Sunday Birthday Crawl

We headed in to Nashville this morning. The first order of business was for me to register with Isagenix and pick up my back pack and free product and we did that. Later than intended, but George said we should relax and enjoy coffee a bit before sprinting out. No argument there.

I did not have to wait in line at all at registration. We didn’t even have to pay to park. I just ran up while George drove around in the area. I texted I was thru and he headed over to get me. While he was driving around he located Yee Haw Brewery, which had White Duck Taco and Prince’s Hot Chicken on the premises.

Yee Haw Brewery and Ole Smoky Moonshine, Nashville, TN

Look how huge this place is. Now that is a Big TV! And moon shine tasting in the back. A huge shopping area.

We loved our taco. I had a gyro taco with lamb. And split a crab one with George.

We were there around 10 so really and truly we had breakfast beer. Hardly anyone else was there. lol And when the food places began opening, we began sampling.

George stood by the screen so you could see how big it was to scale. And look at that face she is making on the TV. lol

George was a happy boy to find this place. What an excellent birthday surprise that he surprised himself with, while driving around. lol.

There was my kolsch and also my lamb taco.

While there we talked about our Christmas shopping ideas and as he went through ideas for people I said “and me an Apple Mac computer”. He looked at me and said, “funny you should say that b/c I was trying to figure out which one to get and was having a hard time” and he said now that I’ve said that the pressure is off and I can pick it out. lol. He knows I want one I can do a lot of videos with as I’m wanting to morph into doing more and more videos for our trips – and for things like this that we did today. I am wanting to learn to do cool things with video. And so we will probably go to the Apple store and tell them what I want to do and see what they say and look at it. I am VERY excited about this. Mine is holding on but it has been a challenge lately sometimes. It has touch pad issues at times as it’s very sensitive. You can’t lay papers on top of it or it will mess it up. And it has crashed a few times and frozen a few times lately. All the signs are creeping up. And I’m looking forward to the Mac. Just so excited. So we talked about Christmas and George’s new car and the timing of that and we talked about Christmas Village and the hope of getting to go to Texas over Thanksgiving week. And went over all the things coming up on the calendar. Which is proving to get pretty busy real fast. Then the HOT CHICKEN ORDER was ready.

I ordered us 4 chicken tenders of Prince’s Hot Chicken so we’d have two each. I ordered Medium. It was just right. Any hotter and I’d have been going around drinking everyone else’s drink and mine too. Loved it!

Then we went to McKay’s book store. I sat on the bench and played Tropical Farmville on my phone and nearly fell asleep. I was so drowsy after eating and having a beer. My belly was satisfied and I was completely relaxed. And I thought George would never finish lol. I didn’t need anything from there this time. I’m so behind on it all – on reading in any format. So I just didn’t even go look. No point. Afterwards he suggested we go to another brewery. We were 3 hours past the brunch we’d had and the beer there. I just had to say “I need coffee”.

I DID! So George found us a neat place to get coffee in the Charlotte area. This area has been kind of a bad place from time to time but it is being built back up and is very hipster over there now. Lots of new condos poppin’ up everywhere.

And then instead of going to a Brewery we ended up going next door where there was a Five Points Pizza. That was on his list this weekend to get pizza. And so we only had one slice as we were not starving as we’d had some lunch earlier. Five Points was great. The slice was HUGE! Took two paper plates to hold it. Although George looked at the draft beer, craft beer list, we both had water!

Five Points Pizza, Nashville
West of Nashville, heading East toward downtown.

Then George wanted to stop at one more place, the Cork Dork. He bought himself some birthday Drambuie.

He picked a couple of things out and told me to get a bottle or two of wine. So I bought a couple of reds.

And then he said “would you like to go to another brewery yet, or come home?” And I said “home”.

So we came home and took dogs out and fed them and I did laundry and ironing, and cleaned up the kitchen. I’ve ordered some Isagenix as the new flavor of chocolates came out. I’m in trouble b/c they have peanut butter in them. lol And I have put my nephew’s birthday card together and signed that and addressed it. We are late with it. I have not been organized at home the last couple of weeks. Even George had to do some laundry and had to wear a hot long sleeve logo’d business shirt to work one day – b/c the short sleeves were all dirty. I felt bad. But just working long hours and not getting to do the normal household duties. Work oughta be ashamed. I’ll not be able to keep those hours as I need my home time and my down time. The next week or two or three will be a TEST period of sorts as I get around the curve and we’ll see how it goes. It IS IMPORTANT for this test period to go WELL. lol

Anyway I have stopped my Isagenix graphics program. I’m not using it enough to warrant it.

And I want to blast Target and Walmart and just want to say that they are losing my business for the online orders anyway. They must be losing their shirts on delivery. It seems that just about everything that I would order they would make it hard to order. For example – all the good pet treats you have to either pick up or go in the store. And most of my household goods I use are now the same way. I couldn’t even order coffee beans. All the good kind I order has to be ordered using SHIPT thru Target. I struggle each week to be able to have these things delivered. So I gave up tonight. I’ll just start getting these items at Kroger and Publix when I do my regular shopping. I was really liking not having to get anything but fresh and frozen food at the store. But I’m not paying a monthly fee to use ShIPT and I’m not giving their website any more time. I’m done fighting with it.

So I’ve told Alexa to list the items on my phone and I’ll give Kroger the business. I expect it will save us money any way. No doubt they inflated prices to cover the shipping costs anyway. Bye Bye Target and Walmart. Your era is over for our household. It was fun. Til it wasn’t.

Now our grocery trips will have to be better planned and intentional – no run in here and there, but bigger runs. We’ll probably go together too b/c it’ll take two of us to haul all the crap up the stairs! One reason I loved having it delivered to the front door.

Anyway, I’m off of here to get rest and get up early tomorrow to handle taxes and time punches. Tomorrow is George’s actual birthday and tomorrow night he will get to open his gifts. And then he has a restaurant picked out he wants to go to. We gonna birthday all month! He told me I could do that in January. lol However, I keep buying things I like during HIS birthday! Not sure how much I’ll get to blog this week – as we also have a concert we are going to. And so just getting through the week is going to be hard – as if it wasn’t already. But I’ll try to pop in at some point – you know I can’t stay away long.

And Nite Nite, I’m headed to bed!

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  1. What a fun day! I need to try Nashville Hot chicken. I’d have to stick with the mild though. I’m a wimp. lol

  2. We don’t have hot chicken where I live. I wish we did. You guys sure eat good. Beautiful day here. Happy Birthday to your hubby.

  3. Do you have a Costco nearby? We have them here in Australia now. We drive a 300km (150 mile) round trip about once every 6 months and bring back a carload of bulk buy stuff that works out a lot cheaper than buying it locally here. For some stuff I much prefer doing one big bulk buy run and then forgetting about it until we run out. 🙂

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