Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

I’m here…somewhere. The bad news….I have been leaving at 6 and getting home at 8 to get the payroll processing done. Just slow and making sure I do things correctly. The HR role keeps pulling at my skirt but sadly I have had no time for it. Everyone is having to wait in the wings until Thursday afternoon or Friday. The payroll process is taking up all my time and then my personal time too. Not getting proper sleep, not getting time to do laundry, and so forth. However, I’m told it will get easier and faster for me. I hope so. No time to really blog either but I’m sneaking in quickly to do an entry.

The good news is that I love the job. I can tell I will be very good at it. We just have to get the hours to a reasonable amount – and I’m ok with working longer the first part of the week and having shorter hours or leaving early later in the week. I’m good with that. However, I really do not like being at the office late by myself and during the winter months in the dark that will really bother me. But the person before me was able to work normal hours, so I’m sure I’ll get there.

But right now it’s Wednesday morning, I’m tired and exhausted. I have not even had time to take vitamins or my stress drink – just mainly b/c of the change in routine and lack of getting in a new one. I’ve not even had much time to get settled or move offices. It’s been a plant here a file there, lol. But at least my computer is set where I don’t have to run back and forth.

So I am going to get ready and head out for another long day. Hoping to leave by 6 today at least. I’m about spent before Thursday gets here. I am going to love it and I’m trying not to stress about the HR needs. I can’t do both at the same time and no one gets focus til after this payroll closes. No way I’m working around the clock. No one wants to see the bear come out, but it’s close! lol

It’ll get better I’m sure. Just pray for me and pray that all around will have patience and understanding and that I don’t have to explain that to anyone— as I may not be so patient in doing so. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hope you all are having a good week. I am looking for some time off to do a few things around here. Not sure when that is. I think later in August. I’m already looking for a vacation day too since I have had to give up my upcoming vacation days next week on Monday and Tuesday – out of the kindness of my heart, so no one would have to do payroll. It’s just been a long hard rough year. So I’ll be planning a day off sometime in the next couple of weeks on a Friday.

Ya’ll take care. Must go. The payroll must close. Only one more plant to do and it’s the biggest one and I have a Noon deadline, but I’ll be finished before that and then have to get the check statements run and have conf calls this afternoon. Then have to pay garns and run some checks and pay some taxes and then try to catch up on HR needs and then prep for next week so the process starts all over. Woot Woot.

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  1. That’s a lot for you! Praying that it all falls into place and that you have a good day, and hopefully not as long!

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