Transition Time

Good morning! Busy times here. I am learning the new Payroll position and have been for a week just taking notes, watching, doing, and soaking it all in before the current person leaves. I’m going to miss her though.

There has not been much time to wear the HR hat. I mean when you are doing the payroll and it’s already a time crunch there is no time to wear the HR hat. You are totally focused on one thing only. Which is what is so appealing to me, lol. So I stayed way beyond the time I should have yesterday – just going through emails alone on the HR side. That is the only way I’ll be able to help is if I stay or come in early and work as I can on both roles. Of course no time to do much but respond to some folks and rake in the work for later. Not sure when “later” will come. I had a hard time getting time to even do the HR role when it was just HR, so no way to get any paperwork done. I would go in Saturday and try to sort some things but we have Comcast coming Saturday morning and company coming Saturday night so I have to be home Saturday. I think George has plans for us on Sunday. I’m still a little fuzzy on the calendar. I’ve not even had time to look at our personal calendar.

I will have a bit of time to transfer the office over and will do it slowly as my replacement is sought after and comes on. There will be a little bit of time. And for the sake of everyone I hope it is quick. Because I can see now I’ll be of little help getting to the HR side due to the time it takes to whisk the payroll into shape. I think everyone will have to be patient, self sufficient, and pitch in. It was 48 hours before I could even look at email.

Anyway, I heard a podcast my daughter or her friend Shelby was listening to by Kay Arthur. And she was talking about “Leaning in and Resting in God”. She said it’s not just at night, but even at work – just lean in. How comforting is that? So I’ve been just “leaning in”. And focusing on “the moment”. With me being a planner, that is difficult. But I’m finding that in the past week, if I get my sleep, pray, Trust in Him, that He has my mind to process just the things I need to handle and remember for that day. So being mindful of the moment. You can only really do one thing at a time.

I appreciate all of your comments on the position change and on the new blog. I think I just needed some changes. The funny thing is – I had mentioned how easy Word Press was to blog (although was a bit difficult to set up) in a blog entry a couple of days ago. And when I went to Publish it, it wouldn’t publish. lol However, since I have paid for the premium plan – and bumped myself up to the one that had “chat help” (b/c I know my life and the gremlins therin), I had the help I needed. I was getting an error code, and of course they said “we had no problem”. lol Those of you who have been around me much know that gremlins exist just to taunt me and make me mad. lol

Roger seems to be better and not so much moaning and complaining. I wish they could talk. How weird would that be though? The doggies new spa time is coming up soon. I forget which Saturday but it’s taken us months to get the appointment. But they are really in need of grooming.

I am going to go fix egg on toast for breakfast and then get on the road. I’m not sure what is for lunch. There hasn’t been time to do much but reach for something (anything) to eat while working. I am buying the fridge from the person in the office that I’m moving into. So I’ll have a little fridge to keep things in and can just reach for it. I will need to go to the store and get a few things for lunches.

I also have to figure out my schedule once this transition thing is over. I may begin coming in early and leaving early and then blog when I get home. I have to work in my blog time, lol.

We are doing a German dinner with our friends Saturday and looking forward to that. They are coming here, and I need to talk with them again. George is mainly cooking but I’ll cook up something myself as needed. I think I said I’d fix slaw or some type of salad. It’s been a while since we’ve planned it (a month ago). So I guess we will go to the store on Friday night.

Anyway, best get going. I wasn’t going to blog this morning but here I sit. Take care!

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  1. I’m thankful to be avle to follow your blog again!! Congrats once again!!! Thank you for the invite!!

  2. You’ll have the new job down pat before you know it and I know you’ll succeed at it. You do a great job at every job. It’s your employers fault that they never give you enough help.
    My mom had a husband (her 4th) of 25 years who was a trained German chef. He made fantastic German meals for high level German military people over in Germany. They are both dead now. She loved his German cooking.

  3. I use to work payroll. It was not bad at all. Time went by so quickly. I don’t blame you for changing to a different job. Change is good. The new blog looks good.

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