God Sent the Kitty

Recently at a yard sale I bought this Kitty. I don’t normally buy things like this but it was cute and said “Hang in There” and I put it in my office. It just gave me comfort to look at it.

So little did I know that God would be making the little kitty come to life. Is this not insane? Yes there is a God. He brought Itty Bitty Kitty to us. By loving her, we are taming her so that she trusts us and will let us pet her and pick her up. It’s easy now. She has less fear. I pet her when she is eating and she loves it and purrs. I sometimes pick her up and love on her and rub her tummy. She purrs and purrs, but stretches to get back to her dinner. I am not sure I’d be so kind if someone pulled me away from my dinner, lol.

But I wanted to show you that I do believe there is a connection and a message there from God. He’s saying Hang in There – you got this (I was in the other job when I bought it, but the message is always a good one.) And He is reminding me that not only is He with me, but He will provide for me, and also He will give me pleasures as He sees, like this little Kitty. No RV has shown up in the driveway yet, but I’m waiting for it, lol. So my desire to RV is not as great but don’t get me wrong – it is still there. If I could do anything I wanted to in the world, that is what I would do – I would minimize my belongings, have a small home base, and just travel around all the time seeing things, taking pics, eating. How fun would the planning be? And I would of course document it and video it and all that. Maybe one day. lol

I had the most awesome meal yesterday. I have a little mini fridge – not a little one but a mid size one – dorm room size but bigger than those little bitty squares we had back in the eighties. It has a freezer part too. But I have enjoyed having it and find that I end up keeping more things in there for the week. I have stuff to make a salad, sandwich, bought my own special mayo and dressings in trying to get the best natural ingredients and avoid canola oil and all that. I buy those already boiled eggs though b/c it’s easier. They are good for snacks or to put on a salad. I have cheese that can be put in the salad or eat as a snack. And I keep turkey sandwich meat to toss on the salad or eat on a sandwich. I could make an egg salad sandwich or tuna sandwich – or tuna with egg like Mom used to make. It’s all right there in my fridge. It’s so nice to reach over and get water, unsweet iced tea, or bubble water drinks when I’m thirsty. I’ve spent less time going to get ice, water, and so forth.

And yesterday’s salad was excellent. I had prechopped green and red peppers to keep in there for the salad or I could actually snack on those too. I could also take bread to the break room and have toast and I keep peanut butter and crackers and nuts in my office too in a 3 drawer tote container under my desk, lol. This girl ain’t going hungry! I’ve been munching on pecans this week. Found a good deal on them but they are really salty.

The coffee is good this morning. It is soothing to my throat. When I got up my fever was normal! Yay! I had a rough start to the morning yesterday but took Tylenol and began sweating profusely so the fever broke then I think but I began feeling bad again my sundown but by no means as bad as the weekend. I do have a sore throat still, sinuses are doing some weird things. Tylenol has kept me going, however, it makes your heart beat faster, and I’m sure that means my blood pressure is up.

So the last two days have been much better than the first two days of the week last week. I am sooo hoping for a more normal week. Payroll has been smooth (so far) this time. However, that said –I’m knocking on wood and on my head! lol I had less anxiety and more enjoyment of my day. Last week I was in tears b/c everything was so out of control. The reason I felt that way is that I like to be organized and situated but there was no time for that. It was jumping into the frying pan, working from two offices, two computers, two jobs, moving, setting up, figuring out where things are, scared I’m going to screw something up. And the build up of paperwork during this time has been insane. And I have to set up shop and have a place for every thing and everything in it’s place. So a lot of that was done last week. It feels so much better this week and all coming together *some*. But I need time to work on new garnishments, ordering pay cards, and getting Sept benefits enrollments in, and lots of calls to return and questions to answer and research to do. Lots of people needing things from me but Mon thru Wed I can’t do anything but Payroll – at least at this point. I’m sure I’ll get faster. So it’s Wednesday today and I’ll be finishing the last plant’s payroll (the biggest plant) and will work on check statements and create the manual checks, and get out the overnight packet I need to send. And then I hope I can have some time to catch up a bit. But I doubt it. Maybe tomorrow or Friday. I do a check run on Thursday morning to pay the garnishments and then I have to pay taxes, 401k, and get ready for next week’s payroll the rest of the week. So not much free time to work on anything. I think that is what bothers me more than anything is not having time to do things you need to do. But isn’t that always what my concern is? lol I think there is just always too much to do anywhere at any time. Even my house. I mean how to we mess things up so fast? I can’t keep up with it. Certainly not these days – here long enough to mess up and not clean up thanks to these new hours, which MUST improve by the way. I have dishes mounting on the counter, laundry piled in the laundry room, ironing to do, vacuuming to do. George’s birthday gifts to wrap. Between work and us being gone and me not feeling well, the house is horrible.

I am counting on the improvement of the length of day as time goes on. As I’ve said before I’m not willing to work these hours on a continuing basis, so we’ll see! Leaving the house at 6 and getting back at 7:30 or 8 every night is NOT going to work for me on a long term basis. But as I keep saying, I think it’s mainly just transitioning and learning curves, and such. I guess we will know in the upcoming weeks. I love the job but I don’t want to sell my soul and give up my life for it continually- especially if it is going to pay less. So a lot remains to be seen I suppose. I am a big believer in work life balance. And being salaried with working all the long hours makes you make a lot less per hour, and after a while that starts to hurt your feelings and you feel taken advantage of just by default. So I’ll be taking that into consideration in my review of this position and how well suited it will be for me, and George. He plays a part in this too. We have both been patient with the transition and will be in the upcoming weeks, but as patterns set in I anticipate on seeing some improvement. Not willing to give up the quality of life on a long term basis. Please pray that all turns out well. We really need to get this right and get it figured out, but I’m willing to give it time. As anyone should.

4 responses to “God Sent the Kitty”

  1. The little kitty on top of the washcloths(?)looks like the real thing!
    You expect so much of yourself. That can be good & bad.
    Hang in there:)

  2. I love colorful salads and have one for lunch most days too. Things at home will wait to get done. You can only do so much in a day. Have a good one!

  3. So sweet the story about the kitty. A job is not worth your health. You need time to wind down and relax and get your sleep. I would do what I could in 8 or 9 hours then go home. Then the next day tackle it again. I can’t function without 7 or 8 hours of sleep. I think more clearly and my body has less pain. I have arthritis and what I eat and getting my sleep makes a world of difference in how I feel. Take care and hope they hire someone for your old job quickly.

  4. Kitty is a cutie! A very special gift! Take it easy on your self… you got this ( God, of course
    is in control .. so it’ ll be awesome !! Wish you well ! Take care!! you go girl!,

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