s so true. So we are all going to have to deal with my bad mood now. Maybe that is why God didn’t allow my alarm clock to go off. It probably helped to get that sleep in. Nehh, I’m not really in a bad mood, but I am certain that these hours are going to STOP. One way or the other. Some things we just KNOW! lol

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  1. The air fryer is good looking. Ken has been talking about one of them, but then he say the add on the oven like Billie bought that does air frying and a lot of other things. I enjoy cooking and he does too when he has time. This week he will be making salmon patties for dinner one night as we both were talking about them. He makes them much better than I do. Of course this meal is not calorie friendly as we have mac and cheese and fried red tomatoes with them I am thinking we will try baking the salmon patties this time

  2. I have been thinking of getting an air fryer, but wondering if it is worth the hype. Let us know how it does chicken. Hope they get some help for you at work soon.

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