Back in Time

George, Walking toward the Tennessee State Museum

I’m not really a fan of museums, but that said, I usually manage to enjoy my stroll through one. Besides, you get your walking in and you might learn something. Although my memory will not retain it since I don’t use the info often enough – it will be blocked with thoughts of garnishments and taxes now, but we had a good time with my SIL and BIL (sister in law/brother in law for those not used to blog language) going through the “time tunnel” at the Tennessee State Museum. I am glad we did this first before going to a brewery. That was wise. It was a beautiful day but a hot one. And the museum had great air conditioning and had some really good displays and a lot of information about Tennessee History.

Although I do not remember the wagon wheel, lol – nor a cabin that rustic, I do remember some of the appliances. Mam-ma had the old washer and I believe I have seen a similar stove and fridge. The stove is a “Hot Point” by GE. My grandfather owned an appliance store and a repair shop in Columbia, TN known as M & D Electric (I think) back when I was a child. This is stretching my memory right here. And Grandaddy had one of those child saddles as well. I recognized that immediately. You always wonder, could that be the one he had? Was that the very one I sat on? Probably not, but one never knows.

How was it treated back then?

I found this interesting to share. What about that dysentery treatment. Is it true I’m reading a chalk/mercury mixture and strychnine and lead acetate? Funny it said all compounded the problem. But then people also thought the world was flat at one time too. My aren’t we getting smarter? So smart we let Pharmaceuticals rule the world now? lol

We own a bedroom set of this. I have this exact dresser.

Mom and I were talking about this the other day – how we have furniture from the past -antiques- and yet no one wants them in the family. Mom has a bed in a museum in Columbia/Spring Hill- a 3/4th bed. No one has room for it in the family as we all require Queen and King beds now. You can “get by” with a regular size for a guest bedroom but it’s not ideal. I mean two people and two dogs? lol It gets crowded and no one sleeps well. Guest bedrooms are ideal for this unless company comes like us. And as for me, one of my guest bedrooms turned into an office space for me. That booted out my grandparent’s bedroom set that they started out their married life with. These types of things puts extreme pressure on everyone. The goal is to keep it in the family but yet no one wants it or should I say has a place for it. So we keep it in storage, in the basement in the way until we die and then our kids have to clean it out and they won’t have sentimental feelings of it and out in the garage sale it goes. If the right person comes along that knows what it is. Who knows where it will end up one day. And as for Mom’s furniture. She has no place for it to be stored. We don’t want it here to trip over in the basement. And she has tried to contact several parties and no one interested. She is left with just giving it away or it being destroyed or emptied in the process of this building/museua going away. It has to be picked up soon. It’s sad but some of us are really wanting to be minimalistic as we go forward. (I mean you know me – I’m wanting to explore and live in an RV, lol).

Times are just changing. And I know even with me – I never cared about the glassware and pretty bowls and china. I do on spare occasions when we entertain. But we are not prim and proper in the times and it’s just different. We like cute themes and place more emphasis on what is being served, and in our guests than what type of dishes something is being served in. And if the fork or spoon is in the right place, who cares as long as it’s reachable? Not to place judgment on the ways of the past. But just to state that things are different now. Our outlook, our goals, our experiences – we are all out of our homes more and working more off site and not home to build a house so much. It’s a lot of pressure in my life time to try and uphold the “rules” of the past and be able to embrace my life. And that is a tangent for another day. But I’ve had to let go of those rules. I have a FT job and not a stay at home, housekeeper. So while I’ve managed to do both things, the dusting is not done every week and neither is the vacuuming. And if I find better use of a bedroom as an office – an office it shall be. And so we have the nice bedroom set in the basement and feel too guilty to let it have a home where someone needs a bed, b/c it’s sentimental. I’m expected to keep it. And so it sits in the basement unused and I get warm a fuzzies thinking of grandparents when I pass it and then feelings of guilt b/c I’m not using it/displaying it in the bedroom and feel selfish for wanting my office. Then double the guilt when seeing it in the museum when mine is in the basement. All you can do is let it roll off. Oh if we all could just have our own family museum room, lol. That would be cool if we could all do that. But real estate too valuable not to use it for what you find yourself needing.

A Coat of Many Colors

It’s not surprising to me that this embroidered coat is from the upper East TN area. Dolly Pardon’s “Coat of Many Colors” comes to mind. And it must have been a “thing” up in that area.

Dinnerware, Krystal Restaurants, 1960

It’s fun to see this. How quickly our memories have been erased. I totally forgot about the fact they had dishes back then. And you know my favorite type of coffee cup is that kind. The thick mugs make coffee taste so good for some reason. Didn’t they serve chili on those bowls? I can’t remember. But this is making me want a krystal hamburger and fries. lol You know me and my “burgahs”! I remember many times George and Katy and I getting a bag of Krystal’s (not in those dishes though) and passing them around. I think we got the 12 pack. So yummy with the mustard and onions. It’s the only burger I like with onions. I’m getting off on a tangent here. I don’t eat like this anymore but we might have to do Krystal again soon just for old times sake. I loved those dishes though. I think they were still around when I was a kid. I never noticed or thought about it when they quit using it.

And how about this. I remember loving those IBM typewriters. They were so much easier to use. I used one at Dillard’s and rented one in college to type my research papers and pulled all nighter’s typing them. At Dillard’s we typed our memo’s and made copies for everyone’s little cubby mail box. We all used to have mailboxes in the work place. I never really thought about that going away either. Everyone would come check their boxes for mail and info. Now it just goes to email. The phones don’t look so foreign to me. I think I have used nearly every one of those and owned them except for the pay phone. Perhaps they are mine b/c they sure look like mine. lol My push button phone was beige though. Then the “slim lines” came out. They should have one of those in there.

Of course we played Nintendo – George and I did in our early marriage. Loved to play Tetris and some game called “Haunted House” which was like an escape game that had secrets you had to learn to open things and solve the puzzle. Or the house would blow up or monsters would get you.

But the best one of all was Sim City. I loved to play that game. It’s not the same now. But I would build communities as the mayor and people would move in. You’d build roads and run the city. You go up in taxes to pay for things and the citizens would react and move out. lol I wish it would come back. I loved the simplicity or complexity of it. And twisters or fires would come and damage them and you would have to rebuild. It was just like life. As your city grew, your buildings and businesses would change into more modern type buildings and eventually even sky scrapers. I loved it. I miss it!

And there were old fiddles making me think of Dad. His looked like this.

Tennessee State Museum
“The Farmer’s Market” in Nashville, TN
Looking out over Nashville, from the TN State Museum

Then we headed on to the Peg Leg Porker after a brief stroll through the Farmer’s Market to get some veggies: tomatoes, squash and okra.

Dry rub ribs, at Peg Leg Porker

I ordered what George said was the best thing on the menu. Then you dip the dry rub rib into the sauce they have. The smoked green beans and the potato salad were really good too. It was divine.

View from Peg Leg Rooftop
Can you hear me now?
A flight, served in Muffin Tins at New Heights Brewing, Nashville

Of course you realize that we are still celebrating George’s birthday right? So it’s been a while since we’ve been to this one and it was close.

My choices

Well, this brewery is primarily IPA’s and I’m not a huge IPA fan, but they are growing on me. Had to love the “Brut and Ernie”. It was a good one. They were all good. I was able to drink them. It looks like a lot of beer on a flight but the glasses get smaller at the bottom so it wasn’t as much as it looked.

A FAT Mona Lisa at Various Artists Brewery, Elm Hill Pike
Various Artists Brewery as a turntable played “Various Artist’s” Albums
Brewing section of Various Artist Brewing
Notice “So” won! That would be me!

I never win at anything. But we all know that this is a chance game, lol. We enjoyed staying and playing Yahtzee. And I enjoyed my Kolsch – which is my favorite kind of beer.

We came home to deer in the back yard by Tugie’s grave site. I snapped hurriedly so I got my SIL’s hand. If I’d have waited for perfect shot I’d not have got it. I know I could have cropped it out but this entry is taking long enough. lol

We came in and I watched sailing shows on YouTube. YouTube suggested I watch this guy in a small sail boat cross over from CA to Hawaii. And it was pretty interesting. I went ahead and subscribed. Then bed felt great.

Not sure what I want to eat for breakfast this morning. I had a shake for dinner last night. I could do another shake but thinking about eggs or oatmeal or even cereal really. Actually cereal sounds good.

I’m debating whether to stay here today and do something or go in and get my benefits done at work so I don’t have to worry about it later. Just unsure what to do. If I’m worried about the work I may as well go and get that done. But then tomorrow I’ll be mad at losing a day off.

Anyway, off to do something. Whatever it is.

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  1. It was fun to see your pictures from the museum. Times have really changed. I’d like to have one of the original wall crank phones. I hope your day is good and that if you do go into work that you won’t be there long.

  2. I love ribs too. The food looks divine. You live in a pretty place. Lots to do. Looks like your husband had a good Birthday. We are going to Outback with family today. I am excited about not having to cook. Have a good one.

  3. I enjoyed the museum pics. It is so true about holding onto family furniture etc. It’s really silly when you are not able to use or display it. Oh well.
    You guys know how to celebrate a birthday. That’s great. Have a good week! Monica

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