Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

I’m here…somewhere. The bad news….I have been leaving at 6 and getting home at 8 to get the payroll processing done. Just slow and making sure I do things correctly. The HR role keeps pulling at my skirt but sadly I have had no time for it. Everyone is having to wait in the wings until Thursday afternoon or Friday. The payroll process is taking up all my time and then my personal time too. Not getting proper sleep, not getting time to do laundry, and so forth. However, I’m told it will get easier and faster for me. I hope so. No time to really blog either but I’m sneaking in quickly to do an entry.

The good news is that I love the job. I can tell I will be very good at it. We just have to get the hours to a reasonable amount – and I’m ok with working longer the first part of the week and having shorter hours or leaving early later in the week. I’m good with that. However, I really do not like being at the office late by myself and during the winter months in the dark that will really bother me. But the person before me was able to work normal hours, so I’m sure I’ll get there.

But right now it’s Wednesday morning, I’m tired and exhausted. I have not even had time to take vitamins or my stress drink – just mainly b/c of the change in routine and lack of getting in a new one. I’ve not even had much time to get settled or move offices. It’s been a plant here a file there, lol. But at least my computer is set where I don’t have to run back and forth.

So I am going to get ready and head out for another long day. Hoping to leave by 6 today at least. I’m about spent before Thursday gets here. I am going to love it and I’m trying not to stress about the HR needs. I can’t do both at the same time and no one gets focus til after this payroll closes. No way I’m working around the clock. No one wants to see the bear come out, but it’s close! lol

It’ll get better I’m sure. Just pray for me and pray that all around will have patience and understanding and that I don’t have to explain that to anyone— as I may not be so patient in doing so. 😉

Hope you all are having a good week. I am looking for some time off to do a few things around here. Not sure when that is. I think later in August. I’m already looking for a vacation day too since I have had to give up my upcoming vacation days next week on Monday and Tuesday – out of the kindness of my heart, so no one would have to do payroll. It’s just been a long hard rough year. So I’ll be planning a day off sometime in the next couple of weeks on a Friday.

Ya’ll take care. Must go. The payroll must close. Only one more plant to do and it’s the biggest one and I have a Noon deadline, but I’ll be finished before that and then have to get the check statements run and have conf calls this afternoon. Then have to pay garns and run some checks and pay some taxes and then try to catch up on HR needs and then prep for next week so the process starts all over. Woot Woot.

A Little German Themed Weekend

Table Setting for our German Themed Weekend

First of all, I was not able to do much on Friday night. Just worn out from the week trying to wear two hats and possibly not too successfully. I had burned candles from all ends. I did manage to get the sheets on the guest bedroom bed though and start up some laundry but the vacuuming would have to wait til Saturday morning.

Great night of sleep Friday night and up early around six a.m. to prep for company and spiffy up the house, get a shower and get dressed. George left out for store and errands. And I was putting fresh sheets on our bed and got an alert on my phone that Comcast had arrived. Oh! Comcast! There I was in my PJ’s with all sorts of things flopping around! I’d forgotten. So I grabbed a jacket from the coat closet and put it on and answered the door saying my good mornings and I had forgotten and was still in PJ’s but how we are so glad they are there! He said “oh no problem, I’m going to be out here for about 10 to 15 min figuring out the lines. Turns out we had to have a total redo of our lines, box, and everything. It’s a wonder we had any service at all he said. I heard him report in that it was a mess. So he was here for several hours.

I ran back in the bedroom and changed clothes into jeans and a tee shirt. And finished cleaning on the house and tried to find the most “German looking decor” I could find.

Above you see the final dining room decor. I did the best I could and I think it turned out favorably. Here was the kitchen pub table.

German Weekend Decor, includes the Michael Jackson dog napkins? lol

Some of my decor is a bit Swedish or Dutch or Norwegian but hey, it’s the raw effort that counts right? We had Alexa playing Polka music when our guests arrived – well or soon thereafter. We might have been walking the dogs at the exact moment they arrived. I also was able to get to pet Itty Bitty Kitty soon after they arrived as George fed her and snatched her up. I loved on her and petted her and she purred but she is still afraid to let us do that every time. You have to snatch her up when she is not looking. But it is progress at least and it warms my heart to hold her and love on her.

Guest Bedroom includes your towel with a chocolate on top!
German wine that our Guests brought was my favorite!

And there was no shortage of German beer for the evening!

Roger, sleeping off his meds!

Meanwhile Roger got in some good sleep. George took him to the vet and we don’t know what is wrong but they said it might be an underlying tooth situation we can’t see. So he has a round of antibiotics, pain pills, and allergy meds.

And as you can see there was no shortage of food either. George fixed rib meat in a special sauce and sausages and kraut and a side of potatoes with mustard sauce. Lisa fixed Spaetzle and a wonderful black forest cake.

My plate was in the middle there on the bottom – and not pictured was the little bavarian pizza that George fixed on pumpernickle bread. I think we were so hungry we woofed it down. It was a wonderful meal. I offered to fix something but George said he was fixing enough so I didn’t fix anything – I just did the decor and cleaned the house and prepped.

Ms. Maisy Girl was comfortable to snooze upside down in front of everyone while we ate. I had to go check on her to make sure she was alive. lol She was, just really comfortable and glad to be with her peeps.

We enjoyed our weekend and having Don and Lisa over. We had omelettes and bacon for breakfast the next morning. And it was wonderful.

We had enjoyed watching Bob Marley Comedy on Facebook and Carpool Karaoke the night before staying up til almost midnight. And then we all slept late til about 7:30 or 8 or so.

The guys went to play Frisbee golf and us girls went shopping. I bought a few tops at Chico’s. On sale. I can’t shop full price there.

After Don and Lisa left we went to the store and I bought a few things to take to work for my fridge there to eat off of this week. And more water and bubble water.

We came home and I went through resumes and marked my selections for my replacement. I am going to run another ad in Zip Recruit as well so those can be coming in. I didn’t see the perfect one but I did see several that I liked that would work for my boss to interview. I don’t know if he wants me to meet them or not but I’ll be tied up with payroll full on for about 2 days to get the payroll closed. I wish there was a way to split myself in half but that is not possible and the payroll must go on!

NO Work in Progress

I worked really hard on Friday to get things wrapped up on the HR side for the next person. So my stack has nothing in it. I will try to be available to answer questions and give support as I can as I shift my focus onto learning and doing our payroll.

This week I’ll be moving into the new office little by little, item by item and no big moving over can occur until about Thursday.

Anyway, I need to get off of here and get in so I can get through my notes and begin the payroll processes for Monday morning! I am scared to death. I want to do a good job and I have big shoes to fill.

Ya’ll have a wonderful week ahead. I will be back as I can in this crazy week ahead in my new role as I try and let go of the other position slowly. Actually it’ll be let go by default just b/c of the time it takes to get payroll to its completion. I will try to support the HR side as best I can but in reality there’s just one of me. And it is truly focused on doing the new job correctly.

Please pray for me as I begin this week and my new journey. And pray for others to be patient with the process in the transition.

Friday’s Finish Line

Hurry Hurry Hurry

This is about the scene at 5 every day. No chance at leaving. However, yesterday I left about 5:30. I needed to get home before I fell asleep with my head on my desk. My “been up since 2:30” syndrome began hitting me hard about 4:30. I brought my computer home this weekend because I need to look for my replacement. I found out yesterday that would be my responsibility. But day was already unfolded and knee deep in garnishments, terms, and prepping new hires paperwork for being put on insurance and trying to get a few things in order and finished before beginning the payroll and benefits position solo next week. So much had piled up. And it will pile up again I’m afraid. But I had to respond to the state on my state benefits orders. And I put a lot of things away for filing or pending for “the next HR person”. That significantly lowered the “stack”. By mere default of time, there are many things I’d like to do before the next person is in my role, but sadly I can see that time will not allow it. So on we go.

I am not totally solo in the Payroll and Benefit arena next week but will have some help and guidance and oversee from someone in the department. They have made me feel so welcome and with support. I am so grateful to hear words like “I’m so glad to have you join us”. I mean that in the most humble and serious way. It made me feel so good. I’ve needed to feel good about something for a long time. But for someone to say that truly means the world to me. Everyone wants to feel a part of a team and have their work and their work ethic recognized. So that warmed my heart.

That said there were a lot of tears yesterday as our “Lisa” left. And that is the sad part – while I am ecstatic about my new job I am very sad to lose a very good friend and coworker to another company. As she said “here is where we spend most of our day – it’s like family”. I shed tears on the way to work knowing it was her last day and she worked so hard trying to finish up 2nd quarter endings. Her team and department helping knowing that I’d not know what to do yet. I love the fact that the department works together and the boss comes in to check and works a plan for getting things done and even offered to help to finish it up. This is good. I am amazed. And I watched her leave and I watched the tears spill on all our faces, even saw men with tears in their eyes. So “well done Ms. Lisa” and I hope I can fill your shoes. And hope the new job is all you have wanted. She has been such a good friend and has such a Godly spirit.

So we had pizza yesterday and I dove right in for it. I don’t eat much pizza anymore. So it was sooooo good. And we had brownies. So I had one of those.

So a lot of work squared away but as always the work is never finished. So I’ve brought computer home because my boss wants interviews set for first part of next week. I guess he will interview. I will be in payroll full days Monday and Tuesday closing payroll. But could help interview at end of week. I will have to text him and see. I figure after our company leaves this weekend IF I HAVE TIME after I get ready for the work week and get our laundry and grocery shopping done, then I’ll look thru resumes. If not it’ll have to be Monday night. I’m just running out of time to give to everyone. So folks need to put in an order for their patience pants til we get through all this transition. I am not having a lot of time to give to the HR side unless it’s after 5 and my mind is about gone at that point.

I will truly be happy when new person there because we are all going to be disappointed as my energy starts to wane, lol. You get to a point where you aren’t effective anywhere burning the candle at both ends. Anyway, I will be attempting to move file by file, drawer by drawer all along the week next week. And IT moving my PC’s and set up next Thurs after payroll is run. Didn’t want to mess anything up or lose time on Monday and Tuesday. But physically I will be in the new office next week. I bought her fridge. And so I’ll have things at hand. I thought about bringing stuff for sandwiches next week. I never have sandwiches. I know it’s a lot of bread though. But just to get thru next week, I think that would be lovely. I’m also going to take some boiled eggs. A great snack. I’m going to enjoy having a fridge in my office.


So I came home yesterday and George had been off and taken Roger to the vet. Roger was fine at the vet and they could not find anything wrong. They did give some meds though – antibiotics, a few pain pills, and some allergy meds too as he had been itching some. I guess they could see no problem with tooth but said the antibiotics would help if it was something they could not see. He slept and rested yesterday and has been more comfortable. The little buddy is sleeping in here in my office as I type.

Last night George fixed us a stir fry at my request. I ate with chop sticks and we watched Madea’s Witness Program. The Madea shows are hilarious. We sit back and laugh and laugh. It takes a lot of stress off. If you have not watched it, you should give it a shot. We all need a good laugh. We needed that last night. And then I went to bed and slept like a baby. Maisy tried to wake me up at some point but I kept sleeping and she must have bothered George because he got up and took her out.

They came back and she began barking to get back in bed with me and then Roger woke up so I got up myself. It was about time to get up anyway.

We have company coming today and will be so glad to see our Don and Lisa (I have a lot of friends named Lisa). We are doing our German weekend. So that said, I am in the midst of changing sheets on the beds and need to vacuum, do some surface cleaning, and pick up a bit, get my shower, and refresh the flowers in their vases. George is the cook – as that is what he likes to do so that helps so much!

I need to do a Target order when I get time. And send a Thank you note and look at my calendar. I need to order George’s birthday gift. So a lot to try to do this weekend. We are not going to go to church so I’ve been listening to Beth Moore all week so I get my time with God. He’s helping me with my transition and my new role – keeping me going and giving my mind what I need at the time. He’s told me He’s backing me. This is all an answer to prayers where I did some SERIOUS praying through tears. If you remember reading my blog, I said that I was going to pray the prayer of desperation that always worked at that something would definitely be changing. I wait til the last effort to pray the desperation prayer b/c I know how earth moving it is. So this is me moving a mountain through God. This is the change from that prayer. I wasn’t sure what element would change when I prayed the prayer but I knew change would happen. And it is. So that is God coming through. I love being able to REST IN HIM. HE PLACES MY STEPS. And He has done so all along. He is helping me to see a few things and He makes the line straight. I can feel myself walking in Him and it feels so good to commune with Him and talk to Him and to lean on Him. That Spirit is a good friend!

OK I’m off to go get my house in order. Ya’ll have a good weekend. What YOU doing this weekend? I love hearing about you all and I’m loving the comments. I have a lot of comments on this portal. It must be easier to comment? Bye lovelies!

Roger Not Feeling Well

Roger dog (the left one above) is not feeling well this morning. We have decided it is either his ear or a tooth by the way he is acting. He will still wag his tail but he will run his cheek/ear on the floor back and forth and just moan or sigh like a person does if they are just exasperated with something. He’s not in distress, but discomfort. George happens to be off today so he is taking him to the vet.

Also Maisy (dog on the right above) woke me up at 2:30 wanting to go out and I could not go back to sleep. I was dozing off around 4:30 when Roger started whimpering and wanting off the bed.

So I’m drinking coffee this morning and looking for toothpicks to prop my eyes open. I’m already so tired. It has been a long week of going in a bit early and then staying way too late. This will need to stop soon because I’m not willing to do this for long. I can’t hold two jobs. Something will just have to give. You can only do so much.

We have company coming again this weekend and looking forward to our German themed weekend. Tonight and tomorrow I’ll be cleaning. George has already planned and has all the recipes lined up for the cooking. I’m blessed he loves to do this.

And I’m going to cut it short today b/c 1) I’m about to fall over asleep in my coffee cup. 2) I need to try to get in early. I need to get some benefit mandates done today and process some terms on the benefits side. And then prep for Monday’s payroll. I’ve been blessed with good training and a back up of folks on the accounting side willing to help me Monday and next week as I attempt to fly solo. I think I have the payroll processes down. The garnishments can be a bit confusing as some are done one way and some another. And the taxes are confusing for the filing in 29 states all at various times – various schedules. So just understanding when to do what and of the three payrolls, which numbers to pull for which filing. lol I am not a dumb person, so I know I can do this. You also know, if you know me well, that I like a challenge as long as it is possible to reach and not an infinite unreachable goal (like HR was). I love a puzzle that has an answer. But I’ve been way too long at trying to work a puzzle that didn’t ever have one.

We will see what today brings. Hoping my Roger bear is ok. And hoping you all have a wonderful day. zzzzz Praying I stay awake today. lol


Ahhhhh, I had been awake since 3 a.m. yesterday and have run at full speed for several days. This morning Maisy Dog wanted to get up at 3 and again at 4 and I refused. George thinks she is reminding me to get up. Often on the weekends I can’t sleep in b/c she thinks it is time to get up. However, I must have turned my alarm off (via my Apple Watch) b/c I never heard it again. I have the option on my watch to turn it off or snooze. I have many times missed and hit the wrong one unknowingly.

Have spent the last few days learning payroll and the sequences and steps to getting a person their pay check, the state their taxes, and the federal government their taxes, and how to do manual checks. I have been amazed at the process and check points. A lot of steps built in to check yourself and balances at every stage and that is comforting. It’s genius. Whoever has tweeked the process over the years did a great job.

This is so exciting only I’m not getting time to do much with the other role – there is just zero time. But anything done is mainly e-mail every couple of days or so.

I only have today and tomorrow with the current person. Monday I will gradually begin to move things over. I won’t have time to move much until next Thurs and Friday – after the payroll process closes.

I’m a little nervous (ok maybe a lot) being by myself but there is another person that knows the process if I get stuck or have a snag. I’m both nervous and excited. The biggest confusing factor for me is to when to pay taxes as there are 29 states and some are weekly, some are monthly and some are twice per month. We have 3 payrolls and I report all of those and at different times as some are bi-weekly. So making sure you have all the info and the right info is key.

But I’m going to love it. And a little worried about fitting the benefits in but I think as I get faster, it’ll be ok. Right now I’m very slow and cautious. Probably annoyingly so to my trainer. But I’ve had a good teacher. And she has been patient. I also ask a lot of questions.

George and I are beginning to turn our focus to the weekend. We have talked with friends Don and Lisa and they are coming over and we’ve asked them to spend the night if they will. We are going to have a “German Weekend”. This means we are having German appetizers and dinner along with German beer and wine, and of course we’ll have Alexa play some appropriate background music. We will talk and laugh and catch up as we do. Then we will sleep. Have coffee, chat some more, have leftovers with eggs and grits and talk about what fun we had. I love our time with D & L! Friends that are family.

Ok I’m going to get off of here and then head in a bit early and see if I can get some HR time. I think we pay garnishments today. I really want to type up my notes and put them in order, but I don’t think we’ll have time this weekend. There is already a typed up notebook of instructions but I’ve been attached to using my own notes in my own writing for now. It’s worked but I do want to type them up for neatness and also you “engrain” something within when you write/type it over.

I’m just so excited about the new role. A lot of responsibility to do a Company payroll and the process quite different at every plant or Company I’ve done it for. This one is most unique as it really has a lot of accounting to it and that suits me fine. I considered accounting at one point for a brief moment but decided on management as I was really keen on wanting to hire, set up the time cards, do the orientation, do the schedules, and do the data entry and total the time cards each week. Boy did it morph into more. Back then the applicants came to you and you only had to select the best choices and there were plenty of them. The legal compliance seemed minimal and already in place, the rules were few and established and just changed here and there, and the processes fairly simple, manual, and computers and programs were really just very minimal back then. The screens were dark and I think we called them CRT’s or something. It seemed much less complicated, not as much responsibility and now it has morphed into recruiting needing to be its own FT job recruiting a society that really has no interest in manual labor anymore when they could just go Uber and Lyft their way through life.

The computers which were to make things simple, have often complicated things up. How many passwords does it take now to do a job in HR? I know that even in Payroll there is at least thirty something and since I’m bringing benefits with me it’s going to be 40 something passwords. lol You need an assistant just to keep up with the passwords! ha. And the legal world? Oh my gosh. You have to be so careful. Any way I could go on and on here how the responsibility has continued to mount in the HR field with its need for compliance, training, hiring, coaching, soothing, coaxing, fixing, and just constant fires and interruptions.

So going down this path and working with paper and numbers and processes gets me back to the root of what I had really wanted all along. Anyway I best get out the door on the road. Going to take the leftover chili for lunch today. MMMM. And a caramel shake for breakfast with the Health/ Wellness program I am doing. My trainer asked me yesterday how I had so much energy? Well it’s this system. I am so thankful for it.

Ya’ll have a blessed day. I’ll try to take more pics as time goes on. When I don’t have time I stick a graphic in it and go on. But I love to take pics and share. See ya manana!

Transition Time

Good morning! Busy times here. I am learning the new Payroll position and have been for a week just taking notes, watching, doing, and soaking it all in before the current person leaves. I’m going to miss her though.

There has not been much time to wear the HR hat. I mean when you are doing the payroll and it’s already a time crunch there is no time to wear the HR hat. You are totally focused on one thing only. Which is what is so appealing to me, lol. So I stayed way beyond the time I should have yesterday – just going through emails alone on the HR side. That is the only way I’ll be able to help is if I stay or come in early and work as I can on both roles. Of course no time to do much but respond to some folks and rake in the work for later. Not sure when “later” will come. I had a hard time getting time to even do the HR role when it was just HR, so no way to get any paperwork done. I would go in Saturday and try to sort some things but we have Comcast coming Saturday morning and company coming Saturday night so I have to be home Saturday. I think George has plans for us on Sunday. I’m still a little fuzzy on the calendar. I’ve not even had time to look at our personal calendar.

I will have a bit of time to transfer the office over and will do it slowly as my replacement is sought after and comes on. There will be a little bit of time. And for the sake of everyone I hope it is quick. Because I can see now I’ll be of little help getting to the HR side due to the time it takes to whisk the payroll into shape. I think everyone will have to be patient, self sufficient, and pitch in. It was 48 hours before I could even look at email.

Anyway, I heard a podcast my daughter or her friend Shelby was listening to by Kay Arthur. And she was talking about “Leaning in and Resting in God”. She said it’s not just at night, but even at work – just lean in. How comforting is that? So I’ve been just “leaning in”. And focusing on “the moment”. With me being a planner, that is difficult. But I’m finding that in the past week, if I get my sleep, pray, Trust in Him, that He has my mind to process just the things I need to handle and remember for that day. So being mindful of the moment. You can only really do one thing at a time.

I appreciate all of your comments on the position change and on the new blog. I think I just needed some changes. The funny thing is – I had mentioned how easy Word Press was to blog (although was a bit difficult to set up) in a blog entry a couple of days ago. And when I went to Publish it, it wouldn’t publish. lol However, since I have paid for the premium plan – and bumped myself up to the one that had “chat help” (b/c I know my life and the gremlins therin), I had the help I needed. I was getting an error code, and of course they said “we had no problem”. lol Those of you who have been around me much know that gremlins exist just to taunt me and make me mad. lol

Roger seems to be better and not so much moaning and complaining. I wish they could talk. How weird would that be though? The doggies new spa time is coming up soon. I forget which Saturday but it’s taken us months to get the appointment. But they are really in need of grooming.

I am going to go fix egg on toast for breakfast and then get on the road. I’m not sure what is for lunch. There hasn’t been time to do much but reach for something (anything) to eat while working. I am buying the fridge from the person in the office that I’m moving into. So I’ll have a little fridge to keep things in and can just reach for it. I will need to go to the store and get a few things for lunches.

I also have to figure out my schedule once this transition thing is over. I may begin coming in early and leaving early and then blog when I get home. I have to work in my blog time, lol.

We are doing a German dinner with our friends Saturday and looking forward to that. They are coming here, and I need to talk with them again. George is mainly cooking but I’ll cook up something myself as needed. I think I said I’d fix slaw or some type of salad. It’s been a while since we’ve planned it (a month ago). So I guess we will go to the store on Friday night.

Anyway, best get going. I wasn’t going to blog this morning but here I sit. Take care!

Career Shift

Time for Change

Well, many of you know from my own experience, the HR Manager or HR Generalist roles in our nation have lept to infinity-like mounds of responsibility, mounds of work left undone, and too many surprises every day leaving your planned agenda to be thrown out the window. And recruiting is the big bear that eats the rest of the position out of existence, demanding your full attention and scaring the rest of the duties to the back of the cave to sit in the dark in the corner with no attention. And for that reason recruiting is not my first love. It’s not that I dislike it. Ok, well, maybe I do dislike it – at least now I do. It’s not very rewarding, always demanding, and the time spent toward it is never enough. Applicants are so fickle these days,transient, unresponsive, wasteful, yet demanding, and not respectful of your time -which my generation considers rude and unreliable. It’s a full time job JUST doing the recruiting and staffing. And my work stack continued to grow, and all that goes along with THAT. And I could do another complete blog entry or two on THAT. And I’m sure I have several times already in other blogs, lol.

I am a planner, a thorough person, very detailed, like routines, and must feel as if my work is making a difference. I have a lot of knowledge and years of experience to offer and could have probably have had a huge upswing in salary somewhere as HR Director or VP position with some company based on my experience. But guess what! I just don’t want it. Matter of fact, my persona would just not have it! And some day I’ll go further into why, but not here, not now. But mainly it has to do with work-life balance and my own persona.

So when our payroll manager gave her notice, I thought about applying for it. But then I said no to myself. For about 30 seconds. Then I hopped up out of my chair as if someone had taken hold of my body (God), took action and offered my boss a proposal for me to take the payroll job and take the benefits role with me, and then us replace me in my role as HR Manager.

So last week I was on pins and needles trying to figure out what was going to happen. Had I shot myself in the foot? Would I be leaving the Company at that point because they’d be disappointed in me? Or would I get the job. And if I did what would the details be. And would I be happy with that. Some of the details are still not settled and of course the worry wart in me (the devil) is having a hay day with that. But I’ve put my faith in God to steer me and hold me in this process, and to see it through. I truly believe this is an answer to prayer. I’m truly resting in Him. My God, he is an Awesome One. He knows the desires of my heart. He has heard my prayers and prayers of my family. He will take care of us.

My family has asked me to consider doing a Payroll and Benefits job and wanted me to look for something because they know I’ve done this role before at multiple companies during my long-term employment with each, and was the happiest in this role. But I was not ready to leave my Company to seek this role elsewhere. Every time I would try to go on line to do the search that gut speak you have in your tummy would say “Not now” or “this is not the answer” (God’s Spirit).

My Spirit has been dwindling the last few weeks. I have felt I needed a change but was not sure how to make it happen. I just kept spiraling down. Once accepting this role and seeing how my being is changing and feeling, I can see it now. I truly think one of the reasons I have been wanting to RV Full Time so badly was to get away from my life. I still have that desire to do sometime or at least for long stretches, but the desire is not as strong because I don’t feel the need to run away and escape from – fill in the blanks of all that was making me unhappy. I have struggled with the happiness factor in all this for a while. To the point of creating a “Joy Indicator” so I’d have a meter or a measurement to being able to find joy back in my life as a part of my New Year goals. Geez, what I have gone through to de-stress for my health! lol Meditation, exercise, Tai Chi, breathing exercises, audio books, and an upgrade in BP Meds, a health and wellness program, and dreaming of the future to become a millionaire to buy a luxury RV and plan our escape (lol) only George didn’t want to escape with me – putting a hole in that plan and a hole in my heart. And there’s more, but I can’t think of it now.

So I am feeling really good about this career change. It fits my persona much better. I can have my routines. I can see a job from start to finish. While every job has its own surprises, the agenda is clear and CAN NOT be pushed aside each day. Payroll must go on! The disappointments are fewer. The rewards greater. And it just fits my persona. I could do a whole blog entry about just that, too. So you will find that I will refuse to talk about work other than general terms so it does not cause me or anyone else any issues. But I will mention in general terms here and there. And this career – life path thing is a topic I can talk about. It’s my life. Not really any one else’s business how I feel about my life, my choices, my directions, my goals and my feelings. They are mine to own, and my words to say.

All I can say is that I am happy to be learning this position this week. It’s going to be a challenge for folks – during the transition because I’ll be heavily focused on getting payroll done first. And people have no choice but to be patient. But we’ll get through it. I am going to rest in God to get me through the process as I focus on one thing at a time and in the moment. But I am happy and can feel the weight coming off of my shoulders. It’s making me want to live again, have hope again, and I’m surprised that the light is shining again in my life. I’ve sought so many avenues to try and fix this weight on me. So this is the perfect move for me. I’m so excited!

I’m sad that the HR roles across our nation has changed and morphed through the years. It’s become an animal and a beast. It was so different when I got into it. Now the responsibilities are just infinite. And I’m so glad to be shedding that heavy coat. A lot of it has to do with my persona. Someone else can take the roles of this type and not worry that others are waiting, or what others think, or how each action or lack thereof impacts. I’m too thorough, too detailed, too responsible, too caring about it all. I invested my soul heavily into it because I cared for it so much. I’m ready for someone else to have it and bring life to it at different angle, with fresh ideas, and a love for recruiting. I just don’t feel it anymore. I’m way too burned out. And so that’s a wrap on THAT. I’ll be looking for a replacement. And happily trotting off into my new role. 😉

I need to get going and head out. So just wanted to let you all know of my career changes. And that I am very very happy about it!

Sunday Fun

Relax Time

Ahhh we were able to relax a bit yesterday morning with coffee. More laundry and a bit of cleaning.

Roger dog was moaning as if in pain but was better as the day wore on. So we are thinking he was having tummy issues, but also it could be his back. He is improving and sometimes even wags his tail when he does it so we figure it was not necessary for a vet trip.

Czann’s Brewing, Nashville, TN

The girls, may daughter and her friend Shelby, went to eat lunch and spend time with Cody’s family while they were here. And George and I went to a retirement party at Czann’s for someone that George knew almost 30 years ago. They had not kept in touch but recently ran into one another. He knew some other folks at the party. We had a nice time there and then headed to meet the girls at Granite City, where we ate dinner. And it was a good one too.

Eating healthy at Granite City, Franklin, TN

I am happy that I’ve been able to eat better and make better choices most of the time. But I’ve had several meals that were not that healthy this weekend. So I’m throwing in the goodness every chance I get. This was just a really good hummus and all of this was so refreshing to have for dinner on a miserably hot day. Thank goodness we were in places that had good a/c going.

The Paloma, grapefruit based drink, at Granite City, Franklin TN

I love Paloma’s. It was also refreshing with lots of ice and a mint leaf. Then after dinner we headed home and I headed to bed. It was a bit early for bed so I just laid on it and downloaded a huge pack of games for $6.99 called “Marmalade Super Games Bundle” for my ipad. It has two games of Life and has Clue and Battleship. The second Life game is called “Life Vacation” and the graphics are really cute. I quickly became heavy-eyed though and was falling asleep so off to sleep I went for a really hard 6 hour sleep and then again for another hour and half. So good sleep last night.

Itty Bitty Kitty looks just like the pic on the left. She is so cute and her eyes so big and curious. She chases her tail and rolls around. And guess what! I was able to pick her up and hold her and George was also able to do that. She wanted to let us yesterday as she longingly watched us love on Little Bit, the black cat. She and Maisy dog even touched noses today. So we are so excited at this break through. And to be able to love on her and pet her, even if for a brief moment. It will get better. She is so precious and it thrills my soul. I’ve always wanted a grey cat and she has a little bit of gray and muted calico.

Well a big week work wise. Much going on. And I’ll be taking the girls to the airport on the way to work -which works out perfectly.

That said, I need to go get my make up on and hair done so we can all get out the door by 7. Ya’ll take care.

By the way, I am so happy you all are loving the Word Press blog. It is a pretty smart set up of technology here and it gets attention and upgrades unlike blogger. It was a little difficult to set up (not horrible – just a little confusing because I went straight for the more complicated themes). I picked a beginner theme and it was more simple. And the day to day blogging and comment reading and the app that goes with it, has been so nice. I actually get a notification now when someone comments.

The comments are also easier to reply to from the portal. I still have comments set to “approve first” which I like so spammers can’t post and haters can’t hate, lol.

Anyway, I’m over and out! More tomorrow!

Excursion to Downtown Nashville

When Company Comes….Fresh Flowers

So guess who is home for a visit? Our Kate! She brought her friend Shelby that she teaches school with. And we have had a blast. Picked them up at the airport Thursday night and we ate Sushi at a local Asian restaurant that we love. Then Friday the girls met up with friends at Arrington Vineyards, in Franklin, TN area while we worked. Then we headed to The Pharmacy Burger.

Just to make them feel special…

Saturday we had a lazy morning where I did laundry and worked on the blog and they slept in and watched Lifetime Channel. Then we headed out for a day on the town. We caught a hop on and off Trolley Tour and was able to allow Shelby to see Nashville. I must insert that waiting for the trolley that very few minutes was hot as Hades and it was hot on the bus but at least shaded.

Superfood salad from Milk and Honey, Nashville, TN

So we got off in “The Gulch” in Nashville and tried to grab a seat at The Pub but it was overly crowded. We walked further down and was able to get a seat at the counter (ok -bar) at Milk and Honey. After last night’s burger and knowing what was for dinner, I tried to eat healthy. This salad was excellent.

Beautiful Day in Nashville but it was HOT!

We got back on the trolley to get back to downtown Broadway, where we were going to pop into Robert’s Western World, to let Shelby experience it. Much to our surprise some friends of ours were there from Michigan and also some local friends. Imagine our surprise.

Me, Katy, and Shelby on Broadway in Nashville
Katy and Shelby
Katy and our friend Herb (Who jokingly leaned in to Photobomb)

We had plans to meet some friends of Katy’s at Hattie B’s for some Nashville Hot Chicken. So we headed to our car and headed over. Mainly due to parking, we found ourselves doing a lot of walking yesterday. I had four miles on my Apple Watch by end of day.

Hattie B’s Nashville Hot Fried Chicken

Not exactly a healthy meal. I at least got the black eyed pea salad. And the crinkle fries and ketchup were on my radar. For some reason my piece of chicken was “complicated”. It was a breast and wing (quarter) and it was hard to get the meat off of it. I laughed at my term “complicated”. I mean who ever gets a complicated piece chicken? Me apparently. It was wonderful. However, I am afraid my “hot, sticky, and miserable” began showing. I am sure I seemed quiet the rest of the night. I was truly miserable, tired, hot, sticky. I tried not to complain. Everyone else was too. I was ready for a/c and a nap.

India and Casey

Katy wanted to go to Jeni’s ice cream after. So we went there. A storm began brewing. We finished up and everyone wanted to go get a cocktail at a speak easy place, Patterhouse House.

Patterson House decor, Nashville, TN

The cocktails were good but the place was hot – very hot and we were crowded around in a small booth. I was glad to be with my girl and her friends, but I truly was miserable. I could hardly join in the conversation. It was after 9 at that point, my shoulders and neck were hurting, hot, sweaty, could not cool down, sleepy, and morale dwindling. So finally we left and came home with a/c full blast. I took a shower and put on jammies and the bed felt so good.

Last night our Roger dog didn’t sleep too good. He moaned a few times and this morning continues to moan at times. He often moans when he needs to go out. We take him out. He had loose bowels yesterday so may be something he has eaten that is not setting right with him or hurting him. He seems to not be comfortable. We are watching him to see if this is just a tummy issue or something else entirely. But we are worried about the little guy.

I think even after two cups of coffee, I may try to go back and get another few minutes of sleep before beginning the day. Today Katy and Shelby are going to eat lunch with Cody’s family and then George and I are going downtown Nashville to an old friend’s retirement party. I am not sure what the plans are for tonight. All I know is it’s HOT here in July in Nashville. And the heat is certainly oppressive and no one’s a/c downtown seems to be working very well. So hopefully today will not be as hot. It’s cloudy right now.

I don’t really have an actual list of things to accomplish this weekend- however I do have a list rolling around in my head. At some point should put it on paper.

Well, I’m heading back to bed! I need more rest! 😉 Ya’ll have a wonderful Sunday.

Welcome to the Blog – Click to Read

Welcome to the New Blog

Hoping you will enjoy this blog. I have several friends coming over to read from the previous blog and that is so very important to me. All the new readers, I thank you for being here and hope you will find something here for you as time goes on. I am usually a daily blogger. And so you will find posts here often.

This Word Press thing. This is taking some getting used to. I’ve blogged here before but it’s a little different now. And was not as easy to set up as I’d hoped. I do love changing theme formats from time to time so get used to that. It’s something I’ll likely do a lot.

If you haven’t read the introductory section. Please do!