Friday’s Finish Line

Hurry Hurry Hurry

This is about the scene at 5 every day. No chance at leaving. However, yesterday I left about 5:30. I needed to get home before I fell asleep with my head on my desk. My “been up since 2:30” syndrome began hitting me hard about 4:30. I brought my computer home this weekend because I need to look for my replacement. I found out yesterday that would be my responsibility. But day was already unfolded and knee deep in garnishments, terms, and prepping new hires paperwork for being put on insurance and trying to get a few things in order and finished before beginning the payroll and benefits position solo next week. So much had piled up. And it will pile up again I’m afraid. But I had to respond to the state on my state benefits orders. And I put a lot of things away for filing or pending for “the next HR person”. That significantly lowered the “stack”. By mere default of time, there are many things I’d like to do before the next person is in my role, but sadly I can see that time will not allow it. So on we go.

I am not totally solo in the Payroll and Benefit arena next week but will have some help and guidance and oversee from someone in the department. They have made me feel so welcome and with support. I am so grateful to hear words like “I’m so glad to have you join us”. I mean that in the most humble and serious way. It made me feel so good. I’ve needed to feel good about something for a long time. But for someone to say that truly means the world to me. Everyone wants to feel a part of a team and have their work and their work ethic recognized. So that warmed my heart.

That said there were a lot of tears yesterday as our “Lisa” left. And that is the sad part – while I am ecstatic about my new job I am very sad to lose a very good friend and coworker to another company. As she said “here is where we spend most of our day – it’s like family”. I shed tears on the way to work knowing it was her last day and she worked so hard trying to finish up 2nd quarter endings. Her team and department helping knowing that I’d not know what to do yet. I love the fact that the department works together and the boss comes in to check and works a plan for getting things done and even offered to help to finish it up. This is good. I am amazed. And I watched her leave and I watched the tears spill on all our faces, even saw men with tears in their eyes. So “well done Ms. Lisa” and I hope I can fill your shoes. And hope the new job is all you have wanted. She has been such a good friend and has such a Godly spirit.

So we had pizza yesterday and I dove right in for it. I don’t eat much pizza anymore. So it was sooooo good. And we had brownies. So I had one of those.

So a lot of work squared away but as always the work is never finished. So I’ve brought computer home because my boss wants interviews set for first part of next week. I guess he will interview. I will be in payroll full days Monday and Tuesday closing payroll. But could help interview at end of week. I will have to text him and see. I figure after our company leaves this weekend IF I HAVE TIME after I get ready for the work week and get our laundry and grocery shopping done, then I’ll look thru resumes. If not it’ll have to be Monday night. I’m just running out of time to give to everyone. So folks need to put in an order for their patience pants til we get through all this transition. I am not having a lot of time to give to the HR side unless it’s after 5 and my mind is about gone at that point.

I will truly be happy when new person there because we are all going to be disappointed as my energy starts to wane, lol. You get to a point where you aren’t effective anywhere burning the candle at both ends. Anyway, I will be attempting to move file by file, drawer by drawer all along the week next week. And IT moving my PC’s and set up next Thurs after payroll is run. Didn’t want to mess anything up or lose time on Monday and Tuesday. But physically I will be in the new office next week. I bought her fridge. And so I’ll have things at hand. I thought about bringing stuff for sandwiches next week. I never have sandwiches. I know it’s a lot of bread though. But just to get thru next week, I think that would be lovely. I’m also going to take some boiled eggs. A great snack. I’m going to enjoy having a fridge in my office.


So I came home yesterday and George had been off and taken Roger to the vet. Roger was fine at the vet and they could not find anything wrong. They did give some meds though – antibiotics, a few pain pills, and some allergy meds too as he had been itching some. I guess they could see no problem with tooth but said the antibiotics would help if it was something they could not see. He slept and rested yesterday and has been more comfortable. The little buddy is sleeping in here in my office as I type.

Last night George fixed us a stir fry at my request. I ate with chop sticks and we watched Madea’s Witness Program. The Madea shows are hilarious. We sit back and laugh and laugh. It takes a lot of stress off. If you have not watched it, you should give it a shot. We all need a good laugh. We needed that last night. And then I went to bed and slept like a baby. Maisy tried to wake me up at some point but I kept sleeping and she must have bothered George because he got up and took her out.

They came back and she began barking to get back in bed with me and then Roger woke up so I got up myself. It was about time to get up anyway.

We have company coming today and will be so glad to see our Don and Lisa (I have a lot of friends named Lisa). We are doing our German weekend. So that said, I am in the midst of changing sheets on the beds and need to vacuum, do some surface cleaning, and pick up a bit, get my shower, and refresh the flowers in their vases. George is the cook – as that is what he likes to do so that helps so much!

I need to do a Target order when I get time. And send a Thank you note and look at my calendar. I need to order George’s birthday gift. So a lot to try to do this weekend. We are not going to go to church so I’ve been listening to Beth Moore all week so I get my time with God. He’s helping me with my transition and my new role – keeping me going and giving my mind what I need at the time. He’s told me He’s backing me. This is all an answer to prayers where I did some SERIOUS praying through tears. If you remember reading my blog, I said that I was going to pray the prayer of desperation that always worked at that something would definitely be changing. I wait til the last effort to pray the desperation prayer b/c I know how earth moving it is. So this is me moving a mountain through God. This is the change from that prayer. I wasn’t sure what element would change when I prayed the prayer but I knew change would happen. And it is. So that is God coming through. I love being able to REST IN HIM. HE PLACES MY STEPS. And He has done so all along. He is helping me to see a few things and He makes the line straight. I can feel myself walking in Him and it feels so good to commune with Him and talk to Him and to lean on Him. That Spirit is a good friend!

OK I’m off to go get my house in order. Ya’ll have a good weekend. What YOU doing this weekend? I love hearing about you all and I’m loving the comments. I have a lot of comments on this portal. It must be easier to comment? Bye lovelies!

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  1. We are completely rearranging 3 separate rooms in our house. One room which was the other halfs game room and home office will become my soon to be established art studio in which I will hold classes for people. It is right at the front of the house so people can come and go without disrupting everything too much. In the spring and autumn and on days with the right temperature I will hold the classes in the Nirvana.

    I’m decluttering and listing a lot of stuff to sell on Facebook Marketplace. I finally got through all my books and sorted the ones I own digitally, so I can let those books go now.

    For me, because bread has a Not Great effect on my digestion, I tend to stick with things like thin rice cakes and a cracker we have here called a Cruskit which is a very light and airy cracker. I like to slice up an egg and put it on top and then shave some cucumber or slice some tomatoes.

    I hope you have an awesome weekend, it is now Saturday night here heading into Sunday so my weekend is half over.

  2. Sounds like your plate is full during this transition but things will settle down soon I’m sure.

    I so love reading your blog and so love you. Your inspirational words about your faith have helped me today. We do have a good God who listens to our prayers and knows our heart.

    Your German themed weekend with your friends sounds awesome! I look forward to reading about it.

    I’m going to my nephew’s funeral today so a sad day for me, but I know he’s in a better place. I hope your day is a good one!

  3. iWork on Saturday nights and sleep all day Sunday. So glad you will get to enjoy new friends in your new department at work. I hope you and George have a joyous weekend with your friends.
    Glad that Roger is doing well. Hugs

  4. I have some laundry and errands to get done today. Later I hope to sit outside and read. Nothing too exciting going on here. Have fun with your friends on your German weekend!

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