Excursion to Downtown Nashville

When Company Comes….Fresh Flowers

So guess who is home for a visit? Our Kate! She brought her friend Shelby that she teaches school with. And we have had a blast. Picked them up at the airport Thursday night and we ate Sushi at a local Asian restaurant that we love. Then Friday the girls met up with friends at Arrington Vineyards, in Franklin, TN area while we worked. Then we headed to The Pharmacy Burger.

Just to make them feel special…

Saturday we had a lazy morning where I did laundry and worked on the blog and they slept in and watched Lifetime Channel. Then we headed out for a day on the town. We caught a hop on and off Trolley Tour and was able to allow Shelby to see Nashville. I must insert that waiting for the trolley that very few minutes was hot as Hades and it was hot on the bus but at least shaded.

Superfood salad from Milk and Honey, Nashville, TN

So we got off in “The Gulch” in Nashville and tried to grab a seat at The Pub but it was overly crowded. We walked further down and was able to get a seat at the counter (ok -bar) at Milk and Honey. After last night’s burger and knowing what was for dinner, I tried to eat healthy. This salad was excellent.

Beautiful Day in Nashville but it was HOT!

We got back on the trolley to get back to downtown Broadway, where we were going to pop into Robert’s Western World, to let Shelby experience it. Much to our surprise some friends of ours were there from Michigan and also some local friends. Imagine our surprise.

Me, Katy, and Shelby on Broadway in Nashville
Katy and Shelby
Katy and our friend Herb (Who jokingly leaned in to Photobomb)

We had plans to meet some friends of Katy’s at Hattie B’s for some Nashville Hot Chicken. So we headed to our car and headed over. Mainly due to parking, we found ourselves doing a lot of walking yesterday. I had four miles on my Apple Watch by end of day.

Hattie B’s Nashville Hot Fried Chicken

Not exactly a healthy meal. I at least got the black eyed pea salad. And the crinkle fries and ketchup were on my radar. For some reason my piece of chicken was “complicated”. It was a breast and wing (quarter) and it was hard to get the meat off of it. I laughed at my term “complicated”. I mean who ever gets a complicated piece chicken? Me apparently. It was wonderful. However, I am afraid my “hot, sticky, and miserable” began showing. I am sure I seemed quiet the rest of the night. I was truly miserable, tired, hot, sticky. I tried not to complain. Everyone else was too. I was ready for a/c and a nap.

India and Casey

Katy wanted to go to Jeni’s ice cream after. So we went there. A storm began brewing. We finished up and everyone wanted to go get a cocktail at a speak easy place, Patterhouse House.

Patterson House decor, Nashville, TN

The cocktails were good but the place was hot – very hot and we were crowded around in a small booth. I was glad to be with my girl and her friends, but I truly was miserable. I could hardly join in the conversation. It was after 9 at that point, my shoulders and neck were hurting, hot, sweaty, could not cool down, sleepy, and morale dwindling. So finally we left and came home with a/c full blast. I took a shower and put on jammies and the bed felt so good.

Last night our Roger dog didn’t sleep too good. He moaned a few times and this morning continues to moan at times. He often moans when he needs to go out. We take him out. He had loose bowels yesterday so may be something he has eaten that is not setting right with him or hurting him. He seems to not be comfortable. We are watching him to see if this is just a tummy issue or something else entirely. But we are worried about the little guy.

I think even after two cups of coffee, I may try to go back and get another few minutes of sleep before beginning the day. Today Katy and Shelby are going to eat lunch with Cody’s family and then George and I are going downtown Nashville to an old friend’s retirement party. I am not sure what the plans are for tonight. All I know is it’s HOT here in July in Nashville. And the heat is certainly oppressive and no one’s a/c downtown seems to be working very well. So hopefully today will not be as hot. It’s cloudy right now.

I don’t really have an actual list of things to accomplish this weekend- however I do have a list rolling around in my head. At some point should put it on paper.

Well, I’m heading back to bed! I need more rest! 😉 Ya’ll have a wonderful Sunday.

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  1. So glad you are able to spend time with Katy. It’s over a hundred degrees in Ohio.
    Glad you’re still writing. I’d miss you like crazy if you quit. Will you have a private blog here or is the other one dead now?
    Take Care!


  2. Glad you decided to keep blogging and glad to be able to comment again. I know you are happy to get a visit from Katy and her friend.
    Take care, Sheila

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