Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

I’m here…somewhere. The bad news….I have been leaving at 6 and getting home at 8 to get the payroll processing done. Just slow and making sure I do things correctly. The HR role keeps pulling at my skirt but sadly I have had no time for it. Everyone is having to wait in the wings until Thursday afternoon or Friday. The payroll process is taking up all my time and then my personal time too. Not getting proper sleep, not getting time to do laundry, and so forth. However, I’m told it will get easier and faster for me. I hope so. No time to really blog either but I’m sneaking in quickly to do an entry.

The good news is that I love the job. I can tell I will be very good at it. We just have to get the hours to a reasonable amount – and I’m ok with working longer the first part of the week and having shorter hours or leaving early later in the week. I’m good with that. However, I really do not like being at the office late by myself and during the winter months in the dark that will really bother me. But the person before me was able to work normal hours, so I’m sure I’ll get there.

But right now it’s Wednesday morning, I’m tired and exhausted. I have not even had time to take vitamins or my stress drink – just mainly b/c of the change in routine and lack of getting in a new one. I’ve not even had much time to get settled or move offices. It’s been a plant here a file there, lol. But at least my computer is set where I don’t have to run back and forth.

So I am going to get ready and head out for another long day. Hoping to leave by 6 today at least. I’m about spent before Thursday gets here. I am going to love it and I’m trying not to stress about the HR needs. I can’t do both at the same time and no one gets focus til after this payroll closes. No way I’m working around the clock. No one wants to see the bear come out, but it’s close! lol

It’ll get better I’m sure. Just pray for me and pray that all around will have patience and understanding and that I don’t have to explain that to anyone— as I may not be so patient in doing so. 😉

Hope you all are having a good week. I am looking for some time off to do a few things around here. Not sure when that is. I think later in August. I’m already looking for a vacation day too since I have had to give up my upcoming vacation days next week on Monday and Tuesday – out of the kindness of my heart, so no one would have to do payroll. It’s just been a long hard rough year. So I’ll be planning a day off sometime in the next couple of weeks on a Friday.

Ya’ll take care. Must go. The payroll must close. Only one more plant to do and it’s the biggest one and I have a Noon deadline, but I’ll be finished before that and then have to get the check statements run and have conf calls this afternoon. Then have to pay garns and run some checks and pay some taxes and then try to catch up on HR needs and then prep for next week so the process starts all over. Woot Woot.

A Little German Themed Weekend

Table Setting for our German Themed Weekend

First of all, I was not able to do much on Friday night. Just worn out from the week trying to wear two hats and possibly not too successfully. I had burned candles from all ends. I did manage to get the sheets on the guest bedroom bed though and start up some laundry but the vacuuming would have to wait til Saturday morning.

Great night of sleep Friday night and up early around six a.m. to prep for company and spiffy up the house, get a shower and get dressed. George left out for store and errands. And I was putting fresh sheets on our bed and got an alert on my phone that Comcast had arrived. Oh! Comcast! There I was in my PJ’s with all sorts of things flopping around! I’d forgotten. So I grabbed a jacket from the coat closet and put it on and answered the door saying my good mornings and I had forgotten and was still in PJ’s but how we are so glad they are there! He said “oh no problem, I’m going to be out here for about 10 to 15 min figuring out the lines. Turns out we had to have a total redo of our lines, box, and everything. It’s a wonder we had any service at all he said. I heard him report in that it was a mess. So he was here for several hours.

I ran back in the bedroom and changed clothes into jeans and a tee shirt. And finished cleaning on the house and tried to find the most “German looking decor” I could find.

Above you see the final dining room decor. I did the best I could and I think it turned out favorably. Here was the kitchen pub table.

German Weekend Decor, includes the Michael Jackson dog napkins? lol

Some of my decor is a bit Swedish or Dutch or Norwegian but hey, it’s the raw effort that counts right? We had Alexa playing Polka music when our guests arrived – well or soon thereafter. We might have been walking the dogs at the exact moment they arrived. I also was able to get to pet Itty Bitty Kitty soon after they arrived as George fed her and snatched her up. I loved on her and petted her and she purred but she is still afraid to let us do that every time. You have to snatch her up when she is not looking. But it is progress at least and it warms my heart to hold her and love on her.

Guest Bedroom includes your towel with a chocolate on top!
German wine that our Guests brought was my favorite!

And there was no shortage of German beer for the evening!

Roger, sleeping off his meds!

Meanwhile Roger got in some good sleep. George took him to the vet and we don’t know what is wrong but they said it might be an underlying tooth situation we can’t see. So he has a round of antibiotics, pain pills, and allergy meds.

And as you can see there was no shortage of food either. George fixed rib meat in a special sauce and sausages and kraut and a side of potatoes with mustard sauce. Lisa fixed Spaetzle and a wonderful black forest cake.

My plate was in the middle there on the bottom – and not pictured was the little bavarian pizza that George fixed on pumpernickle bread. I think we were so hungry we woofed it down. It was a wonderful meal. I offered to fix something but George said he was fixing enough so I didn’t fix anything – I just did the decor and cleaned the house and prepped.

Ms. Maisy Girl was comfortable to snooze upside down in front of everyone while we ate. I had to go check on her to make sure she was alive. lol She was, just really comfortable and glad to be with her peeps.

We enjoyed our weekend and having Don and Lisa over. We had omelettes and bacon for breakfast the next morning. And it was wonderful.

We had enjoyed watching Bob Marley Comedy on Facebook and Carpool Karaoke the night before staying up til almost midnight. And then we all slept late til about 7:30 or 8 or so.

The guys went to play Frisbee golf and us girls went shopping. I bought a few tops at Chico’s. On sale. I can’t shop full price there.

After Don and Lisa left we went to the store and I bought a few things to take to work for my fridge there to eat off of this week. And more water and bubble water.

We came home and I went through resumes and marked my selections for my replacement. I am going to run another ad in Zip Recruit as well so those can be coming in. I didn’t see the perfect one but I did see several that I liked that would work for my boss to interview. I don’t know if he wants me to meet them or not but I’ll be tied up with payroll full on for about 2 days to get the payroll closed. I wish there was a way to split myself in half but that is not possible and the payroll must go on!

NO Work in Progress

I worked really hard on Friday to get things wrapped up on the HR side for the next person. So my stack has nothing in it. I will try to be available to answer questions and give support as I can as I shift my focus onto learning and doing our payroll.

This week I’ll be moving into the new office little by little, item by item and no big moving over can occur until about Thursday.

Anyway, I need to get off of here and get in so I can get through my notes and begin the payroll processes for Monday morning! I am scared to death. I want to do a good job and I have big shoes to fill.

Ya’ll have a wonderful week ahead. I will be back as I can in this crazy week ahead in my new role as I try and let go of the other position slowly. Actually it’ll be let go by default just b/c of the time it takes to get payroll to its completion. I will try to support the HR side as best I can but in reality there’s just one of me. And it is truly focused on doing the new job correctly.

Please pray for me as I begin this week and my new journey. And pray for others to be patient with the process in the transition.

Friday’s Finish Line

Hurry Hurry Hurry

This is about the scene at 5 every day. No chance at leaving. However, yesterday I left about 5:30. I needed to get home before I fell asleep with my head on my desk. My “been up since 2:30” syndrome began hitting me hard about 4:30. I brought my computer home this weekend because I need to look for my replacement. I found out yesterday that would be my responsibility. But day was already unfolded and knee deep in garnishments, terms, and prepping new hires paperwork for being put on insurance and trying to get a few things in order and finished before beginning the payroll and benefits position solo next week. So much had piled up. And it will pile up again I’m afraid. But I had to respond to the state on my state benefits orders. And I put a lot of things away for filing or pending for “the next HR person”. That significantly lowered the “stack”. By mere default of time, there are many things I’d like to do before the next person is in my role, but sadly I can see that time will not allow it. So on we go.

I am not totally solo in the Payroll and Benefit arena next week but will have some help and guidance and oversee from someone in the department. They have made me feel so welcome and with support. I am so grateful to hear words like “I’m so glad to have you join us”. I mean that in the most humble and serious way. It made me feel so good. I’ve needed to feel good about something for a long time. But for someone to say that truly means the world to me. Everyone wants to feel a part of a team and have their work and their work ethic recognized. So that warmed my heart.

That said there were a lot of tears yesterday as our “Lisa” left. And that is the sad part – while I am ecstatic about my new job I am very sad to lose a very good friend and coworker to another company. As she said “here is where we spend most of our day – it’s like family”. I shed tears on the way to work knowing it was her last day and she worked so hard trying to finish up 2nd quarter endings. Her team and department helping knowing that I’d not know what to do yet. I love the fact that the department works together and the boss comes in to check and works a plan for getting things done and even offered to help to finish it up. This is good. I am amazed. And I watched her leave and I watched the tears spill on all our faces, even saw men with tears in their eyes. So “well done Ms. Lisa” and I hope I can fill your shoes. And hope the new job is all you have wanted. She has been such a good friend and has such a Godly spirit.

So we had pizza yesterday and I dove right in for it. I don’t eat much pizza anymore. So it was sooooo good. And we had brownies. So I had one of those.

So a lot of work squared away but as always the work is never finished. So I’ve brought computer home because my boss wants interviews set for first part of next week. I guess he will interview. I will be in payroll full days Monday and Tuesday closing payroll. But could help interview at end of week. I will have to text him and see. I figure after our company leaves this weekend IF I HAVE TIME after I get ready for the work week and get our laundry and grocery shopping done, then I’ll look thru resumes. If not it’ll have to be Monday night. I’m just running out of time to give to everyone. So folks need to put in an order for their patience pants til we get through all this transition. I am not having a lot of time to give to the HR side unless it’s after 5 and my mind is about gone at that point.

I will truly be happy when new person there because we are all going to be disappointed as my energy starts to wane, lol. You get to a point where you aren’t effective anywhere burning the candle at both ends. Anyway, I will be attempting to move file by file, drawer by drawer all along the week next week. And IT moving my PC’s and set up next Thurs after payroll is run. Didn’t want to mess anything up or lose time on Monday and Tuesday. But physically I will be in the new office next week. I bought her fridge. And so I’ll have things at hand. I thought about bringing stuff for sandwiches next week. I never have sandwiches. I know it’s a lot of bread though. But just to get thru next week, I think that would be lovely. I’m also going to take some boiled eggs. A great snack. I’m going to enjoy having a fridge in my office.


So I came home yesterday and George had been off and taken Roger to the vet. Roger was fine at the vet and they could not find anything wrong. They did give some meds though – antibiotics, a few pain pills, and some allergy meds too as he had been itching some. I guess they could see no problem with tooth but said the antibiotics would help if it was something they could not see. He slept and rested yesterday and has been more comfortable. The little buddy is sleeping in here in my office as I type.

Last night George fixed us a stir fry at my request. I ate with chop sticks and we watched Madea’s Witness Program. The Madea shows are hilarious. We sit back and laugh and laugh. It takes a lot of stress off. If you have not watched it, you should give it a shot. We all need a good laugh. We needed that last night. And then I went to bed and slept like a baby. Maisy tried to wake me up at some point but I kept sleeping and she must have bothered George because he got up and took her out.

They came back and she began barking to get back in bed with me and then Roger woke up so I got up myself. It was about time to get up anyway.

We have company coming today and will be so glad to see our Don and Lisa (I have a lot of friends named Lisa). We are doing our German weekend. So that said, I am in the midst of changing sheets on the beds and need to vacuum, do some surface cleaning, and pick up a bit, get my shower, and refresh the flowers in their vases. George is the cook – as that is what he likes to do so that helps so much!

I need to do a Target order when I get time. And send a Thank you note and look at my calendar. I need to order George’s birthday gift. So a lot to try to do this weekend. We are not going to go to church so I’ve been listening to Beth Moore all week so I get my time with God. He’s helping me with my transition and my new role – keeping me going and giving my mind what I need at the time. He’s told me He’s backing me. This is all an answer to prayers where I did some SERIOUS praying through tears. If you remember reading my blog, I said that I was going to pray the prayer of desperation that always worked at that something would definitely be changing. I wait til the last effort to pray the desperation prayer b/c I know how earth moving it is. So this is me moving a mountain through God. This is the change from that prayer. I wasn’t sure what element would change when I prayed the prayer but I knew change would happen. And it is. So that is God coming through. I love being able to REST IN HIM. HE PLACES MY STEPS. And He has done so all along. He is helping me to see a few things and He makes the line straight. I can feel myself walking in Him and it feels so good to commune with Him and talk to Him and to lean on Him. That Spirit is a good friend!

OK I’m off to go get my house in order. Ya’ll have a good weekend. What YOU doing this weekend? I love hearing about you all and I’m loving the comments. I have a lot of comments on this portal. It must be easier to comment? Bye lovelies!