Mini Trip to Columbia, TN and Under the Weather

Yesterday morning started with a craving for peanut butter on toast. I broke open the Santa Cruz Organic peanut butter I bought from Kroger. It was pretty good. Only a little stirring but no crazy ingredients. I sliced a banana on top.

We did some chores around here yesterday morning, sipped coffee, and relaxed some. I put up the products from our Target delivery and noticed that there was a problem with the laundry detergent. By the way I really like this brand, Persil. It seems to do a good job and it makes the laundry smell good. However, the box was opened and there were only 10 pods inside instead of 40. I immediately reported it via my Target app and immediately was sent a message that said another one would be shipped. This had to be an automated service and maybe they see our return rate is low. And we order a lot. So we have more detergent coming. That was good.

I was really beginning to feel tired from the week. Around noon we loaded up the dogs and hearing from Mom that they were going out for lunch, I knew it would be a while before we ate again so I requested Chic Fil A before heating out to Columbia, TN to see Mom and Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken. Through the years when Katy was with us we typically stopped at Chic Fil A as we hit the interstate.

However, yesterday there was a line from here to Noah’s Ark. George knows me well enough though that if my mind is made up for Chic Fil A – nothing else will suffice. I had just poured over the internet for the menu to see what I could eat. I chose the grilled chicken cool wrap. We had to wait in line at the drive thru for about 20 minutes as probably 15 or so cars had the same idea. So we also tried the grilled chicken tenders. They were good. We mainly bought those for the doggies. But we tasted of them.

We got to Mom’s and hung around on the sofas and watched Hallmark channel. I played Tropical Farmville (a game I used to play a lot and I picked it up because it helps with stress and helps me relax.) But the longer I sat there the worse I felt. I felt kinda flu like. My eyes were feeling weird and jumpy – kind of like when you have a fever and you begin getting dizzy. I took my temp but no fever. I decided it was my sinuses.

We went to eat at a place called Riverside Terrace. We really like to eat there as it is an elegant place. It is pricey so not many were there. But it was very nice. It was a special occasion having us all together.

We sat by the Duck river and could overlook it while eating.

The Duck River, at Riverside Terrace
Lamb Chops, Riverside Terrace, Columbia, TN

By the time my dinner arrived I had lost my appetite. I had eaten the salad, and I ate a couple of the lamb chops and that piece of bread there and really enjoyed the carrots of the steamed veggies. But I was just feeling a bit sickly. So I got a to go box. I just wanted to lay down. I was getting stuffy nosed. I had a Tylenol and took that. I felt feverish again.

We hung at Mom’s and had a bit of dessert. And then we headed home. I was really feeling bad. However, I felt like I could eat another lamb chop before bed so I reached in to get it and I had brought Aunt Martha’s left overs home. lol Oh well. So I texted her the bad news. And said Uncle Ken could have my lamb chops. Of course with me not feeling good no one may want them.

Anyway, I slept like a baby last night and of course got up about 5:30 when I stirred. Maisy was ready to get up. I have taken it easy this morning. I have done laundry, ironed, cleaned the kitchen some, and watched my shows, and rested and played my game. George has piddled and enjoyed the morning too. Now we are about to go and do our errands. I am going to get my nails done and then going to Walmart to get a few things to eat this week for my fridge. Then I will come back and do more laundry and rest some more. I feel a bit better today but just very tired, sore throat, slightly flu-ish. Very sleepyish.

I am sure that the stress of the week and long hours have made my immune system week b/c I never get sick in the summer unless it’s stress-tiredness related. I have done similar when eating a lot of pasta and wheat. Although I don’t think I’ve had too much lately.

Anyway I need to get the show on the road. I don’t really feel like going to get my nails/toes done but they need it and I am sure I won’t get the opportunity elsewhere in the week with these ridiculous long hours during this transition time. Need to go hop in the shower. Take care.

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  1. It sounds like your body is trying to tell you to rest. That is the way I get when I get run down. Its a beautiful day here. I am going to get out and run some errands.

  2. Hope you’re feeling better!! Hope you’re resting& enjoying your day! Always nice to be with family! 🙂

  3. Oh gosh, I don’t like hearing you’re under the weather. I hope you’re feeling better by morning! I worry about you having to work those long hours when you’re not feeling well. I wonder what happens when you’re sick and can’t do payroll.

    Our Chic Fil A always has a long wait too. I just read that it’s now the number one fast food chain in America! I love eating there but I miss their Cole slaw.

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