The Office, The Job, and Eating Well

Took these pics for you yesterday. Still kinda getting settled in there so a little messy and unfinished. I do miss the full ceiling to floor windows of the other office, and miss seeing nature walk by… however, I’m totally happy with the new one. The back ledge is handy – although it leaks a bit there. But I use that ledge a lot. The main thing is that my office is quiet. It’s in a corner and no one comes by and nothing distracts me. And that is needed and welcomed.

Yesterday was able to finish the payroll deadline with 20 minutes to spare. That is working 12 to 13 hour Monday and Tuesday’s and 1/2 of Wednesday. One thing that takes a while is if there are several garnishments that have to be calculated each payroll. Anyway payroll all done now and began focusing on getting the checks out and overnight paks out. And now I will focus today on setting up new garns and paying taxes and 401k and getting ready for the next PR run. Trying to catch up on things. I also need to begin getting the new folks on benefits for Sept. I keep thinking I’m going to get time to work on all this but it never comes. I DID get through 1/2 of my emails yesterday trying to get things out to people that have been requested. I guess this will get easier each week. I’m looking forward to less hours. I really am. I left the house yesterday at 6 and got home at 7:40. Things are not exactly in a rhythm yet but I pretty much made it through the week by myself so far with the exception of needing help with a few of the garnishments.

Anyway I am loving it. At least if you are enslaving yourself to 12 and 13 hour days, you better love it right? We’ll give this some time and see if the hours shake out, as mentioned. I think things will smooth over once settled. But I haven’t even been able to spend any time doing benefits and not much time doing HR. I just pray it gets better. And I think it will. I am just behind on getting things processed like new garnishments that came in – in the last week or so and getting benefits in and so forth, and doing back pay for people that we received the increase too late after the effective date. Which is a pain b/c to do the increase you have to figure out if they met incentive or not for each of those days. I did stay last night to create a form on excel to help me figure these more quickly but you still have look up time sheets and figure incentive and so forth. You go back for a month and do back pay you are looking up some 20 to 24 work days to see. So a lot of what I’m doing I’m having to set up my own way of doing it that is easier for me, that makes the next time easier. There is just not a lot of “free time” to do things like back pay or set up garns once you do payroll, stuff checks, and pay taxes. So I am struggling with that a bit. I have to get faster at everything and the HR stuff will fall off soon although I’ve just not had time to really be helpful in that arena. When to do benefits now? Who knows?

I don’t normally talk about work but since I’m not in HR anymore and well…most companies do pay people and pay taxes so there are no secrets to uphold as long as I don’t mention names and give away trade secrets, lol. It’s easier to talk about this job. Half the HR stuff I’d be hung for mentioning. lol

So, I am happy in the new position. I’m still in it even after a really rough transition or initiation, or whatever. And I love being able to see something from start to finish and to know that what you are working on will make a difference.

I was bad and rewarded myself for closing payroll with a Quarter Pounder Deluxe burger. Oh my gosh it was good. I think it had special sauce on it. No fries.

Then George fixed breakfast for dinner with his lovely tomatoes. These are the finest tomatoes he has grown and they were delicious. He grew them in the side brick planter and put netting around it and he may have done a few other things that kept the deer away. They would have a hard time getting near the planter area anyway. He said he’ll grow more there next year! What a great dinner and we watched below deck. I did get a bit of laundry done and ironed today’s pants.

I’m running behind though and need to get on the ball. Ya’ll have a great day and I’ll try to do the same. Oh and I think I have sweated out whatever I’ve had. I didn’t check fever this morning but feel pretty good. I was pretty normal yesterday too. Took Tylenol anyway at one point when I began to feel bad. I still have a pretty bad sore throat but not so bad I can’t eat. Obviously my appetite is back good! Oh I failed to mention I had about 3/4 of a pint of Jenny’s ice cream again. Eating leftovers we had bought for Katy. I can’t keep that in the house. That habit cannot continue. Anyway, not cleansing lately either. Didn’t seem a good idea to do so during this transition and also didn’t seem to be good while feeling poorly so maybe next week I’ll resume cleanse day.

George’s birthday will be happening soon. He’s gearing up for that. I’ve got to find time and energy to wrap his presents. I had Amazon wrap the big one so I didn’t have to. Anyway, ya’ll have a good one!

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  1. Your new office does look lovely, with the exception of the floor to ceiling windows ! It’s a pity you can’t see the deer from where you are, they are so beautiful…. I do worry a bit about the very…long hours you are having to put in. I know it’s the new job and getting to grips with it is the reason why, but you won’t be any good if you become ill…long days and short nights are not good. Also a bit sad to see that you have not been sticking to your “diet plan “. I know it’s not an actual diet but it seemed to be working so well for you….Try to rest love over the weekend. Night night. God Bless. Xxx

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