Roger Not Feeling Well

Roger dog (the left one above) is not feeling well this morning. We have decided it is either his ear or a tooth by the way he is acting. He will still wag his tail but he will run his cheek/ear on the floor back and forth and just moan or sigh like a person does if they are just exasperated with something. He’s not in distress, but discomfort. George happens to be off today so he is taking him to the vet.

Also Maisy (dog on the right above) woke me up at 2:30 wanting to go out and I could not go back to sleep. I was dozing off around 4:30 when Roger started whimpering and wanting off the bed.

So I’m drinking coffee this morning and looking for toothpicks to prop my eyes open. I’m already so tired. It has been a long week of going in a bit early and then staying way too late. This will need to stop soon because I’m not willing to do this for long. I can’t hold two jobs. Something will just have to give. You can only do so much.

We have company coming again this weekend and looking forward to our German themed weekend. Tonight and tomorrow I’ll be cleaning. George has already planned and has all the recipes lined up for the cooking. I’m blessed he loves to do this.

And I’m going to cut it short today b/c 1) I’m about to fall over asleep in my coffee cup. 2) I need to try to get in early. I need to get some benefit mandates done today and process some terms on the benefits side. And then prep for Monday’s payroll. I’ve been blessed with good training and a back up of folks on the accounting side willing to help me Monday and next week as I attempt to fly solo. I think I have the payroll processes down. The garnishments can be a bit confusing as some are done one way and some another. And the taxes are confusing for the filing in 29 states all at various times – various schedules. So just understanding when to do what and of the three payrolls, which numbers to pull for which filing. lol I am not a dumb person, so I know I can do this. You also know, if you know me well, that I like a challenge as long as it is possible to reach and not an infinite unreachable goal (like HR was). I love a puzzle that has an answer. But I’ve been way too long at trying to work a puzzle that didn’t ever have one.

We will see what today brings. Hoping my Roger bear is ok. And hoping you all have a wonderful day. zzzzz Praying I stay awake today. lol

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  1. Hope the day goes well and that you get some good rest tonight. Poor Roger, I hope he feels better soon.

  2. I hope Your little dog will be ok. It does sound like an infected tooth. My mil had a dog who had to get several teeth pulled. They were abcessed. He did fine and back to his usual self. It is a shame you could not get more training for your new job. But I am sure you will be fine.

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